Chapter 242 Taking A Rest (Part 2)

Chapter 242 Taking A Rest (Part 2)

“It’s the weekends, Sister Ye Ci! The weekends! Do you mean to say that I have to stay in school at all times?” said Tan Polang with a smile.

“I said nothing of such! Don’t you dare put words into my mouth!” with Tan Polang home, Ye Ci decided to heat the food up, knowing that he would definitely have not eaten if he returned home at this hour.

“Is Brother Mo not back yet?” Tan Polang threw his bag onto the couch and headed into the kitchen to help Ye Ci with preparing the food.

Ye Ci shook her head, “Nope.” She had received no news from Bai Mo in real life for almost an entire week. Her location in the Western Continent meant that she could not keep tabs on Bai Mo in-game as well. Despite that, Ye Ci chose to believe in Bai Mo. She knew that there were things that Bai Mo wished to keep hidden even from her, and she respected his decision.

“Is he going on a date with girls?” chuckled Tan Polang set the dishes onto the table.

A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face, “That’s what he should be doing. He’s a 24 years old man now. He should be going on dates, and eventually get married.”

“If that’s the case, I guess it’s going to be sister Ye Ci’s turn soon.”

“Me? I’m barely 20 years old! Don’t you think that it’s too early?” Ye Ci was a 30 years old woman in her past life, but her reincarnation meant that she was of a younger age at the moment.

The two sat by the table and began enjoying their meal after more small talks.

“Are you still in the Western Continent?” asked Tan Polang as he was showing food into his mouth. As a player who started his gaming life in the Western Continent, he had deep emotional attachments to the continent.

“Yup.” Ye Ci could feel a rising headache when the issue was raised. She was not able to locate De’frei after spending a few days in the Western Continent. How long do I have to spend in that dark underground place?

“So what are you doing in the Western Continent?”

“An Epic-tier quest.” Ye Ci was straightforward with Tan Polang.

Tan Polang was immediately filled with excitement, “An Epic-tier quest! Sister Ye Ci! You’re so awesome! How did you even get your hands on one? I haven’t even managed to get close in finding an Epic-tier quest!”

“Well, it depends on a lot of luck.” Ye Ci scratched at the back of a head and offered a halfhearted answer. There was no way she could tell Tan Polang that she was able to trigger the quest because of the fact that she was a reincarnator.

“Heh… Despite your bad track record with loots in dungeons, you’re quite lucky when it comes to quests.” Tan Polang was slightly jealous, “I’m willing to sacrifice some of my luck in dungeons as well if it means that I’ll be lucky with quests!” he was then reminded of the time he spent in the Western Continent. Fleeting Time shared the same lucky when it came to good missions, but even he had never managed to come across an Epic-tier quest. The Elite-tier and Master-tier quests that were completed by Fleeting Time, however, yielded bountiful rewards.

That guy and his stupidly good luck. mumbled Tan Polang under his breath.

Tan Polang’s mind was racing as he ate, and Ye Ci was not prepared at all for what transpired next, “Sister Ye Ci, is the Epic-tier quest hard?”

“An Epic-tier quest is full of uncertainties and dangers, but as long as you’re able to utilize your skillset and your knowledge of the game to the fullest, it won’t be too difficult.” Ye Ci answered the question truthfully. Then again, what appeared to be the truth to Ye Ci might not be able to applied on the rest of the player base as many of them lacked her skills and capabilities in handling sudden situations.

“Why do I have a feeling that I can’t trust your word on it…” Tan Polang pursed his lips. He might have chosen to believe Ye Ci’s words if he was told that the Epic-tier quest was hard, but when he received the answer from Ye Ci, he had a nudging feeling that Ye Ci was speaking the incomplete truth. He was reminded of the answer from a certain someone who had just completed an Elite-tier quest, “It’s easy! You can go try it out yourself!” and after 205 tries, Tan Polang gave up on the quest.

Tan Polang came to a harsh realization on that very moment. People like Ye Ci and Fleeting Time assessed the difficulty of a quest based on their own capabilities. Their assessment had to be taken with huge pinches of salt.

“What?” Ye Ci was not able to hear Tan Polang’s words clearly.

“Ah, I was saying that you might run into a lot of trouble even if the quest itself is not hard. You’re literally surrounded by hostile players who will definitely gang up on you.” said Tan Polang. If Gongzi You was spotted by a Western Continent player, she would definitely be hunted down by the players. After all, killing Gongzi You was seen as the greatest of honor, “Are you safe over there?”

“I’m exploring a dungeon right now, so I should be relatively safe.” Ye Ci was in constant danger the moment she arrived in the Western Continent. She had to travel either in disguise or in Stealth, and was forced to avoid enemies with high Perception like Clerics. It was not a fond memory for her.

“So you’re exploring an Epic-tier dungeon alone? You’re my idol!” Tan Polang was shocked when he heard Ye Ci’s words. She was already exploring a dungeon even he had a chance a chance to contact Fleeting Time about Gongzi You’s arrival in the Western Continent.

“Not really, a friend of mine is helping me out.” replied Ye Ci. The seemingly normal response sounded unusual to Tan Polang’s ears.

In the current stage of the game, players from the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent could not send out private message to each other, and were not able to add each other as friends, nor could they be placed in the same party. The only means of communication between players from these continents was through the Map Channel or the World Channel.

A friend in-game was usually someone that a player knew from real life, or someone who had always been in the same party with the player. There was no way two players from opposing continents would have such a chance. The only chance they might have was through battle. Tan Polang knew that Ye Ci was not good at making friends. She barely had any friends in the Eastern Continent, so how did she have a friend in the Western Continent?

There was only one person that came in mind: Fleeting Time.

Despite their frequent conflicts, Fleeting Time was the only Western Continent player that had interacted with Ye Ci. Of course, there might also be a possibility that Ye Ci was harboring some secrets. Tan Polang narrowed his eyes, “Oh? You have a friend in the Western Continent?”

Tan Polang placed emphasis on the word “friend” as he spoke as an expression of his shock and disbelief.

Ye Ci was aware of the meaning behind his words. She rolled her eyes at him and replied, “Why not? Is that wrong?”

“Who might that be?”

I just want to know some gossip materials. was written all over Tan Polang’s face. Ye Ci was baffled by Tan Polang’s action. It felt as if he was more interested in trying to pry information from her mouth than knowing about her Epic-tier quest.

“What’s with all the questions?” Ye Ci decided to end the conversation right there and then before she was tricked into disclosing more information, “Hurry and eat. Have you finished your homework?”

“Don’t change the topic like that, sister Ye Ci. It’s arouses suspicions, you know?” Tan Polang’s eyes narrowed and a smile formed on his face, “A friend in the Western Continent… Could it be Mr.Fleeting Time who shares a love-hate relationship with you?”

Ye Ci spurted the content of her mouth onto Tan Polang’s face when she heard his words. Ye Ci stared at Tan Polang’s darkened expression and calmly sipped on some water, as if she did not cause the tragedy that fell on her brother. She cast a killer glance on Tan Polang, “Yes, it is Fleeting Time. But what do you mean about a ‘love-hate relationship’? Where did you hear about something like that?”

Tan Polang’s heart was filled with grief as he cleaned his face. He was regretting his decision of not waiting for Bai Mo’s return before asking such a question. Why did he not control himself? The female jinx was staring at him with a very scary look. This is nothing. I can endure it. Oh, Fleeting Time, why don’t you tell me that you’re already with her? My sacrifice was in vain!

“I remember that I have some homework that I have to take care off. I’ll eat up and get them done immediately.” Tan Polang could not hold back the torrent of grief in his heart. He began shoving food into his mouth after cleaning his face. It’s not easy to be a paparazzi… How Tan Polang wished that he could return to the Western Continent. Dealing with a sly fox like Fleeting Time was way easier than dealing with a female jinx that could take away his life in any moment.

Ye Ci was satisfied with Tan Polang’s behavior. She stood up and headed to the bathroom. Her body stank after days of not having a shower.

A sudden thought flashed across Ye Ci’s mind right before she stepped into the bathroom. She turned around and spoke to Tan Polang who was still silently eating by the dining table, “Polang, will you be going online after you’re done with your homework?”

“Of course,” Tan Polang turned to face Ye Ci, “What is it?”

“Before you go questing, I want you head to the Lesser Demon Sanctuary.” as a Rogue, Tan Polang could make his way to a lvl60 map in relative safety in contrast to players of other classes.

“Why are you asking me to go there?” Tan Polang was baffled, “It’s a lvl60 map! What if I die there?”

“I want you to head to this location,” said Ye Ci as she gave Tan Polang a set of coordinates, “I want you to check on the Black Iron Dwarves’ progress in exploring the ore vein. Let me know when you’re done. If I’m in the game, just knock on my gaming cabin.” and she headed into the bathroom.

“Aiya! What are the Black Iron Dwarves looking for over there?” Tan Polang could tell from the serious expression on Ye Ci’s face that it was no tiny matter.

Ye Ci turned around and stared at Tan Polang. She then said in a very calm voice, “Mithril.”

Tan Polang was shocked. Mithril! He was not an ignorant normal player. He was part of the elites of Genesis during his time in the Western Continent. He had heard about the Mithril and knew that the ores had a very low drop rate. A Mithril ore vein, however, was something that managed to catch him off guard.

“Are you for real?” Tan Polang’s surprised to the max.

“Well, why don’t you check it out yourself?” said Ye Ci with a laugh as she slammed the bathroom door shut.

Oh my God! Mithril! It’s Mithril!

Absalom stared at the Black Iron Dwarf name Rose who was having a conversation with Silent Hymn. He was extremely tired. His five-man party had spent three days to gain any sort of information about a Mithril ore mine from the Black Iron Dwarves. Their efforts, however, yielded no results.

Did Gongzi You lie to me? Am I an idiot for believing her words just like that?

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