Chapter 239 Belief (Part 1)

Chapter 239 Belief (Part 1)

Despite the trouble they caused, the robots yielded very little rewards for the duo. With the exception of some blueprints with high drop rate, there was nothing of value among the loot drops. Ye Ci and Fleeting Time collected the blueprints, which would then be mailed to the Engineers of their respective guild through Nicky. The Goblin Lookout, however, yielded 2 energy cores.

Ye Ci stared at the energy cores. She was upset that she knew nothing about the uses of the energy cores.

Fleeting Time knelf on the ground, and rummaged through the pile of scrap metals on the ground. He then turned around and spoke to Ye Ci, “This thing seems to be rather intact. Why don’t you get over here and see if we can activate it?”

Ye Ci cast a glance at Fleeting Time’s direction and saw a robot that was almost intact beside the man. She then stared at the energy cores in her hands, walked up to him, and knelt beside him. The duo began a short discussion about the disabled machine.

“Are you saying that I can place an energy core on it?”

“Yup. It’s worth a shot.”

“Don’t you think that it’s too damaged by now? Smoke was coming out from that thing earlier! Will it fall apart…” said Ye Ci as she stared at the fallen robot.

“Who knows. Life is all about taking risks. We have 3 energy cores with us anyways. Why don’t we try one out on this thing since we can’t find a new machine?” there were times when a male would be more adventurous than a female. What appeared as a necessary risk to Fleeting Time was a waste to ye Ci.

“Alright then.” Even if it might be a waste, this is the only solution we have for now. But… thought Ye Ci as she studied the robot intently, “Where do I plug the energy core in?”

“About that…” Fleeting Time scratched his head. He was not an Engineer, which meant that he did not have the answer to Ye Ci’s question.”

“Forget about it. I’ll just as the Engineers in my guild.” Ye Ci could tell from Fleeting Time’s expression that he knew nothing about a topic like this. She then sent a private message to Pea Cake. She was infuriated by the response that came immediately, “The player is currently in a area with no reception and is not able to receive your message. Please try again later.”

F*ck! What do you think is this? China Mobile? What do you mean by ‘the player is in an area with no reception’?

Ye Ci sighed and said to Fleeting Time, “My call is restricted by the system. I’m sure that there’s a few Engineers in your guild. Can you get in touch with them?”

Fleeting Time nodded, and began contacting the Engineers in his guild.

After the long time spent by the duo in the dungeon, it was already 4am in the morning in real life. Most of the players in Genesis had already logged out of the game, especially those who practice a healthy living habits. The few Engineers that Fleeting Time have managed to contact knew nothing about Goblin Engineering.

“What is it? You can’t get hold of anyone?” observed Ye Ci. Even when she could not hear the conversation between Fleeting Time and his guildmates, she could tell that things were not going well by his expression.

“Yup.” Fleeting Time was still sifting through the member list of his guild, “It’s already 4am in real life. Most of the life players are asleep. The ones that I managed to contact have not learnt Goblin Engineering yet.”

Goblin Engineering was one of the branches of Engineering available in Fate. Due to the quest that players were required to complete before they were able to learn Goblin Engineering, it was not something that could be learned by every Engineer. The Goblin Engineering that was available to players at the current stage of the game was nothing compared to the marvels of true Goblin Engineering, but its product was still able to fetch a good price in the market.

An example of one such product was the Goblin Mobile Workbench that could be used to repair weapons and equipment in a dungeon. The workbench could only be used for a total of five times, but the price of one of the items could reach as high as millions in the market. It was apparent that the products of Goblin Engineering was very popular among players, and this led the the bloom in numbers of Engineers among the player population.

However, Life Skills in Fate was very hard to level up, and it was almost impossible for a player to reach the rank of Master in Goblin Engineering without the financial backing of large guilds.

Ye Ci finally realised that she had lost track of the time in real life. Her heart immediately sunk. Even if she was no longer in a restricted area, Pea Cake would have went to bed. He was a person with a very precise schedule who would log into the game 8am in the morning, go offline for lunch at 12pm, and would log back into the game an hour after lunch. Pea Cake would then log out from the game at 6pm from dinner, log back in by 8pm, and would go to bed when 11pm at night. It was a daily routine that he would carry out without fail.

Bai Mo had once discussed the behavior of Pea Cake with Ye Ci, and they arrived at the conclusion that he was someone with OCD. Why else would he do that? It’s scary!

It was not an easy task to get the right person at a time like this. With the exception of people like Ye Ci and Fleeting Time who were forced to stay online, most of the players were very conscious about the need to strike balance between work and rest. It had been years since VR games were introduced to the world, and the players knew that even when the nutrient pack was able to provide the human body with the necessary nutrients, and the fact that the human body was allowed to rest in the gaming cabin, they were still not as good as real food and a natural sleep cycle. Many of the players would make the choice to log out of the game for meals and for sleep when they were free of any quests that required them to stay online for long periods of time.

“Forget about it. Let’s just head down to the lower levels and continue our exploration. The answer can wait.” said Ye Ci despite the unwillingness in her heart. Then again, she had no other choice but to give up. A sudden thought flashed across Ye Ci mind, “Don’t you have to go offline and sleep?”

“Nope. I’ll keep you company.”

“It’s okay…”

“You have very limited time, and we don’t know just how big this dungeon is. Having two person exploring the dungeon is better than doing it solo. I’ve already connected a nutrient pack to my gaming cabin when I went offline for dinner earlier on.” and he continued with a smile, “Of course, I’m not doing it because of you. I myself am curious about this dungeon. There’s no way I’m going to leave before we complete our exploration.”

A dumbfounded Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time.

Knowing that his words would cause discomfort to Ye Ci, Fleeting Time immediately shifted the conversation, “Actually… I think there’s somebody who knows about Goblin Engineering.”

“Oh?” Fleeting Time’s words attracted the attention of Ye Ci, who immediately focused all of her attention on him, “And you know that person?”

“I don’t really know him, but a player in my guild knows him, and she seems to be online. I’ll go ask her then.” Fleeting Time replied calmly.

“It’s so late now. You shouldn’t trouble her.” Ye Ci was filled with hope when she heard Fleeting Time’s words, but the rational side of her mind kicked suggested otherwise, “Let’s just wait until next morning.”

Fleeting Time smiled when he heard Ye Ci’s words, “I have a feeling that you’ll be restless if you can’t obtain an answer today.”

“Well, maybe a little. But it’s alright. Patience is a virtue.” Ye Ci was shocked when Fleeting Time was able to guess her thoughts correctly. She was not angry. It did not matter in a place and at a time like this.

She would only have to get along with Fleeting Time for a few days. They would then go on their separate ways when the quest was completed. They would never be able to cross paths like this in the future. They would once again become rivals.

There might not be much of a change.

How lucky it is for a person to have the chance to turn his or her rival into a friend. It was a luck that Ye Ci would always cherish, and with that thought in mind, Ye Ci’s anger towards Fleeting Time died down.

The reason behind the ability of Ye Ci and Fleeting Time to see through each other’s thoughts was simple: Your rival is the one that knows you the best.

It was not easy for a person to have a rival that knows him or her so well in life.

Fleeting Time was slightly shocked when he heard Ye Ci’s words. He could tell from Gongzi You’s appearance that she was very young. A player was allowed to change his or her appearance in Fate, but age was something that was fixed by the system. Gongzi You had the appearance of a 20 years old girl, but the words that she spoke were from a person who was way matured than her age, and maturity was something that could not be faked.

Fleeting Time was always confused by the Gongzi You’s young appearance and the maturity displayed by the girl.

A smile formed on his lips as he notice the grin on Ye Ci’s face, “I don’t want to leave you with any regrets.”

It was a smile that Ye Ci would remember for a very long time. Fleeting Time’s smile was so charming and so enticing at the moment. A person would collect bits of pieces of good memories during the course of their life, and Fleeting Time’s smile on that day was one of her most profound memories.

Fleeting Time began contacting the player when Ye Ci was still in a daze. It was a person that he had always wanted to avoid, as he knew that getting into contact with that person was no different from inviting trouble upon himself. He hated dealing with such a troublesome person, and would normally avoid such a stupid act. However, it was all so different at that moment. Despite the short time they spent with each other, Fleeting Time felt a sense of familiarity with Gongzi You, and he could not bear to see even the slightest hint of sadness in her.

That was why he did not even hesitate to contact the person despite the troubles his action would bring. There was no other reason behind his action. He was doing it for the person in front of him. He was doing it for Gongzi You.

“Are you there?”

White Fairytale was sitting by the beach in the map Silvery Coast. It was her favourite map in the entire Western Continent. The beauty of the silvery beach, the soft sand, the calm sea and the glistening starlight… It felt like they belong to her and her alone.

In White Fairytale’s heart, the beauty of this scenery belonged to two person. She was one of the two, and the other one was definitely not Sour Apple who was sitting beside her at the moment.

She immediately fell in love with the beach when she visited the place for the first time for a quest. She had always dreamt of the day a certain someone would sit shoulder to shoulder beside her, enjoying the beauty of the scenery. But… But.. It’s all impossible at this point, isn’t it?

Sour Apple was not in the mood to appreciate the scenery. Why is the breeze so damned cold? Despite Absalom’s warnings, Sour Apple spoke up when she noticed the depressed look on White Fairytale’s face, “Fairytale, don’t mind Absalom. You know that he’s an idiot who never thought things through whenever he speaks.”

Screw it! We can handle whatever problems that may arise in the future, but she needs some comfort now.

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