Chapter 237 Liar (Part 2)

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Chapter 237 Liar (Part 2)

“Your money doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Besides, I don’t like to owe people favors.” said Ye Ci as she passed the gems to Fleeting Time. She continued after noticing the raised eyebrows of Fleeting Time, “I told you that relations will hurt one’s coffers. Owing someone will hurt my coffers the most, and I’m broke now. So…”

Fleeting Time chuckled, and took a few gems from the small sack handed to him by Ye Ci, “Alright then, I’ll take these as payment for merging the gems for you.”

The duo headed to the southern corner of the courtyard after looting the corpses. A lvl62 Undead Captain was guarding Nicky’s bag. If either one of them was alone, the Elite monster would be something that was hard to deal with. But it was not a challenge at all to Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. The Undead Captain was a melee monster, which meant that the duo could simply kite it to death.

Fleeting Time took the first move, and attracted the aggro of the Undead Captain with some of his abilities. Ye Ci then took over the aggro from the Undead Captain from another direction, and the monster turned around and charged at Ye Ci before it could reach Fleeting Time. Just before the monster could get within attack range, Fleeting Time took over the aggro, and the monster turned around once again. The process was repeated again and again by Ye Ci and Fleeting Time.

Under normal circumstances, a pair of Hunters that were kiting a monster would have to constantly reposition themselves to avoid damage. But the two top-tier Hunters did not even have to move from their original spot. They were able to time their skills and control the aggro perfectly, which made the fight extremely boring to the duo.

The Undead Captain was aggrieved. As a lvl62 Elite monster, it could be counted as a mini BOSS. To be kited to death by to puny Hunters… You’ve gotta be kidding me!

After 10 minutes of painful struggle, the Undead Captain dropped dead onto the ground with a shriek. Its life was ended at the hands of two very shameless Hunters. Unfair! This is so unfair! I didn’t even manage to get into attack range! This must have been the Undead Captain’s final thoughts before its demise.

Despite its bountiful loot drops, the Undead Captain yielded nothing for the Hunter class. With her limited inventory space, Ye Ci could only choose some of the more valuable items, and leave the rest for Fleeting Time. The duo was able to recover Nicky’s belongings after defeating the Undead Captain. It was an old, worn bag that seemed to be filled with items. However, neither Ye Ci nor Fleeting Time was able to open the bag despite their curiosity as it was a quest item.

The duo immediately headed back to Nicky through the streets, safely avoiding Orcish patrols with the aid of the Goblin Compass.

“Ohh.. Look at that!” said Nicky as he received the bag. He cradled the bag in his arms and rubbed his face all over the bag, as if it was his lover, “My precious, my darling! You’ve recovered it!”

Nicky began blabbering at Fleeting Time happily. Ye Ci, however, stared at Nicky with a bored expression. The quest was accepted by Fleeting Time, which meant that Ye Ci had no idea about its progress. Nicky was apparently acting friendlier to Fleeting Time, but was ignoring Ye Ci. He would only nod at Ye Ci when spoken to.

“Alright, Elf, let me help you out as my thanks to you and your companion.” said Nicky to Fleeting Time. His great mechanical skill is not the only thing that made him the top player of the Western Continent.

It was the same for every other top-tier player. Aside from their good mechanical skills, top-tier players were also more observant that the average player. In a time when VRMMORPG has officially taken over the market from traditional MMORPGs, players needed to be more observant to detect the tiniest of hint about hidden quests that were usually bountiful. Luck was not the only factor in discovering a hidden quest. An observant player would always be rewarded by the game. This was why a player’s capabilities was also measured by his or her level of observance as well.

Even then, a player who discovered a hidden quest might not be observant enough to discover the bits and pieces of information that could lead to an even greater reward. It depended entirely on how perceptive a player was, and how good the player’s luck was.

As a top-tier player, Ye Ci possessed a good observation skill, and Fleeting Time could be said to be the same. Despite her lack of interest in the conversation between Nicky and Fleeting Time, Ye Ci still paid close attention to the interaction between Fleeting Time and the NPC. She noticed that Fleeting Time adopted an entirely different way in dealing with hidden quests and any NPCs related to the quest.

While Ye Ci’s method of appealing to an NPCs emotions was hard, it was a safer way as it would never offend any NPCs in the game. Fleeting Time, however, was able to extract the most information out of a conversation with NPCs. It was quick and effective, but it also depended on how a person would handle the situation. After all, high level NPCs were intelligent beings, and a failed attempt to trick them into revealing certain information might leave a bad impression of the player.

However, Fleeting Time was a naturally charismatic person. He was able to secure a quick friendship with Nicky. Ye Ci did not even have to look at Nicky’s stats to know that he had a high intimacy level with Fleeting Time.

This world is not friendly to honest people. mused Ye Ci as she stared at Fleeting Time and Nicky. Honest people like me suffered a life full of hardship because of people like Fleeting Time. thought Ye Ci to herself as she wiped away imaginary tears.

Fleeting Time was able to reach an agreement with Nicky when Ye Ci was still immesed in her own thoughts. From the smile on their faces, it was apparent that both parties were satisfied with the agreement.

“Nicky is a Goblin mailman. He promised to help deliver things to the outer world before we complete the exploration of this dungeon,” said Fleeting Time with a smile, “You don’t have to worry about your limited inventory space anymore. You can dump all the items to Absalom and get him to sell them in the Auction House for you or send them all back to your friends in the Eastern Continent.” said Fleeting Time when he noticed Ye Ci’s shocked expression, “I think your best option is to hand your items to Absalom. You’ll be able to return to the Eastern Continent with a pocket full of money, and it won’t take up much of your inventory slot.”

“A mailman? How do you know?” Ye Ci had a feeling that Fleeting Time have discovered something.

“Ah, there was a sign at the entrance of the place that you were hiding in earlier on written in Ancient Goblin Language, and it says that the place is a post office. I was able to confirm indirectly from that Goblin that he was a mailman from our conversation. Since he’s a mailman, I figured that the reward of completing his quest must be some sort of channel to communicate with the outside world. It seems that my guess is correct.” Fleeting Time shrugged.

Ye Ci knew that despite Fleeting Time’s nonchalant attitude, his was able to make such a judgement only because of his gaming experience and observant nature.

“Why did you choose such a reward?” Ye Ci was puzzled. She knew that Nicky’s mail delivery service was not the only reward offered to Fleeting Time. But why would he choose something so trivial as his reward?

“Heh, it’s just me being lazy. It’s too much of a bother to keep entering and leaving the dungeon.” said Fleeting Time with a grin as he turned around and walked towards Nicky, “Alright, I’ll send some stuff to Absalom, and get him to send up some supplies as well.”

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned, and a sliver of warmth crept into her heart.

What a liar.

Is it troublesome for him to resupply in the Western Continent even when he has to constantly leave the dungeon? Nope. Not at all. As long as Ye Ci was in the dungeon, Fleeting Time could easily travel between the city and the dungeon through teleportation NPCs. It was fast, safe, and not troublesome at all.

He did it because of me, because I'm an Eastern Continent player! He even made an excuse and told me that he’s going to get Absalom to sell the items through the mail, but will he ever be short on money? There’s no way. From the way he conduct himself, money is definitely the last thing he’ll be worrying about. He said something like that because I told him that I’m broke, and he did not want to make me feel bad about it.

Ye Ci bit her lips as she stared at the man who was talking to Nicky, and a smile formed slowly on her lips.

What a terrible liar.

Does he really think that I would not notice it? Ye Ci might have believed Fleeting Time’s words if she was just a normal person. But as a reincarnator, there was no way she would be fooled by Fleeting Time. Despite that, she was still touched by his small gesture.

Since he’s doing his best to show his hospitality, it’ll be rude of me to reject his kindness. Ye Ci was a person who placed her benefits above everything else. Even when the benefit was coming from her greatest rival, Ye Ci would still gladly accept it.

“Alright then. Let’s just sell everything we got just now and split the money.” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows.

Fleeting Time cast a sideway glance at Ye Ci, and a satisfied expression appeared on his face.

The Goblin Palace in the heart of Vo’sok was the only building that was built with stone. Despite the dismal state of Vo’sok, the palace retained its grand appearance. It was hard to imagine how a race that was no taller than a Gnome can build such a structure.

The palace, that was built in a round shape, reminded Ye Ci of the Colosseum. The developers must have been inspired by the Colosseum when they designed the palace. Ye Ci could feel the difference between the Goblin Palace and all the other palaces she had visited in Fate.

The palace appeared to be round from its exterior, but its interior was shaped like a funnel, with every floor smaller than the floor above.

Ye Ci and Fleeting Time were at the first floor, which was also at the top of the building. A transparent roof of glass looming over their heads, and Ye Ci could see the blood red skies of the Bloody Wilderness through the glass.

The red light shone down through the roof into the palace, giving the place a creepy appearance.

Unlike the duo’s expectation, the first floor was devoid of monsters. The place was eerily quiet except for the occasional winds that howled at the duo.

Ye Ci had a sense of vertigo as she stood at the edge of the first floor and looked down form the railings. The floors that shrunk smaller and smaller with each level was like an endless tunnel.

“Just how many floors does this building have? It’s making me dizzy.” Fleeting Time creased his eyebrows as he leaned against the railings.

Ye Ci shook her head, “I have no idea.” This is a very weird design for a building.

“Let’s just start looking for the entrance to the next floor.” said Fleeting Time.

The Hunter class had an inferior scouting capability compared to the Rogue class, but when it came to ranged combat and adaptability to sudden events, the Hunter class was superior. Two top-tier Hunters in the same party would be able to deal with any challenge. Despite the unknown dangers lurking beyond, Ye Ci and Fleeting Time pressed on. They were able to locate the stairways leading to the second floor in a secluded corner of the first floor.

The second floor of the Goblin Palace was cleaner and more orderly in comparison to the first floor that was full of vines and growths.

This was why Ye Ci and Fleeting Time did not immediately advance down the stairs.

Ye Ci lifted her head and saw some black marks on the walls of the stairways. She could not reach the marks due to her height, and just as she stood on the tips of her toes in an attempt to reach the marks, a hand snaked itself past Ye Ci’s head and reached the blackened surface.

Fleeting Time was standing right behind Ye Ci. They were so close that their bodies were almost pressing closely to one another. Ye Ci immediately moved away from her spot, putting some distance between the duo.

With his attention focused on the black marks, Fleeting Time paid no heed to Ye Ci’s action. After studying the marks closely, Fleeting Time turned around to face Ye Ci, “These are definitely burn marks.”

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