Chapter 284 Wisteria Garden (Part 2)

Chapter 284 Wisteria Garden (Part 2) 


Despite the hood, Ye Ci’s smirk was still visible to Fleeting Time. A smile appeared on his face as he leaned forward and whispered into her ears, “Little Gongzi, you seem to be… Happy to see me?” 


His voice was soft as honey, and as they seeped into Ye Ci’s ears, she could feel her strength leaving her. She could feel a warmth rising within her. Fleeting Time’s warm breath was scalding her skin, and making her blood boil. 


Ye Ci pushed Fleeting Time away reflexively. There was a slight hint of embarrassment as she spoke, “Stay away from me.” 


Fleeting Time sheathed his weapon and crossed his arms in front of him, “Oh? You’re not going to pretend to not know me anymore?” He teased. 


If Ye Ci could make the choice, she was indeed wishing that she did not know the man. She knew that there was no point in continuing to pretend that she did not know Fleeting Time. She removed her hood, and stared menacingly at him, “Why are you so desperate to confirm my identity? Are you going to claim your bounty here?” 


“Bounty?” Fleeting Time was slightly stunned. He seemed to have forgotten about the bounty, or it could also be that he had never cared about such a thing. His sincere expression, however, was like a mask of deceit to Ye Ci. 


He then came to a sudden realisation and knocked himself on the head, “Aiya, I would’ve forgotten all about it if not for your reminder, Little Gongzi. You see, Little Gongzi? I forgot about the money the moment I saw you. Shouldn’t you be proud of yourself?” 


“Be proud of myself?” Ye Ci was dumbfounded. 


“Why should I be proud of myself?” Is there something wrong with his head? Is his brain running on a different frequency? Why could I not understand a single word he said? 


“Of course you should be proud of yourself! I’ve actually forgotten all about the bounty the moment I saw you. This speaks volume about your charm. As such a charming person, shouldn’t you treat me to a drink?” the words rolled off Fleeting Time’s tongue naturally. 


Ye Ci’s expression immediately darkened. Isn’t this guy a little too shameless? What the heck is he on about? 



“Little Gongzi, I found a nice tavern in Hero City just now. Let’s go!” Fleeting Time extended a hand towards Ye Ci, which was immediately slapped away, when he received no response from Ye Ci. He gritted his teeth at the pain, “Fine, let’s go to a place that you like. Where do you want to go?” 


Ye Ci rolled her eyes. You rascal, that’s not even the point! The point is that I do not want to see you, and I do not want to spend money on something that I don’t like to do!


Nevertheless, Ye Ci had spent a week with Fleeting Time in a dungeon. She knew how she would behave. The more she tried to talk back, the more it would encourage him. The best way to deal with the man was to completely ignore him. This was why Ye Ci cast a sideway glance at Fleeting Time, and walked around him out of the wisteria garden without offering a response. 


“Where are you going, Little Gongzi?” 


“To somewhere without you.” Ye Ci replied. 


“Aiya, now this will be a trouble.” Fleeting Time smiled at Ye Ci’s deadpan expression. 


“Because I’ve suddenly decided to go wherever Little Gongzi is…” 

Ye Ci turned around and asked incredulously, “Don’t you have something better to do, Fleeting Time.” 


“As a matter of fact I do.” 


“Then why don’t you go and do it then? Stop following me.” a sneer appeared on Ye Ci’s face. 


“Why not? Fleeting Time blinked innocently. Ye Ci could swear that he was a black bellied and cunning person despite his demeanor. 


“Don’t you think that it’s good to have friendship between players from two hostile continents?” 


“I don’t know. But what I do know is that if we stick together, it’ll definitely make big news in the forums. There might even be a ton of photos of us as well.” 


Fleeting Time leaned closer to Ye Ci, “And I don’t think it’s a bad thing.” 


Ye Ci stared at him with mouth agape. She had a sudden feeling that this man was someone that she did not know at all. What the heck is he thinking? How can being made into news on the forums be a good thing? 


Why is he making something like that sound like something that should be looked forward to? 


Has the world gone mad, or is Fleeting Time simply too shameless? Or could it be me who has fallen behind the times? 


“Hey, I think a fly just flew into your mouth…” Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci, and lost the interest to continue teasing her. He lifted her chin, helping her to restore function to her lower jaw. Her jaw was tender, and it felt good against his fingers. Her soft, glossy lips gave off a glow that he desperately wanted to protect and never let go. 


Ye Ci could feel Fleeting Time leaning closer to her. She could feel his hot breath on his face, scalding his lips and mixing in with her own breath. 


Should I… 


Do something about this? 


Like pushing him away? Or should I take a few steps back? Perhaps I should slap him on the face? Ye Ci’s body was unresponsive despite the thoughts that were going on in her face. 


It was a sensation that felt so familiar, but yet so strange. 


She had felt something like this for someone in a long forgotten past. She could not even remember her reaction back then. She had truly forgotten about it. Ye Ci’s thoughts were a mush. I have to do something about this. Was the only thing that was repeating itself in her mind. 


Ye Ci could even feel the warmth of Fleeting Time’s body. It was something that alerted her of danger, and made her want to flee. 


“Hey, can you not glare at me like that? It’s making me feel uncomfortable.” Fleeting Time smiled at Ye Ci’s deadpan face. He would have been put off by her expression had he not notice the trembling of her body. 


The Wisteria Garden was a good place indeed. 


The stars here are brilliant, the moon gentle, the flowers fragrant, and the scenery was like music that flows right into a person’s soul. But the most beautiful thing in the garden was… 


The presence of Fleeting Time, and the presence of Gongzi You. 


Ye Ci visibly gulped. She was at a loss of words. Or rather, she had said something that even she did not understand. 


“I don’t think this is good. We’re more suited as enemies trying to kill each other.” 


“I think that…” she was not able to complete the sentence as something soft pressed against her mouth. I must’ve gone crazy. Shouldn’t this be a time where we’re facing each other off in a duel? Why am I l allowing him to get away with this? I must be crazy!


The moonlight was beautiful. 


It was so beautiful that a corner of Ye Ci’s frozen heart had began to thaw, and was even starting to beat. 


Thump… Thump… Thump… 


“But I think it’s great.” Fleeting Time disengaged from her soft lips and smiled warmly at her. He caressed the stiff corners of Ye Ci’s lips with his thumb, and his voice was as gentle as flowing water that could engulf and melt everything, “It’s great.” 


And he once again pressed his lips against hers. 


He came to realise that it was something that he had always wanted to do, without even knowing when such a desire first arose. He did not know what awaited him on the road ahead, but he knew that the moment he experienced was too short. It was not enough to make up for his long anticipation. Their lips had just parted, and he was already missing the sensation of the kiss they shared. 


It was a wonderful sensation. 


It was just a game, and they were both simply represented by a group of data, but that moment felt so real to Fleeting Time. He had even forgotten what the feeling of warmth is after experiencing her warmth. That sensation was simply so wonderful. Despite their distance, he could still feel Gongzi You’s warmth. Or rather, the warmth of the person hidden behind her character that was formed by a cluster of data. 


He had been longing for that warmth for a very, very long time. 


How he wished that time would simply stop moving at that very moment. 


The sensation that he felt was so strange, and yet so enticing to him. He placed his finger over her head, and on her back, pulling her into a warm embrace.


Ye Ci could hear his heart beating on the left side of his chest. 


Thump… Thump… Thump... 


Their hearts were beating in unison. 


And their minds were in a daze. 


Ye Ci felt like nothing else in the world mattered in that moment. What will happen later? I don’t care! What will happen tomorrow? I don’t care! And what will happen in the future? I. Do. Not. Care! 


She indulged herself with his embrace, his gentleness, and his warmth. 


It was different from an embrace with Bai Mo, or her father. They gave her a feeling of safety, but she had never felt such heat from them. It was as if her entire body was consumed by fire that was drowning out all her senses. 


She let out a sigh that even she herself did not notice. She had merely felt the response from the pair of lips that was pressing against her. The sensation was like a maelstrom that was engulfing her every thought. 


“I will find you.” said Fleeting Time when he gently let go of Ye Ci. 


“What?” Unlike her usual self, Ye Ci’s gaze was gentle. And if Fleeting Time was to say that he was still in control of his urges at that moment, then he was not a normal man. He let out a sigh, resigning to himself, and to Ye Ci. 


“What did you say?” asked Ye Ci again when she did not receive an answer. She stared at Fleeting Time as rational thoughts began to make their way back into her mind. 


“Shut up.” said Fleeting Time in a rare display of male dominance. He eyed the wisteria tree behind him, and pushed Ye Ci against it before crashing his lips against hers once again. And this time, it was without hesitation. 


Ye Ci felt like she was being engulfed by a raging flame. She panted against Fleeting Time’s lips, and lifted a hand. But even she herself did not know if it was to push him away, or to pull him in closer. Fleeting Time grabbed hold of that hand, and his free hand slowly roamed under her armor, trying to reach the soft skin beneath. 




It was really just a game. 


And players must abide by the rules of the game. 


And alas, one of Fate’s policies was to respect women’s rights. 


The developers were not against consenting adult players doing certain acts in the game, but things must still be done in order. Any overly intimate interaction between players who have not passed a certain Intimacy threshold would be considered as r*pe. 


This was why a system notification rang out in Fleeting Time’s ears as he was about to take things to the next level, “You do not have enough Intimacy with Gongzi You for such an intimate interaction. You will receive a heavy penalty if you insist on your current course of action! Please respect the rights of women in the game!” 


Fleeting Time’s face immediately paled when he received the warning. What he felt could only be described as a kick in the nuts just as a man was nearing his climax. 


And to Fleeting Time, no amount of kicks to a certain part of his body could be compared to the crushing sorrow that he felt. 


He dejectedly let go of Ye Ci. He knew that his actions would be forcibly stopped by the system if he did not heed the warning, and he would be sent to jail for an attempted.... Crime. 


He slammed his fist against the tree, and cursed under his breath. 


Ye Ci was confused. She felt Fleeting Time’s hand against her waist, only for him to quickly retract his hand as if he had been jolted by electricity, “Fleeting Time...” 


“Quiet.” Fleeting Time pulled her into a tight embrace, and buried his face against her neck. 


Ye Ci did not push him away. She leaned against Fleeting Time, and stared up at the moonlight seeping through the leaves and falling wisteria buds. 


I really am crazy! 


“Eh? Gongzi You! It really is you! Thought I got the wrong person!” a voice called out, ending the moment that was full of emotion. 


Ye Ci’s expression darkened when she adjusted her gaze towards the source of the voice. 


It was Spotless Autumn. 


Fleeting Time raised his head and looked at his direction as well. He narrowed his eyes, and Ye Ci had a feeling that he was on fire as he unslung his bow and fired an arrow at Spotless Autumn with a swift motion. 


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