Chapter 236 The Truth (Part 2)

Chapter 236 The Truth (Part 2)

“Heartless?” Absalom’s temples began to ache. He grabbed hold of Sour Apple’s shoulders and took in a deep breath, “Honey, this is the last time I’ll ever talk to you about this, so I want you to listen carefully. If you’re still going to get involved in this, don’t drag me along with you. I know that White Fairytale is a good friend of yours, but Fleeting Time is like a brother to me. I don’t want to see my friendship with Fleeting Time ruined because of this.” said Absalom with a serious face.

Absalom’s expression was something that Sour Apple had never seen before. He would never speak to her with such an expression unless guild affairs were involved. He was always someone who was cheerful and boisterous, and would always tolerate her mischief. He was the type of person who would face everything with a smile on his face.

Sour Apple could feel the pressure weighing down on her, “Okay, okay. I’m listening..”

“Alright, even I have to admit that it’s not easy for White Fairytale to like Fleeting Time for thirteen years. It’s an impressive feat considering that fact that he had never once reciprocated her feelings. It’s really rare.” Absalom took in a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down.

“Yup, yup.” Sour Apple nodded happily when she heard the words of Absalom.

“But… Does it mean that Fleeting Time must repay her affection just because she has fallen in love with him for thirteen years? Must he accept her feelings just because of that? Even if he does not have any feelings for her?”

“Shouldn’t he do that? Shouldn’t he at least acknowledge her thirteen years worth of effort?”

“Nonsense! If a pig loved you for thirteen years, will you marry the pig as a sign of gratitude for loving you for thirteen years?” Absalom furrowed his eyebrows as he quoted the statement from Fleeting Time.

What are you talking about? H-how can this be the same?”

“How is it any different?” Absalom took in a deep breath, “No, shut up and listen to me! Stop trying to cut me off!”

Sour Apple who was about to speak up immediately quieted down when she noticed Absalom’s darkened expression.

“White Fairytale’s feelings for Fleeting Time is her own business. The decision to reciprocate her feelings is entirely up to Fleeting Time. It has nothing to do with you, Absalom sighed, “I will not judge White Fairytale for her actions, but to me, it’s nothing good. I know that her affection for Fleeting Time might not be something that she can control, but when she must bear the responsibility of being overly obsessed with Fleeting Time even after she was rejected. It might end well for her, but it might also bring her endless suffering. But she still has to pay for the choices she made in the end. Let me get this straight… If I’m rejected by a woman I like, and she has made it clear that she has no interest in me at all, I’ll definitely back off. I’ll at least try to hide my feelings for her, because I don’t want to be a d*ck!”

“How can you say that…” Sour Apple was saddened. She was not even sure if the sadness she felt was for White Fairytale, or herself.

“Then what do you want me to say? It’s the truth! Fleeting Time grew up with us, and I know him very well! If he really has even the tiniest bit of interest in her, she won’t have to wait for him for so many years! He might not look like he cares, and he might have given you the impression that he does not give a damn, but I know him. Deep down, he knows what he wants, and he knows it better than anybody else. White Fairytale is a kind, gentle, beautiful, and loving person. She can even cook very well! She’s a person with the qualities of a perfect wife! But why do you think that Fleeting Time does not even care about all that? It’s because she’s not the type of girl he likes!”

Absalom’s words pounded on Sour Apple’s heart like a hammer. She knew that his words were true, but she could not bring herself to face the truth. She had always been with White Fairytale for the thirteen long years. It was part of her life. But when reality came knocking on her heart, she found herself unwilling to accept the truth.

“Love can be cultivated.” her voice was soft and weak.

“It depends on what type of person we’re talking about.” Absalom shook his head, “Fleeting Time is not that sort of person. He’s locked his feelings up like a safe. The correct combination of password will open the safe, and all his feelings will come pouring out. If you try to crack the safe open with the wrong password, he will never budge. You will never reach his heart even if you shower him with love and affection. His heart is tightly shut, and nobody can force their way in.”

“If that the case, isn’t the thirteen years White Fairytale spent on wooing him a wasted effort?”

“Isn’t it better if she walks away right now? Must she continue this farce until he’s married with a family? How old will she be by then? Youth is like a blossoming flower. Once it’s missed, there’s no going back. Nobody will be able to share her suffering with her by then. Not even you.” Absalom was straightforward with his wife, “Honey, if you really want Fairytale to be happy, you must make her understand that Fleeting Time is not the right person for her.” Absalom patted Sour Apple on the shoulders.

“Fleeting Time and I are both professional players. You know how much responsibilities I have. I was able to found Genesis with the help of Fleeting Time, and I don’t want this to cause a ridge between me and him. I don’t want Genesis to suffer because of this. Especially when…” Absalom continued after a pause, “Especially when Golden Era is arriving soon.”

Even when Sour Apple was not a professional player, she knew about Golden Era after her years of gaming with Absalom. She shrugged when she heard Absalom’s words, “Aren’t things like this insignificant?”

“It is, but it’s also very annoying.” Absalom stared at Sour Apple, and spoke out his true feelings, “What do you think Fleeting Time is feeling when eve I am annoyed by this?”

“But… Fleeting Time is single.. I just want to give them a chance to be together…” Sour Apple sighed.

“Even if he is single, I don’t think White Fairytale stands a chance. How do you know that he doesn’t have someone he likes?”

“There’s someone that he likes?” Sour Apple immediately replayed Fleeting Time’s behavior in the past few years in her mind, but could remember nothing special. But… There was this thing in the game… “Are you talking about Gongzi You?”

Sour Apple had never paid attention to the scandal between Fleeting Time as Gongzi You. After all, they were rivals from opposing continents, and did not know each other in real life. There was no way a relationship would develop between the two. That was why Sour Apple refused to believe the rumors since the day it started. But when she heard the words of Absalom, her heart was filled with doubts.

“I don’t know, it’s his business.” Absalom shook his head, and refused to answer her question. Despite his love of gossipping, he can still keep a secret.

White Fairytale, who was standing silently at the doorway could feel the pain of a thousand blades stabbing into her heart as she listened in on the conversation between Absalom and Sour Apple. Their words were like salt that was poured on the already gaping wound in her heart.

She knew that her love for Fleeting Time will never be repaid. She had been trying her best to be better, and silently hope that he would one day gaze upon her and acknowledge her presence. She had never thought that her attempts would leave not even a single mark in Fleeting Time’s heart, and was causing nothing but annoyance to the man she loved. Is this… Is this what I get for my thirteen years of love?

Is there anyone who is more pathetic that I am?

She wanted to leave, but when she heard the words, her body would not move, as if there were roots that were holding her still. She felt as if her world was collapsing when she heard the name of another girl.

Even when such a worst case scenario was within White Fairytale’s expectation, she still loved Fleeting Time deeply. She never thought that such a day would come. The mere thought of Fleeting Time having a love interest who is not her caused her much sorrow. He never accepted her love, but he never accepted anybody else as well. That was why White Fairytale was able to cling on to the hope that he might eventually change his mind and fall in love with her. But now… What about now?

White Fairytale refused to resign to such a fate!

White Fairytale leaned against the outer wall of the conference. She was biting down hard on her lips, but she did not feel the pain.

Silent Hymn was worried when Absalom was absent from the Elite difficulty dungeon clearing. This was not how Absalom would usually handle things. He immediately headed to the guild conference room after the dungeon was cleared.

However, for reasons unknown, his eyes were twitching. Is it a sign of good fortune, or something bad’s happening?

Silent Hymn ran into White Fairytale who was standing near the entrance. He was curious when he noticed the tear stains on her pale face, “Fairytale, what happened? Why are you standing here all by yourself?”

White Fairytale who was immersed in her own sorrows immediately panicked. She recoiled from Silent Hymn like a scared rabbit and ran away.

Sour Apple and Absalom were shocked as well when they heard the voice of Silent Hymn. The color drained from Sour Apple’s face when she noticed the presence of White Fairytale, “Oh no…”

“Why are you still standing here? Hurry! Go after her!” Absalom pinched his temples. His intention of advising his wife to not meddle in somebody else’s business seemed to have backfired.

“Oh, okay.” responded Sour Apple as she dashed out of the conference room.

Silent Hymn, who was already baffled by White Fairytale’s behavior ran into Sour Apple who panickedly rushed out of the conference room, “Where’s Fairytale?”

“There…” SIlent Hymn pointed at the the direction of White Fairytale, and Sour Apple immediately sprinted after her friend, leaving a puzzled Silent Hymn behind, “What’s going on?”

Absalom took in a deep breath. He knew that is was cruel to break the secret to White Fairytale, but it was better to get the pain over with, rather than to prolong the agony. If she lets go because of this, it’s not a bad thing after all. He walked to the entranced of the guild conference room, and spotted Silent Hymn, “Ahh… Hymn, you’re here.”

“Yup. What’s going on?”

“Who knows.”

Silent Hymn did not pursue the topic. Even he could guess that if Sour Apple and Fairytale was involved, it must be something about Fleeting Time, “What happened? Why did you leave the dungeon before we even cleared it?”

“You came at a good time. There’s something I want to talk to you.” Absalom scanned his surroundings carefully, and entered the hidden chamber within the conference room with Silent Hymn.

Ye Ci stood glaring at Fleeting Time in the palace courtyard. How did he do it? He does not have something as powerful as Rain of Arrows, how did he managed to get more kills than me? She was infuriated by the fact that Fleeting Time was able to secure three kills more than hers despite her hard work.

Fleeting Time sighed at Ye Ci, “Little Gongzi, I expect your hospitality when I visit the Eastern Continent~”

Ye Ci gritted her teeth. She secretly wished that she was armed with a sniper rifle so that she could blow Fleeting Time’s head of. She wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

“Don’t be so angry. I don’t feel like winning as well. But when I was reminded of the fact that I’ll have to stay away from you if I lose… I got so sad that I accidentally killed a few more monsters…” said Fleeting Time with a mischievous grin, “Well… You know…”

“Fleeting Time…” Ye Ci’s expression darkened. She then gulped down a bottle of Stamina Potion to replenish her ever dwindling Stamina during her stay in the Western Continent.

“What is it?” the smile did not leave Fleeting Time’s face.

“Has anybody told you that you’re an annoyance?” Ye Ci sighed. What sort of sin have I committed in the past? Why do I have to get stuck with someone like this?

Fleeting Time was not provoked into anger by Ye Ci’s words. He patted Ye Ci on the head and retracted his hand before she could react, “Well, you just did.”

“You…” Ye Ci was speechless. Just what is this guy’s brain made of? Why is he not making sense at all most of the time?

The smile on Fleeting Time’s face widened when he noticed Ye Ci’s expression.

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