Chapter 28 Peacock Blue

Chapter 28 Peacock Blue

When a person was reborned 10 years back into the past, what would he or she do? Studies speculated that it was to make investments in…things.

Things like property, the stock market, and… Pork….

Ye Ci was no exception to such behavior. Her only problem was that she did not have the funds in real life. Her greatest hobby was to hang out at the auction houses and stock up on “rubbish”.

Of course, those things were “rubbish” as no one knew of their true value.

Every single piece of “rubbish” acquired by Ye Ci would be worth a fortune 10 years into the future. Sellers sold them at 1 or 2 gold coins, sometimes even a few silver coins. If they knew about the truth, they would’ve gone crazy.

Ye Ci had always felt that she did not behave like a woman.

She did not like shopping, did not like jewelleries, and hated to have to shop for clothings. But in the auction house, she was a real woman.

She would fight to the end for whatever she had her eyes on to the end.

Herbs, gem shards, enchanted materials…. Nothing could escape her sharp eyes.

Ye Ci would always put her loots on sale in the auction house anonymously after her big purchase.

When she thought about it, she realised that she had been quite the wastrel.

With her loot from the dungeon everyday, she could’ve made at least 1,000 gold coins per day, but she had spent all the money stocking up on things.

With her inventory full of items, Ye Ci headed to the largest bank in Red Lake City.

“Give me another vault, the one with 50 slots!” Ye Ci slapped 500 gold coins in front of the bank’s clerk.

“Ah, Miss Gongzi You, it’s good to see you again!” The clerk said to Ye Ci with flattery written all over his face. If it was not for the uniform the clerk was wearing, Ye Ci was certain that it would even wag its tail at Ye Ci.

It was not easy to trigger such behavior by the bank clerk. There were some conditions to be met. One’s prestige in Red Lake City must reach “Friendly”, and more importantly, one must be rich and have spent a lot of money on the Red Lake City bank.

In Ye Ci’s case, the vault she had bought in the bank exceeded the value of 5000 gold coins. She was a major customer, which was why the bank staff treated her so well.

Ye Ci dumped all the items into the storage and, before she had the time to sort them out, a private message rang in her ears, “Little Ci, are you there?”

It was Yi Cang.

There was a hint of odd cautiousness in his voice.

“I’m here, anything?”

“Are you free right now?”

“Sure.” replied Ye Ci without pausing her task at hand.

“Can you come to the guild encampment?”

To the guild encampment? Ye Ci had not been there for a long time. She had even forgotten that she was a member of the guild.

“Is there anything you need help with?”

“Sister Blue wants you back here. She said that there’s something she needs to discuss with you.” Yi Cang’s voice was soft, as if he was intentionally suppressing it.

“Sister Blue?” Ye Ci could not remember the name.

“She’s… The…. Uh… The Guild Admin… Sister Blue.” Yi Cang’s voice became even more softer to the point where Ye Ci was having a hard time listening to him.

“Ok, I’ll be there.” replied Ye Ci. She guessed that Yi Cang was in a very awkward situation and therefore did not question him much.

Ye Ci sighed at the state of disarray her storage was in. She had no choice but to postpone in sorting out the mess. She walked towards a Guild NPC and paid a few silver coins to be transported back to the guild encampment.

The encampment had a lot more buildings than Ye Ci could remember, and the original facilities had also been upgraded. Thousand Sunsets invested quite a lot in the guild. Ye Ci was lost. She did not know where to find Yi Cang. Before she could contact him, however, she heard a voice not far from her.

It was a shrill, angry female voice.

“What’s with your friend! He secretly cleared dungeons and get First Blood for it, muting himself when the guild ordered her back to the encampment! He’s not even here yet! Who does he think he is? Is his dad Li Gang? (1) What the hell! He thought that I don’t have the guts to kick him out from the guild! Let me tell you something Leftie, what we need in Steel-Blooded Battle Spear is teamwork, not some individualistic prick….”

Ye Ci leaned at the door frame while assessing the situation.

A Human Cleric beside Leftie was complaining nonstop and the latter listened silently with his head bowed.

Ye Ci knew the Human female Cleric. It was Peacock Blue. It was the “Sister Blue” that was mentioned by Yi Cang.

Peacock Blue, the administrator of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear. She was a beauty. In a guild where males were the majority, her looks was something to be proud of. This was why she was arrogant. The guys in the guild treated her like a princess.

Ye Ci knew that she had greatly offended Peacock Blue.

Yi Cang helplessly listened on, unable to defend himself.

Ye Ci knocked softly on the door. The sound was not loud, but it was enough to announce the presence of a third person in the room.

Leftie raised his head and saw Ye Ci. He was truly glad to see her, but before he could greet her, Peacock Blue exploded.

“Who the hell are you! Why are you here! Can’t you see this is the administrator’s office? I’m busy here! Where’s your discipline! Which squad are you from! Tell me your name!”

Ye Ci stared at Peacock Blue who was seething with anger. She did not even flinched. She smiled at Peacock Blue and smiled, “I’m Gongzi You….”

“So what? Which squad are you from! I will punish you for insubordination…..” Peacock Blue continued to grumble a bit more before stopping abruptly.

She looked at Ye Ci up and down and shouted, “YOU are Gongzi You! You’re a girl?”

Ye Ci touched the tip of her Elven ears and smiled, “If the system did not scan my features wrongly, yes. I’m a girl.”

Peacock Blue was speechless. She glared at Ye Ci without uttering a single word. Nobody would be able maintain their composure when they were caught talking behind someone’s back.

“What do you want from me?”

“The guild is organising an expedition into the Chilly Wetland dungeons. We’ll begin clearing the first dungeon, Cruel Pit, in three days. All guild members with 100 GS must be present!” said Peacock Blue with distaste in her tone.

“MY GS is only at 85.” Ye Ci sighed and showed her Character information which was already disguised by the Brooch Of Deceit.

Peacock Blue’s brows creased. Gongzi You’s equipment were garbage. So how could someone like her clear Icy Cave at Hard Difficulty?

It seemed that she was just lucky to have a good party.

This did not faze Peacock Blue at all, “I don’t care. This is an order from the guild leader. Even if your GS is not 100 yet, you’ll still be a substitute.” With that, she left the room.

She could not understand Sunset Cloud’s attention to such an individual.

Leftied let out a breath that he had been holding after Peacock Blue left. He smile awkwardly at Ye Ci and said, “Little Ci, don’t mind Sister Blue. She’s an admin. Sometimes she need to state her authority. She has nothing against you.”

Ye Ci nodded and said to Leftie, “Yi Cang, not everyone is suitable for you even if they might look good. Don’t hurt yourself for something that’s not worth it.”

“Little Ci, what do you mean….” Leftie was confused.

Ye Ci did not elaborate. She could see that Yi Cang liked Peacock Blue. When a man was afraid of such arrogant women, it was usually due to the fact that he liked her, not because of her abilities.

However, there were times when “like” doesn't necessarily mean “suitable”. Yi Cang’s case was the perfect example.

Ye Ci had never been afraid of such empty threats. She could totally ignore Peacock Blue, but she decided to go with the guild.

The reason was none other than Peacock Blue’s words.

“What we need in Steel-Blooded Battle Spear is teamwork, not some individualistic prick…..”

Translator’s Note:

(1) “我爸是李刚” “My dad is Li Gang”: It was an incident back in October 16th 2010. A car was speeding in campus and was involved in a hit and run accident. When intercepted by guards and students at the campus gate, the driver, the son of a Chinese official named Li Qiming shouted, “有本事你们告去, 我爸是李刚!” which meant “Sue me if you can, my dad is Li Gang”. It immediately became trolling material for Chinese netizens.

GS: Equipment rating

DKP: Guild contribution points

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