Chapter 272 Spotless Autumn (Part 2)

Chapter 272 Spotless Autumn (Part 2) 


Thousand Mile Dream’s smile froze. Who does he think he is? How can he face down our threat and not even flinch? He grunted in frustration. This person is making us lose face


The player ignored Thousand Mile Dream, and stared at Kiss Me Baby, “Are you sure that I’m the one?” 


Kiss Me Baby studied the man’s face and bit her lips. It was a handsome face that belonged to a scary person that sent ripples down her spine with his stare. She looked at Thousand Mile Dream, then at the player, and gritted her teeth, “Y-y-yes. I-it’s you!” 


The man sighed, “It seems that we find ourselves in a peculiar situation. Are you being daft now, Miss Sorceress? What is the character class of the person who killed you?” 


“What do you mean I’m being daft? I was killed by a Hunter!” a sudden realization flashed across Kiss Me Baby’s mind, “Brother Mile, I remember now! I was killed by a Hunter!” 


The player raised an eyebrow and watched the exchange between the two guildmates as if he was nothing but a mere onlooker. 


“What’s the name of that Hunter?” 


“I…. I don’t know…” Kiss Me Baby bit her lips as she stared at the player’s smiling face, “But I’m sure that it’s him! It’s definitely him! He charged at me on horseback! I’m sure he had such a despicable smile under his hood as he killed me!” 


Ye Ci looked at the player, and touched her own face. Is my smile really that despicable? No way... 


“That’s a shame. I’m not a Hunter.” The man spread his arms open, and revealed a staff that was clutched in his right hand. He shrugged at the members of Sangharama Shrine and walked towards the other end of the market. 


Thousand Mile Dream’s expression was as dark as a starless night. He shot Kiss Me Baby a glare, and she immediately remained quiet, but was still harboring hatred against the player. This was why she raised her foot and kicked the player on the back of his knee as he walked past. She had always done such a thing to the male members of her guild without repercussion, which was why she vented her anger on the player through the same way. 


What she did not expect, however, was the fact that the player was able to put a significant distance between them right after her kick landed. A Hail Missile that took away most of her hitpoints landed on her right at the next moment, followed by a Snow Missile that finished her off. 


It all happened so fast that not a single person from Sangharama Shrine was able to react. 


When the events that transpired had finally registered in the minds of Thousand Mile Dream and his men, the player was already smiling at them from a distance away. He shrugged at the Sangharama Shrine players and pointed at the patrolling soldiers with a huge smile on his face. Kiss Me Baby was the one who started the fight and had been killed by the player, who did not attract the attention of the NPC soldiers. The same thing could not be said for Thousand Mile Dream and his guildmates who were under close scrutiny due to the aggression of the party member. 


Even if the Sangharama Shrine was a force to be trifled with, and even if Thousand Mile Dream himself was a competent player, there was no way the party could take on more than a dozen lvl200 NPCs and survive. Despite his anger, Thousand Mile Dream could do nothing but watch as the player covered his face with his hood and disappeared into the crowd. 


Even if their member was the one who started the fight, Sangharama Shrine would of course attribute their blunder to the other party in order to save face. Thousand Mile Dream glared at the direction of the player, and the crowd immediately parted, not wanting to get in the way of the Sangharama Shrine players. 


“Revive her.” said Thousand Mile Dream to the Cleric in his party. 


The Cleric immediately cast Resurrection on Kiss Me Baby who immediately surveyed her surroundings, “Where’s that mage? Where is he?” she asked through gritted teeth. 


Thousand Mile Dream’s expression was as dark as the darkest of night. A competent opponent is never as scary as a useless teammate. If Kiss Me Baby was not the sister of one of the guild’s higher ups, Thousand Mile Dream would never concern himself with something like this. “I’m sure you’ve had a good look at his name this time, haven’t you?” he spoke in a low voice. 


As the saying goes, a wise person will not trip over the same rock twice. Even if Kiss Me Baby was not a good player, she knew that she would be strangled to death by Thousand Mile Dream if she could not remember her killer’s name this time. She stared at Thousand Mile Dream’s scary expression and replied with a soft voice, “It’s Spotless Autumn.” 


“What did you say?” Thousand Mile Dream was astonished. There was even a slight hint of fear in his expression. 


“Spotless Autumn.” Kiss Me Baby repeated herself. She could not understand the change in Thousand Mile Dream’s demeanor. 


Even the onlookers were shocked. Who exactly was Spotless Autumn? He was the top-tier hailing from the Southern Continent, just like Gongzi You of the Eastern Continent, Fleeting Time of the Western Continent, and Lethal Poison of the Northern Continent. Spotless Autumn was a mysterious solo player who appeared to be an Ice Mage, but was also a master in Fire and Lightning type spells. 


So it’s him. 


Ye Ci had finally realised why the face was so familiar to her. The man was one of her rivals in her last life. He would usually appear under a hood, which was why Ye Ci could barely remember his face. But his name was something that Ye Ci would never forget. 


Thousand Mile Dream had also finally realised why the man was not afraid of his threat. It’s because he’s Spotless Autumn! 


“Brother Mile…” started Kiss Me Baby timidly. She was unaware of the full gravity of the situation, but she could sense the awe from Thousand Mile Dream when the name of the player was mentioned. She extended an arm and shook Thousand Mile Dream on his sleeve. 


Thousand Mile Dream slapped her hand aside. He was in a sour mood. They were humiliated by Spotless Autumn, and had completely lost track of the hoe. He knew full well that they were barking up the wrong tree, and that the person who took the hoe was not Spotless Autumn. He was arrogant, but was never petty. The fact that it was a Hunter who has slain Kiss Me Baby made it even more obvious that Spotless Autumn was innocent. 

But just what sort of Hunter is capable of killing Kiss Me Baby with one hit? She might be mediocre, but her equipment is top notch. It’s very rare for a lvl45 player in the entire Sangharama Shrine to be equipped with a full set of Purple equipment. Even if she was a mage, not many could kill her with one blow. 


Two names immediately appeared in Thousand Mile Dream’s mind. Could it be Gongzi You or Fleeting Time... But he shook the thought out of his head. This can’t be... One top-tier player from an opposing continent was trouble enough. If there’s a second one.... No.. This can’t be!


Despite the denial in his heart, the missing hoe was still a reality that he had to confront. It was something that the guild had worked hard to acquire. The first squadron was supposed to complete the quest, but the responsibility landed on the second squadron due to unexpected events. They were able to obtain the hoe, and the quest would be completed once they were back in the safety of their guild encampment. Nobody expected a fight against a guild from the Southern Continent. 


He was reluctant to place the hoe on Kiss Me Baby, but ultimately relented because of her nonstop pleas. 


It was a decision that he was coming to regret. I would never have let her have the hoe if I knew something like this would happen! Damn it! And now we’re humiliated by Spotless Autumn, and I have to answer to Sangharama’s Grace for this... 


Thousand Mile Dream could feel his temples bulging. 


“What do we do now?” asked one of his party members. He then looked at his clanmates, and the bystanders. He knew that it was impossible to track the hoe down at this point. The real perpetrator would have hidden himself or herself after witnessing the commotion. “What a disaster.” he sighed. 


His voice was soft, but it was enough for Kiss Me Baby to overhear his words. He was not calling her out, but it was human nature to overthink. Kiss Me Baby immediately bursted into tears, “It’s just a hoe! What’s so great about it! So what if we lost it? I’ll go talk to the guild leader myself! Do you really have to say that? I know I’m a burden to the second squadron! Do you really think that I like being with a moody person like you? Fine! I’ll go look for the hoe myself!” and she stomped her feet and left. 


The other guild members were left dumbfounded. What just happened? Damn her princess complex. Then again, she’s the sister of one of our higher ups, should we just let her run off like that? The Cleric who had just revived Kiss Me Baby walked up to Thousand Mile Dream and asked with a soft voice, “Thousand, do we...” 


“Let’s head back to the guild encampment.” Thousand Mile Dream was extremely annoyed. He knew that having someone with a princess complex in his party would spell disaster, and the worst case scenario had just happened. 


“Then what about Kiss Me Baby...’ 


“Leave her be. Do you expect me to go look for her? Who does she think she is? A princess? This is a game, we’re not in a romance novel. I do not have the time to waste on her.” the frown on Thousand Mile Dream’s face deepened as he turned around to head for the teleportation point.  


His party members looked at each other in confusion and followed after him. 


The crowd immediately dispersed once the commotion was over, as if nothing had happened. Ye Ci stared at the direction where Thousand Mile Dream and his posse was headed, and then at the direction that Spotless Autumn had disappeared to, and continued her exploration of the market. 


Ye Ci did not even feel a hint of guilt even as the perpetrator of the entire incident. She was used to things like this. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. We live by the sword and die by the sword. It’s always normal for the weak to fall prey to the strong. 


It did not take long for Rogue Rabbit One to return with the maps, “Aiya, sorry for letting you wait this long. I’ve been away for quite awhile.” said the man as he handed Ye Ci her maps, “I’ll give you a discount since you’re buying so many at a time. All you have to pay me is 20,000 gold coins.” 


Ye Ci nodded at Rogue Rabbit One, satisfied with the price, and immediately handed 20,000 gold coins to the player. 


Happiness instantly lit up the man’s face, “Uhh.. If you don’t mind.. Why exactly are you going to those places?” 


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