Chapter 27 Customer Service No.094

Chapter 27 Customer Service No.094

Just when Ye Ci was busy dissecting the Sandstorm Scorpion, a lvl 1 human smurf suddenly appeared three meters in front of her. After logging in, the first thing he did was to turn around and survey his surroundings. It was after confirming his coordinates did he notice the inelegant Ye Ci who was currently squatting by the side, butchering the Sandstorm Scorpion...

That human smurf stared at Ye Ci’s butchering fearlessly for a moment before clearing his throat to greet her so as to capture her attention. “Nice to meet you, I am the manager from the development team of《Fate L》, Customer Service No. 094.”

Actually, from the moment No. 094 appeared, Ye Ci, who had her sensitivity heightened by her equipment, had already noticed his existence. However, as she was busy trying to remove the poison sac from the Sandstorm Scorpion, she didn’t have the time to bother about him.

Now, sitting on the carcass of the Sandstorm Scorpion, which was hanging on a desert poplar tree, Ye Ci stared at No. 094 with a smile. To think that it would be No. 094 receiving her...

There were a total of 400 customer service smurfs in Fate’s development team and they numbered from 001 to 400. These customer service smurfs follow these developers for life. Even if they were to leave the game and Glory Corporation, these customer service smurfs will be retained for them forever.

Fate’s customer service No. 094 was probably still an unexceptional development assistant at the moment. However, three years from now, he would become one of the chief developer of Fate! Although not a single player might know of his existence right now, three years later, countless gamers will have his name etched their heads.

He was the chief developer of Fate’s 2nd update ‘Another World’, and it was due to this very update that Fate managed to accommodate to all age groups over the world.

If one had to list some unforgettable names which had appeared in the history of Fate, then customer service No. 094 was definitely at the top of the list.

Even until now, Ye Ci still remembered the words of a human priest that No. 094 said through an update CG.

“Give me three seconds, and I will bring you to an entirely different world! I am Fate.”

Perhaps, Ye Ci wasn’t the only one who remembered these words. Perhaps, all of the players in Fate remembered these words. Yes, they remembered these words, Fate, as well as the human priest who said them.

Fate Customer Service No. 094 — Wang Jiang Nan.

“Nice to meet you. May I ask if you were the one who reported the BUG?” Wang Jiang Nan was extremely polite. Seeing Ye Ci staring at him, he had scratched his head awkwardly before greeting her.

This was the first time Wang Jiang Nan had met a player reporting a BUG. Very possibly, this was the first BUG which had appeared since the inception of Fate. This made the development team pay particular importance to it. One must know that they had conducted tests on every single detail of the game more than several hundred times. Although they couldn’t claim that their system was entirely flawless, a major BUG wouldn’t appear so easily at the very least.

Thus, when Ye Ci reported this BUG to the customer service lady, Wang Jiang Nan, who was on shift, came to look at this BUG without hesitation.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes as she nodded her head, “Yes, I am the one who reported the BUG.”

“Is this with regards to the Sandstorm Scorpion BUG?” Seeing Ye Ci answer his questions, Jiang Wang Nan opened the development system to check on the logs.

“Yes, that’s how I reported it.”

Wang Jiang Nan stared at the development system for a moment before pausing suddenly. Then, he raised his head and stared at Ye Ci with an astonished expression, “Did you kill this Sandstorm Scorpion alone just now?”

“There is this panther as well.” Ye Ci pointed at her pet. Ol’ Three immediately growled and stretched its back to make its existence known.

“...” Jiang Wang Nan stared speechless at the Elf Huntress sitting on the Sandstorm Scorpion. Then, he seemed to have suddenly recall something. He typed Ye Ci’s ID out on the development system and soon, all of the actions Ye Ci did ever since her entry into Fate is appeared on the interface.

Actually, a typical developer wouldn’t do such a thing as it was too troublesome. Furthermore, if he didn’t carry it out properly, he could be sued by the player for revealing their personal information, consequently causing him to be punished by the company. At worst, he might be jailed. However, Jiang Wang Nan couldn’t help but be curious about the previous deeds of a player who used a BUG to kill a Sandstorm Scorpion and reported it right after.

After looking through Ye Ci’s log, Jiang Wang Nan no longer felt puzzled by how Ye Ci could have possibly found the bug.

There were many kinds of players. Some players would play the game within the boundaries determined for them while some would break the rules of the game to create their own. There were even those who would ascend beyond the rules of the game and used everything they could lay their hands on to create their own glory.

It was apparent that the Huntress before him was the third type of player.

There were normally two types of ending for these kind of players. They could end up banned or...

“No. 094, it can’t be that you are reading through my logs. That is against the rules and regulations.” Upon seeing Wang Jiang Nan busying himself and sneaking occasional glances towards her, she couldn’t help but guess his actions.

The moment her words landed, Jiang Wang Nan immediately panicked and closed down Ye Ci’s logs.

“I didn’t.” Jiang Wang Nan tried to hide the fact that he had been exposed by Ye Ci. After which, he cleared his throat again and said, “I thank you for your help on our negligence on behalf of Fate’s customer service team. We will…”

“Traces will be left behind in the system when one checks a player’s logs. A player can apply for an inquiry into these traces. Say, do you think that I should apply for one now?” Upon seeing Wang Jiang Nan’s dodgy appearance, Ye Ci could ascertain that he was looking at her logs a moment ago.

The edges of her lips curled up into a faint smile as she started to threaten the customer service No. 094 which had yet to make his name — Wang Jiang Nan. She was thinking of the fact that a few years from now, if she were to tell others that she had once blackmailed Wang Jiang Nan, what kind of expressions would be awaiting her?

Wang Jiang Nan freezes for a moment. Then, the corners of his lips twitched.

What did he just say? There were some players who would ascend beyond the rules of the game and use everything they could lay their hands on to create their own glory.

It was obvious to see that he is about to turn into something usable to this huntress before him...

The Glory Corporation did not demarcate the job scope of the development team clearly and granted them too much authority. Initially, the purpose of it was to avoid risk but never would they expect that it would be exploited now as a stepping stone to step over their heads.

Just like that, the two of them stared at one another, as if it would never end until one of them died.

“What kind of help do you need from me?” In the end, Wang Jiang Nan sighed helplessly and asked Ye Ci irritatedly. Then, he further added, “Within the scope of my abilities, I can grant you some rewards. However, this reward must not destroy the balance of the game. So, what can I help you with?”

There were so many restrictions even to granting a reward. Ye Ci frowned and asked, “Then, my beloved customer service No. 094, stop giving me so much empty talk. What can you give me?”

After pondering for a moment, Wang Jiang Nan retrieved a shiny egg from his bag and threw it to Ye Ci, “This is the best reward that I can give you within the limits of my abilities.”

Ye Ci caught the egg which was about the size of a bowling ball. She wanted to take a look at its attributes but what she got in return was: This is a mysterious egg.

“This is a pet egg. It just happens that you are a Huntress, so you are able to use it. However, I cannot guarantee you what would hatch from it.”

“By chance?”

“That’s right, by chance.” Wang Jiang Nan nodded his head. Then, he recorded the coordinates for the BUG and the incident into the development system before hurriedly bidding Ye Ci farewell. If he were to continue interacting with this Huntress, who knew what kind of mess would arise from it?

Just when he was about to log off, he suddenly thought of something. He gazed at Ye Ci, who was busy studying the egg, and said, “I want to ask you something. If Fate were to come up with trailer, what kind of contents would you like to see?”

Actually, Fate’s first trailer was already in the midst of its development. In regards to it, Wang Jian Nan was only in charge of the minor details. He knew that with his identity, he might be unable to become a chief developer in his entire life. Even so, he couldn’t resist visioning it, about what would happen if he were to become the chief planner one day. Today, meeting Ye Ci and reading through her ‘glorious past events’, he suddenly wanted to know the thoughts of a player who ascended beyond the rules of the game.

Ye Ci found this extremely sensationally wondrous.

For a chief planner of Fate who would shine three years from now to ask about her opinion on the game, no matter how one looks at the matter, it was a wondrous interaction.

She kept the egg and stared at Wang Jiang Nan seriously. His eyes were passionate and resolute.

A person with a such gaze would definitely meet with success. Regardless of whether time had flowed back or whether he had met her, he would definitely succeed in life.

Ye Ci laughed. That was a sincere laughter without any meaning behind it. She straightened her body and imitated the actions of Wang Jiang Nan in the CG, “Give me three seconds, and I will bring you to an entirely different world! I am Fate.”

This was the action of Wang Jiang Nan back then. However, at this moment, when Wang Jiang Nan gazed at Ye Ci as she performed those actions, the agitation rippling through his heart could not be described through ink. His lips trembled as he shot a wide smile towards Ye Ci, “Thank you.”

“Give me three seconds, and I will bring you to an entirely different world! I am Fate.”

This time, Wang Jiang Nan didn’t stop. He waved at Ye Ci and disappeared soon afterwards, bringing along indescribable agitation and motivation with him.

After sending away Wang Jiang Nan, Ye Ci continued to dissect the Sandstorm Scorpion. It took her half an hour before she finished stuffing the items she had retrieved from the Sandstorm Scorpion into her bag. Satisfied with her returns, she walked back to Red Lake City.

Although the 10000 Sunset City reputation was rewarded to her by the system …, she did not intend to bind her City Recalling Crystal to Sunset City. After all, she had been doing quests in Red Lake City for almost twenty days by now and she almost had sufficient reputation to activate the city official system.

Throwing everything in her inventory into the storage, Ye Ci walked towards the auction house. This was a habit she had cultivated whenever she walked into large cities...

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