Chapter 269 To the Northern Continent! (Part 2)

Chapter 269 To the Northern Continent! (Part 2)


“It was discovered?!” Ye Ci sprung up.


“No, I mean to say that people have started doing the prerequisite quest.” Bai Mo quietly looked at Ye Ci. He did not look surprised but just seemed like he was taking the matter as a fact. On the contrary, Ye Ci looked a lot more dismayed.


“People have started doing the prerequisite quest?” Ye Ci grasped her hair, appearing to be very agitated. “The Mithril ore veins in the Eastern and Southern Continents are now in my hands. The ore vein in the Western Continent belongs to Genesis while the one in the Northern Continent is out of my control…” She slammed on the table. “How did that even happen?!”


“Just two ore veins is enough for us. Besides, even if we got the northern Mithril ore vein, we wouldn’t be able to guard it on a hostile continent like that. Even a large guild like Genesis couldn’t guard it, let alone us. We’re not going to take over it, even if the time and place is right. Therefore, let’s not touch the Mithril ore vein in the Northern Continent.” Bai Mo comforted Ye Ci with a smile when he noticed Ye Ci’s frustration. Truth be told, he understood Ye Ci’s frustration. It was not a problem about the ownership of the ore vein, but…


“The problem now is not whether or not we are able to guard it!” Ye Ci sighed. “If the Mithril ore vein is taken by others, then it will be exposed very soon. With our current strength, we cannot even guard a single ore vein. The moment they are revealed, we will never be safe…!”


“Calm down, Little Ci,.” Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci who was extremely distressed and hurriedly clasped her hands in attempts to comfort her. “I understand what you mean but do not be too pessimistic. Perhaps things aren’t that bad.”


“Not that bad? How would it be?!” Ye Ci was no longer in control of her own emotions.


All of Ye Ci’s pent up pressure exploded right at this moment, “Have you ever thought that we’re very far behind in terms of manpower and the quality of our players? We also lack the number of Life Players that the other guilds have. So what if we have Mara and Yolan? They can’t build us a fortress out of thin air overnight! They certainly can’t do the same for the growth of our guild either! If a third party learns about the Mithril ore vein, we won’t be able to hold the Lesser Demon Sanctum! Even if I’m holding on to the quest lock, the major guilds could simply flood the area with their players and stop me from continuing the quest!” 


Bai Mo stood up. He embraced Ye Ci and stroked her long hair, just like he did when she was young, then spoke to her gently, “I know. I know all that. I know all these pressures on you. Stop thinking about them. Don’t shoulder that much burden yourself. You still have us. You have to believe that Upwards Ho! is growing at a very rapid speed. Just focus on what you like to do and leave the rest to us.” 


Bai Mo’s voice seemed to have the kind of magic that comforted people. Ye Ci calmed down very soon. She leaned against Bai Mo’s chest, listening to his powerful heartbeats and felt a wave of exhaustion hitting her. She let out a long sigh. “I’m so tired, cousin. The Golden Age is coming, but we are still nothing.”


“Don’t worry, everything will get better.” Bai Mo patted Ye Ci on her back as he gently consoled her.


“Old Mo! Are we clearing a dungeon tonight or do we continue to level up?” Let Go Of That Girl suddenly barged into the conference room. He looked at both of them, then apologized profusely while subconsciously retreating from the room. “Sorry, sorry. Please carry on, carry on.”


Once out of the conference room, Let Go Of That Girl suddenly felt that something was off. Ye Ci and Bai Mo did not seem like lovers...


Just when he was trying to wrap his head around it, Ye Ci came out. She did not even seem awkward and only threw a glance at Let Go Of That Girl. “Where’s Ideal?” she asked. 


“O-Oh, s-she went off to make food.” For some reason, Let Go Of That Girl grew nervous instead as he stammered through his reply.


Ye Ci snorted. “So you let your wife go to cook while you stay online to play game. What a nice man you are,” she said before turning to leave.


Let Go Of That Girl did not know how to answer that, so he could only laugh dryly while scratching his head. After a good while, only then he looked up and wondered what just happened.


Then, Bai Mo came out too. He looked at Let Go Of That Girl, then spoke to him in his usual tone. “Those who are below level 60 will continue grinding. Gather up those who are here and find a suitable dungeon to grind.”


When Let Go Of That Girl saw Bai Mo was acting normal, he called out to him. “Old Mo, Old Mo! Just who is Gongzi to you?”


“She is my cousin.” Bai Mo looked at Let Go Of That Girl. There was not even a shred of ambiguity in his eyes.


“Cousin! You kissing and hugging so intimately as cousins?!” Let Go Of That Girl continued blabbing at a lower volume. “You’re not trying to fool us right?”


“I didn’t kiss her.” Bai Mo gave Let Go Of That Girl a side-eye. “Her mother is the biological sister of my mother. I am related to her by blood!”


“Are you sure one of you isn't adopted...?” Let Go Of That Girl seemed like he was still skeptical. He just couldn’t shake off his suspicions that Bai Mo and Ye Ci were more than just cousins.


“You watched too many Korean dramas.” Bai Mo gave him an amused look. “This is how we always behave around each other.”


“Oooooh!” Let Go Of That Girl nodded, then squinted and started prying more. “Won’t your future wife or husband be jealous of your intimacy with each other?”


This was enough to make Bai Mo start rolling his eyes. Just what is this idiot going on about? “You’re reading too much into it.”


He was really reading too much into it… right?


Ye Ci walked along the street of Red Lake City. The sun was moving westward, basking everyone in warm twilight. The population in the city was growing. These people had settled down in Red Lake City. As residents, they undertook quests for the city and made a great amount of contribution toward the city’s development. With all the quests they had completed accumulated together, Ye Ci believed that the Red Lake City would level up very soon.


She stood at the city’s entrance and the guards greeted her. This was all she could get from her current prestige in Red Lake City. If Ye Ci’s prestige in this city were to reach the Respected level, then these guards would act differently in her presence.


There were two paths before her now. One was to go to the Northern Continent while the other was for her to return to the Newbie Village.


Ye Ci’s initial plan was to head to the Northern Continent as soon as she exited Doluo Tribe. However, she would have to push this plan to the back of her head for now. The fact that someone has started doing the prerequisite quest at the Northern Continent’s Mithril ore vein was only known to those people and Upwards Ho. Of course, Ye Ci wouldn’t find Green Hill’s Moon to investigate this matter since she had to keep things under profile. She was rather conflicted about her next plan.


Ye Ci stood at the city entrance for a good while. All of the players that passed by were giving her looks of envy.


In the end, Ye Ci only sighed and decided to not overthink. She had never been like this. She wasn’t sure if she was always overthinking before doing things due to having too many ideas now. Thanks to that, she had lost her decisiveness. Ye Ci shook her head. Bai Mo was right about only worrying about things when it happens. Rather than wasting time thinking about things that hadn’t happened yet, she should just focus on properly doing the task on hand.


Ye Ci summoned Old Four, tossed it some meat then rode toward Elf’s Newbie Village on its back.


Elf’s Newbie Village was relatively much closer than the Northern Continent. Ye Ci looked at the arrow in her bag and instantly thought of Natasha the NPC arrow vendor. The Elf would definitely possess profound knowledge on this Tainted Arrow.


Natasha accepted the Tainted Arrow that Ye Ci handed over. It was strange that the arrow which painfully scorched Ye Ci’s fingers did not seem to be doing anything to Natasha’s hands. It was though she had some sort of magical power in her hands.


“Where did you find this arrow?” Natasha fixed her eyes on the arrow in silence. Surprise, doubt and agony flashed across her eyes before peace finally settled back into them. She lifted her head and looked at Ye Ci quietly. Her purple eyes were cold and rational, as  though they were devoid of emotions.


Ye Ci immediately recounted all her recent encounters to Natasha without leaving any detail out.


Natasha nodded and let out a sigh after listening to her. She lowered her gaze to the arrow in her hand, then spoke to Ye Ci as though she was speaking to herself, “I didn’t expect you to end up as a medium for Sha’jia to create the realm of illusion. This must have been a great humiliation to you.”


For some reason when Natasha said that, Ye Ci thought she saw the arrow slightly quivered as though it agreed with Natasha. Then, the arrow remained at rest in Natasha’s hand, as though it never moved. If it wasn’t for Ye Ci insisting on believing her memory, she would nearly think her eyes were playing a trick on her.


“Do you know the history of this arrow?” Natasha suddenly spoke up, as she looked at Ye Ci solemnly.


Ye Ci shook her head. Of course I didn’t, otherwise, why would I take the trouble to come and see you?


“This arrow belonged to Elven King Dau’er.” Natasha seemed to have expected Ye Ci wouldn’t know about the arrow, so she went on explaining its background without making much issues.


“What?!” Ye Ci was slightly shocked, but quickly recovered. Elven King Dau’er participated in the deadly battle against Dark Lord Naga and as Dark Lord Naga’s pawn, Sha’jia, also participated in that bitter war. Hence, it wasn’t too unbelievable for this arrow to be Dau’er’s. “So that means Sha’jia was killed by our great Elven King Dau’er?”


Natasha shook her head. “Dau’er’s arrow had indeed pierced Sha’jia’s heart, but it didn’t kill him. Sha’jia went into hiding along with this arrow.” She caressed the arrow that was stained by black dried blood. “You must have not known the value of this arrow.”


Ye Ci nodded. She had no idea at all.


“There were only five arrows in Elven King Dau’er’s quiver.” Natasha spoke quietly. “He didn’t carry a lot of arrows like you all do.”


Well of course. Ye Ci nodded. From the name alone, Elven King Dau’er sounded like a very powerful NPC.


Why would he use arrows that normal hunters use?


“These five arrows were the final products that the great dwarf arrow maker Cuilaihua spent several decades making, using the earth’s molten core, the thousand-year frozen crystal, the thousand-year venomous viper raised at the Poison Lake, the sacred core in Tedar’s Shrine and the dark core in Naga’s old nest. Elven King Dau’er precious arrows weren’t only deadly, but also capable of returning to the quiver at their own will. During the battle with Naga, Elven King Dau’er used the Holy Arrow. However, the Holy Arrow was enveloped by Naga’s intense dark aura, stolen away and was ultimately lost amidst the chaos. Elven King Dau’er wished to be reunited with it but until his very last breath, his wish never came true.


Ye Ci listened to Natasha’s story but did not take great interest in it. However, she coveted those five arrows instead. Oh dear. Based on Natasha’s story, those arrows are definitely great treasures. I wonder what will happen if I manage to collect all of them.


“So this is the Holy Arrow that was stolen by Naga?” Ye Ci gazed at the dark bloodstained arrow that had completely lost its luster, unable to believe its powerful property.


“Yes.” Natasha nodded, then handed the arrow to Ye Ci. “If it’s possible, I wish you can journey to the Northern Continent. Find the Sacred Spring in the deepest part of the Sacred Snowy Mountain. Rid the filth of this arrow and let its light be witnessed by this world again.”


“Alright, I shall fulfill your request.” Ye Ci bowed to Natasha as she gained another strong reason to visit the Northern Continent. Since every request was pointing her to the Northern Continent, she had no choice but reluctantly make a trip there.


“Are you done collecting the fragments?” Natasha threw a glance at Ye Ci and suddenly asked.


“Not yet. Only one left.” Ye Ci replied honestly.


Natasha nodded as she gazed into the sky. “Go now. May Elven King Dau’er be with you, from now until forever.”


Ye Ci exited Natasha’s hut bowing. She stood at the three forked road for a long while. Even now, there were still countless new players coming and going through here just like she did when she was a newbie. She took a deep breath, summoned Old Fourth then rode away from this place, leaving a trail of dust behind her and attracting the attention of many new players as a result.


“Wow, look! That Huntress is so cool!”


“Yeah! That’s one huge dinosaur she’s riding! She’s so cool!”


“I’ll have to do my best so I can be like that Huntress in the future!” 


“You guys don’t know who she is?”


“Who’s she?”


“She’s the Solo King of the Eastern Continent, Gongzi You! The awesomest Huntress in our Eastern Continent!”


“Woooow! Then I must learn from her more in the future so I can become an even awesomer hunter!”


Ye Ci had no idea that her image had been and was still a source of inspiration and motivation to many new players, because her journey was still far from being over.


Back at Red Lake City, Ye Ci repaired all her equipment. She replenished her supplies back at the guild and not forgetting to fill up her quiver either. Incidents like meeting Genesis and Fleeting Time would not happen during her upcoming trip to the Northern Continent this time. In the eyes of other players there, Ye Ci was an invader, so they would definitely not show any mercy to her. She would only have a short window to replenish her supplies when she use her Brooch of Deceit everyday. Even so, she must keep her guard up at all time.


Ye Ci could never be too careful in the unfamiliar and hostile continent.


“Why? You must make the trip to the Northern Continent this time?” Bai Mo smiled at Ye Ci.


“Yes.” Ye Ci nodded to him. “All my requests are pointing me there. I have to make the trip.”


“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”


Ye Ci smiled. She knew what Bai Mo was saying. “You are the guild leader, Bai Mo. Why would I be pressured?”


She then turned around and walked toward the entrance of the guild base.


Amidst the setting sun, her shadow stretched on behind her.


Go forth Huntress, to the Northern Continent!

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