Chapter 269 To the Northern Continent! (Part 1)

Chapter 269 To the Northern Continent! (Part 1)


The sun rose, basking the ruined village and everyone in it in golden light.


No one knew how long the sorrow would linger. Ye Ci stood in the village, feeling nothing but the endless irritability in her heart. She suddenly realized that the Doluo Tribe was truly destroyed.


In a tribe that had lost all its manpower and was left with only the old and frail, they were going to face natural selection whether they like it or not. They would either have to continue living strongly or disappear into the long river of history.


Ye Ci was suddenly overwhelmed by sorrow.


She felt as though she had done something she really shouldn’t have.


Although she saved Dalufar, the entire Doluo Tribe might crumble or even vanish because of this incident. This might not be a good thing in the long run. The game has its own rules of survival. Is it really a good thing for me as a player to interfere with an NPC’s way of life?


 She had no idea, no idea at all.


 Just when Ye Ci was lost in her thoughts, she heard the rustling of clothes. She turned her head around, only to see Dalufar had appeared before everyone in black robes.


He seemed to have aged a lot overnight. The tears in his wisdom-filled eyes weren’t dried yet. It would seem like the incident earlier had caused him grief.


However, as a chieftain, and the leader of his tribe, he knew that he could not continue drowning in his own emotions. He knew that he must step up and speak to the remaining tribesmen.


The sobs slowly faded upon Dalufar’s appearance. Everyone was looking at him in silence. Their faces were still stained by tears, yet their eyes were filled with hope when they saw Dalufar.


Due to the fact that Dalufar was a high-level NPC which owned a god-tier artifact, he was still alive despite a thousand year had passed. However, this wasn’t the same for the other NPCs in Doluo Tribe. All of them were mortals, just like humans. The only thing that remained unchanged was their unwavering loyalty toward Dalufar. Of course, Dalufar’s wise and just image was a direct contribution to such a fact, and his age was something that aided in this. 


Originally, Dalufar’s robes were not black. Now that he changed into black robes, Ye Ci could instantly feel his sadness towards the loss of lives.


“My dear friend, thank you for everything you have done for me and the tribe. However, there are now things that only concern our tribe. Would it be alright for you to recuse?” Dalufar looked at Ye Ci and spoke very respectfully. Ye Ci looked at her intimacy level with Dalufar and Doluo Tribe — they were both extremely high by now, especially the latter which had reached the level of “Respected”. It was for this reason Dalufar no longer addressed Ye Ci as ‘Elf’ but ‘dear friend’ instead.


Ye Ci knew as well she would not be able to help for the rest of the matters even if she wanted to. Hence, it was better for her to avoid this place. So she nodded, left the tribe and made her way toward the beach.


 Shortly after that, she found Lia who was basking in the sun on a rock. Ye Ci seethed inwardly at the sight of the lazy mermaid. Why hasn’t the sun turned her into a dried fish yet?! All of a sudden, Ye Ci felt that she should have raised a cat. If she did, the cat would be very interested in this fish right now.


“Ohhh look who’s here! It’s the flat Elf girl!” Lia annoyingly propped her upper body and greeted Ye Ci.


 Ye Ci suppressed her urge to beat the shit out of this mermaid and instead merely snorted in response to Lia. When Lia saw that her greetings did not provoke any reaction from Ye Ci, she felt a little curious. She curled her beautiful blue fish tail, propped her chin on her hand and looked at Ye Ci. “Hey Elf, you seem upset.” Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Lia. “Unlike you, I don’t bask in the sun all day doing nothing.” Lia chuckled mischievously. “Do I smell jealousy?” Ye Ci rolled her eyes. Of course she was jealous of this stupid mermaid.


“What happened in Doluo Tribe last night? I was shocked by the great commotion!” Lia leaned her head to the side and kept her tail curled as she gazed at Ye Ci.


Ye Ci shook her head. She did not feel like talking about the event that transpired last night anymore. She climbed onto the rock and sat beside Lia as she gazed into the vast ocean. “Lia, what are you doing sitting here every day?”


  “Keeping watch! I have to quickly inform my sisters if food is coming!” Lia blinked her big eyes. When she saw Ye Ci’s gloomy face, she reached out and patted on her shoulder. “Rest assured, females are not food to us mermaids because their flesh tastes sour. We much prefer the flesh of males.” Ye Ci laughed wryly. “Well thanks for that, I feel honored.” “No worries at all!” As expected, Lia’s face was way thicker than a city wall.


A beautiful song came out of Lia’s mouth and echoed throughout the ocean. Although Ye Ci did not understand what she was singing, she could feel the sorrow in her song. It was a very emotional kind of sadness, and there were a few times Ye Ci she was touched by it. If Lia did not stop and repeatedly ask her for food, she would probably be moved.

“How was it? Give me more food. I sang so long for you!” Lia was obviously very interested in the aromatic lamb Ye Ci had on her. It was so much more attractive than a man, so Lia started to shamelessly pester Ye Ci for food every so often when singing.


Ye Ci watched as Lia devoured the meat with a gloomy face, thinking to herself that she would never believe mermaids were gorgeous and elegant creatures again. They were all gluttons — no different than a boor. “If I give you the harp, you will bring me away from here?”


“Of course. Didn’t we agree on that before?” Lia licked her fingers as she savored the aftertaste of the smoked lamb with her eyes closed. It was simply delectable.


“What if I’m bringing someone else with me?”


“Someone else?” Lia looked at Ye Ci in puzzlement, then suddenly narrowed her eyes. She licked her lips with her pink tongue, then flashed Ye Ci the smile of a predator. “I can’t let you do that if it’s a man.”


“I’m talking about Alaunar and his family.” Ye Ci rolled her eyes. As expected, these mermaids were really gluttons. All she could think of at a moment like this was food.


“Huh? Alaunar’s family? They’re leaving with you too?” A surprised expression appeared on Lia’s face, looking as though she could not believe that statement. “If they are sneaking away, then definitely no! You ought to know that my great-great-grandmother brought Khu’tak away from here when she was young. When Khu’tak died after that, the chief of Doluo Tribe came to find trouble with us. My great-great grandmother was punished very severely for it. Therefore, I will never allow you to bring Alaunar and his family away from here without Dalufar’s consent!” Lia shook her head fervently as though she was a rattle-drum, showing Ye Ci that there was no room for negotiation.


Ye Ci grimaced at her words. Fortunately, she had thought of seeking Dalufar’s permission. Otherwise, not only she would not be able to bring the family away, she might even jeopardize her chance of leaving this place.


After chatting with Lia for awhile again, Ye Ci gathered that Doluo people could travel to the mermaids’ territories. Thoughts brewed in her mind as she planned to have Alaunar bring her there for a tour next time. She might just find something good there. However, she would have to leave this all till next time. Just when she was spending her time with Lia, Mara came and informed her that Dalufar wished to see her. Ye Ci was a little puzzled over this but did not ask anything else. She bid her farewell to Lia and followed Mara back to Doluo Tribe. 


Only half a day had passed, but most of the corpses in Doluo Tribe had been cleared away. Even the huge crater made from the explosive was filled in. The collapsed tents and totem pole were gradually restored through the efforts of women, children and the elderly. Ye Ci followed behind Mara as she looked at the people hard at work, thinking to herself that she had wrongly judged the women of Doluo Tribe. There was no way they could be compared to women of other tribes because they were so much stronger than even the men of some other tribes.


It would seem like Ye Ci was worried for nothing.


She followed Mara into Dalufar’s tent and saw Yolan and Alaunar standing inside. Dalufar was seated and still dressed in black robes. He stood up when Ye Ci entered, then greeted her with a nod. “My dearest friend, you have returned.” 


“Yes, Honorable Lord Dalufar.”


“First, I am extremely sorry that I have to make you leave earlier…”


“Don’t worry about it, Lord Dalufar. I understand. I am just worried if Doluo Tribe can return to its peaceful lives from now on.” Ye Ci’s question was vague, but she was sure Dalufar could understand her intention. After all, the dead Nuoba’s warriors were from many families. Even if Nuoba was the one who tempted them, even if they had sold their souls to the devil, they were still family members no matter what.


However, now that Dalufar had killed them, it was hard to say if these people would bear any grudge against Dalufar despite their absolute obedience and respect toward him. Ye Ci only asked that question because she was concerned about it.


Dalufar was a highly intelligent NPC, so of course he would understand the intentions behind Ye Ci’s words.


He nodded lightly and showed her a smile. “My dear friend, do not worry. Doluo Tribe has weathered through a great deal of problems up to this day, but each was very well handled through the efforts of every chief. Although I don’t know if I can do as well as them, I’ll definitely do my best to flourish Doluo Tribe even more through my own hands.”


Since Dalufar had spoken, Ye Ci did not press further. This was never her problem to begin with, it was merely a form of formality. “May God be with you.” Ye Ci bowed to him.


Dalufar walked toward Ye Ci, looked at Alaunar and his family then at her again. “My dearest friend, I was initially worried about leaving this family in your hands but I have changed my mind. Perhaps bringing them away from here with you is for the best.” While speaking, he raised the staff in his hand and waved it around Ye Ci. She then noticed a BUFF called “Dalfuar’s Permission” in her stats. “Now go find Lia. I believe she will definitely bring all of you home safely.”


Ye Ci nodded. After expressing her gratitude, she heaved a long sigh. It seemed like with this, her quest had ended and she could finally return to Jiama Contient.


Just when everyone was leaving, Dalufar seemed to suddenly recall something. He turned around to retrieve a sheepskin scroll from the bookshelf, then passed it to Ye Ci. “Oh right, I have a map here, my friend. It was left by my brother long ago. I have done many research through books over the years and discovered that it was written in Elvish. I feel that you are the best person to keep this.” 


Ye Ci’s eyes lit up when she accepted the scroll. Amazing! Isn’t this the Fragment of Dau'er? Unexpectedly, she now had three of them. Only one left then she could report back to Natasha. I have a hunch that this quest has a great connection to my class, so I must take it seriously. 


With this, Ye Ci could finally leave with Alaunar and his family. She handed over the harp to Lia and explained her purpose. Since she carried with her Dalufar’s permission, Lia did not stop her. She very cooperatively led Ye Ci away from the map where she had spent too long in.


 White light flashed by and Ye Ci appeared in Upwards Ho!’s base along with Alaunar’s family. She led the other three into the conference room then soon after that, Bai Mo and Timely Rain reached too.


Since they knew about Ye Ci’s encounter with Alaunar’s family in Doluo Tribe, they welcomed them very warmly. Ye Ci handed Yolan and Mara over to Timely Rain so that he could make arrangements for them, and the two obediently left. 


 As for Alaunar, Ye Ci did not need him around her all the time since servants in the servant system were capable of independent action. They would only fight alongside their master when summoned, so Alaunar had great freedom. Ye Ci just told Alaunar the location of theShaman Academy and the library in Red Lake City before sending him off to do whatever he pleased. Alaunar did not decline Ye Ci’s suggestion since he was filled with curiosity about this world, so he left everything he carried on the table in the conference room and left.


Ye Ci then took out the items in her own pocket, placed them on the table and told Bai Mo, “I have no time to appraise these items, you guys do it. I basically got them off level 80 monsters, so maybe no one can equip them right now. But keeping these in the store room may just be a good motivation for everyone.”


Bai Mo nodded. These matters were best left to Timely Rain. “Are you still going to the Northern Continent?” He asked.


Ye Ci nodded. “Yes, even if it’s not for Mithril, I still have another epic-tier quest waiting for me so I must make the trip.” When she spoke up to that point, she noticed the strange look on Bai Mo’s face so she asked, “What’s wrong? You have something else to say?”


“According to our intel, I’m afraid that the Mithril ore vein in the Northern Continent has already been discovered.

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