Chapter 268 Doluo Civil War (Part 1)

Chapter 268 Doluo Civil War (Part 1) 


The battle with Nuoba was an outcome that Ye Ci had expected, but how it happened was something that even she could not foresee. 


She knew that Nuoba had all the warrios of the Doluo tribe on his side, but she did not expect him to attempt his coup so soon. 


Dalufar showed no fear as he stood before Nuoba’s warriors. Ye Ci stared at the lvl 240 BOSS-tier NPC, and the godly artifact that he held. He remained calm and rational, and it was as if nothing in this world could faze the NPC. 


“Why have you gathered so many of your men in front of my tent, Nuoba?” Dalufar’s gaze swept across the warriors gathered before him before finally resting on Nuoba. There was no unease nor arrogance in his voice. He was just like an old man who was conversing with an unruly youngster.


Greed and hatred were present in Nuobas eyes as he stared at Dalufar and Ye Ci could sense the defiance from the man as he bowed at his chieftain. 


Nuoba then smiled at Dalufar, “Honorable Lord Dalufar, I’m here to pay you the highest of respect.” 


“Oh really? Then I shall receive it with thanks. You can leave with your men now.” Dalufar remained unfazed by Nuoba’s words. 


“I would gladly do so, Lord Dalufar, but it is not the will of my men.” Nuoba gestured at the Doluo warriors surrounding the tent. 


“Is that so? Why do they refuse to leave?” Dalufar’s face remained a mask of serenity even as he gazed upon Nuoba’s men. 


Ye Ci could tell that they were the elites of the Doluo tribe. The tribe itself had a population of 6,000, and the vast majority of the tribe members were women, children, the elderly, and those who were injured in battle. Men who were fit to fight were all in the tribe’s military, and were under Nuoba’s command. At this point, Nuoba’s intention was very clear. 


There’s no way Dalufar is unaware of this. Thought Ye Ci to herself. Why has he done nothing? There’s no way he has overlooked something like this. Ye Ci had no access to Fate’s systems. She could not tell what was going on in Dalufar’s head. The only thing she could do was to stand by Dalufar, and wait for the inevitable quest that would be given to her. 


Players experience the stories of NPCs in the game in their own way, and there were times when how they felt or what they thought could change the outcome of a quest or even an entire battle. There were also times, however, when the system merely required the presence of players as an observer and a listener to a story that was about to unfold. 


And this is one such situation. 

“Because they’ve been treated unfairly!” a cold sneer appeared on Nuoba’s face as he pointed at Alaunar. “Lord Dalufar, I’ve never doubted your wisdom. In fact, I’ve thought that you’re perhaps the wisest person in this world even when I was a child. That is, of course, until the appearance of this mongrel!” 


“Alaunar? What about him?” Dalufar’s expression remained unchanged. His calm expression was a sharp contrast to the mask of rage on Nuoba’s face. 


Ye Ci cast Detection on Nuoba, and found that he was a lvl180 NPC. Even if he was a BOSS, the disparity in strength between Nuoba and Dalufar was very immense. The outcome of a battle between the two NPCs was apparent, but… 


Nuoba’s men that numbered at least a thousand were still a fighting force that could not be ignored. If a fight broke out between Nuoba and Dalufar, the chieftain with his divine artifact might still be overwhelmed by the sheer number of Nuoba’s men. After all, even ants could kill an elephant if they had the numbers. 


She knew that the standoff would result in a battle, and her success of bringing Aluanar away with her depended on the course of action she chose to take. 


So what should I do when the battle starts? Ye Ci began surveying her surroundings, and remembered the two remaining bombs in her inventory, should I use these…


Ye Ci stole a glance at Dalufar and sighed. Will I offend him by using these? Those are his people… She looked up into the sky, Ah, whatever, we’ll see how it goes… 


“You assigned the mongrel to my militia, and that is something that I am willing to overlook. But Lord Dalufar, why are you teaching him the way of the Shaman in secret? Don’t you know that he does not have the birthright to do so?” Nuoba’s eyes were filled with jealousy. It was apparent that he knew about the boy’s secret. 


“No, it’s not Lord Dalufar’s fault…” Alaunar immediately jumped to Dalufar’s defence. The old Shaman was a noble and holy figure in the boy’s eyes. He was a figure that Alaunar would not allow to be questioned and even vilified. 


Dalufar immediately blocked Alaunar’s path with his staff, “Back down, Alaunar.” 


“But…” Alaunar stared at Dalufar. 


“I told you to back down” Dalufar’s gaze was still fixed on Nuoba as Alaunar retreated silently behind the Shaman. 


“Birthright? What is that?” a smile appeared on Dalufar’s face, “My brother Khu’tak and I were also from a family of low-borns. We’re not nobles, and yet we’ve learned the way of the Shaman and become Shaman’s ourselves.” 


Disdain immediately appeared on Nuoba’s face, “And this is why our tribe has been declining after you became chieftain! How can the offspring of low-born scums be equals with the children of nobles? You’ve robbed us nobles of our power! Are you looking down on our tribe’s tradition?” 


Dalufar was unfazed, “What’s so bad about it?” 


“There’s nothing good about it!” Nuoba was enraged by the indifference displayed by Dalufar. 


“I’m a noble of the Doluo tribe, but I have to listen to orders from a low-born like you! You put me in charge of the guards while you hold the highest authority for yourself! How is this fair?” 


Ye Ci pursed her lips. Nuoba had finally cast away his pretense. His nobility was nothing but a mask to hide his jealousy. A person could not hide the fact that he was rotten to the core no matter how hard he tried. 


“We’re all fighting to protect our tribe. Don’t you think that nobles and commoners alike share the same responsibility to keep the tribe safe? Do you think you deserve special privileges when the livelihood of our tribe is at stake?” 


“Hmph! What does the life and death of the low-born scums have to do with us nobles? We’re born to rule, and they’re born to serve! Why must we fight to keep them safe? That’s ridiculous!” 


“And?” despite the lack of change in the Shaman’s expression, Ye Ci could sense his displeasure. 


“And this is why you should not be allowed to remain in power! Doom awaits our tribe with you on the helm! I shall lead our tribe to glory, and only I alone am capable of such a feat!” madness replaced the jealousy and anger in Nuoba’s eyes. He had coveted the position of Chieftain for far long. His men still follow him despite his madness? As expected of a system generated event.


Anger finally replaced the air of serenity around Dalufar, “Where are you leading them? Into the depths of hell itself? To be sacrificed to the demons?” and he slammed his staff onto the ground.


Nuoba’s expression changed. He cast a glance at his men, and some of them immediately shook their heads. Those were faces that were familiar to Ye Ci. Aren’t they the ones in the cave? Nuoba then sneered at Dalufar, “So you knew. Don’t you know that being in possession of knowledge that you’re not supposed to have is dangerous? It seems that you’re tired of living.” 


“Oh? If you can do such a thing, surely I am allowed to expose the truth.” Dalufar responded with a sneer of his own. 


“Heh, you could’ve lived for longer, but since you wish to court death, I will send you on your way…” Nuoba waved his hand, and his men immediately raised their weapons, “Kill him! Kill him!” 


Ye Ci was shocked by the madness displayed by Nuoba’s men. They’re the elites of the tribe, but not all of them are nobles. A normal NPC should show some degree of response to Nuoba’s words, but why are they unaffected? And she noticed the eyes of the NPCs. They were red, just like the eyes of Ciss. 


Flames began to appear on Ye Ci’s ring, dancing in the dark with the night breeze. Ye Ci immediately put on a pair of gloves to cover the flames. I have no idea how this thing works, might as well cover it up first. Of course, her action went unnoticed due to the tense atmosphere surrounding the tent. 


One thing is for sure though, the appearance of these black flames meant that demons are present. Thought Ye Ci to herself, The black flames… Red eyes… Have these soldiers been demonized? 


“Lord Dalufar! These men… There’s something wrong with them. Their eyes are red, they’re demons!” 


Dalufar was shocked by revelation, and his composure was completely shattered. His emotion was not replaced with panic, but with grief, “Nuoba! What have you done?” 


A smile appeared on Nuoba’s face, “What have I done? I gave them power! Unlimited power!” and he shot a venomous look at Ye Ci and Alaunar. 


A lvl180 Nuoba was not a cause for concern. As a melee class, he would suffer at the hands of a ranged attacker like Dalufar. But fighting against a demonic Nuoba was an entirely different scenario. 


“You’ve sold your soul to the demons!” shouted Dalufar as Nuoba’s eyes began to glow sickly red and his body began to grow. Oh no! Thought Ye Ci as Nuoba’s body continued growing larger and his muscles began to bulge. 


“So what if I did?” Nuoba’s clothing were torn apart as his body became even larger, and a pair of black wings erupted from his back while horns appeared on his head, “You know too much, Dalufar! You must die!” 


“Nuoba!” Dalufar was greatly shaken by Nuoba’s transformation. The NPC has not only sold his soul to the demons. He had become on himself! He then cast a glance at Nuoba’s men and shouted at Ye Ci, “I leave the safety of Alaunar and his family in your hands, Elf. Take them away! Bring them to safety!” 


Ye Ci knew that it was next to impossible to complete such a task. If things are that simple, then I won’t be trapped in this mess, “I’m afraid that I can’t fulfill your request, Lord Dalufar.” Ye Ci shook her head, “I’m a warrior fighting for peace and justice. I flee when my friends are in danger. I shall remain and fight by your side!” 


Alaunar, who was worried that Ye Ci would act according to Dalufar’s instruction, was encouraged by her words. “As will I!” The boy stood beside Dalufar with determination in his eyes. 

Dalufar glanced at Ye Ci, then at Alaunar. Calmness had returned to his expression, but Ye Ci could see the gratitude in his eyes. It seems that my decision is correct. I don’t know how this will end, but I’ve definitely earned his respect.


“Very well. Leave Nuoba to me, Elf. I’ll leave his men to you and Alaunar!” Dalufar nodded at the duo and spoke in a firm voice. 


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