Chapter 228 Do Your Best! (Part 2)

Chapter 228 Do Your Best! (Part 2)

With a sudden movement, Ye Ci slammed her chopsticks onto the table, and Tan Polang dropped the piece of pork rib that he was about to put into his mouth. He looked at Ye Ci, and then at the piece of pork rib, “If you want it, you can just ask. You don’t have to scare me like th-”

Ye Ci started ranting like a rapid fire cannon before he could finish his sentence, “What top player? What ideal husband? He’s a bastard! So what if he has good mechanical skills? What does it have to do with character? Is he a good person just because he’s a God-tier player? You’re telling me that he’s the ideal husband of many girls? Have they never played online games before? Don’t they know that men like this are usually perverts in real life? Don’t they have a life?”

“You are a God-tier player yourself…” said Tan Polang. According to Ye Ci, she was a perverted man, and someone who had no life. But… His voice came out way softer than Ye Ci’s, and was drowned out by her words.

“So what if he’s very good at the game? Do you see a lot of people succeeding in life by being good in a game? He thinks that he can pick on me just because he’s good at the game? Just look at what he said and what he did! Do you think that’s something a good person will do? He should have been drowned in a wicker basket and cut into millions of tiny pieces!”

Tan Polang visibly gulped as he stared at Ye Ci. He wanted to refute to Ye Ci’s words, but was intimidated into silence.

If Tan Polang had not already known Fleeting Time beforehand, he would have thought of Fleeting Time as a man that was wicked beyond redemption after listening to Ye Ci’s words. Besides… Many of the gamers were also leading fulfilling lives in real life… Ye Ci was being very unfair. Tan Polang had even started to feel pity for Fleeting Time. If he was indeed interested in Ye Ci… It would be a long and painful road.

He could barely hold back his laughter as Ye Ci ranted on about Fleeting Time. A bastard… drowning him in a wicker basket… Oh, Fleeting Time, just what have you done to leave such an impression in Gongzi You’s heart?

Then again, Tan Polang attempted to salvage Fleeting Time’s reputation. This noble person with unquestionable integrity was being described as a lowlife scum by Ye Ci. As a fan of Fleeting Time, Tan Polang could not bring himself to remain silent when the good name of his idol was about to be tarnished by Ye Ci.

“You’re being unfair. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with Fleeting Time’s character. You’ve only fought against him a few times, and your conversation with him in the World Channel was literally less than 5 sentences. I don’t recall reading any indecent messages from him. It’s the gossip that have blown things out of proportion. Don’t you think that you’re being overly biased against Fleeting Time?” Tan Polang finally mustered his courage to speak up against Ye Ci.

Oh, brother Fleeting Time, if you ever succeed in wooing my sister, please remember this cannon fodder who paved the way for you. Tan Polang was touched by his own noble cause.

Ye Ci remained silent as she listened to Tan Polang. She knew that he was correct. There was indeed a lot of stories and fabrications made by the gossipping audience. However, it did not necessarily meant that Fleeting Time was not responsible in this matter. Will I be in such a situation if not for his suggestive words? My intention of crossing swords with him and defeating him was twisted into the biggest scandal in Fate…

How can this be…

“Besides, Fleeting Time is a pure, innocent, and hardworking person. Not matter how you look at it, he’s a great guy! Sister Ye Ci, don’t you label him falsely because some gossip.” Tan Polang began to attempt to clear Fleeting Time’s name after noticing the silence from Ye Ci.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Tan Polang, and a sneer slowly formed on her lips, “Tan Polang, why do I have a feeling that you seem to know that guy?”

“Urm…” Ye Ci’s words were able to force Tan Polang into silence. A single thought appeared in his mind as he stared at Ye Ci’s darkened expression: If I admitted that I was a Western Continent player, that I used to be in the same guild with Fleeting Time, and that I was friends with Fleeting Time… Will I live to see sunrise tomorrow? He then looked up at the bright moon illuminating the night sky. Ahh… What a wonderful world… What a wonderful life… After a moment of careful consideration, Tan Polang decided that it was more important for him to stay alive. As for Fleeting Time… That man will have to deal with Ye Ci himself.

“W-what are you talking about…” Tan Polang chuckled nervously, “I can’t play much when I go to school. I’ve just been paying attention to the forums.. T-this is h-how I know about things like that…”

“So, do you believe what you saw in the forums? Don’t you know that they’re fake?” Ye Ci was reminded of Glistening Moon’s thread when the forums was mentioned, and her anger flared.

“Yup, yup. You’re right, sister Ye Ci.” Tan Polang could only cave under the immense pressure from Ye Ci.

“Just stop trying to speak in his behalf.”

“Alright, alright. I won’t do it again.” Tan Polang could only smile wryly in the face of Ye Ci’s wrath.

Ye Ci, who had lost her appetite after this conversation, ordered Tan Polang to take some cherries out of the fridge. She began stuffing them into her mouth, chewing on them as if they were enemies that she must destroy.

Tan Polang continued his meal cautiously, thinking of the thread made by Glistening Moonlight. It was the shame that he was no longer in the Western Continent. He would have gotten a lot of gossipping materials out of Absalom if he was still part of Genesis.

However, when a person had his or her mind set on a matter, they would not give up easily. The more Ye Ci was acting up, the more Tan Polang was curious about Glistening Moonlight’s thread. In the end, he could not hold himself back. The matter of life and death is nothing compared to a chance to gossip, “Sister Ye Ci, I want to ask you something, but can you not get mad if I do?” asked Tan Polang who had finally mustered his courage.

Ye Ci raised one of her eyebrows and said in a menacing tone, “Do I look like someone with a bad temper right now?”

“Of course not.” You must be kidding. Can I even answer with “yes”? Even when he knew that Ye Ci was already enraged, he was forced to say the opposite of the truth.

“Ask away then. What is there to be angry about?” Ye Ci nodded calmly.

“Ahh, then I’ll be asking my question. Please don’t be mad.”


Tan Polang had a sudden feeling that he was worthy of great admiration. To have the courage of pulling the whiskers of a tigress… He was impressed by his own bravery. He cleared his throat, and asked with a nervous voice, “Sister Ye Ci… W-were you… Were you k-kissed by Fleeting Time on that d-day…”

He did not even have the courage to complete the sentence. Ye Ci who was staring calmly at the moon immediately shot her a glare that sent chills down his spine the moment the name “Fleeting Time” was mentioned. Tan Polang could feel death creeping closer and closer right at that moment.

“Tan Polang, do you wish to meet your maker?” Ye Ci said in a low voice. Her tone was like as a feather, but to Tan Polang, it was as heavy as a mountain than could squash him into paste at any given moment.

“I’m full. I’ll go wash the dishes now.” Tan Polang stood up immediately and began carrying the plates and cutleries into the kitchen. Only an idiot would remain at the dining table at this point.

Ye Ci snorted as Tan Polang fled into the kitchen. She was reminded of that day when Fleeting Time was so close to her. His breath on her face was so warm and gentle as he spoke the following words, “Little Gongzi, let’s have a drink someday.”

F*ck this game! F*ck Fate! Why must the developers make it so realistic? Why must my senses in the game be so real?

F*ck you! Drink my ass! Little Gongzi my ass!

Ye Ci popped another cherry into her mouth, as if the taste of the fruit could wash away the impact that was brought upon her by Fleeting Time.


“Sister Ye Ci, are you alright? Why is your face so red?” Tan Polang saw the shade of red on Ye Ci’s face as he walked into the dining room to clean the table after washing the dishes. He was genuinely concerned for Ye Ci’s wellbeing. Any illness will affect the healing process of her wounds.

“I’m alright, carry me into my room.” Ye Ci immediately sat the bowl of cherry down onto the table.

Tan Polang lowered himself and carried Ye Ci on his back. She was not heavy at all. Or rather, she was quite light. Tan Polang was baffled. How can such a light body be packed with so much energy?

“You need to toughen yourself up more and eat some good food. You’re so weak. Bai Mo could carry me around bridal style.” snorted Ye Ci as she leaned against Tan Polang’s shoulders. Indeed, the youth was quite thin. Ye Ci could only express her concern in a roundabout fashion as she found it embarrassing to do it directly.

Tan Polang paid no heed to Ye Ci’s behavior, “I’m still young. If it’s Fleeting Time, I’m sure that he can carry you bridal style as well.” he muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” even when Ye Ci could not hear Tan Polang clearly, she could vaguely hear the name “Fleeting Time”.

“It’s nothing, you should go to bed now.” Tan Polang did not have the courage to repeat himself. He left the room and closed the door behind him after setting Ye Ci onto the bed. As he walked passed the room of Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan on his way to bed, the door of the couple’s room creaked open, and Zuo Xiaolan called out to him in a low voice, “Polang! Here, over here!”

Tan Polang was shocked to hear a sudden voice in the silent night. He stumbled backwards, clutching at his chest, “Mom, you almost scared me to death!”

Zuo Xiaolan chuckled, and continued speaking in a low voice, “Be quiet, Polang. Come, get in here.”

Tan Polang was baffled by Zuo Xiaolan’s strange behavior, and walked into the couple’s room. Zuo Xiaolan immediately closed the door, and implored Tan Polang to sit on the bed, “Polang, what were you talking about with Little Ci just now?”

“It’s nothing.” Tan Polang stared at Zuo Xiaolan who had curiosity written all over her face, and then at Ye Nantian who carried the same expression. He was confused.

“What do you mean? I could’ve sworn that I heard the both of you talking about something?

“Yup, yup! I’ve even heard something about a durian[1].” said Ye Nantian, “Have you developed a sudden craving for durian?”

“No, it’s not like that…” when Tan Polang noticed the determined expression on the couple’s faces, he knew that he was doomed.

“That what was it that you two were talking about? What was it?” Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian asked in unison.

Tan Polang took in a deep breath. Since things have come to this, I have no choice, “Alright, alright. I’ll tell you everything.”

The three of them sat at the edge of the bed, and Tan Polang began his narration.

When he was finally done, Tan Polang did not forget to give the couple a reminder, “Please keep this a secret, or…” and he made a slicing motion on his neck with his hand, “Sister Ye Ci will eat me alive.”

“Aiya, don’t worry about it, I know my daughter…” said Zuo Xiaolan with a smile on her face. She stopped mid-sentence when she noticed the Tan Polang’s solemn expression, “Fine, we’ll keep this a secret.”

“I’m going to bed now. Don’t forget.” the room was just like the nest of dangerous beasts, and Tan Polang was determined to leave. If his action was found out by Ye Ci, he would not live to see the next day.

After confirming that Ye Ci was already asleep, Tan Polang immediately slipped into his room.

“Aiyo, Little Ci found a boyfriend! That’s just too quick.” said Zuo Xiaolan thoughtfully as she sat on the bed.

Her words fell on deaf ears as Ye Nantian continued reading his book.

“Hey, what do you think Fleeting Time looks like? Why don’t we try to get Polang to invite him over for dinner someday?” said Zuo Xiaolan.

Ye Nantian rolled his eyes at his wife, “Aren’t you a little too far-fetched? It’s all just gossips at this point. Why don’t we give Little Ci some time?”

“You’re right.” Zuo Xiaolan understood the logic behind his words, “We can at least try to find Fleeting Time in-game…”

“He’s a player in the Western Continent, it’s impossible” Ye Nantian snapped his book shut and laid on the bed, “Stop worrying about meaningless things. Let’s get to bed, I need to buy some cooking ingredients tomorrow.”

Zuo Xiaolan was about to open her mouth to say something, but held it in, as, she laid on the bed as well.

Silence fell upon the earth, and they drifted into a deep sleep.

Bai Mo left early in the morning on the following day, but due to her injuries, Ye Ci was unable to see him off at the station. She could only bid him farewell before he left home.

After her long counselling session with Tan Polang, Ye Ci pondered deeply over the matter.. As a reincarnator, the only thing she had to do was to avoid the tragedies of the past. Her days would turn towards a better future, and there was no need to worry about anything else.

Even when she was still Ye Ci, past burdens should be left in the past, and the present is the only thing that matters.

I will no longer spend my present days being burdened by my past. For in this life, every day is a new day. Thought Ye Ci to herself.

She stood at the door with the aid of her crutches and hugged Bai mo, “Bai Mo, do your best!”

Bai Mo embraced Ye Ci as well and took in a deep breath, “You too, Little Ci.” the smile on his face was as bright as the blooming sun.

Yup, that’s right, everybody had to do their best!

Translator's Note:

[1]The mandarin name of Fleeting Time, "流年", could sound like "榴莲", which is durian under certain circumstances like muffled voice or mispronunciation.

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