Chapter 228 Do Your Best! (Part 1)

Chapter 228 Do Your Best! (Part 1)

Just believe in him, exactly how he always believed in you.

Tan Polang’s words resounded like a bell, reverberating through an empty valley. They sent shockwaves into Ye Ci’s head, through her eardrums into her blood, shocking her entire being.

Am I doubting Bai Mo? Am I doubting myself? Or am I doubting fate even after my reincarnation?

Even Ye Ci was not certain. However, there was one thing that she was aware of: Tan Polang’s words were like a sharp dagger that had buried itself deep in her heart.

“Am I doubting him?” asked Ye Ci with a grimace.

“Are you not?” Tan Polang blinked innocently and smiled at Ye Ci, “I find that the smarter a person, the more often they start worrying and wasting their time on an insignificant problem.. As for you… You thought that you can only be helpful to people surrounding you by becoming stronger. But… Sister Ye Ci, have you ever thought that the people around you are growing stronger as well?”

Ye Ci remained silent. It was a question that she had never considered before.

“It’s the same in the game. You’re the undisputed godlike player of the Eastern Continent, and the role model of all Hunters. However, sister Ye Ci, because of your strength, many people, you yourself included, created the image, that everybody around you is in dire need of your protection. In truth, this is a deception.” Tan Polang shook his head, “Let’s use brother Mo as an example. To you, he might be your cousin, and a man who treats you very well. You’ve never seen him as a strong and capable player, and I’d like to tell you that you’re wrong.”

Tan Polang’s words were like daggers carving into Ye Ci’s festering wounds, slicing them open. She had no power to refute his words. He was right. She was indeed strong, and her strength was something recognised by many, including herself. However, she felt that she was not strong enough, as there was only one true opponent in her eyes: Fleeting Time. He was always ahead of her, like a tall mountain that she was never able to scale. In Ye Ci’s eyes, there was no other expert player in Fate. Even Bai Mo… Even Bai Mo could not be considered an expert…

“Am I?”

“Of course! Brother Mo is actually a very strong player! He’s among the Top 10 tanks in the Eastern Continent. You might have not fought against him in the arena, but do you know that he’s on a 197-match winning streak? He’s not a damage dealer, but he was able to win 197 matches straight. Don’t you think that he’s strong? I’m sure you can tell. You are one of the best players out there, and judging just from that number alone, I’m sure you will realise that brother Mo is not weak at all.” Tan Polang’s eyes were filled with admiration as he praised Bai Mo, “Truth to be told, he’s quite a reserved person. Your presence pushed his strength out of the picture, but it was never a bother to him. However, this does not mean that you can ignore his achievements!”

“Is that so…” Ye Ci mumbled. Is Bai Mo really that strong? Her impression of Bai Mo did not change from her last life. To her, he was one of the top tanks from her past, and the current leader of ‘Upwards Ho!’. She realised that other than that, she knew nothing about Bai Mo.

“This is why you should believe in him, just like he has always believed in you.” said Tan Polang with a smile.

A slight taste of bitterness seeped into Ye Ci’s heart as she listened to Tan Polang. She pursed her lips, and said in a low voice, “Trust is a talent as well, and it is something that I don’t seem to have.”

Tan Polang was momentarily stunned by Ye Ci’s words. He was rendered speechless. He stared at Ye Ci for a short moment before lowering his head and scooped one of the dishes that was closest to him into his mouth and began chewing slowly. He came to a sudden realisation. In truth, the God-tier player of the Eastern Continent, Gongzi You, was not as tough as she seemed. There was a scared and hurt soul underneath her tough appearance.

Because of fear, she refused to reciprocate.

And because of fear, she refused to trust.

The fear in her heart did not only affect her past. It might have affected her in the present, and even have a lasting effect in her future.

He spoke up after a long moment of thought, “Trust is not a talent, but a skill. And it is a skill that each of us must learn.”

“A skill?” it was something new to Ye Ci, “You must be kidding! Trust is something that you’re born with. There are some who are naturally trustful of others like Liu Chang, and then you have people like me, who find it hard to trust people. It’s all set from the day we’re born. It’s not a skill.” Ye Ci chuckled, “Young man, talent and skill are two very different things.”

“I beg to differ. How could a child know the meaning of trust if it does not learn? Being overly trustly might not be a good thing, and finding it hard to trust the people around you might not be entirely bad. However, the people who have managed to learn this skill are certainly people who are happy.”

Ye Ci stared silently at Tan Polang.

“Let’s use dungeon clearing as an example. As a DPS, no matter how good and skillful you are, you’re not able to face the BOSS alone, am I right? At a time like this, you can only put your trust in your teammates. You trust your MT in his ability to hold the BOSS’s aggro, and have entrusted your rear to the healers. This is a form of trust, this trust is the thing that allows you to clear the dungeon. It there is no trust… How do you think it’s going to end?”

“It’s not the same, alright?” Ye Ci’s eyebrows furrowed.

“It’s the same. The trust that I’m talking about has a very wide scope, but your view of trust is narrow. Sister Ye Ci, you’re a smart person, why do you have to keep forcing yourself into a dead end? I admit that you’re strong, but you can’t doubt the capabilities of others around you just because of your strength, and lose your trust in them. You can’t shoulder all the responsibilities alone because of your lack of ability to trust. Remember, you are Ye Ci. You are not omnipotent. You can’t possibly take everything on by yourself! Are you not tired?”

Ye Ci’s hands trembled. She set her bowl down onto the table and sat in silence. She took in deep breaths in an attempt to calm her nerves.

“You have to try and believe.”

“I am not doubting Bai Mo.”

“But you’re not believing in him fully.”

Ye Ci was rendered speechless.

She grimaced at Tan Polang after a short moment of silence, “I didn’t know that you’re quite a good talker.”

“No. My arguments happen to be spot on, which was why you were unable to refute them. If this had been not the case, I’m sure you would have simply ignored me.” Tan Polang knew Ye Ci well enough, “Sister Ye Ci, truth to be told, you’re not the center of this world. The Earth will not stop spinning because of your absence. You’re just an ordinary person. An ordinary person that also needs help from others,” said Tan Polang with a smile that revealed his dimples, “Is it that much of a big deal?”

It was indeed not a big deal.

Everything suddenly turned clear in Ye Ci’s mind, as if she had received a sudden enlightenment. She was still too narrow minded, after all. It was foolish of her to doubt the abilities of people around her, trying to solve every single problem herself.

Bai Mo trusts me so much. Can’t I have some trust in him as well? I should. And I should trust in him unconditionally. Ye Ci’s heart was filled with relief, and a smile lit up her face.

A sudden question flashed across Tan Polang’s mind as he stared at Ye Ci, “I heard from brother Mo that you have a rival that you have never been able to surpass. Who is that?”

“Fleeting Time.”

Tan Polang continued staring at Ye Ci, his thoughtful expression unfathomable. He did not expect such an honest answer from Ye Ci. Based on Gongzi You’s behavior in-game and some heavy implications from Bai Mo, Tan Polang had the impression that speaking the name “Fleeting Time” in Ye Ci’s presence would bring unimaginable consequences.

Because of that, he hesitated before finally asking the question. He did not expect Ye Ci to remain so calm.

It seems that the rumors were false! Ye Ci did not lose her temper the moment she heard the name of Fleeting Time. Tan Polang stared at Ye Ci expectantly. He was suddenly interested with a question: How does the top player of the Eastern Continent see the top player of the Western Continent? “Fleeting Time… Is he strong?”

Is Fleeting Time strong? It was a question that Ye Ci had never considered until now. Is he strong? Such a thing was never in the focus of Ye Ci’s attention. The only concern she had was “Can I surpass Fleeting Time? Or will I always fall behind him?”

“I’ve never thought about it.” Ye Ci appeared to be vexed by the question, “When you say ‘strong’, based on what standards are you asking?”

Tan Polang almost coughed up blood. Is this how God-tier players think? Basing Fleeting Time’s strength on a certain standard? Nobody can ever do that!

“By strong… I mean if he happens to be someone you can’t defeat no matter how hard you try.” said Tan Polang after a long moment.

Ye Ci raised her eyebrows and snorted at his words, “If that’s the case, he’s not strong then. I’m capable of defeating him.”

For unknown reasons, Tan Polang doubted Ye Ci’s words. He narrowed his eyes at her, and asked with a doubtful tone, “Are you sure?”

“Of course! I’ve even killed him some time ago! Have you seen him killing me before?” Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Tan Polang. Of course, there was something that she left out. She was able to kill Fleeting Time out of sheer luck…

“I see, I see. According to the gossip in the World Channel, it’s true that you have not died by his hands before.” It was an an undeniable truth. Nobody could tell the truth apart from fabrication in a gossip. Despite appearing to agree with Ye Ci’s words, Tan Polang continued to probe hard, “This can’t be! Sister Ye Ci, if he’s not able to defeat you, why do you still see him as an opponent that you can’t surpass?”

“Urm…” Ye Ci glared silently at Tan Polang for a long moment. Shades of red could be seen on Ye Ci’s white face. “You little brat! Nobody will mistake you for a mute if you don’t speak!” said Ye Ci with a harsh tone.

“Ohhhh…” Tan Polang chuckled and continued digging into his meal with a smug expression.

“Hey, hey, hey! What’s with that expression? Do you think that I’m lying to you? Do you think that I’m no match for that loafer? Do you think that I’ll lose to that bastard?” Ye Ci, who was slightly diffident exploded into rage when she heard Tan Polang’s chuckles.

Is Ye Ci lying to him? Of course not! It was something that Fleeting Time admitted himself, and was confirmed by Absalom. However, there was still a question in his mind: How did Ye Ci defeat Fleeting Time? The answer remained unknown to Absalom while Fleeting Time remained tight lipped when he asked such a question.

Only Ye Ci could satisfy his curiosity.

“I didn’t say anything, okay?” Tan Polang found the situation funny. Ye Ci was quite cute when she was trying to cover up he secret.

“Then what’s with the ‘ohhh’?” Ye Ci glared at Tan Polang.

Tan Polang could finally understand why Fleeting Time enjoyed teasing Ye Ci after observing her expression. She was always so cold and calm, but when she was angry, her expression was amusing. The brilliance in her eyes and her expression was just so glaring.

But did Fleeting Time tease Gongzi You just because of that? I’m afraid not. Tan Polang narrowed his eyes. He could still remember Fleeting Time’s expression when they talked about Gongzi You. If his guess was not wrong… If that was the case, what does Ye Ci think of Fleeting Time? Tan Polang was desperate to find out the answer to that question.

“Then again, Fleeting Time is the top player of the Western Continent, and the ideal husband of countless female players, why are you calling him a bastard?” asked Tan Polang as he chewed on his food, “This is not good. A girl like you must be modest. How can you be so vulgar?”

“Some people… They were born assholes.” Ye Ci snorted. Her anger flared as she thought of Fleeting Time’s words, the thread in the forums started by Glistening Moonlight, and the customer service employee’s question. Memory of the so-called “award” she received served only to fuel the already raging flames of anger in her heart.

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