Chapter 26 Brooch Of Deceit

Chapter 26 Brooch Of Deceit

Ol’ Three’s mood was becoming terrible. It did not even acknowledge Ye Ci as she threw a few pieces of roasted meat at it. Ye Ci rubbed her hands and walked up to the Sandstorm Scorpion’s corpse.

“Dear God, I’ve already been shrouded by bad luck for so long. Please let me be lucky just this once.” Ye Ci muttered under her breath and began looting the Sandstorm Scorpion’s corpse.

Scorpion Stinger x1

Venomous Scorpion Armor x1

Venomous Scorpion Headband x1

Venomous Scorpion Gauntlet x1

Brooch Of Deceit x1

Mysterious Treasure Map x1

Gold coins x629

High Health Potion x7

High Mana Potion x9

Rage Potion x7

Defence Potion x6

The moment Ye Ci’s hands touched the corpse, a long list of loot appeared before her eyes, and she shouted excitedly, “Dear God, you’ve finally graced me with your blessing. Thanks for not letting me go home empty handed….”

As she read the long list of loot, she could only mumble dumbfoundedly, “Oh my God, oh my God….”

Each World BOSS would produce their exclusive armor set. A typical armor set in Fate had 8 components, which were: head gear, shoulder guard, mantle, armor, belt, gauntlet, leggings, and boots. Some of the armor sets would have 9 components with weapon included.

Sandstorm Scorpion was one such BOSS that produced a 9-component armor set. Ye Ci could not believe that she got 4 out of the 9 components in one go. What’s more, the weapon that came with the armor set, the gear with the lowest drop rate of them all, was one of her loot!

Of course, Ye Ci was not shocked because of that, but rather the appearance of an item — Brooch of Deceit.

Brooch of Deceit:

Unique Attribute: Allows user to randomly change appearance. (Class, Race, Gender and Level are randomized)

Unique Attribute: Allows user to hide Massacre Value.

Unique Attribute: Greatly empowers the user’s “Sly” trait, you will be able to trick all NPCs!

All World BOSSes had a unique loot item, and the one dropped by Sandstorm Scorpion was Brooch of Deceit!

With the Brooch of Deceit, Ye Ci could change her appearance, level, class, and race at any time. She could even hide her Massacre Value. This was the item that every Red named player could dream of, and it was one of the main reasons why Sandstorm Scorpion was one of the most sought-after BOSS in Fate.

However, the drop rate for Brooch Of Deceit was just too low, with the drop rate of a mere 1 out of 100,000.

Again, this did not meant that players would definitely get it after killing Sandstorm Scorpion for 100,000 times…

Ye Ci noticed one of the Brooch of Deceit’s attribute. Sly was one of her character’s personality trait! This meant that she would be able to hide her stats even from the NPC!

Ye Ci almost shouted out in joy!

The Brooch Of Deceit was one of her greatest discoveries!

She took a look at the other Venomous Scorpion armor set.

Venoumous Scorpion Stinger:

Short Sword

Purple Equipment

Attack Speed: 1.5

Attack: 129-180

Strength +16

Agility +123

Balance +125

Perception +125

Special Attribute: Target has 20% chance of being poisoned, target will receive continuous damage, lasts for 12 seconds.

Special Attribute: 5% chance of stunning target, lasts for 5 seconds.

Special Attribute: Additional 5% Armor Penetration

Required level: 20

Class: Ranger, Rogue, Hunter, Druid

Venomous Scorpion Armor:


Purple Equipment

Defense: 585

Strength +89

Endurance +85

Intelligence +70

Agility +92

Balance +90

Special Attribute: 30% resistance against poison.

Special Attribute: Increase defence value by 50%, lasts for 8 seconds (passive)

Required level: 20

Class: Ranger, Rogue, Hunter, Druid

Venomous Scorpion Headband:


Purple Equipment

Defense: 298

Endurance +67

Stamina +65

Intelligence +60

Agility +71

Perception +71

Special Attribute: 50% bonus to Night Vision

Special Attribute: Detection. Can see through any enemy movements, lasts for 15 seconds, cooldown: 30 seconds.

Required level: 20

Class: Ranger, Rogue Hunter, Druid

Venomous Scorpion Gauntlet:


Purple Equipment

Defense: 325

Endurance +80

Stamina +68

Strength +73

Agility +80

Balance +80

Perception +80

Special Attribute: 10% chance of blocking melee damage

Special Attribute: 20% chance of poisoning enemies, lasts for 12 seconds. (passive)

Required level: 20

Class: Ranger, Rogue, Hunter, Druid

Purple equipment was the best pre-lv60 equipment in Fate. It was way superior than Blue equipment. The Sandstorm Scorpion armor set had far more attributes than Ye Ci’s equipment. It even came with passive and active skills, which were good tools in combat.

From the four pieces of equipment, she already had 2 poison based skills, a defensive skill, and an OP skill — Detection. It was a shame that she had not reached the level requirement to equip these equipment.

The huge experience points awarded for killing the Sandstorm Scorpion raised her level to lv14 with 75% progress. It was still a far cry from the required lv20.

Post lv10 leveling progress was rather slow. Players could only grind the game nonstop to level up. Even with countless trips to the Icy Cave, Ye Ci could only raise her level up to lv12. It showed that leveling was very tough at this point.

The Mysterious Treasure Map could only be identified after being appraised by an Appraiser in the city.

After collecting all the loots into her inventory, Ye Ci pinned the Brooch Of Deceit to her chest and a small icon immediately appeared at the lower right corner of her vision. She clicked the icon softly and the system notification rang in her ears: Disguise successful.

Ye Ci was disguised as a lv20 Orcish Druid with a magical staff. Her GS was also raised to 267 from 110.

A sudden realisation struck Ye Ci. She took the Venomous Scorpion Stinger out of her inventory and attempted to equip it.

She succeeded!

Ye Ci’s assumption was correct. After disguising her actual level, she could equip any equipment that she could not equip with her current level.

Was this a BUG? In Ye Ci’s perspective, a BUG was something that could be exploited by everybody. But since this advantage was one given to her and her alone, even if it was a BUG, Ye Ci would not report it.

Ye Ci equipped the four Venomous Scorpion equipment set under the guise of the lv20 Druid. Her GS soared past the 400 mark, reaching an astonishing 472 points! In a time where the average player GS was only 100, her GS was insanely high. Ye Ci canceled her disguise, and shot an arrow at the nearest lv2 scorpion.

Critical hit -1261!

It was a 1 hit KO!

Ye Ci briefly calculated her damage and discovered that it was raised from approximately 100 to over 550. It was a great improvement of combat strength.

Two fists were no match for four hands. Despite having such superior equipment, her appearance would attract attention and people might want to kill her for her armor. After contemplating her situation, Ye Ci disguised her GS as 85, and her armor’s appearance was also altered.

Humans were afraid of being famous, while pigs were afraid of growing strong. With her disguise, Ye Ci was satisfied.

Ye Ci wasted no time in contacting the online customer service. After selecting a few options, a warm and kind voice rang in her ears, “Hi, I am Z nation Customer Service #79246, how may I be of assistance?”

Ye Ci looked at the corpse of the Sandstorm Scorpion, and explained to the customer service word by word about the Sandstorm Scorpion’s BUG.

The operator was stunned for quite awhile before replying, “Are you reporting a BUG for Sandstorm Scorpion?”


“Please wait, I will contact the manager on duty of the development team.” The customer service operator replied before disappearing.

Ye Ci waited patiently. She gathered the carapace, meat, venom sac, and other innards from the Sandstorm Scorpion’s corpse and stored them into her inventory. The very corpse of a World BOSS was a treasure trove. They were all priceless materials in the later stages of the game.

Ye Ci originally planned to exploit the Sandstorm Scorpion BUG for a few more times, but she was deterred by the possibility of being discovered by Fate’s high end system. If she repeated the process and again, the system might automatically record her actions and report the BUG to the development team. The development team would definitely fix the BUG right away and confiscate all her loots.

If she was the one who took the initiative to report the BUG, she could keep all her loots and might even receive some special reward.

And of course, Ye Ci did not believe in her own luck. She did not believe that she would be able to get any more than she already had with her luck. It would be great loss for her if the BUG was discovered by the system.

This was why humans must always be happy with what they have to ensure a happy life.

Even if Ye Ci did not report the BUG, it would still be discovered by somebody else eventually. She might as well report it earlier and get the rewards of turning in a BUG for herself….

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