Chapter 254 The Beach (Part 1)

Chapter 254 The Beach (Part 1) 


Moore was very satisfied with Ye Ci’s response. “The people nowadays worship martial prowess. Not many are willing to spend their time reading books. Little do they know that knowledge is the greatest power in this world.” he said with a smile. 


Ye Ci expressed her agreement of Moore’s statement and the NPC continued, “It was such a long time ago. The Jiama continent was full of so many races. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Undeads, Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Werewolves, Dragons…” it was as if Moore was reading the names off a book as he recited the names each of the races. 


“We all lived on the Jiama Continent. Despite our constant disputes, the continent was peaceful and we were all living in prosperity. I was still a sorcerer's apprentice back then. I was only 18 years old. Ahh… What a fond memory that is…” a smile spread across Moore’s face. It was obvious that the memory was something that the lord cherished deeply. 


“We sorcerers are an ambitious lot. We are always looking for more power. But as we grow stronger, we require more mental strength to control our power, and this was very taxing on our bodies. Sorcerers are not very healthy in general, and I am one such example.” Moore said with self mockery. Ye Ci, of course, disagreed with Moore. Even if the Sorcerer class tend to have lower health and defence values than the other classes, a BOSS like Moore would definitely have an absurd amount of both health and defence. 


“As I journeyed on my quest to gain more knowledge and power… A grave misfortune fell upon the realm. A young and curious soul stumbled upon the seal of the Dark Lord Naga and set him free by accident, plunging the entire continent into Chaos. The Gods called upon all the races in to fight against the Dark Lord. The members of all the races in the Jiama Continent cast aside their feud against this common enemy and marched to war as one. I, too, was among their ranks.” Moore’s voice was calm as he continued his narration, but Ye Ci could hear the voice of a veteran who had seen hundreds of battles. 


“The war lasted for many years. It started when I was still a teenage apprentice blooming with youth, and it continued to rage on even when I was a middle-aged full-fledged sorcerer.  Countless battles were fought, resulting in huge casualties on both sides, but victory was still something that neither side could achieve. My longing for power grew as I grew stronger. You might have not heard about it, but there were rumors of the Forbidden Magic circulating among sorcerers. It can bring great power, but it also comes with a terrible price.” the smile remained on Moore’s face, but with a hint of bitterness. 


Forbidden Magic was indeed present in the game’s lore, but it was something that Ye Ci herself had never heard of before even in her past life. However, one could easily tell that Forbidden Magic was not something that was benevolent. “You’re right. I have never heard of it before. What exactly is Forbidden Magic” Ye Ci nodded. 


“It is something that can only be gained by bargaining with the realm of darkness. A sorcerer must give away something that is precious to him or her in exchange for such a power. The world is absolutely fair. Everything comes with a price. Just like how a Huntress like you must be faster and more agile than others to outlast your opponent.” Moore’s voice remained calm as he stroked his staff, “I paid the price, and became the only Grand Sorcerer in the Jiama Continent. My strength meant nothing with the sheer scale of the war, but I was able to deal a crippling blow to Naga himself, allowing the kings of the Elves, Dwarves, and many other races to defeat the Dark Lord. Victory came at a great price. The races of Jiama lost their kings, while I survived because the protection of the dark realm. But… I…” 


Ye Ci, who was enjoying the narration, was stunned by Moore’s sudden pause, “What is it? Were you gravely injured, Lord Moore?” 


“No, I did not suffer from any wounds. In fact, I became even stronger than I was, but…” Moore continued with a grimace. His hand that was holding his staff trembled, and his body was shaking uncontrollably. Moore was trying his best to calm his emotions, and it would be a very long while before he finally spoke up again in a voice full of sorrow, “But I lost the right to die.” 


Ye Ci was taken aback by the lord’s words. To lose the right to die? Doesn’t it mean that he can never die? 


Moore nodded, as if he was able to read Ye Ci’s thoughts, “You’re right. I am not able to die. No matter what I did, I simply would not die.” 


Humans have always craved immortality. Qin Shi Huang once sent 500 boys and 500 girls to the east in search of a potion that would grant him immortality. There was also a tale of Chang Er who became immortal after she stole the Potion of Immortality from her husband. This was proof that humanity had always harbored the fear of death. The same thing could be said for the NPC that was implanted with human emotion. But… What will happen to someone who could not die? 


Can immortality bring happiness? 


Maybe not. 


Being immortal means that a person will have an infinite amount of time at his or her disposal. Time will no longer mean something to an immortal, as time will be something unnecessary in his or her life. What can one gain through immortality? It is an endless cycle of losing one’s friends and loved ones over and over again. While a person who is immortal is spared the ravages of time, he or she will experience the loss of friends and families alike as time passes. You might not know what will happen on the next day, but there will always be something that shall remain a constant: you can never die. 


As days, months, weeks, and even years go by and all the life on this world ends, you will still be alive; when the world ends in the far future, you will be the only one who is left. This will be a tragedy, as the only thing left to do is to live, and remain alive you shall. 


This is a fate that is more horrible than death. 


Life and death was something that mattered little to Ye Ci after her reincarnation. She was able to understand Moore’s sorrow. She had experienced the same sorrow on the rooftop of the Glory Corporation building. The sorrow came from the loneliness when the laughter and happiness of the people around her was something that had nothing to do with her, and the only thing she had left was her life. I must’ve been longing for death. thought Ye Ci to herself, that must be why I chose to let go


Moore must be in a worse spot. I had the option of death, but what about Moore? Does he even have a choice? No. The only thing he can do is to live on, even if there is nothing waiting for him in the future but despair. 


This was a pain that Ye Ci knew she would never experience. A chill went down her spine as she thought of Moore’s fate. 


Ye Ci was lost for words. She stared silently at Moore’s face that was a mask of sorrow for a long time before finally speaking up, “Lord Moore, I think I can understand how you feel.” 


The surprise was apparent in Moore’s eyes, “Don’t you think that immortality is a boon?” 


It was something that was frequently heard by Moore, and those words were like salt poured on a gaping wound. It was a pain that he was forced to stomach in silence. 


“How can immortality be good?” Ye Ci shook her head, “To lose the ability to die is the saddest thing that can happen to a person. Losing the right to die means that a person will always be living in loneliness and in despair. The person might be happy in the first hundred years, but what about a thousand? Or maybe two thousand years? Money, fame, and power will no longer mean anything to the person by then.” 


Moore stared long and hard at Ye Ci. He was evaluating her words. A smile spread across his face after a long moment, “Alright, Elf. You’re indeed the only one who can help me.” 


Here it comes! He’s finally getting to the point! Ye Ci immediately bowed deeply at Moore and spoke with respect clear in her voice, “Lord Moore, I am your most sincere friend. I will do my best to provide any aid that you require of me.” 


The words came as a satisfaction to Moore, who nodded at Ye Ci, “Very well, my dear Elf.” responded Lord Moore as he stood up. Despite his small frame, he was taller than Ye Ci had expected. Lightning crackled around Moore’s staff as he walked slowly towards Ye Ci. As a Sorceress in her last life, Ye Ci knew that it was the telltale sign of someone with a high level of Intelligence and magical power. She herself have managed to achieve such an effect in her past life, but it was nowhere as impressive as the power displayed by Moore. 


Moore extended his arm towards Ye Ci, and a bright white orb appeared on his palm, “This is my familiar, a Fairy. Follow it, and search for a way that can finally bring my death.” he said as he handed the orb of light to Ye Ci. 


Ye Ci was stunned silent as she stared at the Fairy resting on her palm. 


Sensing her hesitation, Moore lifted his hands and patted Ye Ci on her shoulders, “You must help me, young Elf. I have been living for far too long. I will reward you greatly if you can find a way to kill me.” 

Ye Ci bowed at Moore after some brief thoughts, “Lord Moore, you are a person worthy of respect.” 


“I know that you have a lot of questions for me, and I shall answer them if you can find a way to kill me.” said Moore with a voice full of sorrow as he turned around and walked slowly back to his throne, “A person worthy of respect? No, young Elf. You’ll not think so when you learn of the truth.” 


“Lord Moore,” replied Ye Ci, “There’s no right or wrong in this world. History is written by the victors. But no matter what history says about you, you are still a person worthy of my respect.”


“Even if we end up as enemies someday? Will you still say the same?” Moore turned around and flashed Ye Ci a smile. 


“Yes. I will still say the same thing if we end up as enemies.” Ye Ci responded with a smile of her own, “And because you’re a person worthy of my respect, I will not hold back if we face each other in the battlefield in the future. This is the highest form of respect I can show you.” 


Moore let out a hearty laugh. The joy was evident in his voice as he spoke to Ye Ci, “Very good. Very good indeed, young Elf. You’re the most interesting Elf I’ve met since Dau’re. Alright then, if we end up as enemies one day, I shall grant you that chance.” 


“You have my gratitude.” 


“If you can return safely with what I want, young Elf, I will tell you something about Dau’er. I’m sure this is something that is of interest to you.” said Moore as he walked back to his throne. 


Information about the Elven King Dau’er! 


Ye Ci was filled with excitement. She had been looking for information about the Elven King Dau’er to no avail, but she was able to obtain such an information when she least expected it. Even if can only be obtained after Moore’s quest was completed, she saw a ray of hope. 


“You can leave now.” Moore motioned with his hand as he sat on his throne, and Ye Ci bowed deeply at the NPC before leaving the hall. She took a glance at the fairy she received from Moore, which was listed as an equipable item even when it was a quest item. The fairy was able to increase the magical damage of its user by 35%. Ye Ci was a Huntress, but quite a number of her abilities was able to deal magical damage to their targets. She would still be able to benefit from the item, but the item was clearly meant for mages. 


Ye Ci left for the Northern Continent after storing the fairy away and sorting out her inventory. 


She was stopped by Ladar before she could leave Moore’s castle. La’dar’s behavior was very different from before. Ye Ci could feel a hidden intention behind his kind smile, “Dearest Gongzi You, will you be leaving the castle now?” 


Ye Ci stared at La’dar. The NPC’s intention was not clear, but Ye Ci answered his question truthfully as she did not want to offend an NPC, “Yes, Mister L’adar. I think I will embark on another long journey.” 


“Ahh… It is something that I envy. I wish I can travel around the world like you.” said La’dar with a smile on his face. 


Ye Ci nodded at the NPC. She would always have a feeling of unease as she dealt with the NPC. Her instincts were screaming at her that La’dar was not someone to be trifled with, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave. I look forward to our next meeting.” 


“I have a favor to ask from you. Can you perhaps help me out as you embark on your journey?” La’dar immediately went straight to the point after Ye Ci expressed her intention to depart. 


“How can I be of service? I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.” Ye Ci was wary of La’dar, but it did not necessarily mean that she would completely dissociate herself from the NPC. Besides, La’dar was the mayor of Dark Clay City, which meant that she needed to maintain a good relationship with La’dar.


“That’s great! I have a relative running a store in the town of Laafar in the plains of Mor Ami. If you happen to pass by the town some day, please hand this letter and this parcel to him.” said La’dar as he handed the items to Ye Ci. 


Ah… A courier quest. It’s no big dear. Ye Ci let out a sigh of relief, I am being too paranoid and accepted La’dar’s request. The letter was sealed with wax, which meant that Ye Ci could not open the letter before delivering it to its receipient. She could hear a crackling sound from the parcel, which meant that the content of the parcel could very well be valuable gems. 


The plains of Mor Ami was situated in the Northern Continent, which was not far from the continent’s Mithril ore vein. I don’t think going to the town will be a problem. thought Ye Ci to herself. 


Ye Ci headed to the docks at the outskirts of Dark Clay City after taking her leave She did not notice the perculiar smile of La’dar’s face. 


Her intention was to head to the Northern Continent as soon as possible, and she would be arriving at the continent before long after boarding one of the boats. Just when Ye Ci set foot on the dock, however, she received a message from Timely Rain. 


“Gongzi, we have a problem.” 

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