Chapter 247 We Shall Meet Again (Part 1)

Chapter 247 We Shall Meet Again (Part 1) 

“What is it?” asked Ye Ci as she noticed Fleeting Time furrowing his eyebrows as he stared at her. 

“I told Absalom to get you a Hawkeye skillbook, but he can’t make his way here just yet because Saint Light City was hit by a massive earthquake. His wife will be delivering the skillbook in his stead. Do you mind if she sees you?” Fleeting Time decided to be straightforward with Ye Ci. 

Since Absalom’s is sending his wife here, she will definitely be briefed about my presence. But from what Fleeting Time said, he seems to be worried about something. muttered Ye Ci to herself. She had no means of confirming her suspicions, but she knew that Fleeting Time’s worry had something to do with her. “I’m able to complete my quest because of Absalom. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to receive more gifts from him.” 

“We’ve found the ore vein.” said Fleeting Time. 

The surprise was clear in Ye Ci’s eyes as she responded, “Congratulations.” 

“But the Black Iron Dwarves are still exploring the area around the veins.” 

“It’ll take quite some time. I suggest you guys to be on your guard. A lot of unexpected things might happen, especially after the earthquake.” even if the Western Continent was an enemy of the Eastern Continent, Ye Ci held true to her belief that there was no perpetual enemies, but interests are eternal.

Fleeting Time nodded, “I’ll get her to deliver the book then.” 

A confused Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. 

“The value of a Mithril ore vein is far greater than your expenses in the Western Continent and the Hawkeye skillbook. Besides, there’s no guarantee that this thing will drop in the Eastern Continent.” Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes. 

“Why? You’re not afraid of me getting stronger?” Ye Ci was amused by Fleeting Time who was acting like a salesman trying to market his product. 

A smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s face. It was the pride of the strong. He crossed his arms and said arrogantly, “Wouldn’t I be bored if you don’t become stronger?” 

Ye Ci’s eyebrows were raised even higher, “If you think so highly about yourself, then declining this gift will only give the impression that I’m afraid of you.” an arrogant smirk appeared on Ye Ci’s lips, “Alright then, bring it on. This is really nothing compared to that Mithril ore vein.” 

Fleeting Time immediately provided Sour Apple with his coordinates once he received the confirmation from Ye Ci. A quick comparison of the coordinates revealed to Sour Apple that the duo was actually very near her position. The thought of meeting Gongzi You in person filled her heart with expectation. Just what sort of person the player who known as the best Hunter in the Eastern Continent is? 

“Well, what if I’m included as a gift as well?” Fleeting Time could not hold back the urge to make fun of Ye Ci when he laid eyes upon her smile. 

Instead of erupting into anger, Ye Ci kept her calm. Despite the overwhelming sense of bewilderment in her heart, Ye Ci’s experiences with handling Fleeting Time told her that anger would only encourage the man. She must remain calm no matter the cost. 

“What else can you do other than being a burden to me?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Fleeting Time, “Gongzi You doesn’t welcome trash.” 

Fleeting Time was surprised by Ye Ci’s words. He did not expect Gongzi You to be so interesting when she had such a sharp tongue. “Little Gongzi, you’re a very interesting person.” Fleeting Time let out a hearty laugh. 

Sour Apple spotted the duo from quite a distance away. 

Fleeting Time’s laughter came as a surprise to Sour Apple. She had never heard him laugh in such a way as long as she could remember. He was always so calculative, and the smile that appeared on his face was always the cunning smile of a fox. He had never behaved in such a way even when he was with Absalom. Sour Apple had even had the illusion that Fleeting Time was someone who knew no joy. This was shattered when she saw Fleeting Time’s unrestrained smile. 

The person who stood beside Fleeting Time, who was significantly shorter, was glaring at him with her hands on her hips. The red glow surrounding the person’s character gave her a menacing aura. 

Is that… Gongzi You? 

Fleeting Time noticed the clacking of hoofs, and turned around just in time to see Sour Apple galloping at them on her tall dark horse. He waved her over, and smiled at Ye Ci, “Little Gongzi, I think you should get a new steed. Your tiny horse looks like it’s gasping for air.” 

Ye Ci snorted at Fleeting Time, “Yes, I’m poor. I am no match for someone like you. I’m content with my tiny horse.” her pride was slightly hurt by Fleeting Time’s words. 

Fleeting Time raised an eyebrow and summoned a white unicorn. He then handed its reigns to Ye Ci, “Here, take it.” 

“Eh?” Ye Ci was shocked by Fleeting Time’s gesture. The unicorn was very beautiful, but since it belonged to Fleeting Time, Ye Ci immediately shook her head, “Nope.” 

“Why? You don’t like it?” a ghost of a smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s lips. 

Sour Apple was already very close by at this point in time, and she heard Fleeting Time’s words just as she dismounted. Her jaw almost touched the ground. Fleeting Time is giving that white unicorn away? You’ve got to be kidding me! Have pigs learned to fly or water all turned into wine? That thing is like the love of his life, and he’s giving it away? He had never even allowed anyone to ride on that thing! She could still remember that time she shamelessly asked for a ride on the unicorn, but the request was rejected by Fleeting Time with the reason as absurd as “women are not allowed to ride on my unicorn”. Of course, White Fairytale wanted a ride as well, but she was too shy to even voice her desire out. 

He’s actually going to give something so precious away? 

Sour Apple looked up into the sky. Just what on Earth is going on? 

Ye Ci could tell from Sour Apple’s expression that the steed was something very precious. Unicorns are very rare mounts that could be leveled up and even join their owners in combat. It was a steed that was highly sought after by players. It was obvious that obtaining this unicorn was not easy for Fleeting Time. 

“A noble person will not seize the treasure of another. Besides, I have Ol’ Four.” Ye Ci rejected Fleeting Time’s offer with a smile.

“Alright then. I’ll not force you to accept this gift.” Fleeting Time responded after a moment of thought. He then extended his arm to Sour Apple, “Hand me the book.” 

Sour Apple snapped out of her daze and handed the Hawkeye skillbook to Fleeting Time. She then shifted her attention to Gongzi You, the player who was crowned as the top player of the Eastern Continent. 

The girl, who was a little more than 20 years old, was younger than she expected such a person to be. The intelligence swirling within her eyes, however, was something that she could not ignore. Gongzi You was not pretty, and her skin was very pale, but her facial features gave her an air of dominance that made her a beauty in her own way, and er calm expression did nothing to hide her intimidating aura. 

Ye Ci noticed the stare from Sour Apple, and extended an arm, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Gongzi You.” 

This came as a surprise to Sour Apple. Her interactions with Fleeting Time had gave her the impression that all top-tier players are arrogant and cunning, but Gongzi You was different. 

She extended her arm and shook hands with Gongzi You with a sweet smile, “Hello, I’m Sour Apple.” 

Fleeting Time stared coldly at Sour Apple as she shook hands with Ye Ci. His face was devoid of expression as he smacked the skillboook against the back of her hand with a loud “Pop!” that proclaimed to the world that he was not a person who harbors any protective feelings for the fairer sex. 

“Aiya!” Sour Apple immediately retracted her hand. 

Even Ye Ci was startled by Fleeting Time’s sudden action, “Little Gongzi, this is Absalom’s wife. Don’t get too close to her.” the man said with a smile. 

“Huh?” Ye Ci was baffled by his words. 

“I heard that idiocy is contagious.” Fleeting Time raised an eyebrow, ignoring the angry roars of Sour Apple. 

Laugh erupted from Ye Ci who was observing their interaction. She was slightly jealous of the relationship between Fleeting Time with Absalom and Sour Apple. They must be very good friends in real life…

Ahh… Good friends in real life? How enviable… Ye Ci began thinking about her comrades in Upwards Ho!. I haven’t seen them in days… I wonder how they’re doing? 

“Here, Hawkeye, just as promised.” Fleeting Time extended an arm to Ye Ci as he held Sour Apple at bay with his other hand, pretending that the raging woman did not exist. 

Ye Ci accepted the skillbook with a smile and immediately learned the skill. She then pulled the whistle out from her inventory and blew hard. “Hehe, we meet again, Elf.” came the voice of a Goblin. 

Orthus was still alone when he appeared. The Goblin crouched on a huge boulder and faced Ye Ci with a smile. 

“Indeed, we meet again, Mr.Orthus. I’ve brought you the person that you’ve always wanted to meet, as per our agreement.” said Ye Ci as she took a step back, revealing the form of De’frei behind her. After a short moment of stunned silence, the two Goblins held each other in an embrace and cried to their heart’s content. 

Ye Ci and Fleeting Time waited patiently for their reward as the two Goblins talked about old times. Fleeting Time turned to face Ye Ci with a smile, “Have a pleasant journey.” 

A pleasant journey? Ye Ci was initially baffled by his words. Ahh… I’ll be leaving soon.

For reasons unknown, Ye Ci could feel sadness welling in her heart. It felt as if she had just arrived in the Western Continent. The ghost of a smile formed on Ye Ci’s lips as he stared at Fleeting Time and the brilliant grin on his face, “You take care as well.” 

The conversation between Orthurs and De’frei ended just as the duo was done with their farewell. De’frei walked up to Ye Ci and Fleeting Time and bowed deeply at the duo before vanishing into thin air, “We shall begin our journey soon, Elf. Let me know when you’re done with your own preparations.” 

Ye Ci nodded and was about to leave when a person grabbed hold of her arm. It was Fleeting Time, who immediately let go the moment she turned around, “Don’t you have anything to say, Little Gongzi?” 

A hint of bitterness crept onto Ye Ci’s tongue as she stared at the smiling face of Fleeting Time. “I wish you people the best of luck with the Mithril ore vein, and the restoration of Saint Light City. Oh, and good luck with the Alert Level 1 as well.” 

Sour Apple’s head bobbed up and down as she listened to Ye Ci’s words. Even when they were enemies, Gongzi You was quite a sincere person. 

However, Fleeting Time was not satisfied with her answer. He leaned in closer to Ye Ci and whispered into her ear, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” 

Ye Ci could feel goosebumps rising as Fleeting Time’s soft voice crept into her ear. His words gave her another sensation as well. Was it embarrassment? A sense of awkwardness? Or was it something entirely different? Perhaps it was a little of all three. 

Ye Ci stood dumbfounded for a few seconds before taking a step back. Her face was a shade of red as she walked towards Orthus, “Ahh, you’re right. I hope you can stay alive until the next time we meet so that I can kill you myself.” 

The blush on Ye Ci’s face did not go unnoticed by Fleeting Time. Despite the sweetness he can feel in his heart, Fleeting Time could not hold back the urge to speak out to Ye Ci, “Aiya, Little Gongzi, you promised to not fight the next time we meet…” 

Ye Ci was already starting to grow used to Fleeting Time’s tendency to play word games after her days spent with the man. She immediately delivered a riposte at the man’s play of words, “I only gave my word that I will not kill you, it doesn’t mean that I will not beat you up.” 

“Fine, you promised to not kill me!” Fleeting Time admitted his mistake without even flinching.

“Alright then, you better stay alive until the next time we meet.” Ye Ci shot him a cold sneer as she boarded Orthus’ flying machine. 

“Alright, Little Gongzi, I hope to see you again soon.” Fleeting Time sighed, his shit-eating grin was still on his face. He even blowed a kiss at Ye Ci. 

His gesture sent a shiver down Ye Ci’s spine and she almost fell from Orthus’ flying machine. “You idiot! I don’t want to see you ever again! If we do meet, I’m not Gongzi You if I don’t kill you!” Ye Ci finally exploded into rage.

“Come! Don’t take pity on me just because I’m lovable…” Fleeting Time spread his hands wide open and laughed as Ye Ci’s expressioned darkened.

Even Sour Apple’s expression darkened when she heard Fleeting Time’s words. 

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