Chapter 215 It All Happened Too Fast (Part 2)

Chapter 215 It All Happened Too Fast (Part 2)

“Bai Mo?” the police officer was confused, but he was quick to understand Ye Ci’s when he noticed he direction Ye Ci was pointing at, “It’s okay, we’ve carried him into the ambulance. Let’s go, miss.”

“Where’s Bai Mo?” Ye Ci was oblivious to the officer’s words. She stumbled around in a confused daze, looking for Bai Mo who was no longer in sight. The pool of blood on the ground was a reminder of the incident earlier on. Fear gripped Ye Ci’s heart, and she grabbed hold of the young policeman, “Officer, where’s Bai Mo?” screamed Ye Ci at the top of her lungs as she shook the officer in a hysterical fit. She was no longer in control of her emotions.

One should never underestimate the strength of a person who was in hysteria, even if the person was a young girl. Ye Ci was the perfect example. The tall and sturdy police officer almost lost his balance when a hysterical Ye Ci grabbed onto him, rattling him out of his senses.

“Somebody please help me out here. Get her into the ambulance.” the officer who almost lost his footing called out to his colleagues for help.

It took three grown men to pin Ye Ci down and carry her into the ambulance.

A young man was already in the ambulance. When Ye Ci laid her eyes on the young man, she was able to calm down a little.

This young man had an oxygen mask covering his face, which was soaked in blood. Every inch of his body was bruised and battered. Despite that, Ye Ci was still able to recognize him as Bai Mo.

It was the Bai Mo whom she cared dearly for, the Bai Mo who promised to stay by her side. She threw herself at Bai Mo, ignoring her own pains, “Bai Mo…”

“Aiya, what are you doing?” the nurse in the ambulance pulled Ye Ci aside and said in a stern voice, “Do you want him to die? Are you trying to get him killed?”

Ye Ci was taken aback by the nurse’s outburst. She nodded, and took a seat in the ambulance, “Alright, alright. I will just sit by his side.”

The nurse let go of Ye Ci, while her colleague climbed into the ambulance, shutting the door behind him. He observed Ye Ci closely, and found that she was in really bad shape. The doctor immediately instructed the nurse to lay Ye Ci onto a stretcher.

As the medical personnel were busying with their task of inspecting Ye Ci’s injuries, she turned around and looked at Bai Mo who was so near to her. The electrocardiogram machine was placed just above his head, and the pulsing of the lines in the machine’s display an indicator that Bai Mo was alive. Ye Ci pulled Bai Mo’s hand into a tight grip.

His palm was cold, but a sliver of warmth remained. Ye Ci could feel warm liquid gushing out of his palm, dampening her own palm.

At that moment, Ye Ci’s vision blurred, and tears rolled down the corners of her eyes. She could not remember a single moment that was able to bring her to tears. This was the only time in Ye Ci’s life where her eyes were filled with tears. Even she herself was unsure if they were tears of joy or that of sorrow. Ye Ci’s sob grew louder and louder and she eventually was no longer able to hold back. Even her body began to tremble as she sobbed her heart out.

“Are you alright? Does it hurt?” the nurse that was looking after Ye Ci immediately leaned in closer to her.

Ye Ci wanted to shake her head, but she had lost control of her body. Her sobs went on unrestrained as her body was rocked with waves of sobs.

“Get her sedated, quick!” said the doctor after doing a quick inspection on Ye Ci and making sure that everything was fine. .

The nurse nodded, and immediately injected Ye Ci with sedative. Her movements were quick and practiced, giving Ye Ci no time to react. As the sedative flowed into Ye Ci’s system, her body started to relax, and her tensed muscles loosened up. Even the force of her sobs died down. Ye Ci started feeling tired.. She was so groggy, that she felt as if she did not have energy left to breathe.

Before her world plunged into darkness, the only thing in Ye Ci’s vision was Bai Mo’s face.

My body hurts.The pain was so unbearable that Ye Ci felt as if she was about to die. A deep frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face. She had the urge to curse at the top of her lungs.

“Ah… She’s awake!” Zuo Xiaolan’s voice entered Ye Ci’s ears. Her eyes were immediately stung by the sunlight as she forced her eyelids open. She could see the silhouette of Zuo Xiaolan in front of her, “Little Ci, how are you feeling?”

Zuo Xiaolan who went through a night full of anxiety rubbed away her tears and leaned closer to Ye Ci when she noticed that her daughter was awake.

It took Ye Ci a long time to focus her eyes to be able to see the faces in front of her clearly, and it took her even longer to recognize the faces. She opened her mouth to speak, and the voice that left her mouth was as coarse as sandpaper, “Mom…”

“It’s alright. It’s alright now. You don’t have to say anything. It’s good that you’re awake. Are you thirsty? Do you want something to eat?” asked Zuo Xiaolan with a smile on her face, but the traces of tears were still present in the corner of her eyes.

“Where’s Bai Mo?” asked Ye Ci after staring at the concerned faces of Zuo Xiaolan, Ye Nantian, and Tan Polang for a long moment.

“He’s in the room next door. This is a ward for female patients. He’s in the ward for male patients.” Zuo Xiaolan answered her daughter’s question while wiping away the remainder of her tears.

“Why are you not taking care of him?” Ye Ci could see the Bai Mo’s bloodied and battered face the moment she closed her eyes, and her heart was immediately filled with grievances.

“Your uncle and aunty came. They’re taking care of him.”

Just then, a hurried set of footsteps rang out in the hallway, followed by the voice of Ye Ci’s aunt, Zuo Xiaoqing, “Is Little Ci awake?”

“Aunty…” it has been quite a few years since Ye Ci had last met Zuo Xiaoqing. She was playful in nature, and despite being the older sister of Zuo Xiaolan, she acted more like a little sister to her. She would always travel to the different countries in the world on a whim just to have fun. Ye Ci remembered Zuo Xiaoqing as an elegant woman who was always dressed in the most fashionable clothing that has a beautiful smile.

Ye Ci could not believe her eyes when she saw Zuo Xiaoqing. Her hair was messy and her face unwashed. There was not an ounce of make up on her face. Her aunt appeared to be aged in the span of a night. Her looks were a sharp contrast to the elegant clothing she was dressed into.

She must’ve been very sad over this entire incident. thought Ye Ci to herself. Mothers are the same. No matter how they behave usually, their maternal instincts would always surface when something happened to their children.

Zuo Xiaoqing and Zuo Xiaolan were such example.

“My child, my sweet child,” Zuo Xiaoqing sat by Ye Ci’s bed, grabbing hold of her hand while caressing her hair, “aunty would have been worried to death if you had not woken up by now.”

“Aunty, where’s Bai Mo.” Ye Ci was relieved to see Zuo Xiaoqing.

“He woke up way earlier than you did, but he’s now asleep after a light meal. He did ask about you when he woke up. When he learned that you’re still unconscious, he was worried.” tears flowed from Zuo Xiaoqing’s eyes as she spoke to Ye Ci.

“Little Qing, what are you doing? She’s awake now. Didn’t the doctor say that she’ll no longer be in danger if she’s able to wake up? Why are you still crying?” said the man standing beside Zuo Xiaoqing. He was the father of Bai Mo, Bai Zixuan.

“I guess you’re right.” Zuo Xiaolan immediately wiped away her tears and her expression grew serious, “Little Ci, I have a question for you. Do you know who is responsible for beating you up?”

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned. It was a question that had never occurred to her. “I did not think about it yet.

“Your uncle and I have been thinking about it for an entire night, but we can’t figure out the culprit behind this. I’ve asked Bai Mo about this as well when he woke up, but he was clueless as well. This is why aunty wants to ask you. Do you know who is responsible for this?” despite her easy going nature, Zuo Xiaoqing was no pushover. With her rather influential husband, she was actually quite fierce.

Ye Ci shook her head, “I have to think about it.”

“Alright, take your time. There’s no need to hurry. Aunty and uncle will be here. This thing can’t end just like that.” Zuo Xiaoqing wanted to ask more questions, but Bai Zixuan shook his head, indicating that she should give Ye Ci some time to rest. She let out a sigh, and kept the questions to herself. She knew that something like this could not be rushed.

“Nantian, let’s go to the police station with me. Haven’t they caught quite a number of those thugs? Let’s go there to inquire about the interrogation process.” said Bai Zixuan to Ye Nantian after making sure that his wife calmed down. There was nothing they could do in the hospital, which was why they opted to head to the police station in search for clues.

Bai Zixuan’s thoughts were in line with Ye Nantian, “Alright. I have thought about this as well.” said Ye Nantian with a nod.

With that, Bai Zixuan and Ye Nantian left for the police station.

However, things did not proceed as simple as they were portrayed in the movies. The thugs caught were all nobodies that only did it for money. They were paid by their bosses and were clueless about the person who gave out the order.

With that, the only lead they had turned out to be a dead end. Bai Zixuan and Ye Nantian traveled to various places, trying their best to come up with a solution. However, the culprit behind the incident was able to cover his tracks well. They were unable to get any leads at all. In the end, Bai Zixuan made the decision to look for other options when he returned home with Zuo Xiaoqing.

Although Bai Mo and Ye Ci were roughed up very badly, they were lucky to suffer no permanent injuries. The only serious wounds the suffered was Ye Ci’s fractured ankle, and Bai Mo’s blunt head trauma, that required six stitches to fix.

Both of them were discharged from the hospital after two weeks. Bai Mo refused to return home with his parents, and insisted on staying with Ye Ci. Bai Zixuan and Zuo Xiaoqing respected the choice of their son, and returned to their city after a long night’s talk with Ye Nantian and his wife.

When she was home, Ye Ci did nothing but watch the television with Bai Mo by her side, while Tan Polang, who returned home during the weekends willingly played the role of their servant. Bringing them refreshments when required, while fetching various items for them when asked.

“I noticed quite a number of people loitering near our area these few days.” said Zuo Xiaolan to Ye Nantian as they returned home from a trip to the market.

“Yup. Public security seems to be quite bad these days.” Ye Nantian nodded as he turned around to face the only underage member in the family, “Polang, I don’t want you to leave home after 8pm.”

“Okay, dad” Tan Polang nodded.

“Mom, what were you talking about?” Ye Ci and Bai Mo exchanged looks when they overheard the conversation between Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian. Anxiety began to grow in their hearts.

“What do you mean?”

“You were talking about outsiders lurking in our housing area recently?”

“Yup. There are a lot of youngsters loitering in this area these few days. From how they’re dressed, they look like bad people. Our neighbours said that they might be scouting out for targets that they will break into at night. Even the security firm in charge of our housing area is alarmed. They’ve added quite a number of personnel in this area.” said Zuo Xiaolan as she began sorting out the vegetables.

Ye Ci and Bai Mo remained silent, and their expressions darkened.

“What is it?” Ye Nantian was alarmed when he noticed their expressions. These people might not be mere thieves after all. They must be up to something. thought Ye Nantian.

“Dad, mom, let’s head out.”

“Where to?” Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan asked in unison.

“We’re paying the real estate agencies in the city a visit.” Bai Mo answered in Ye Ci’s stead.

Despite their confusion, the expressions of Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian darkened. They finally understood Ye Ci’s and Bai Mo’s words.

“Are you saying that these people are with the youngsters who roughed you up?”

“We’re not sure, but I think it’s best for us to move.” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes that held a subtle hint of anger, “ It seems too many people know our whereabouts.””

The family began looking for houses. As Ye Ci’s movement was impeded by her leg injury, she had to be pushed around in a wheelchair by her family.

They appeared to be having a casual walk when they left home. But the moment they left the area, the family began observing their surroundings, taking great measures to make sure that they were not followed. After a few days of choosing, Ye Ci finally bought two houses. One of them was brand new, while the second one was an older house.

Despite protests from Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan, Ye Ci stood her ground. She made the decision to purchase these two houses after careful consideration. The houses were quite a distance apart from one another, located at the northern and southern corner of the city. They were in ideal locations that were close to shopping malls, hospitals, banks and even a food market. Of course, these houses were not cheap..

Ye Ci was willing to spend her savings on both houses willingly. After all, the safety of her family members was at stake.

The newer of both houses was still under construction. It would take months before the construction of the house would be completed. However, the second house was freshly renovated, but the owner of the house had to move to another city because of his work, and decided to sell his house. This was the house Ye Ci’s was most interested in. However, as the saying goes, “a crafty rabbit has three burrows”. That was why Ye Ci also purchased the newer house.

The renovation done on the second house was impressive. Despite the style of the house not really to her liking, Ye Ci paid little heed to such a trivial factor. What she wanted was the furnitures and other facilities that were already available when they bought the house.

Money was able to speed up the process of purchasing the renovated house. After paying the owner for the house, Ye Ci paid him an additional sum, asking for his help to purchase electrical appliances for the house. Although it was a tedious task, the owner agreed as Ye Ci was easy to deal with, and was not stingy with her money. After reaching an agreement with the owner, Ye Ci moved into the house on the next day.

Zuo Xiaolan was sad as she sat in the living room at night. Her heart was filled with sorrow, when she thought of abandoning the house that she had been living in for decades.

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