Chapter 208 Happiness is like a Flower (Part 2)

Chapter 208 Happiness is like a Flower (Part 2)

Ye Ci was right to be careful.

Even with the majority of the players giving up on killing the Bandit Captain, there were still a significant number of them who wanted revenge, calling for reinforcements from their guilds and their friends. Before long, the news of a lone Bandit Captain wandering around in Silvery Tin Mine was spread across the land. Despite their traumatic experience going up against the Bandit Captain, many players were enticed by the loot drops of the Bandit Captain, and their greed overrode their fear. The players began hunting for Ye Ci who was disguised as the Bandit Captain.

This was something that Ye Ci wanted to avoid. She could never afford to drop her disguise, but this meant that her mobility was severely limited. It was very hard for her to escape the players with the Bandit Captain’s movement speed. The players could barely deal any damage to Ye Ci with their attacks, but they were still very annoying.

Ye Ci fled towards the direction of the bandit hideout, taking deep breaths to calm herself down. She had to solve this problem, and the only solution she could think of was to lead the players into the bandit hideout. The bandits will definitely swam upon the players and Ye Ci could then seize the opportunity to hide out of sight and remove her disguise.

With a plan in mind, Ye Ci was no longer panicked. She calmly led the players around the Silvery Tin Vein while occasionally casting AOE spells at the players behind her, forcing them to keep their distance.

Many of the players were enraged. They were determined to kill the Bandit Captain no matter what it cost them.

Ye Ci pursed her lips when she heard the war cries of the players. Be it in real life or in a game, once a person was controlled by his or her anger, the person will begin acting irrationally. This is why we must stay calm at all times and keep our anger in check so that we can always make the right choice.

After leading the players around the map for over 20 minutes, Ye Ci had only half of her HP left. At this point, Ye Ci decided to stop playing cat and mouse with the players. She led them straight into the bandit hideout.

Ye Ci headed down the road leading to the bandit hideout, with the players who have long lost their rationality in tow. They followed her straight into the hideout.

Bandit Captains are a common sight in the bandit hideout. When Ye Ci hid herself among the bandits, the players lost their target. Of course, this was not the only misfortune to befall the players. When the bandits saw such a huge number of players entering their hideout, they immediately descended upon the players, annihilating each and every one of them who set foot in the bandit hideout.

The tragedy that struck the players on that day made its way into the forums. None of the players suspected that the incident was triggered by another player. They were amazed by how intelligent the NPCs in Fate could be. Of course, this is something that happened much later, and is not the focus of our story.

We are currently following the story of Ye Ci.

After leading the players into the bandit hideout, Ye Ci hid herself in the midst of the huge wave of NPCs and snuck into Millard’s house after removing her disguise.

Millard was apparently better informed than the players. He walked up to Ye Ci and welcomed her with a appreciative smile the moment she entered his house, “You’re quite smart! You brought so many outsiders to us. It’s been awhile since we’re able to enjoy killing so many of these outsiders.”

“This is my show of good faith to you.” Ye Ci chose the option to skip Millard’s dialogue, and ended the conversation. Her “Cunning” trait allowed her to skip Millard’s dialogue without offending the NPC, and she received a huge Prestige Pack as a reward, raising her Prestige with the Doran Thieves Guild from Hostile to Cold.

Although the bandits’ names remained red to Ye Ci, they would not attack her as her Prestige was already at Cold. This came as a huge gain for Ye Ci.

The sound of battle between the players and the bandits reverberated in the bandit hideout, but the culprit Ye Ci had only one thing in her mind: She needed to return to Red Lake City as soon as possible.

Ye Ci had already discovered a small room in Millard’s house during her first visit. After requesting for Millard’s permission to use the room, she was escorted by one of his subordinates into the room as Millard was still unable to trust Ye Ci fully but was reluctant to offend her due to her relationship with Lord Moore. There was nothing but a locked chest within the room. Despite her curiosity about the content of the chest, she knew that it was not the right time for such a thing. She activated her City-recalling Stone upon entering the room and returned to Red Lake City.

Ye Ci headed straight to the city hall upon her arrival. She was relieved after walking around the place. It was apparent that her actions did not affect her Prestige within Red Lake City. Her plan was a brilliant success. If she kept it up, she would be able to reach the required Prestige rank with Doran Thieves Guild within two days.

People tend to work hard when they have a goal, and Ye Ci was a person who would work hard to achieve hers. Armed with her latest knowledge, Ye Ci began taking on quests from Red Lake City and the bandit, and achieved her goal in a short period of time.

During that time, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan had officially started playing Fate. After much hardships in gaining their first 10 levels, they began having a basic understanding of the game. Since they were aiming to be Life Players, the couple began learning different sorts of Life Skills once they’ve reached lvl10. Ye Ci then gave them 20,000 gold coins each and handed the two shop fronts she prepared for them over so that they could start their business.

After their short time in Fate, Ye nantian and Zuo Xiaolan knew that things could be quite expensive in the game. With their modest nature, they were anxious with Ye Ci’s arrangements.

“Little Ci, the rent of a shop like this must be high! This is one of the best location in Red Lake City? Why don’t you rent it out?” said Zuo Xiaolan as she studied the brand new storefront given to them by Ye Ci with Ye Nantian.

“I own a lot of shops, you don’t have to worry about my income.” Ye Ci replied with a smile, “I earn more than you think i do. You really don’t have to worry. I reserved these two just for you.”

“Little Ci, keep it. Save up some money. You can use it when you get married.” parents are always thinking about the future of their children, “Besides, I don’t think you can be a professional gamer forever. You should have some savings to prepare for the future. We don’t want this property from you.”

Ye Ci knew that her parents were thinking of her well being, and she tried her best to persuade them. As expected of the daughter of Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan, Ye Ci was as persistent as her parents. When her parents insisted that she kept the storefront for herself, she stood her ground firmly.

Ye Ci was eventually forced to resort to the method she used on Carnivore, “Alright, since you insist, we’ll do thing sin a strictly businesslike manner.” she then led her parents to the city hall, and signed an agreement with them. She would be the main shareholders to her parents’ business, while the money and the store she gave her parents would be her investment. She would also receive 40% of her parents earnings.

Despite their reluctance, Ye Ci’s parents were forced to yield to their daughter’s persistence and they signed the contract. Ye Ci watched as her parents kept the contract away and headed to their storefronts happily.

Ye Ci’s family was not wealthy, but her parents would always try their best to satisfy her requests. Even when she was finally able to repay them, they were still thinking about her well being. Even if she could not be a filial daughter, Ye Ci still hoped that her parents could enjoy the game, and have something to entertain themselves in their older years.

Fate was about to release a new patch, “A New Continent” which would be followed by an patch called “Another World”. In that expansion, Wang Jiangnan will slowly realize his ambition. It was that expansion that would triple the number of users of Fate, raising the total number of users to a whopping 4.7 billion. It became something essential in the modern day world. The expansion would introduce new races and classes into the game. The importance of Life Players in the game also significantly increased after the introduction of the patches. Wang Jiangnan also commercialized the game, and many real life corporates began investing into the game, transforming the game into a second life for everyone. .

Of course, this was still not known by the players. Even Wang Jiangnan himself had no knowledge of something like this. As a reincarnator, Ye Ci was the only one who knew about such a thing. Despite her resolution to start afresh after her reincarnation, something had not changed: Ye Ci was still determined to be at the top.

Ye Ci looked up into the azure sky. She was looking forward to the patch. It was actually one of the reasons she invited her parents to play the game.

During Ye Ci’s past life, after realizing that they could never connect with their daughter in real life, Ye Ci’s parents started playing Fate when “Another World” was introduced into the game, investing every single penny they had. At that time, Ye Ci was annoyed by her parents, and was chasing after the title of the “Top Player” in Fate. In the process of doing so, she neglected her parents. Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan who were totally inexperienced in Fate suffered many hardships. They lost all their investments in the gold fever started by the upper-class players, and were forced to quit the game.

They were forced to sell away their house, and could not even afford a doctor when they were sick.

Ye Ci remained ignorant of this fact until her past life was almost at its end. However, she had already forgotten what it was ike to be human.

That past seemed so distant to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci squinted her eyes at the warm sun, basking in its warmth. She stared at the sky, observing the moving clouds. Everything felt like a dream.

“Little Ci! Little Ci! Come, have a look! Tell me where I should hang this robe!” Zuo Xiaolan called out excitedly at Ye Ci. Snapping out of her daze, Ye Ci walked towards her mother with a smile on her face.

“Mom, stop calling me Little Ci! Call me Gongzi You! We’re in the game right now! If you call me by my name, my identity will be leaked!”

“Aiya! I know that! But I’ve been calling you Little Ci for almost 20 years! You have to give me some time to get used to it!” Zuo Xiaolan nodded. However, her main concern was the robe she was holding in her hand, and where she should hang it.

The robe was an equipment with Blue quality, which was one of Zuo Xiaolan’s best products. She wanted to place it on a spot that was visible to everyone.

“Let me hang that up for you.” Ye Ci walked up to her mother who was standing on a chair. The stats of a player’s character was distributed according to the player’s real life condition. As a middle-aged woman, Zuo Xiaolan was not as agile as her daughter, and Ye Ci was worry that she might fall from the chair.

“Do you want me to hang it over here?” Ye Ci lifted the piece of clothing she was having in her hand up.

“Move it that way a little.”


“There! That’s right, there! There!” Zuo Xiaolan waved her hand.

“Mom, please give me a clear direction. I can’t tell where do you want this thing!” despite her grumbling, there was a smile on Ye Ci’s face. She could feel flowers blooming in her heart. Those were the flowers of happiness.

“Can’t you figure it out? Are you telling me that the 20 years I spent to raise you up are a waste? Yes! That’s it! Over there!”

“Is this okay?”

“Higher, hang it higher!”

“But you won’t be able to reach it if I place it over there. You can’t hire workers yet.”

“Fine, hang it lower so that I can reach it.”


Ye Ci had forgotten how long had it been since she was able to enjoy a peaceful daily life with her family. Her past life was like a long and horrifying nightmare that she just started to wake up from.

For her, the present was the most important. She would cherish every single day and every single moment of her current life.

“Old Ye! Look! What do you think of my shop?” said Zuo Xiaolan who had finally finished decorating her shop to Ye Nantian as they stood outside the shop, with happy smiles on their faces.

“So what do you think of my dish? I’m sure it’s a lot better than yours.”

“Heh, how could it be better than mine?”

“I think I can cook better.”


Ye Ci observed with a smile from afar as Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan were bickering like little children. She felt happy. She was glad to be their daughter.

“Little Ci, let’s go, we have a dungeon to clear.” she received a message from Bai Mo.

Ye Ci took in a deep breath and took one last glance at her parents, and a brilliant smile lit up her face. She then turned around and replied, “Alright, I’m on my way.”

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