Chapter 208 Happiness is like a Flower

Chapter 208 Happiness is like a Flower

After giving the matter a thought, Ye Ci realised that she has forgotten how she responded to Wandering Cloud’s request in her past life. How ironic it is. It seems that the relationship that I once cherished was an insignificant joke. How I wish to forget everything.

Of course, she wouldn’t waste her time on something of the past. She was a reincarnator, she would never give Wandering Cloud another chance to take advantage of her, “If you need anything from me, you can always send me a message. There’s no need for you to add me as a friend.” that was how Ye Ci rejected his request.

Wandering Cloud did not expect Gongzi You to turn him down right away. After all, adding somebody as a friend in the game was something very common. A player would normally not refuse a friend request. This was why Wandering Cloud was momentarily stunned before he could come up with a response, “Alright. I’ll get in contact if I need your help.”

Wandering Cloud ended his conversation with Ye Ci right there and then. He felt awkward after receiving her response. Continuing the conversation would only make things worse.

Ye Ci was surprised by Wandering Cloud’s action. According to her knowledge of Wandering Cloud in her past life, this person was the embodiment of persistence. It was very rare for him to give up after facing a rejection from Ye Ci.

However, with bigger problems to worry about, Ye Ci was quick to shove this incident to the back of her mind. After all, her priority was to increase her prestige with the Doran Thieves Guild so that she could complete her Epic-tier quest, while not affecting her Red Lake City prestige for the sake of continuing her side quests in the city. This dilemma was pushing Ye Ci to her limits.

She tried her best to come up with a solution as she sat fishing at the lake - but no avail. She gave up for the moment, and focussed on leveling up her Fishing and Cooking skill instead. Red Lake City was a good fishing spot. Knowing that it would be a waste to fish using a normal fishing rod, Ye Ci activated her Brooch of Deceit and equipped the Purple quality fishing rod she obtained earlier on.

A sudden thought flashed across her mind. Why have I not thought of this? She had always disguised her equipment using the Brooch of Deceit, how could she have forgotten that! The Brooch of Deceit could be used to change her appearance. She would be able to appear as an NPC with the brooch!

She would be able to solve her problem by using the Brooch of Deceit!

Forming a plan in her mind, Ye Ci was eager to try it out.

She headed to the city hall, and found the quest giving NPC. She then accepted the quest to defend Red Lake City from bandits. She was given three choices by the NPC: Killing bandits, capturing bandits, or torturing bandits.

The three quests offer the same amount of Prestige points as a reward. However, to test out the effects of the Brooch of Deceit, Ye Ci chose the bandit slaying quest.

Bandit Slaying: Kill 100 Bandits from the Doran Thieves Guild within 3 hours. The quest was not tough for Ye Ci. With her military rank in Red Lake City, she could lead a squad of 10 NPCs into battle with her. It made her job very simple.

Ye Ci then led ten lvl 50 NPC soldiers out of the city, heading northwest towards the Silvery Tin Vein. Her action aroused the curiosity of players along the way. Many of them sent messages to Ye Ci, but with her private message channel currently closed to strangers and the speed that she was travelling at, the players could not obtain an answer from her.

After entering the Silvery Tin Vein, Ye Ci activated the Brooch of Deceit, disguising herself as a Red Lake City Guard Captain, and headed straight to the spawn point of the lvl 40 bandits. She had already scouted out the area. The spawn point was quite a distant away from the bandit’s hideout, which meant that the bandit patrols in the area were thin. This area was very secluded, and the likelihood of players appearing nearby was very low.

Ye Ci ordered the NPCs under her command to charge at the bandits, once she arrived at the flat terrain of the spawn point. The bandits in the area were all lvl 40, not equipped with any special skills, dealing only physical damage. waYe Ci was able to easily dispatch the bandits with the help of the Red Lake City soldiers. The only thing she had to do was to pay attention to any bandit runners who would return to their hideout and bring reinforcements to the battle.

The bandits were quick to respawn, and Ye Ci was able to complete her bandit-slaying quest within a short while, and returned to red Lake City. To not attract unnecessary attention, Ye Ci removed her disguise and dismissed her NPC soldiers.

After having a needless talk with the officer in the city hall, Ye Ci was finally able to complete her quest and receive the reward. She then headed to the Silvery Tin Vein. She was anxious as she walked into the bandit hideout.

The bandits remained hostile towards Ye Ci, but due to her Epic-tier quest, they did not attack her on side. Millard was still resting in his house, while John’s name was still yellow in color. Their attitude towards Ye Ci did not change even after the one hundred bandits she had slain. Ye Ci was still cautious despite the situation. She opened John’s status interface, and noticed that his intimacy level with her remained the same. The notice was a huge relief to Ye Ci.

Of course, a sliver of anxiety remained in Ye Ci’s heart. Her experiment had only proved that the disguising as an NPC to kill bandits will not affect her prestige with the bandits. But what if leading bandits while disguised to attack Red Lake City could still affect her Red Lake City Prestige?

“Ah, it’s good to see you again, my friend! So, have you made your decision to help us out?” John greeted Ye Ci politely as he noticed her approach. He then offered Ye Ci three options to increase her her Doran Thieves Guild Prestige:

1. Rob 12 players.

2. Rob 12 Red Lake City Citizens.

3. Kill a specific NPC within Red Lake City.

Ye Ci read the description of the three missions carefully. In the first option, Ye Ci was required to kill 12 players in the Silvery Tine Vein. She would then receive a quest item from the system upon completing her quest. She was required to rob 12 Red Lake City citizens in the second option. There was no specific location for this option. As long as the NPCs that Ye Ci killed were citizens of Red Lake City, she would be able to complete the quest. The third option was the hardest. She was required to kill the Chief Warden of Red Lake City.

The Chief Warden was a lvl 70 NPC. There was no way Ye Ci could kill him. He was surrounded by countless NPC soldiers patrolling the area. It was almost impossible for Ye Ci to even reach the Chief Warden.

The third option was definitely out of the question for Ye Ci. She was left with the options of either attacking the players or any Red Lake City citizens.

After giving the matter a thought, Ye Ci went with the first option. Robbing an NPC from Red Lake City was just too risky. With Ye Ci’s reputation with the Doran Thieves Guild, they will never send their men to help Ye Ci out. The only thing that Ye Ci could do was to kill other players.

Although the Silvery Tin Vein was located on top of an ore vein, it was a small map. The player population in the map were not as concentrated compared to the other map. Despite that, there was still a significant number, and they always travelled in groups. It was hard to catch a straggler out.

Ye Ci disguised herself as a Bandit Captain, which utilizes magic attacks in combat. It was enough to deal with players who had a lower level than her. After completing her disguise, Ye Ci left the bandit hideout and surveyed the surrounding areas.

A Bandit Captain is a lvl 50 Elite Monster, which meant that it had a better loot drop compared to an ordinary bandit. Ye Ci, who was moving alone with the guise of a Bandit Captain immediately became the focus of player attention.

Ye Ci knew that this would happen. This was why she chose areas where players were less concentrated.Two reasons contributed to Ye Ci’s decision. Firstly, a lower concentration of players meant that there was a lower risk that she would be swarmed by players. As Gongzi You, she could take on 20 players without much of a problem with her level advantage. As a Bandit Captain, she might not be able to take on more than 5 players at a single time.

Secondly, players in such secluded areas would be grouped up in smaller parties made up of Life Players that were in the place to gather herbs or mine for ores. Such players were usually not used to combat, making them easy prey for Ye Ci.

Ye Ci immediately attracted the attention of players around her as soon as she entered an abandoned mine.

“Look! A lone Bandit Captain!”

“Hurry! Go take it out!”

“It’s a lvl 50 monster, can we take it on?”

Some of the players started discussing their course of action, but many of them let their actions speak. Spells, skills, and arrows rained down on Ye Ci as Warriors began charging at Ye Ci.

The vast majority of the players were at lvl 30. Ye Ci would be able to complete her quest if she was able to kill them all. She locked on to a Warrior that was closest to her and launched one of her abilities at him.

She was shocked by what happened next. The single target spell was able to instantly annihilate the Warrior. It seemed that a Bandit Captain was actually not an easy target. After having a rough idea of how powerful the skills of a Bandit Captain could be, Ye Ci unleashed the rest of her abilities on the players around her. The melee players who were closer to her were wiped out, while players who were farther away immediately fled.

After picking off as many players as she could, Ye Ci immediately began collecting the quest items before more players could arrive at the scene to take her on. However, she did not loot from the dead players as they were all players of the Eastern Continent. Besides, their equipment was inferior to Ye Ci’s.

She immediately returned to the bandit hideout after collecting the quest items. Many of the players chose not to revive themselves as Ye Ci was still nearby. They observed the lone Bandit Captain from afar and began their own discussion.

“F*ck me! That Bandit Captain was too strong! I thought we could kill it.. I’ve never expected that we will get wiped out.”

“We were badly organized. If we worked with the other parties instead of trying to score the last hit, we could’ve kited it and eventually defeat it.”

“That’s easier said than done! We were not the only party back there. Do you think everybody will agree to that?”

“That’s why…”

“Hey, look at that! The Bandit Captain is searching the corpses! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Even monsters know how to loot?”

“I know right! I’ve never knew that monsters will loot from players as well! What a rare sight!”

“Ahh, cut the crap! What if it loots our equipment?”

“Do you want to revive now?”

“Are you crazy? We will have only half our hitpoints if we revive! That thing can kill a full health Warrior! You’ll only lose your equipment and experience!”


Of course, Ye Ci who was wearing the appearance of an NPC did not know that her action became a topic of discussion among players. The only thing in her mind was to collect all the items and complete the quest. If she attracted too much attention, things would grow bad for her. The secret of her Epic-tier quest would be revealed along with her Brooch of Deceit. If something like that happened, Thousand Sunsets would be able to guess the identity of the thief who stole from Steel-Blooded Battle Spear. Even if he has lost much of his influence, he still posed a threat to Ye Ci in real life.

Even if Thousand Sunsets chose to ignore such a fact, the real owner of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear, who was the Old Master behind Thousand Sunsets would definitely act. The items within the warehouse of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear were his investments. If her secret was revealed, Zero Arsenic, Unbridled Willow, Thousand Sunsets, and even Dong Yin and Yi Cang would definitely go after her. It was not something that Ye Ci could handle.

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