Chapter 206 A Few Things (Part 2)

Chapter 206 A Few Things (Part 2)

Ye Nantian, Zuo Xiaolan and Liu Chang’s parents were close friends, but they were not as close with the parents of Dong Yin and Yi Cang. They kept their distance after the families and Dong Yin and Yi Cang became wealthy to avoid rumors that they’re trying to curry favors from people of higher status. Because of that fact, Ye Ci’s family had always had a closer relationship with Liu Chang’s family.

With the recent conflict between Liu Chang’s and Yi Cang’s family, there had always been a slight tension in the atmosphere. Everything was so beautiful after the two families left.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, enjoying the peace and tranquility.

The remaining two families said their goodbyes after the meal. Ye Nantian and ZuoXiaolan drove to the restaurant, fully intending to drive the three youngsters home after the banquet. However, they left when Ye Ci and Bai Mo claimed that they were going to a bookstore nearby. Tan Polang’s request to tag along was denied as he had a lot of unfinished homework and an upcoming exam.

Ye Ci and Bai Mo could see Tan Polang’s dejected expression even as Ye Nantian drove away, “Don’t you pity Polang?”

“If he did badly in his exam, I can guarantee that he’ll be in a worse position.” Ye Ci showed no pity towards Tan Polang. After all, she knew her parents well. Tan Polang would be in a world of suffering if he did not rank among the top 20 in his grade during the exam.

Bai Mo nodded with a knowing look, his pity towards Tan Polang dispersed immediately, “You’re right. A student must place studying as his priority.”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes as she reminisced about Tan Polang’s dejected expression. Bai Mo’s words were like music to the ears. Wahahaha!

“Why did you ask me to bring my tablet along just now? Don’t tell me… You’ve predicted that this would happen?”

“Do you seriously think that I’m a goddess or something?” Ye Ci snorted, “I didn’t even know that we’ll be eating with them!”

“Then why did you make me bring my tablet along?”

“I went online before going to sleep yesterday, and received a private message from Unbridled Willow. He told me that they’re going to challenge the fifth BOSS, and will not log out of the game until they succeed. I did not know if they would succeed back then, but when there was no official report about the Castle Ruins First Five when I woke up this morning, and guessed that they were still trying to defeat the BOSS. That was why I told you to bring your tablet along just in case. I wanted to know if something happens. Who knows I’ll be so lucky.”

“If they had not defeated the BOSS just now, how would you have responded to Dong Yin’s father?”

“Of course I would decline his offer. Then again, I was thinking of a good way to decline, but thank God I don’t have to!” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. She had a sudden feeling that the Goddess of Fate was by her side the moment she reincarnated.

“Such dogshit luck you have.”

Ye Ci paid no mind to Bai Mo’s comment, and let out a laugh, “So what if I have dogshit luck? How many of us have the chance of stepping on dog poo in the middle of the street?”

Ye Ci’s summer holiday started officially at that night. However, a few things happened to her before she could enjoy her holiday. The Fate officials had finally announced the name of the player who defeated Werebeast Shaman Buru. Although Ye Ci was able to make quite some money out of the bet, but as a result, she had to live through the painful experienced of being teased in the World Channel.

This was how it unfolded:

Ye Ci logged into the game after the banquet, and appeared in Red Lake City. A message immediately appeared in the World Channel, “I’ve spotted Gongzi You in Red Lake City at the coordinates 729: 163: 454”

Before she could even react, Ye Ci was surrounded by a huge crowd. Each and every one of them stared at Ye Ci, and she stared back at them as well. Oh how awkward the situation was for Ye Ci, and how embarrassed she was.

The incident has not even reached its boiling point yet.

Just as Ye Ci was surrounded at all sides with people taking photos of her and even people trying to hit on her, a message from a certain despicable someone appeared in the World Channel.

[World] (Genesis) Fleeting Time: Aiya, Little Gongzi, why did you not tell me when you went on such a dangerous adventure? I could’ve been your escort!

The messaged caused an uproar in the World Channel, the Eastern and Western Continent, and ‘Upwards Ho!’ as well. Ye Ci was speechless. The crowd that surrounded her grew in numbers, while a lot of players began their gossipping.

If Gongzi You and Fleeting Time who were from opposing continents got married, how would the wedding ceremony be conducted?

Of course, Ye Ci did not even have to pay attention to anything other than the ‘Upwards Ho!’ guild channel to know how trigger happy players could be. There was already a heated discussion going on in the Guild Channel.

“Old Mo, do you think that I can be the best man if they got married?” Let Go Of That Girl was so happy that he almost broke into tears”

“You? A best man? With that height?” he was immediately ridiculed by Ideal Height 1.7m.

“What? Do you think you’ll get to be the bridesmaid? People can’t even see you when you stand beside an Elf!” Let Go Of That Girl immediately retorted in the defence of the dignity of the Dwarven race.

“Aiya, I’ll definitely be the bridesmaid!” exclaimed Fruit Jelly, “I got Lemon to make me a new dress and have never gotten the chance to wear it. Here comes the opportunity!”

“Hmm.. I think I’ll get somebody to forge me a new set of armor as well so that I’ll be even more handsome. After all, I’ll be the one who is going to lead her into the church.” Bai Mo’s imagination was already running wild.

Of course, that was not the only thing discussed. Purity Essence immediately took the chance to clear his name, “See? See? I told you there’s nothing going on between me and Gongzi! Do you believe me now?”

“Yeah, I think we’ve been wrong about you.”


Ye Ci could no longer hold in her anger, “I see that all of you are very free! Alright then! I’ll be taking 10% off of the earnings from the sponsored dungeon clearing for 2 months straight!”

“Aiya! The bride is gathering money for her dowry! Take my money please!” Icy Cold Little Hands gave her support to Ye Ci, “It’s alright! If you have a lot of dowry, you won’t be bullied by your husband’s family.”

“Yup, yup… Take our money!” Little Icy Cold Hands showed his support to his wife.

“Don’t you worry, the guild will give you a huge sum of dowry when you get married.” Timely Rain who was the guild’s treasurer spoke up as well.


Ye Ci was confounded by the content of the Guild Channel. She was utterly speechless. She then made the decision to ignore the conversation entirely.

She then made a reply in the World Channel.

[World] (Upwards Ho!) Gongzi You: Fleeting Time, you asshole! I’ll kill you until you have 0 level left!

She immediately received a reply from Fleeting Time.

[World] (Genesis) Fleeting Time: My deepest apologies. It’ll be an honor to die by your hands.

The turmoil in the World Channel immediately reached a new height. Literally every female player who was following the gossip squealed at the response.

Ye Ci was hit by a sudden realization. She was no match for Fleeting Time when it came to trash talking. Staying silent was her best option.

At the same time, Absalom was staring dumbfoundedly at Fleeting Time, who was sitting on the ground, laughing uncontrollably, “Oi, are you done? We’re still trying to clear a dungeon here…” his mouth twitched.

“Right, right.” Fleeting TIme nodded. However, he did not show any intention of getting up from the ground, and his laughter continued.

The guild members stared silently at Fleeting Time. They were confused by his sudden outburst of laughter.

“Say, it it really THAT funny? She’s calling you an asshole!” Absalom could not understand why Fleeting could allow Gongzi You to throw insults after insults at him without getting angry. The anger that he should have shown was replaced by glee.

“Ai, you’ll never understand how it feels like to get scolded by that person. I’m sure the look on her face will be very interesting.” Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes as he imagined how Ye Ci’s expression would be. He then broke into yet another laughter.

There were two things in the guild member’s mind at that moment:

1. There was something going on between Fleeting Time and Gongzi You.

2. A normal player will never understand the twisted sense of humor of a God-tier player.

Yup, that was the first thing that happened to Ye Ci.

As for the following events... Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan finally decided to start playing Fate. They were intrigued by the words of Dong Yin’s and Yi Cang’s parents about the wonders of Fate, and made the the decision to try it out themselves.

When they were having tea break one afternoon, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian finally found their courage to voice out their desire to play Fate. However, they were still slightly embarrassed by that matter.

“Little Ci, do you think it’s inappropriate for your father and I to play the game?” Zuo Xiaolan was slightly worried. After all, she was a 50 year old woman. For her to play a video game… She had never played one, even in her youth.

“Auntie, uncle, you think too much. There is a lot of players who are way older than you, but they still enjoy the game.” said Bai Mo as he took a sip of the green bean soup.

Tan Polang spoke up as well, “The father of our principal was 80 years old, but nobody thought badly of him when he started playing the game. What are you afraid of?”

Noting that it was a rare chance for her parents to even think of playing the game, Ye Ci began counseling them with a smile on her face, “It’s nothing. Don’t think too much about it. If the both of you don’t like farming and fighting against monsters, you can be Life Players! Didn’t you two want to be a tailor and a chef?”

“We’ve never been able to reach an agreement until now. We’ve decided that I’ll be the tailor while you’re father will be the chef.” Zuo Xiaolan let out an embarrassed laugh, “We wanted to try the game out when we heard that we could earn money by playing the game from the parents of Yi Cang and Dong Yin.”

“As long as you enjoy it, it’s fine.” Ye Ci nodded. She then talked to Bai Mo about buying gaming cabins for her parents. This caused much sorrow to Tan Polang. As a student with an impending exam, he was not allowed to log into the game.

Ye Ci dug out the contract for the storefront that she previously bought in Red Lake City. She would hand them to her parents once they logged into the game. It did not matter if they were unable to earn money out of it. She wanted her parents to be happy, and hoped that her parents could understand what she was doing. That alone was enough for her.

As a reincarnator, she did not want to exclude her parents from her life. She wanted to be just like any other daughter out there. She wanted to make her parents happy, and this was the perfect chance.

There was one more interesting thing that happened to Ye Ci.

Truth to be told, it had nothing to do with Ye Ci, but she was still shocked when she received the news.

Green Hill’s Moon sat on a chair, carefully slicing the a piece of roasted ostrich meat. He put a slice into his mouth, and savored the taste. He then took a sip of wine before letting out a sigh, “Hai… You have such a high status in Red Lake City. How will I be able to achieve a status like this in my home city? I’m willing to die for it!”

Ye Ci purse her lips, and began slowly eating the dishes laid out in front of her, “Why did you want to meet me out of the blue? Was it just so that I can treat you to a meal? Green Hill’s Moon, this is not how you should be spending your time.”

“Oi, don’t be like that. Gongzi, you know me.I might be wasting my time if it’s somebody else, but if it’s you… I’m sure it’s worth it.” there was a glint in Green Hill’s Moon’s eyes.

“That’s because you’re looking at me as a source of your income. Of course it’s worth it!”

“Aiya, can you not be so straightforward? I’m embarrassed.” of course, despite his words, Green Hill’s Moon was not embarrassed at all.

“So, what is it?”

“I’m always one to finish what I started. I’m here to tell you about how that thing you wanted me to investigated ended.”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, “What thing?”

“That thing about Unbridled Willow of course!” Green Hill’s Moon chuckled, “Aren’t you curious about how the power struggle between Unbridled Willow and Thousand Sunsets ended?”

“How it ended? There can only be one victor. Since Unbridled Willow was the one who secured a spot in the Castle Ruins First Five, Thousand Sunsets would definitely be in deep shit.” Ye Ci laughed. Such things were well within her prediction.

“Do you think I’ll ask you out if things are that simple?”

“Oh?” Ye Ci was momentarily stunned. Have things taken a different turn?

“Although Thousand Sunsets was no longer favored by the Old Master, he was still someone who was groomed by him for many years. His foundation within the family is very firm, there’s no way something as trivial as this is able to complete destroy his standing. The Old Master has decided to split Steel-Blooded Battle Spear into two, and handed each half to Unbridled Willow and Thousand Sunsets.”

Ye Ci pursed her lips and said with a voice full of sarcasm, “So you’re telling me that Thousand Sunsets got something good out of his blunder?”

“That would be impossible. The First Five decided the flow of a huge amount of money. Members of the family were betting on the outcome of this conflict. Thousand Sunsets’ defeat cost him a fortune. He was badly hurt. On the other hand, despite his victory and the huge amount of funds he managed to secure, Unbridled Willow did not have much of a foothold within the family. He won the battle, but the war is far from over.”

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