Chapter 206 A Few Things

Chapter 206 A Few Things

The atmosphere was tense.

Dong Yin’s anger flared when her father was ignored by Ye Ci. She has been trying to get into contact with Ye Ci, hoping that she would help Thousand Sunsets out. Even if Ye Ci was not willing to lend her strength to Thousand Sunsets, she should help Dong Yin out because of their years of friendship. She has persuaded her father to invest more than half of their wealth into the game. Even if Unbridled Willow was not a threat, she still hoped that Thousand Sunsets could secure a spot in the First Five. This will bring a huge amount of profit to her family, and could preserve her relationship with Thousand Sunsets.

However, ever since their last gathering, Ye Ci has been ignoring her. All her messages and mails were rejected. She has even tried to get Liu Chang’s help to get into contact with Ye Ci, but her request was always denied by Liu Chang. At this point, it was it was as if Dong Yin was begging for their help.

Then again, even if she was indeed begging for their help, shouldn’t they give her face after she has begged for so long?

Dong Yin was annoyed. She was from a wealthy family, and was raised like a princess. She has never faced such a rejection in her life. Her father would even pluck down the stars from heaven if she asked for them. Ye Ci, on the other had, had coldly rejected her request. She felt humiliated and was angry at the same time. Thousand Sunsets had also hinted that if she was unable to settle things with Ye Ci, it would badly affect their relationship. It was a very desperate moment for Dong Yin.

A human would do almost anything out of desperation, even if it was something that was very out of character.

Dong Yin was the perfect example. With her request rejected by Ye Ci and her father completely ignored by her as well, the tiny volcano within her heart erupted, “Ye Ci, my dad is talking to you! How could you be so rude? Just what the hell do you think you’re doing? Haven’t your parents taught you some basic manners?”

Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan were angered by Dong Yin’s statement, “Dong Yin, it’s not your place to question Ye Ci’s manners. Auntie knows that you’re young, so auntie will let it slide, but please don’t do that again. What will outsiders think about you if you behaved like that?”

Unlike Yi Cang, Dong Yin had a better control of her anger. She was interrupted by her mother before she could talk back, who glared at her, “Is it your turn to speak? Eat your food!” Dong Yin’s mother then smiled at Zuo Xiaolan, “Little Lan, I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been pampering Yin Yin too much. She’s always been like that, “ she then smiled at Ye Ci, “Little Ci, please don’t mind Yin Yin, she’s just a little pampered, please just give in to her a little.”

“Give in?” Liu Chang’s mother snorted, “It’s as if your daughter was the pearl in your palm but ours are weeds at the side of the road!”

Liu Chang’s mother shed all pretences of cordiality. She was no longer gentle with her words.

The face of Dong Yin’s mother immediately distorted into a mask of anger. She would have exploded in a fit of rage had it not been for the presence of her husband, who immediately attempted to defuse the tension, “What are you people doing? I’m talking to Little Ci, stop butting in.” and he smiled at Ye Ci, “Little Ci, do you think you can do it when you get back home later? There’s no time better than the present. Why don’t you settle this as soon as possible when you get home?”

Ye Ci raised her head and stared silently at Dong Yin’s father. The man has grown plump due to his recent success in his business exploits. There was not a single wrinkle on his face. Ye Ci could feel the calculative intention hidden behind his wide grin. She could not help but shudder. Wealth is such a terrible thing. Dong Yin’s father was not like this when she was younger. Since when had he changed so much?

Tan Polang who had previously remained silent could no longer hold himself back, he lifted his head and spoke to Dong Yin’s father with sarcasm clear in his tone, “Hah! There’s no better time than the present? Since when has my sister promised to help you out?”

The already tension filled atmosphere became even more tense. It was as if the air itself was frozen.

The expression on Dong Yin’s father’s face darkened, “You little brat! Since when is it your turn to speak? Little Ci has already promised to help! She-” he sneered coldly at Tan Polang.

“I didn't even say anything just now. Uncle was the one who has been talking. I don’t even have the chance to speak up.” Ye Ci finally spoke up, cutting Dong Yin’s father off.

Dong Yin’s father’s expression darkened even further. He gazed intently at Ye Ci. It was the gaze of a viper, ready strike at any moment. However, Ye Ci was unfazed. She was used to situations like this. If she showed fear, if she backed down, she would not be Ye Ci.

Ye Ci met his gaze without fear. This slightly intimidated Dong Yin’s father. That was not the gaze of a 19 year old girl. There was not a sign of the naivety that should be possessed by a youth. He could feel how cunning and how calculative Ye Ci was just by looking into her eyes. If he had no prior knowledge that Ye Ci was 19 years old year, Dong Yin’s father would have thought of Ye Ci to be a grown woman. Somebody with that gaze should be at least 30 years old.

The valiant shall emerge victorious when rivals meet, and speed is of the essence when two armies clashed.

Ye Ci was the one who emerged victorious in her staring match against Dong Yin’s father. It was not because of Ye Ci’s capabilities, and it did not mean that Dong Yin’s father was inferior to a silly little girl. He lost because of his greed and desire.

A person filled with his or her selfish desires would always be at a disadvantage when the person took on somebody without selfish desires. This was probably what the saying “the righteous will stand firm”.

Dong Yin’s father pulled out a cheque book and wrote down a few numbers on the cheque. He then placed it on the the Lazy Susan and spun the cheque towards Ye Ci, “Little Ci, as long as you’re willing the to help, you can have this cheque.”

“Old Dong, what are you doing?” Ye Nantian’s face soured as soon as he saw the cheque, “Don’t involve money into our friendship! What do you think we are?”

“Dad, mom, don’t worry.” Ye Ci cut her father off. Ye Nantian was surprised by how calm his daughter was. His daughter had matured without him noticing! She could even stand her ground now.

Ye Nantian shared a look with Zuo Xiaolan and sighed. There was nothing else he could say.

Ye Ci stared silently the numbers written on the cheque: 200,000

It was a huge sum of money for a poor family. Although such amount was like pocket change to Dong Yin’s family, but in their perspective, this money was something that meant a world to a poor family like Ye Ci’s.

Bai Mo who was sitting beside Ye Ci stole a glance at the cheque and broke out in laughter. 200,000 was the basic monthly salary of their guild officers. The sponsored dungeon clearing team could earn this amount easily in the span of two days.

Tan Polang had to inch closer as he was further away. He laughed as well when he say the figure written on the cheque, “Ah thought it was a huge sum, but it’s only 200,000…”

Those words were like a slap to Dong Yin’s father’s face. The room became deathly silent as each and every one of the waited for a response from Ye Ci. Just then, Bai Mo’s tablet computer beeped, and he immediately set his chopsticks down to check the message on his tablet. He then handed it over to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci’s mood lightened when she saw the smile on Bai Mo’s face. There would definitely be good news. When Ye Ci took the tablet from Bai Mo, she could see the message displayed on its screen: The position of Castle Ruins First Five in the Eastern Continent has been finalized.

The names of the five guilds could be found in the article below. Other than Upwards Ho! which had achieved First Clear, Wolf Pack, Tang Dynasty, Blade of Destiny and Steel-Blooded Battle Spear were also listed. Steel-Blooded Battle Spear was the only guild that piqued her interest among the four other guilds. Who was the one who has managed to secure in the First Five?

Was it Unbridled Willow? Or could it be Thousand Sunsets?

Although Ye Ci was more biased against Thousand Sunsets, she knew that nothing was certain in this world. If Unbridled Willow was the one who lost, Ye Ci would definitely cough up blood.

Fortunately for Ye Ci, the heavens was smiling down upon her. She was relieved to see the names of Unbridled Willow and Zero Arsenic in the team roster.

She handed the tablet back to Bai Mo, and returned the cheque to Dong Yin’s father with a smile, “Uncle Dong, I think you have too little confidence in the team that you’ve invested in. Upwards Ho! secured its First Clear through sheer dumb luck. Surely you know that our foundation is not as firm as a guild as large as Steel-Blooded Battle Spear. Truth to be told, I would need the permission of the guild leader before I could help you out. After all, I am the Vice Leader of Upwards Ho!. What will my members think of me if I help Steel-Blooded Battle Spear out in their dungeon clearing? Surely you know that there are regulations in every guild. It’s not that I don’t want to help, but I have my own difficulties. I was thinking if I should ask my Guild Leader to grant me permission to help Steel-Blooded Battle Spear out. But…”

With that, Ye Ci’s smile broadened. Dong Yin’s father immediately followed up with a question, “But what?”

“But… An official announcement had just been released. Steel-Blooded Battle Spear has managed to secure a spot in Castle Ruins First Five after all! There’s not even a need for me to help them out,” Ye Ci shrugged, “Uncle Dong is such a smart investor. You’ve invested on the black horse of the Eastern Continent. I’m sure you’ll be able to earn a lot out of that!”

“Steel-Blooded Battle Spear has secured a spot in the First Five?” the question came out of the mouths of Dong Yin’s and Yi Cang’s famiy members in perfect synchronization.

“Of course, I saw it just now.” Ye Ci extended her arm towards Bai Mo, motioning for his tablet computer.

Before Bai Mo could turn on the screen of his tablet, Yi Cang had already pulled out his own device, “There’s no need. I can do it on my own.”

Yi Cang, and the rest of his and Dong Yin’s family membered shared the same grave expression on their faces. It was a view that Ye Ci enjoyed.

The rest of the attendees, with the exception of Ye Ci and Bai Mo, had no knowledge of the power struggle between Thousand Sunsets and Unbridled Willow. They were baffled by the sour expressions of Dong Yin’s and Yi Cang’s family. “What’s with their looks? Haven’t your daughter told them that the Steel-Blooded Battle Spear thing has secured First Five?”

Ye Nantian was baffled as well, “How would I know? I’ve never played that game at all, not to mention investing in that game. We know nothing about that game.”

Just then, Yi Cang’s mother let out a loud wail, “Oh my God! What did I tell you?”

Before she could continue, Yi Cang’s father gave her a nudge, and she snapped out of it.. She bit her lip tightly, and her face was pale as snow.

Ye Ci smiled when she noticed the darkened expressions of Dong Yin’s and Yi Cang’s family, “Am I right? Steel-Blooded Battle Spear has secured First Five.”

“Yes, yes.” Dong Yin’s father’s had a dark look on his face, and perspirations formed on his forehead. He was extremely anxious, and his anxiety was mirrored by the members of his family.

Ye Ci acted as if she was oblivious to the scene unfolding in front of her. She motioned for the waiter on duty to pour everybody some wine. She lifted her glass, and proposed a toast to Dong Yin’s father, “Allow me to congratulate you, Uncle Dong. It seems that your investment in Steel-Blooded Battle Spear turns out to be a smashing success!”

Dong Yin’s father fumbled with his glass absentmindedly, “Yes, yes.” sweat was dripping down from his forehead.

“Then, Uncle Dong, since Steel-Blooded Battle Spear has secured a spot in the First Five, you no longer require my help, am I right?” Ye Ci blinked innocently.

“There’s no need.” the face of Dong Yin’s father grew even paler. He raised his glass, and gulped down its content. It was as if he has grown older all of a sudden, “There’s no need.”

“Hurry, eat up. The dishes will not be tasty when they grow cold.” Ye Ci nodded, and stole a glance at Dong Yin and Yi Cang. The former slumped lifelessly on her chair, as if she had become a soulless doll, while the latter’s face was a sheet of white. The obnoxious, arrogant aura of a spoiled young master around Yi Cang had already disappeared.

Ye Ci then smiled at her parents and the parents of Liu Chang, “Dad, mom, uncle, auntie, help yourselves with the food. We can order more if it’s not enough.”

The four of them were confused. They did not have a single clue about what had just transpired. In a situation like this, they opted to just digging into their food silently.

Dong Yin’s father let out a long sigh. Forcing a smile, he bade farewell to the two couples that were still confused, “Old Ye, Old Liu, I’ve just remembered that there’s something I have to tend to. I’ll take my leave.”

“Why don’t you leave after we’ve finished the meal?”

“It’s alright. There’s really something that I need to attend to.” Dong Yin’s father stood up and headed for the door. Ye Ci noticed that his previously confident strides were gone, replaced by wobbly steps. He might even have fallen over if Dong Yin’s mother did not support him.

Yi Cang’s family took their leave as well, shortly after Dong Yin’s family left the room.

Only Ye Ci’s and Liu Chang’s families were left in the once-bustling room.

The adults of both families were confused, “What’s with them?”

Ye Ci shrugged, showing a confused look, “How would I know?”

Liu Chang even requested the waiter on duty to open the windows to let in some fresh air.

Bai Mo chuckled and offered an explanation to the adults, “I guess they really have something to do. You know, people like us will never understand what’s going on in the minds of those rich people.”

“You’ve got a point.” the adults believed Bai Mo explanation. They cast their worries aside and began enjoying the food heartily.

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