Chapter 204 We’re A Team (Part 2)

Chapter 204 We’re A Team (Part 2)

Perhaps due to the counseling session with Bai Mo, Ye Ci was able to overcome her troubles. However, she was unable to log into the game for a few days. Finals were approaching, and Ye Ci was fond of the idea of passing all her subjects. She was forced to study hard.

It was such a cruel fate. She had attended university before her reincarnation, and was forced to relive her life as a university student. Not only that, Ye Ci was also troubled by the fact that she was unable to master her subjects even after her reincarnation. She still had to put a lot of effort into her studies. Why can’t I be like the main characters in your average reincarnation novel? The answer was simple: She had “returned” all her knowledge to her lecturers. If she did not work hard, she would definitely fail in her exams.

“Little Ci, how did you do in the exam?” Fang Susu was worried about Ye Ci who was wearing a wan expression when she left the exam hall, “The questions were so tough!”

“Hard? Heh! That damned old man! He told us that everything he taught is important! Do you have any idea how thick our textbook is? I can’t even finish it! Even if I could, I won’t be able to remember everything! I think I’m doomed for this semester.” Ye Ci let out a long sigh. She was probably the most unfortunate reincarnator. She might fail her exam as someone who has reincarnated!

“That might not be the case. You haven’t missed a single class. I’m sure the old man will give you some marks for your attendance.” even when Fang Susu was trying her best to console Ye Ci, she herself was not confident in her own abilities. The exam questions were very tough.

Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Fang Susu. As a reincarnator, she knew that the old man would remember each and every of the students who have decided to skip his class and exact his revenge in the final examinations. She did not dare to skip even one of his classes despite how busy she was in-game.

“I hope so.” Ye Ci was very anxious. She hoped that she could pass. Please don’t fail me! A supplementary exam was not overly costly, but it would leave an ugly mark in her certificate. Even if she was a godlike presence in game, she would definitely disappoint her parents if she failed the subject.

Is there any reincarnator out there who is suffering as much as she is?

Ye Ci was heading back home with Fang Susu at her side when her phone rang. It was a call from her parents. They urged her to go home early and told her that there would be a banquet at night. They gave instructions for her to head to the restaurant with Bai Mo while they would head to the place first with Tan Polang.

Ye Ci grit her teeth after hanging up the call. How could they forget about their daughter when they got a new son? That little brat got to ride in their car while Ye Ci and Bai Mo had to travel by bus!

Fang Susu laughed out loud when she received a complaint from Ye Ci. Fortunately for Ye Ci, Bai Mo arrived just before Fang Susu could make fun of her.

Fang Susu smiled sweetly at Ye Ci when she spotted Bai Mo from afar. She then whispered to Ye Ci, “Yo, Ye Ci, is Bai Mo a close relative of yours or is he a distant one?”

“Of course he’s my cousin!” Ye Ci was baffled by Fang Susu’s behavior, “He’s the son of my mother’s sister. Why do you ask?”

“Ah, how unfortunate.” Fang Susu let out a sigh and continued, “You know… It’s okay even if he’s a cousin of yours.”

“Just what the hell are you talking about?” Ye Ci was very confused as she listened to Fang Susu’s words, “I’ll be on my way.”

“Ah, it’s nothing. What I’m trying to say is that, even if the both of you got married, there’s a chance that your child will not be retarded. Haha!”

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned, “Oi oi.. Fang Susu, are you itching to get beaten up?” shouted Ye Ci as she began chasing Fang Susu around.

“Stop! Stop! I just thought that you are well matched with him! If he’s not a cousin, you can seriously consider having a relationship with him” Fang Susu laughed out loud. She ran towards Qin Churuo who was walking towards her, “I’ll get going. You take care!”

Ye Ci let out a sigh. They will never understand what Bai Mo meant to her. Their family bond was something that she treasured the most in her current life and even in her past life.

At this point, Bai Mo had already moved their things and gaming cabin back home. He was there to help Ye Ci with her textbooks.

“What’s with the banquet tonight?” asked Bai Mo as the boarded a taxi.

“How the hell would I know? My mom told us to go there by bus. They’ll head there with that little brat.” Ye Ci was disgruntled, “They’re going there by car! So why do we have to ride on the bus?”

“We’re adults, Little Ci. He’s just a kid.” Bai Mo knew that Ye Ci was not really angry, just somewhat sulking and cracked a joke at her, “Well, you can pretend to be a little girl, I don’t mind carrying you there!” Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Bai Mo and his nonsense.

Zuo Xiaolan, Ye Nantian and Tan Polang were already gone by the time the two arrived, leaving behind a note with an address. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, Ye Ci left home with Bai Mo.

Bai Mo was very curious about the banquet. He winked at Ye Ci as they were on the bus, “Say, Little Ci, do you think they’re setting you up on a blind date or something?”

“You must be out of your mind.” Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Bai Mo, paying him no heed.

“I’m being serious you know.”

“Then why would they bring you and Tan Polang along?” Ye Ci snorted. She was currently 19 years old, but as a reincarnator, her age was definitely way older than Bai Mo.

“To be your bodyguards perhaps?” Bai Mo was very excited. It was apparent that he had never experienced the true suffering of having a blind date, which was why he was looking forward to such an ordeal.

Ye Ci remained silent. She refused to lower her level of intelligence by discussing such a topic with Bai Mo.

When they finally arrived at the private compartment of the restaurant, Ye Ci realised that her conversation with Bai Mo was futile. She saw people who she thought she would never meet again.

Four families.

The parents of the four families had already taken a seat, with their children by their sides. Ye Ci and Bai Mo were stunned as they walked into the compartment. Bai Mo, however, was quick to react, and pinched Ye Ci who was in a daze. They immediately greeted the adults and took their seats.

“Aiya! How many years has it been since I last saw Little Ci and Bai Mo? Bai Mo has grown into a handsome young man now!” Liu Chang’s mom, who was a gentle person, immediately greeted the two, and the rest of the parents joined in.

“Say, it’s been quite a few years since we’ve gathered for a meal together” Dong Yin’s father let out a hearty laugh, “We don’t even notice just how big our child has grown until we’ve seen the other children. I feel old.”

Dong Yin’s father was met with agreement from the other adults, and they resumed their previous conversation.

The warm and lively interaction between the adults were not mirrored by their children. Despite sitting in close proximity, they appeared to be preoccupied with matters of their own. Dong Yin and Yi Cang were staring at their tablet computer, Ye Ci was talking softly with Liu Chang, while Bai Mo was also having a conversation with Tan Polang.

Despite that, the atmosphere in the compartment was still harmonious.

“Who was the one who organized this banquet?” Ye Ci could not understand why somebody would organize this banquet between the four families after losing contact for so many years. She did not mind the presence of the adults, but she wanted nothing to do with Dong Yin and Yi Cang.

“It’s definitely not my parents. But I heard from my mom that Dong Yin’s parents were the one who organized this events, and Yi Cang’s parents responded in kind. My parents were quite reluctant to be here, but since your parents came, they followed along as well.” Liu Chang’s voice was very soft. Nobody else other than Ye Ci was able to hear her words. There was hostility in Liu Chang’s voice. Apparently, things were not as simple as they sound.

Ye Ci could feel Liu Chang dissatisfaction, but decided against commenting about it. After all, it was not their place to meddle the affairs of the adults.

“So what is this banquet for again?”

“They said it’s to catch up for old time’s sake, but who knows?” Liu Chang was very doubtful.

“Thank God…” as the conversation continued, the waiters has begun serving the dishes. They were all rich and exquisite. At a glance, Ye Ci could tell that the dishes would definitely not be cheap.

“What for?”

“I’ve brought my card along.” Ye Ci smiled at Liu Chang, “I have a bad feeling about this. Luck for us, I brought my card along. Now I feel so much better.”

“You’re not thinking of paying for the bills are you? It’s their treat…”

“This is exactly why I was having a bad feeling.” Ye Ci could not help be feel an anxiety in her heart, “I hope that I’m mistaken.”

Liu Chang was someone who knew Ye Ci well, “I brought my card along as well. If things go bad, we can split the bill” she let out a sigh.

“What? You’ve earned a lot from the sponsored dungeon clearing?” Ye Ci chuckled. She knew that Liu Chang was able to earn a considerable amount of money.

Liu Chung laughed out loud at well, “Well, at least it pays better than my part time job.”


“Ahh.. The food is served. Let us have our meal.” Dong Yin’s father spoke out, and signaled for the waiters to serve the drinks as well.

The adults began eating their meal happily.

After several rounds of drinks and food, Dong Yin’s father cleared his throat, indicating that he was about to speak.

Since the beginning of Ye Ci’s memories, Dong Yin’s father would always be the one to play the host whenever the four families had their gatherings. Unlike his daughter who was delicate and quiet, Dong Yin’s father was a strong and capable man. This was the reason behind his family’s success.

However, Ye Ci was not interested in what he was about to say. When the attendees set down their chopsticks and listened attentively to Dong Yin’s father, Ye Ci placed a piece of pork trotters into her bowl, and resumed her meal.

Under normal circumstances, such gesture was not a big deal. The adults knew that their children were not interested in their conversation, and paid Ye Ci no heed. However, things seemed to have changed. As Ye Ci begin munching on the piece of pork trotter, Yi Cang who was sitting not far away snorted, “You’ve really never eaten a free meal in your life before have you? What a country bumpkin you are.”

His voice was soft, but it was heard by quite a number of people around him. Ye Ci was momentarily stunned. Before she could react, Yi Cang’s parents immediately shot him a glare, indicating for him to be quiet.

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