Chapter 22 Clear Moon

Chapter 22 Clear Moon

Beginner Arrow Crafting only enabled the user to craft wooden arrows. It required a lot of feathers, which were rather common in the newbie village. Newbies would usually sell the Cuckoo Bird Feathers they had gotten from loots to NPC’s for some pocket money. Ye Ci sat at the entrance of the village and shouted out, “Buying Cuckoo Bird Feathers, 1 silver per complete set. Buying from whoever that has them!”

A complete set of Cuckoo Bird Feathers could only be sold to NPC’s at 20 copper coins each. Hearing that someone was purchasing them at bulk with 1 silver coin per set, the newbies in the village almost broke out into a riot.

In less than an hour, she had more than enough feathers for her arrows and quickly left the area.

She stored all the feathers into the warehouse before walking up to the village chief. She handed Shator’s Head to the sly old man with an honest appearance.

“Ah, look who’s back! It’s our brave little Elven warrior!” Perhaps Ye Ci have been to Icy Cave too often, because her prestige in the Elven newbie village had already reached Respected. All the NPC’s of the entire village treated her warmly.

Even the village chief who was always putting up airs bowed towards her as a form of greeting before continuing, “Young Huntress, I smell the blood of a beast on you. If I’m not wrong…. You’ve brought me the head of Shator?”

Ye Ci handed the boar’s head to the village chief and completed her quest.

The fox-like village chief was not stingy at all. He immediately rewarded Ye Ci with 1 talent point and a dagger.

Ye Ci ignored the long-winded speech that came after her reward and focused her attention on the dagger. It was a Green equipment, but the stats were nice.

Dagger of Haste

Green Equipment

Attack Speed: 1.5

Attack 8-18

Agility + 11

Strength + 7

Special Attribute: Attack speed increased by 0.5

Class requirement: None

The dagger could be used by players of any classes, but it was especially effective when used by Rogues, Rangers, and Hunters that depend highly on Agility and attack speed.

A character can only utilize its Agility to its maximum by carrying a light load.

A bow is a ranged weapon with a minimum range of 6 feet. Hunters and Rangers could only resort to melee when an enemy approached the 6 feet radius. This meant that they rely heavily on melee weapons as well.

The Dagger of Haste increased the agility of its user exponentially as well as boosted the attack speed by 0.5. This meant that when two players were using daggers with 1.5 attack speed, the one who was using the Dagger of Haste would be able to attack 1 more time within 3 seconds.

For Rogues, Rangers, and Hunters that did not rely much on Strength, the 1 additional attack could tip the scale of the battle.

That was why Ye Ci felt that the dagger was as good as any Blue equipment, despite its quality being Green.

Ye Ci got used to the dagger’s weight after equipping it. She gave the dagger a few swings and could feel the change in attack speed.

“Ah, young Huntress….” Noticing that the village chief was about to end his speech, Ye Ci sheathed her dagger and waited for the chief to hand out a new quest.

“I’m happy that you’ve grown so fast. I’ve heard about the news of some bandits residing in Forest of Stone from Officer Tony. They’ve been causing trouble for the city administrator. If you could bring the right hand of their leader, John, to the city administrator, I believe it’ll be beneficial for you.”

Ye Ci accepted the quest without hesitation.

She was about to complete Little Lemmy’s quest and she could complete both the quests at once.

Ye Ci was a patient person, not a leveling maniac. After completing the quest from Hard difficulty Icy Cave and learning Beginner Arrow Crafting, she did not attempt to level up anymore. She bought some “wooden stakes with no specified purpose” from an NPC and began to train her Arrow Crafting skill.

But even when she was not out looking for trouble, trouble had a way of finding her.

Before she could settle down, dozens of strangers sent her messages asking for the details of Hard difficulty Icy Cave. She was too tired to answer the lot of the questions and resorted to muting her private message channel. The world was suddenly peaceful and quiet.

Right after silencing her voice channel, Ye Ci’s word channel immediately beeped. She could only silence every available channel.

Even with that, a pigeon appeared high in the sky and flew towards her.

There were 3 ways of communication in Fate. When a person could not be reached via private channels or word channels, someone desperately trying to reach said person could use a messenger pigeon. The message would reach the recipient in the blink of an eye.

There were still places where the messenger pigeons could not reach. It could not reach a player who was in a dungeon or who was underground. Messenger pigeons could only be sent if a player had added another player as his or her friends with 2 silver coins per usage as payment.

Despite not knowing who the sender was, Ye Ci did not reject the message as it was sent via pigeon. It was a message from the four who had cleared the Hard difficulty Icy Cave with her earlier on. The message read, “Gongzi, a lot of people are asking us questions about who was the one giving out commands. What do we tell them? It’s driving us crazy!”

“Just tell them that I was just a passerby. I’ll leave the rest to you guys.” Ye Ci laughed. She was not the only who was being troubled. After releasing the pigeon, a few more arrived.

It was from Golden Man, Let Go Of That Girl, and Ideal Height 1.7m. They were all asking her about the details of her exploits in the Hard difficulty Icy Cave and invited her to join them in exploring the Abandoned Mine as their progress was hampered.

Ye Ci replied all their messages without making any promises.

Another pigeon arrived right after that. It was from the Violent Cleric Four Seas, “Gongzi, have you been to the Forest of Stone? We need your help clearing it two weeks later.”

Forest of Stone? Ye Ci was puzzled. It was not a very difficult dungeon. Why would Four Seas need two weeks to prepare for? Just then, another message arrived from Four Seas, “I forgot two words, ‘Hard difficulty’. Are you free to go to Hard difficulty Forest of Stone two weeks from now?”

“I think I can make it but I’m not that sure yet.” Ye Ci replied. Her new semester in college would begin in one week. It had been years since she last studied in a college. Although she had forgotten about it, Liu Chang made it a point to remind her.

“Sure, I will seek help from a couple of my friends as well.”

Yet another message arrived right after Ye Ci managed to reply all the messages directed at her. It was Liu Chang. She was not as courteous as the others. Ye Ci could almost see her friend roaring through the letters on the message.

“Where the hell are you? Get your ass back to the guild encampment!”

Ye Ci could not hold back the laughter that escaped her mouth. She inserted the attributes of the Fiery Contract in a message to Liu Chang and added a few words, “Elven Newbie Village no. 42.”

“Sis, I’ll be there right away.” Liu Chang replied almost immediately. Ye Ci could almost see Liu Chang’s expression.

After dealing with the trouble that unfortunately plagued her, Ye Ci could finally craft arrows in peace.

A shadow suddenly appeared in front of her accompanied by a soft voice, “Excuse me, how much are you selling for a set of arrows?”

It was a young Elf with blond hair and fair skin. He was looking at Ye Ci with his big eyes. He appeared to be a lv5 newbie judging from his newbie clothing and the crude wooden bow that he was holding.

“You can have it for free.” Natasha was selling the wooden arrows at a cheap price. Since Ye Ci was practicing her arrow crafting, she decided to give them away to a newbie instead of disposing of it later and waste them.

The player was surprised. He stared at Ye Ci for quite awhile before bowing to her, “Thank you, thank you so much sister!”

Ye Ci handed the five sets of wooden arrow to the player and said, “You can come back to me if you need more, I’ll be here all day long.”

“Ok, ok, thank you! Thank you so much!” the player was in joy. He accepted the arrows with trembling hands while thanking Ye Ci repeatedly. He sent a friend request to Ye Ci and said, “Sister, I’m Clear Moon, I’m a Ranger. Can you add me as a friend?”

Ye Ci did not decline the request. Clear Moon was in a miserable state at that moment, but nobody would know how would he be like in the future. Clear Moon was happy that his friend requested by Ye Ci, but he became stupefied right in the next moment.

“What?” Ye Ci was puzzled.

“Sister, you’re Gongzi You?”


“I’ve always thought that Gongzi You is a guy!”

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