Chapter 201: Party Coordination (Part 2)


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Chapter 201: Party Coordination (Part 2)

Ye Ci silently adjusted her thoughts, then gulped a freshie before yelling loudly, "Get ready to start."

Once she gave her order, everyone acted busy at the three points mentioned in the strats she had yabbered earlier.

"The BOSS won't use anything special on this part. Everyone watch how much you’re spitting. Keep in mind saving the use of your main skills. They better not f*cking be down when we get to the second part. Also, it ain’t your dole payment, don't use all of your mana. Your first mana pot shouldn’t be downed before we reach the second stage." After starting, Ye Ci calmly layed out the key points of this first part.

That said, many drongos were greedy and went deaf to Ye Ci's words, instead spamming their attacks. The damage values that appeared were fair dinkum beaut. But to Ye Ci, who had been constantly running numbers the moment they entered the dungeon, these damage values made her deadset cranky. She could foresee them running out of steam later on because their damage had been too high starting off. Despite this, Ye Ci kept her gob shut. It wasn’t like her to change her ways now, even if it was gonna be like tits on a bull. Its just started, how could she pack up now?

Because there were so many dipsticks who didn't listen to her, she went full ball to increase her DPS, which caused Dani to quickly enter the second part. All they heard was Dani shriek, "This is my house, I won't let you c*nts f*ck around here."

It had barely spoken before they saw four Dani charging towards them from each side of the billabong. Ye Ci immediately shouted, "Make them rack off."

The MT, Bai Mo, was a top bloke. Whilst Ye Ci had been yelling just now, he had already sprinted past the healers, attracting the aggro of the four clones, then charged over to where the healers were pozzied.

"Healers, get over to the ranged attackers. Remember to pay attention to healing the melee fighters. The main and vice-healer are assigned to the MT. You absolutely cannot let it OT. OT is definitely not the boofhead's responsibility here

"Rangers, give me some mana." The healers had only just joined the ranged attackers when Ye Ci suddenly heard someone whinge in the general chat. She gave a spin to look. The little b*tch was a Sorcerer called Salad Mustard. Ye Ci promptly opened up the stats to take a squiz his numbers. According to the team data, this tosser was not a main damage dealer. Usually, his output in a dungeon would only be just above sh*thouse. On top, when Mi Lu told everyone to go flat out in outputting damage, he was only in thirty-somethingth place. However, when they had just started fighting, she told everyone to control their output yet this wanker's output was sticking out like dog’s balls at the top, exceeding Timely Rain and Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw, who were usually at the top, by a mile. This indicated that he was a f*ckwit with nothing going on upstairs, just increasing aggro and accumulating damage, downright wasting all of his mana.

After Salad Mustard issued this request, a Ranger called Torrential Tide replied, "The cooldown for a Mana Infusion is 3 mins, we can't give you mana as you like. You should drink a pot."

"I've already drunk it. My mana pot is still down, just give me some, okay?"

"Why didn’t you control your mana, how the f*ck are you running on empty?" Another sheilah Ranger called Sugar Candy Sweets couldn't help but whinge, "There are only 8 Rangers in the group. If we give you one now, then what when its bloody important, when the rest need Mana Infusions?"

"I spent it all on fighting the BOSS, I wasn’t just jacking off." Sugar Candy Sweets's words clearly made Salad Mustard spit the dummy.

"What the f*ck are you on, really think you should be arguing now?" Seeing that a few people were sitting around b*tching, Overflowing Ink immediately put a stop to it before turning to ask Ye Ci, "Leader…"

"Each Sorcerer and Warlock has two chances to take a Mana Infusion. Up to them when they want it." Ye Ci never gave two sh*ts about it, merely laid down her rules. She then said, "Sugar Candy Sweets, give Mustard some of your mana."

"Okay." Sugar Candy Sweets was obviously bloody reluctant, but since Ye Ci had already issued the order, she could only start tossing her mana to him. Following this, everyone got the ding of a notification in the command channel. "Salad Mustard, occupation: Sorcerer. Sugar Candy Sweets has given him a Mana Infusion. Remaining Mana Infusion chances: one time."

This notification system actually was ancient, but garbo commanders wouldn’t have the skill to think ahead about how much mana would be used during a fight. Thus, this system would normally be left dry.

However, this was a piece of piss for Ye Ci. In fact, she had crunched the numbers while Mi Lu and Overflowing Ink were taking command. When everyone was getting ready earlier, Ye Ci actually had made many preparations herself, putting in the hard yakka to set it up.

And now, this system showed its effect quick.

All of the damage dealers immediately took notice of their mana. After all, sorcerers and warlocks only had two chances to receive Mana Infusions, not to mention everyone else… Suddenly, everyone started rubbing their sticks together regardless of their class. They no longer dared to spam their skills like a lizard drinking.

Salad Mustard was even more touchy. Hearing the system ding, he then became aware that he was a massive f*cking c*nt, wasting so much mana. He only had one more chance, would he still be able to keep it together until the end of the third part if he continued?

Due to the fact that everyone was putting too much attention to it, their damage dropped, so much so that some people started drying up in output. When Dani summoned its clones for the second time, a bunch of the damage dealers went cactus. Upon seeing this, Ye Ci didn't hesitate to issue the order to withdraw.

Everyone immediately withdrew, then slowly carted their teammates back and replenished their supplies. Ye Ci saw everyone on their date beginning their recovery, then said, "Everyone needs to get used to this sh*t. This system is here to get everyone running at top and make you more aware about your mana. There's nothing to it, as long as everyone cleans their ears about outputting damage. You don't need to put the system on a pedestal."

Soon after, Ye Ci went on, "Actually, needing a Mana Infusion early ain’t so bad. After all, each Mana Infusion has a cooldown of 3 mins. If everyone wants their Mana Infusion in one go, the Rangers won’t keep up. So, if you need a Mana Infusion early on no worries. As long as you do your job, don’t worry about the rest."

Many people were at ease after hearing these words. Mustard's example just now left everyone's minds like a dog’s breakfast, shaking at the thought they would upset their commander if they needed one too early. Never crossed them that Gongzi You would not get up everyone, instead very considerately lowering the pressure on everyone. This caused everyone to let out long sighs of relief.

After getting everyone’s minds on the right track, Ye Ci again issued the order to set off. Although Ye Ci was determined to grab First Blood this time, she deemed the building of the entire team's fighting tempo more important so they could create good habits. After all, the bizzo with Unbridled Willow was merely a single transaction, whereas leading her team was a long haul.

This time, everyone cleaned out their ears. During the controlling output period, people no longer used mana-costly skills. Even though this extended the time spent on the first stage, it opened the highest possibility of rapidly concluding the second stage.

The first part went pearlaz and they entered the second part quick as. Bai Mo acted as MT and secured the aggro, which let the sub-tank Little Icy Cold Hands equip offense-oriented equipment and go flat out for a while. After Ye Ci saw Bai Mo pull the BOSS, she yabbered out an order, "All DPS go f*cking hard as into this c*nt."

This command let everyone who had been fenced up for an entire stage give a sigh of relief. All the DPS frantically went full ball. The only thing that could be seen was the HP of Dani sharply dropping. Ye Ci continued going flat out while keeping her eyes to the status of Dani's health bar. As soon as she saw that there were approximately 8 bars of health before it would enter the third part, she once again shouted, "Control your attacks, control your mana. Let your sh*t recover."

Having carked it once before, everyone f*cking listened this time. They curbed their powerful moves, and used some skills that didn't cost much mana. On one hand, they were recovering mana, on the other hand, they were waiting for their powerful moves to come back. Meanwhile, Ye Ci was flat out like a lizard drinking. After all, amongst everyone in the group, she was the only one who didn't fear wasting her mana. If she also fenced herself up during this time and the DPS turned out sh*t, Dani was liable to bring out another batch of clones. If she summoned another batch of clones, their party would very likely get wiped out.

Ye Ci intently focused on that c*nt Dani. Based on her past experience, the BOSS would typically give itself a BUFF. If the players had yet to reach the third part when the BUFF wore off, then the second batch of clones would unlimitedly detonate.

As expected, Dani extended her arms and rose in the air with a piercing shout. "I’m gonna wreck you little sh*tstains."

Soon after, a "Rage" BUFF appeared under Dani's icon. At this time, Ye Ci immediately gave a roll call of several damage dealers. "If you hear your name, give it your f*cking all. If I don't call your name, continue to keep your head down."

The rage BUFF lasted 5 mins. Ye Ci called out 8 DPS every 30 secs to focus fire. The names she called were also picked after tight calculations. Each time she called out names of both high damage dealers as well as people who f*cking suck. As much as possible, she made it so that each time she acted teacher, the players responsible would stay at the same level.

This method was clearly very effective. All the DPS were tensed up. For those 30 secs, they seemed to hold themselves back, waiting until their name was called, after which they would go hard as f*ck at Dani as though they were about to cark it. This kind of focused eruption was actually much higher than their usual damage output.

Upwards Ho!'s current gear was not considered poor, but their coordination and awareness was lacking compared to the major guilds. As a result, Ye Ci's roll calling for a full ball assault was both for defeating the BOSS, as well as for improving their reactions and coordination. With only 42 secs remaining, Dani finally entered the third part. This process was slow as piss, however, Ye Ci was still quite satisfied. After polishing them up like this a couple more times, she believed that they would sharpen up.

After all, f*cking effort needed to be put in for talent to take shape.

"MT, 2nd Boof, give the BOSS a lap. All of the DPS and healers, on my tail. If you get poisoned, don't lose your sh*t. All you need to do is leg it to the Boofheads. Icy Cold Little Hands, you're in charge of healing the poisoned."

Bai Mo was true to his role as one of the top ten Boofheads in her previous life. Although he had just heard Ye Ci explain the running pace and speed once while they had been recovering, he was already so good it seemed like he had done this forever. On the contrary, it was Little Icy Cold Hands who was tense as a brick, following Bai Mo while saying, "Old Mo, you carry, I’m still not ready yet. You better not cark it, I'll keep following you for a lap to get with the pace."

"Harden the f*ck up. If I cark it, you'll be bloody fine." Bai Mo gave so little sh*ts that he even cracked Little Icy Cold Hands a smile.

"That’s not what's getting to me, I'm worried about getting enough heals." Little Icy Cold Hands was not telling porkies. In the guild, the main healers were Icy Cold Little Hands and Fruit Jelly. However, Fruit Jelly had recently been only thinking about getting heaps of damage and rarely healed, so Rain Butterfly was given a transfer to be a secondary healer. Furthermore, Icy Cold Little Hands had now been told to just cure poison, so the main healers for Bai Mo had become Rain Butterfly and another Cleric called Ghost Cat, as well as a Priest called Tree Desires Tranquillity. Of the three of them, only Rain Butterfly had any experience with healing the MT. Ghost Cat and Tree Desires Tranquillity both usually healed melee fighters or DPS, and didn’t know head from tail when it came to healing the MT. When they were named to heal Bai Mo, they shook like a dodgy washing machine.

They were all pissing themselves, not to mention Little Icy Cold Hands who was dripping sweat. He was acting as though he was the MT.

Bai Mo naturally knew what Little Icy Cold Hands was getting on about, but this was something that was better kept privo, and not something to be spat out. Once it was dug up, he was afraid it might affect Ghost Cat and Tree Desires Tranquillity's mental states, causing them to leak even more.

Bai Mo laughed, gave a look at the three people who were pissing themselves more than Little Icy Cold Hands. He yabbered in the command channel. "To be a Boofhead is to believe fair dinkum in the healers. If a Boof can’t do that, how the f*ck could he face the BOSS?"

Little Icy Cold Hands was caught in the headlights. He looked at the three's mood again and knew that Bai Mo was letting it out for them to hear. His mind cooled down like it was in an esky. He rushed over to Bai Mo and laughed, "Of course you, Old C*nt, would be so f*cking light-hearted."

The three healers in charge of healing the MT and 2nd Tank heard Bai Mo's words, and their originally bricked mood turned to sand.

Ye Ci heard Bai Mo's words. She then glanced at the three healers and the blue-faced Little Icy Cold Hands again, and saw through Bai Mo's sh*t. She spun her head towards the other ranged fighters and said, "My movement speed is bloody fast. I’ll jog down my pace to wait for you, but you guys better not slack off. Otherwise, you'll be wrecked by ice blades."

Many players had already carked it in the third part. All this time, they were so buggered that they couldn’t even unhinge their gobs. Naturally, whatever Ye Ci said was spot on. At this same time, Ye Ci issued her first and only order of the third part, "DPS throw f*cking everything at the C*nt. Don't be a wuss about mana, those without, start getting Mana Infusions now."

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