Chapter 21 First Blood on Icy Cave Hard Mode! (2)

Chapter 21 First Blood on Icy Cave Hard Mode! (2)

“I’ll leave it up to you.” Ye Ci said after pondering for awhile. Although she wanted to hide her name, it would come off as suspicious if the rest didn’t hide their names and she was the only one doing it. They might even associate that First Kill incident of the Normal Mode Icy Cave to her. If that was the case, she’d get involved in unnecessary troubles.

Since Ye Ci decided to leave it up to Little Icy Cold Hands, he immediately decided to make it public.

“Please name your party.”

Little Icy Cold Hands was getting excited. Without thinking, he immediately typed “Freaking Awesome People.”

The System Channel was immediately flooded by system messages.

“Congratulations, ‘Freaking Awesome People’, a party of 5 members for being the first to clear the Icy Cave on Hard mode. Let us remember their names!”

“Congratulations player Little Icy Cold Hands’ for getting the First Blood in Icy Cave on Hard mode. Rewards: 30 gold coins, system prestige points: 10,000, 1 Talent point.”

“Congratulations player ‘Icy Cold Little Hands’ for getting the First Blood in Icy Cave on Hard mode. Rewards: 30 gold coins, system prestige points: 10,000, 1 Talent point.”

Congratulations player ‘Gongzi You’ for getting the First Blood in Icy Cave on Hard mode. Rewards: 30 gold coins, system prestige points: 10,000, 1 Talent point.”

“Congratulations player ‘Little Grouper Fish’ for getting the First Blood in Icy Cave on Hard mode. Rewards: 30 gold coins, system prestige points: 10,000, 1 Talent point.”

“Congratulations player ‘Just A Blade’ for getting the First Blood in Icy Cave on Hard mode. Rewards: 30 gold coins, system prestige points: 10,000, 1 Talent point.”

The four of them squealed in excitement. Right now, it was as if nothing else could beat the excitement of First Blood. Even if they were all strangers to each other before entering the dungeon, they were pretty much comrades who had been through thick and thin now.

Just A Blade even pulled out the ranking list and quickly found his way to the Icy Cave page on Hard level. Sure enough, five of their names were recorded on the First Blood record. He smiled gladly. “I would have never thought that my name would be up there in my whole life. This is too amazing!”

While the few of them were celebrating in the dungeon, all the major guilds were turned upside down.

The Spring Rain Guild.

“Just what kind of party is the Freaking Awesome People? Who are they? How did they manage to clear the Icy Cave on Hard mode! Quickly get to the bottom of this!”

The Blank Space Guild.

“Find out which guilds these people belong to. If they don’t belong to any, then get all of them onboard.”

“Are you guys pigs? How could you let the First Kill slip away like this? Go investigate this!”

Steel-Blooded Battle Spear.

Thousand Sunsets, who was clearing monsters in the Icy Cave on Hard mode with a few other core members, was stunned when he heard this Global System Announcement too.

Peacock Blue who was healing beside him was surprised too. She knitted her brows. “What Freaking Awesome People? I have never even heard of them. Where did they come from and how did they get the First Blood?”

Thousand Sunsets paused for a moment before he resumed slaying monsters. Seeing that he didn’t utter a single word, the few of them could only resume the task on their hands.

He only turned his head around after the final monster had been slain. “Go check which guild these few people are from.”

Peacock Blue immediately went to look for someone to relay this order. It wasn’t even one minute before she turned around and informed Thousand Sunsets, “Boss, that Gongzi You seems to be from our guild.”

“What?” Thousand Sunsets was startled. “From our guild? Why have I never heard of this name?!”

“I recall that Leftie had approached me personally this morning, asking me to accept this person. No wonder why this name sounded so familiar. I went to run a check and turns out that she is indeed from our guild.”

“If she is from our guild, then why didn’t she follow us to the dungeon?! Why did she go wandering off alone and even got the First Blood out there!”

Thousand Sunsets frowned. First Bloods play an important role in contributing towards a guild’s ranking. His own guild member didn’t help his guild in clearing a dungeon, and instead went out there to get a Difficult First Blood. This soured his mood.

Peacock Blue, on the other, hand was at loss. Although she was part of their guild and their guild had parties for dungeon, not everyone would participate in guild activities. This was quite common, yet when she didn’t know how to answer Thousand Sunsets’ questions.

All she could do was to silently stand at one side.

Thousand Sunsets sighed again and looked at Peacock Blue and the other three. “Guild Member Benefits system must be done by today. Let me have a review after that.”


“Go online and search for the video of this First Blood. If it doesn’t exist, go find Gongzi You herself and ask her who the leader was. Find a way to recruit that person into our guild.” Thousand Sunsets stopped fighting. This global system message had killed his mood for dungeon grinding. He just wanted to return to the guild base quickly and get the benefit system.

Freaking Awesome People…

Ye Ci looked at the party name speechlessly. Nevertheless, this kind of party name was a one-time thing, as long as they don’t go to the party management NPC to spend their money. However, the idea of seeing this kind of party name on top of her own name forever recorded on Fate’s ranking list still made her feel a little conflicted.

That was a very questionable naming taste.

“Gongzi, Gongzi! Come loot the BOSS!” Ever since they cleared this dungeon, these four people had been completely worshipping Ye Ci. They were all anxiously staring at her with their endlessly sparkly eyes, hoping that lady luck was still with her and she could bring them some luxurious battle spoils.

Although they had placed the faith in her, Ye Ci didn’t have that kind of confidence on herself.

She shook her head. “No need, I’m unlucky. There are four bodies on the ground, each of you take one.”

No matter how hard the four of them had coerced her, Ye Ci firmly refused to loot the bodies. In the end, the four of them could only go forward and loot each of them.

The loot they got was quite decent. The four bodies produced a total of twelve blue weapons and two skill books - the Beginner Level Arrow Crafting Skill and Blazing Contract.

Ye Ci on the other hand was most excited about finally being able to see the special items of the Icy Cave, and it was not just one of them.

Icy Great Axe x1

Icy Longsword x1

Icy Shortbow x1

Icy Staff x1


Among the twelve blue graded weapons, four of them were weapons of the Icy series. Except for Little Icy Cold Hands, everyone got one for themselves. But he wasn’t sad, because among these twelve blue graded weapons, two of them were Cleric’s equipment.

Although the four of them were looking at these items with sparkly eyes, they still decided to give Ye Ci the rights to decide on the battle spoils distribution.

“I only want the shortbow and the two skill books. You guys can have the rest. Sounds fair?” Ye Ci rejected the distribution right from Little Icy Cold Hands with a smile and asked the rest of them instead.

To be able to get her hands on an Icy Shortbow in this dungeon was already a great reward to Ye Ci. The beginner level Arrow Crafting Skill was also something she had been yearning for, and it was extremely lucky that she could get it this time.

The Blazing Contract was one of the twelve summoner’s skill books. It allowed summoners to summon a high level Fire Spirit and was one of the skills that a summoner must learn. Although they didn’t really have a low drop rate, they could only be found in dungeons on Difficult mode. None of the summoners possessed it yet so she wanted to give this to Liu Chang.

The four of them felt shy when they heard that Ye Ci only wanted only these few items. After all, they had only managed to clear this dungeon thanks to Ye Ci’s lead. She had even handled two BOSSes by herself. If it wasn’t for her, they would still probably be a lying corpse right now.

As it is, she had only wanted items that were useful for her job class.

However, she said, “Equipment aren’t really categorised at early stage, so aside from some specific weapons, job classes of the same series can basically share the same weapons. Don’t waste the equipment. Share them among yourselves. I am content enough to have these three items. The other items are useless to me anyway.”

Since Ye Ci had already put it this way, the four of them stopped declining and happily distributed the goods among themselves.

“Oh damn. I have forgotten to record a video of it just now! What a mistake!” Little Grouper Fish who was about to get her Icy Staff weapon suddenly cried out in regret when she remembered about the event from just now. The rest felt extremely regretful too. They wanted so badly to ask Ye Ci to replay her nimble controls.

Ye Ci breathed a sigh of relief too. It was lucky that they didn’t record it. If they had uploaded this on the net, it would cause an uproar. She had also ordered everyone not to disclose the fact that she was in command today. Although the four of them were a little curious, they agreed without further questions.

Actually, Ye Ci didn’t know how long these people could keep this secret. It’d be good if they could keep it as long as possible. She didn’t have any time on her hands to deal with those unnecessary things that would happen after this incident was exposed.

After adding each other on their friend lists, they bid their farewells. Ye Ci walked behind the other party members. She waited until the four of them had exited the dungeon before turning back for Shator’s dead body. Using a little knife, she cut off its head and stashed it into her bag before finally exiting the dungeon.

It wasn’t that she had forgotten about it just now. If she had cut off Shator’s head during that time, she wouldn’t know how to explain to the other four about her quest. She could not possibly tell them that she knew how to unlock this particular side quest because she was reborn and had played Fate for 10 years.

Never mind. It was best that no one knew about this.

As soon as Ye Ci exited the dungeon, she took out the Icy Shortbow and scanned through the attributes.

Icy Shortbow:

Blue weapon

Attack Speed: 1.5

Attack 20 - 35

Strength +14

Agility +20

Specialty: Attack Accuracy Rate +10%

Specialty: 20% chance of ice damage, reduces target moving speed by 50%, effect lasts for 8 seconds.

Required level: 10

Class: Hunter, Ranger

After equipping the Icy Shortbow, Ye Ci immediately searched for a few monsters that were about level 10 in the Elven Forest to test the weapon on.



Critical attack - 297!

This amount of damage exceeded the original weapon by one third! If she was using a higher level arrow, her damage would be brought to another level!

She immediately learned the Beginner Level Arrow Crafting Skill...

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