Chapter 194 It’s You! (1)

Chapter 194 It’s You! (1)

Ye Ci was almost late for her class on the next day. She had barely entered the lecture hall before the bell rang, signalling the beginning of classes . This was a very unfortunate event for Fang Susu who had an excited grin hanging on her face. It was obvious that there was something she needed to say to Ye Ci, but was unable to do so as the class had just started.

Noticing her effort of trying to suppress her excitement, Ye Ci wrote down some words in her notebook, “What? Have you been constipated for 3 days straight?”

Fang Susu glared at Ye Ci before furiously scribbling in the notebook, “Do you want to die? I go to the toilet everyday! Constipation has nothing to do with me! Do I look like I’m constipated?”

Ye Ci chuckled, and ignored Fang Susu. She knew that Fang Susu had something to share, but they were currently attending the class of one of the most renowned professors on their campus. The professor was strict, and prohibited students from talking in his class, and would often direct questions at his students. He would even randomly call out names before, during and after class. Nobody had the courage to skip one of the professor’s classes.

Despite her strong desire to share her story with Ye Ci, Fang Susu was forced to suppress herself It was as if she was sitting on pins and needles. The old man standing on the podium adjusted his spectacles, and chanced upon Fang Susu who was excitedly fidgeting around. After looking up her name on the seating plan, the old man spoke up, “Miss Fang Susu.”

Fang Susu quivered when her name was called by the professor. All thoughts of speaking with Ye Ci immediately left her mind as she stood up, “Here!”

“Were there a lot of people in the female’s lavatory earlier on?”

“Huh?” with the expression on Fang Susu’s face, it was as if she had seen a ghost. She was lost for words, and could not even fathom the meaning behind such a random question. But, with the old man waiting for an answer, Fang Susu replied, “I-I d-don’t know.”

“Ah… There must be a lot of people queueing up in the lavatory then.” the old man nodded. The students were confused. Ye Ci who was a witness of the professor’s sharp tongue in her last life however, hid her head behind a book, trying her best to hold back laughter.

“If that’s the case…” the old man adjusted his spectacles and directed an innocent smile at Fang Susu, “So why do you look like you’ve missed your chance to go to the lavatory before the class started?”

Fang Susu was so embarrassed that her face immediately blushed into a bright shade of red.

“Do you want to go to the lavatory?” as the students began to chuckle, the old man continued with a very concerned tone, “Don’t hold it in. You youngsters do not know the dangers of holding your excrements in…”

“Sir! I don’t feel like going to the toilet! And I’m not going to the toilet!” Fang Susu who was embarrassed by the professor cut the old man off.

The old man continued on with a kind tone, “Ah… I see.. Sit down then. I know it’s my fault. You’re a girl after all. I shouldn’t have mentioned something like this.”

“Sir!” Fang Susu’s anger flared. What the hell does this old man want? I have not even started talking? Why did he call me out and humiliated me? Is he still a man?

“Ahh.. Alright then. Let us begin the class.” noticing that Fang Susu was truly angry, the professor started the class.

Although Fang Susu was gravely offended by this brief episode before the class, the students paid the incident no heed. The professor’s “immoral behavior” was a widely known fact. The old man had even remembered to say the following words to Fang Susu after class: “Miss Fang Susu, hurry and go! The class is over.”

After throwing his words at Fang Susu, the old man immediately left the classroom, and Fang Susu’s scream of rage was followed by the laughter of her classmates.

Ye Ci quipped: “Go, go! Our class ended earlier, the female toilet is still not full yet…”

“Ye Ci do you want to die? Do you want to get killed?” Fang Susu was both infuriated and amused by Ye Ci’s words. She leapt and Ye Ci and began duking it out with her, filling the classroom with much glee.

After being chased around, Ye Ci was barely able to survive the onslaught by Fang Susu. She moved the book that she had been using to cover her face aside, and smiled at Fang Susu who was flustered, “Fine, fine, my bad. It’s not like you don’t know how the old man is. Is there anyone that has not been made fun of by the guy? He’s too strong of a BOSS, no tank can survive his wrath for long, so don’t try and challenge him.”

Fang Susu guffawed at Ye Ci’s words, “Alright, let’s move on. I have something that I need to tell you.”

“What is it?” Ye Ci began packing her books, ready to head to the study room.

“I was notified by Qin Churuo yesterday that their guild was able to secure 20 spots for a field trip to the Fate headquarters. Are you going?” Fang Susu’s face was full of excitement, and her round eyes lit up with joy.

The Fate HQ? Ye Ci was momentarily stunned. She could still remember her time in the Fate HQ in her last lifetime. It happened several months before her reincarnation. At that time, she was already a famous top Sorceress in Fate. She was received with a polite reception during her time in the Fate HQ. All of it was just like a dream for her current self.

“So… Are you going?” Fang Susu nudge the dazed Ye Ci on the arm, drawing her attention.

“I’m not a member of World Conqueror.” a feeling that Ye Ci herself was unable to describe crept into her heart. She could not even figure out her own feelings. Do I want to go? Or do I not feel like going? Or am I afraid to go?

“Well, we’re buying our own plane tickets anyways! Let’s go! It doesn’t matter if you’re not from World Conqueror! Besides, you’re the only god-tier player in our campus. If you don’t go, the group that we send over will look shabby compared to the other guids. Most of them sent their expert players over during their visit to the Fate HQ.” Fang Susu immediately began her process of persuading Ye Ci into joining her in the trip.

Ye Ci shook her head, “If they find out that I’m Gongzi You, do you think I will still have my peaceful days? Your man will be the first one to come after me.

“Aiya, he doesn't know! Don’t think too much about it! Just go with me! Go with me! I’ll be forced to sleep alone if you don’t go…” Fang Susu immediately clung on to Ye Ci.


Ye Ci already intended to visit the Fate HQ as a walk down her memory lane of her last life. Fang Susu’s invitation gave her the final push. After all, she cared dearly for her friend. Hence,, Fang Susu was able to persuade Ye Ci into joining the trip without much effort. Qin Churuo was very welcoming, and gave no objection. Bai Mo, on the other hand, was jealous and shamelessly insisted that he should be brought along as well. His pleas fell on deaf ears. It was a 5-days event, and they would probably not be able to log into the game. With ‘Upwards Ho!’ making preparations to start their next expedition into a dungeon, the guild leader must be present.

After assurances from Ye Ci that she would take many photos in the Fate HQ, and request the permission for a field trip by ‘Upwards Ho!’ members to the Fate HQ, Bai Mo finally dropped the subject.

In the end, Bai Mo could only send Ye Ci on her way with tears in his eyes while waving a small handkerchief.

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