Chapter 193 Jealousy and Suspicion are the Most Potent Poison


Chapter 193 Jealousy and Suspicion are the Most Potent Poison

After their detailed discussion about Ol’ Four’s figure, Bai Mo finally remembered the question he had for Ye Ci, “Wait a second… This is not what I’m here for! Who the hell wants to talk about that oversized pet of yours? So, tell me, do you have anything to do with the red Dragon?”

“I’ll say this again. This is a game themed after Western Fantasy. There’s no such thing as ley lines and players messing up with the chi of that area!”

“Then, have you taken part in that battle?”


“Have you seen that red Dragon up close?” Bai Mo was very interested in Altera. His eyes lit up, as if he was asking about his crush.

“Yup.” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes as she thought about her encounter with Altera. Truth to be told, Altera was one of the most gorgeous among the Dragonia. Of course, she looked just like any other Dragon-type monsters that existed in Fate. However, Ye Ci could not forget the beauty of Altera that has taken a humanoid form.

That was one of the reasons why Ye Ci had suge a deep impression of Altera. Despite giving players much hardships in their attempts to clear her main questline, it was all worth it when Altera transformed herself into her humanoid form.

The domineering air around Altera that would make the skies dim in comparison and her stunning beauty were something that Ye Ci would remember even after 20 more years.

“What are you thinking about?” Bai Mo nudged Ye Ci on her hand, drawing her attention.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Ye Ci snapped back into reality, but her close in encounter with Altera was still fresh in her mind. She looked forward in meeting the former Dragon Queen once again.

“Did you die?”

“Huh?” with her mind filled with thoughts about the red Dragon Altera, Ye Ci did not pay attention to Bai Mo’s words.

“Didn’t they say that all the players who have had the misfortune of encountering the red Dragon were burned to death? Since you’ve seen it as well, did you die?”

Ye Ci smiled, “If I die just by seeing the Dragon, am I still Gongzi You?”

Bai Mo was astonished. He looked at Ye Ci with amazement written all over his face, “Did you use a hack or something? How can you not die?”

Ye Ci snorted at Bai Mo, “Do you know that every city in Fate is protected by a shield?”

Bai Mo narrowed his eyes after listening to Ye Ci’s words, “You joined the battle, but you’re in the city when the Dragon appeared… How could you! You abandoned the rest of the players!”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at well. She stared at Bai Mo with a strange expression, not betraying a single thought. She spun a piece of lettuce between her white slender fingers, and spoke up slowly after a brief moment, “What did you just say?”

Only an idiot would repeat those words. As a self-proclaimed genius, Bai Mo would never follow Ye Ci’s instruction. He shook his head, and pretended to be very intent on sorting the vegetables placed on the table, “I said nothing. You must’ve misheard me.”

“I said… Repeat what you told me again.” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow, amused by Bai Mo’s response.

Bai Mo rolled his eyes at her. Thinking that he was safe, he repeated his words earlier on, and was met with silence from Ye Ci. Bai Mo was anxious, “Oi oi… You’re the one who made me repeat what I said. Don’t you get angry at me okay?”

Bai Mo’s anxiety was further amplified when Ye Ci remained silent. It was as if she did not hear his words. Bai Mo was curious. He had been making little jokes here and there and teased Ye Ci a lot since they were wrong. Is she really angry? Why does she look like she’s planning something? Have I touched a nerve there?

As Bai Mo was still deep in thought, Ye Ci stood up, “If you would excuse me please.”

How would Bai Mo have the courage to remain in his seat? He immediately stood up and gave the spot to Ye Ci, who immediately created a new thread in the forums. Bai Mo was stunned. Ye Ci was creating the thread anonymously.

The title of the thread was inconspicuous. It was something about the red Dragon. The content, however, left Bai Mo flabbergasted. Ye Ci blamed everything on Gongzi You, naming her as the culprit that ignited the battle between the Eastern Continent and Northern Continent players. Due to her action of slaughtering Northern Continent, the players had banded up together to fight back, causing a conflict between players from both continents.

It was actually quite trivial, as players would often find themselves at odds with players of other continents in neutral territory. What followed next however, was way overboard.

The content of the thread Ye Ci had fabricated stated that the battle commander, which was Purity Essence were friends with Gongzi You. Despite joining the battle that they have started, the commander did not take appropriate measures when the red Dragon appeared, causing huge casualties among the Eastern Continent players who suffered massive losses. Gongzi You was even more despicable. She fled to Dark Clay City, completely avoiding the disaster.

The article was so full of instigation that even people like Bai Mo who was not involved in the incident would believe that Purity Essence and Gongzi You were at fault.

“What the heck are you doing? Why are you sullying your own good name?” Bai Mo observed as Ye Ci posted the thread. Knowing that Ye Ci would not do something without cause, he did not stop her action. It was impossible for her to do something that would badly affect her wellbeing. However, there was something that Bai Mo desperately needed to know: Why did she do that?

“Have you found the battle commander that I told you to look for?” Bai Mo’s questions were met with a question from Ye Ci.”

“We’re quite busy in dungeon clearing nowadays. Besides, I’ve tried joining random parties, and found nobody that fits the requirements. Those who are really good are not willing to join, and even if they joined they won’t be truly loyal to Upwards Ho!. Those who are not very incompetent were very willing to join our guild. The problem is… We do not need them. It’s really a rather tedious task.” Bai Mo let out a sigh, and shook his head slowly. In this game, there are more who could appreciate talent that those who possessed talent.

“Well, I found one.” said Ye Ci with an expression that said I knew you didn’t get in done, and smiled. She paid no heed to the thread she had posted, and focused her attention on the conversation with Bai Mo.

Bai Mo asked with a hint of disbelief in his voice after a short pause, “Don’t tell me… It’s Purity Essence?”


“I’ve never heard about him before!” Bai Mo scratched his head, thinking long and hard about any possible information about Purity Essence. He had never heard of the person before!

“Indeed, I’ve never heard of him before as well.” Ye Ci nodded her head as a sign of agreement, “But he showed promise in that battle. Some guidance and a competent team could make up with his inexperienced. You will be able to witness his true capabilities before long.”

“You’re trying to poach him?” Bai Mo finally understood Ye Ci’s intention.

“That’s right. I’m trying to poach him.” Ye Ci did not deny Bai Mo’s assumption. After all, it was her intention to recruit him. Had she not plan on doing so, she wouldn’t have wasted so much time and energy on that person.

“Then why don’t you just tell him that you, Gongzi You is recruiting him? Just tell him that Upwards Ho! is seeking to recruit him! This is a golden opportunity for a nobody like him! Why do you need to spoil your own name with this thread?” Bai Mo looked down on Ye Ci’s action of creating the thread. In his mind, her action was just like somebody taking off their trousers just to fart. It was very unnecessary and it even worsened her image as well.

“Not everybody could be won over like that.” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, “Purity Essence was not someone who could be moved by benefits. If not, I wouldn’t have put in so much effort into recruiting him.”

“So you’re doing this because…”

Ye Ci turned around and refreshed her post. The thread was already one of the most popular topic in the forums. A huge number of players, especially the players who were involved in the battle, have begun commenting in the thread. The Northern Continents were there to confirm the fact that Gongzi You was the one who started the fight, while Eastern Continent players were on the scene to prove that Gongzi You and Purity Essence had indeed abandoned their fellow players.

Ye Ci was very satisfied with the responses.

“I’ve did a little bit of research about Purity Essence. He was someone who cared a lot about his guild. In other words, he would not leave his guild on his own accord if they did not kick him out of the guild,” Ye Ci smiled faintly, “Since I can’t change his mind… I will change the minds of his guild members.”

“You’re saying?”

“Jealousy and suspicion are the most potent poison in the world. Even the firmest of relationship would crumble in the face of jealousy and suspicion. If a small guild like that found out that their own commander had a good relationship with Gongzi You, what do you think they would do?”

Bai Mo had finally fully understood Ye Ci’s scheme. He smiled. He was now looking forward to the day the commander that Ye Ci had taken an interest in, “Is what you said in the thread real or was it all fabricated?”

“The most believable lie is 90% truth and 10% deception.” Ye Ci’s eyes narrowed as she read the comments, and let out a satisfied smile.

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