Chapter 192 The Bustling Forums

Chapter 192 The Bustling Forums

Purity Essence, who was at a loss for words, stood dumbfounded. Although Ye Ci was a girl, he would still find himself unable to catch his breath after being struck by Ye Ci’s imposing demeanor. People like this were born to be at the top of the food chain.

“Because Upwards Ho! does not have any battle commanders at the moment, and you felt that I have the potential, which was why you are interested in recruiting me. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Purity Essence was reminded of another description of Gongzi You in the forums after listening to Ye Ci’s words, “Gongzi You was a person of few words. She would rarely talk to people who are no use to her.” According to that theory, Purity Essence deduced that he was useful in some way to Gongzi You. If not, why would she waste so much time in talking to me?

However, he was slightly uncomfortable with being “useful”. It was his belief that humans should form relationships based on sincerity. A relationship based on benefit was outright lamentable. If Gongzi You was inviting him into Upwards Ho! as a friend, he would definitely have accepted her request. However, if it was only because of benefits, he would never join Upwards Ho! even if it was way better than his current guild.

He had fond memories that he was unwilling to abandon, and friends in his current guild that he was unwilling to leave behind. This was how Purity Essences was feeling.. He would never seek to abandon his guild unless the guild itself decided to chase him out.

With that thought in mind, Purity Essence let out a sigh. He did not care what people said about Gongzi You on the forums. He enjoyed his interaction with Ye Ci. She was at least straightforward with her words. Talking with such a person is relaxing.

“I’m sorry, but I have to disappoint you.” Purity Essence declined Ye Ci’s offer.

Ye Ci was not surprised. Based on her knowledge from her last life, she knew that Purity Essence was an indecisive person. People like him are loyal, but could be easily dragged down by their emotions, which led to their indecision. Ye Ci would never waste the time to interact with a person like Purity Essence if he was not good commander material. She preferred to have dealings with individuals who place benefits above all else. Zero Arsenic and Sir ditty were the best examples. It was very tiring to interact with people like Purity Essence.

Ye Ci was not discouraged by something that was well within her expectations. After all, she had experienced something as absurd as inconceivable as being reincarnated. Nothing else in this world could surprise her any longer.

Purity Essence was without a doubt a loyal and sentimental person.

However, there was a saying, “There was no true loyalty. It only meant that the conditions for a betrayal has not been met.”

Ye Ci drummed her white slender fingers on Ol’ Four’s neck and narrowed her eyes while pursing her lips, “It’s okay. You can always come talk to me when you’ve thought this through. Remember, you will always be welcomed in Upwards Ho!.”

With that, she sent Purity Essence a friend request.

Purity Essence felt a flurry of different feelings in his heart after receiving a friend request from Gongzi You. He could not describe his feelings, but for unknown reasons, he accepted the friend request.

“Alright, I’ll be on my way.” due to a tingling discomfort in his heart, Purity Essence spoke up, denying any follow ups by Ye Ci.

Ye Ci smiled, and remained silent. After turning off the chat window with Purity Essence, Ye Ci rode into Dark Clay City.

There is no failed poaching attempt in this world. There is only those who did not put enough efforts into poaching. Ye Ci was happy. Even when Purity Essence was wary of her in this moment, she was not in a hurry.

What is hers, she will keep. What is hers, she will never let go.

Ye Ci went offline after reaching the town hall. The battle on this day had wasted quite a lot of her time. The Epic-tier quest would have to wait.

She turned on her computer after climbing out of the gaming cabin, and went straight for the Fate official forum. The title of one of the forums caught her eye.

Red Dragon.

Of course it would be the red Dragon.

It was a common sight for players from different continents to be involved in a fight. But for a Dragon to appear during the battle, it made instant news. The appearance of the Dragon added more excitement to the audience, and the thread immediately became the most popular topic on the forums.

Ye Ci clicked into the forums. By then, the forums was already flooded with comments from players who have taken part in the battle. Other than the combat footage posted by the original poster, the thread was filled with screenshots by the players involved in the battle.

As she read the comments intently, Ye Ci heard movement from the room next to hers, which must have been Bai Mo who had came offline as well. It was time for dinner, and Ye Ci was never one to set foot in the realm of preparing dinner. She was an expert in hiding her shortcomings, and would never show off her skills in fields where she was inferior to others. Cooking is one of those things that Ye Ci was bad at.

For Ye Ci who could only manage with simple dishes, she would never set foot in the holy grounds that was the kitchen when there was a far more superior cook around. Besides, she had made an agreement with Bai Mo when he first moved in. He would be the one in charge of preparing meals while Ye Ci would handle the dishes.

Bai Mo turned around as he walked past Ye Ci’s room, and saw his cousin who was sitting in front of her computer, “Ahh.. I thought you came offline early to lessen my burden and help me cook. But you’re here…”

Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo and let out a playful smile, “If I don’t let you do it, how can you show your talent as the best man in the world?”

Ye Ci’s praised worked its charm. Bai Mo rubbed the bridge of his nose and giggled as he walked into the kitchen. With Bai Mo gone, Ye Ci focused her attention back on the computer.

Bai Mo reappeared after a short while, dumping a bag of vegetables on Ye Ci’s desk, “Help me sort these out. Why didn’t you at least get the rice ready when I’m still online? It’s so late now. Do you want to die of starvation or something?”

Ye Ci silently enabled the auto scrolling function and began sorting out the vegetables without once removing her attention away from the screen. This aroused Bai Mo’s curiosity, “The heck are you looking at?”

“Huh? It’s nothing. I’m looking at a dragon.” Ye Ci replied absentmindedly.

“A Dragon?” Bai Mo was astonished after listening to Ye Ci’s words. He nudged Ye Ci aside and began reading the same thread as he worked on sorting the vegetables.

Bai Mo exclaimed in awe as he watched the videos, “Wow! That’s a huge Dragon! Holy shit! It killed so many by breathing fire! That’s so awesome!”

Ye Ci chuckled and continued her task of sorting the vegetables.

Bai Mo eventually quieted down after his initial excitement. As Ye Ci raised her head, she found him exploring the other threads on the forums, and paid him no heed. She was hungry. And when she was hungry, she was unable to focus, and would even become grumpy.

Just then, Bai Mo spoke up, “Oi, you had nothing to do with the appearance of that red Dragon right?”

“Why do you ask?”

Bai Mo pointed at one of the threads, “Well according to this thing here, the red Dragon appeared in the Swamp of Sorrows and butchered the players in the area because the battle between the Eastern Continent and Northern Continent players because they’ve disturbed the ley lines in that place.”

Ye Ci’s mouth twitched, “Oh come on… Ley lines? In a Western Fantasy game? Are you sure this guy is okay?”

“Don’t dodge the question. I know that the theory might not be true, but I saw something in the screenshots he posted,” Bai Mo narrowed his eyes as he stared at Ye Ci, “It was that dumb and gluttonous dino of yours.”

“Eh?” Ye Ci was momentarily stunned. She had thought that with the appearance of the red Dragon, nobody would focus their attention on the battle itself. She shoved her head closer to the monitor, and saw her pet in the screenshots. Although she did not appear in the photo, the huge size of Ol’ Four and its fierce appearance is a hard thing to miss. The series of screenshots was just like a photobook for Ol’ Four, with pictures of the beast from different angles. Ye Ci was gloomy. Was that guy a wildlife photographer or something?

“See? I told you. That’s your dumb dinosaur right there! Look at that fat ass of his... I highly doubt that there are any pets with such a formidable size other than yours. I’ve always thought that it’s a good-for-nothing, but damn it’s quite ferocious in a fight!” Bai Mo chuckled, poking fun at Ol’ Four’s appetite and its slightly obese figure.

“If he knew what you said about him, he would eat you alive.” warned Ye Ci, who casted a sideway glance and Bai Mo.

“Hah! I’m a person alive in the flesh! Do you think I’ll be afraid of a clump of data? I’m telling the truth, your pet is too fat! You should let it slim down! At this rate, he’ll no longer be a dinosaur, he’ll be a pig!” Bai Mo continued poking fun at Ol’ Four’s body figure. Of course, he did not know that his words on this day would lead to his misfortune of being chased around by Ol’ Four for nearly 2 months. It was something that Bai Mo had regretted deeply. But, of course, it was something that took place way later.

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