Chapter 189 Can’t Mess With Her, But You Can Hide From Her

Chapter 189 Can’t Mess With Her, But You Can Hide From Her

Ye Ci felt that she was pretty lucky. As a Huntress, she could not dispel debuffs like stuns, not did she possess any items or equipment that could do so. Despite that, all Staggering Blows from almost a dozen Rogues missed.

It was indeed worthy of celebration!

Otherwise, her grand ship of success would have unexpectedly sunk in a little ditch as she died in the hands of a bunch of low level players.

Sometimes 12 seconds could pass in the blink of an eye and sometimes, 12 seconds felt like an eternity. The 12 seconds experienced by Ye Ci at that moment was an eternity.

When the 12 seconds were over, Ye Ci immediately flipped away from the players and ran towards Ol’ Four while gulping down a bottle of Large Health Potion. Her half-empty HP bar began to fill up.

The group of players that surrounded Ye Ci were pounded their chests and stomped their feet in frustration, distraught by their failure.

Despite being in combat, Ol’ Four rushed to Ye Ci’s side after hearing her whistle. As she sprinted towards Ol’ Four in an “S” shape path, she cast Pet Healing on it. A large chunk of its hitpoints was recovered.

When Ol’ Four was by Ye Ci’s side, she immediately turned around and locked onto Melodious Flute, directing Ol’ Four towards the Rogue. As Ol’ Four lunged forward, he flailed its thick tail around and swept the players around him off their feet.

The moment Melodious Flute saw that Ye Ci had recovered from being stunned, he knew he was in deep trouble. After encountering this woman a few times, he had naturally realized how petty she was. The first time they met, he had accidentally stunned her. In exchange, she had camped his spawn location for hours. Today, he had stunned her again, causing her to almost perish at the hands of a few small fry. It was very likely that he’d lose at least a few pieces of equipment to her today. She would never let him off the hook that easily.

With that thought in mind, Melodious Flute regretted his action of messing with that jinx. Why had his Staggering Blow landed? Why was he the unlucky one among the dozen of Rogues that had used the same skill on her? Why? Why???

Thus, he hid himself before Ye Ci could recover from being stunned.

In truth, Melodious Flute was not a coward. Rather, even if he had balls, wouldn’t it depend on who his opponent was? He could still hold his own against a player 2 to 3 levels above him. But who knew how many levels this girl had on him? Moreover, with her terrifying pet and those high-level mechanical skills, Melodious Flute had long since written her name in his blacklist. It would be best to avoid provoking her unless necessary.

Only, Melodious Flute’s concerns had nothing to do with Ye Ci. She was indeed a petty person. She was indeed a vengeful person. After all, among the numerous Northern Continent players who ganged up on her, Melodious Flute was the only one she knew. How could she not take it all out on the poor Rogue?

As Melodious Flute tried his best to blend into the crowd, a bright red mark suddenly appeared on his head, followed by a mighty roar. He shivered and turned around. F*cking hell, that jinx was really headed for him!

Oh, how he wished that he could turn invisible, but his ability was on cooldown. This made Melodious Flute very depressed. He could only dart to and fro within the crowd but he was unable to escape his fate.

As he watched the dinosaur get closer and closer, Melodious Flute crouched down with his head in his hands and rolled to the side. As he looked up, he saw the dinosaur looking for him in the spot he had previously been.

Melodious Flute breathed a sigh of relief. He then chuckled. Now is the best time to flee! He immediately hurtled in the opposite direction of Ol’ Four. However, there was always a saying.

An unlucky individual will choke even when taking a sip of water.

As Melodious Flute turned around and ran, he bumped into a person, “I’m sorry…”

Melodious Flute was stunned into silence before he could finish his sentence. The person that he had bumped into was none other than the female jinx.

“Hehehe…” As Melodious Flute stared up at her impassive face, he could feel his own face growing stiff. “Female jin-, I mean, Gongzi You. Long time no see!”

Ye Ci had no time to waste on Melodious Flute in the heat of battle. Moreover, she was behind enemy lines. She abruptly raised her hand and gave the helpless Melodious Flute a shove. The Rogue staggered a few steps before he fell flat on his butt. It was an embarrassing sight.

Melodious Flute had cooked up various ways Gongzi You would exact her vengeance on him but this was not what he expected. By the time he struggled to get up and look for Gongzi You, she was nowhere to be seen. Did she let me go just like that? Or perhaps she left because she was deep behind enemy lines and had no time to waste on me?

Melodious Flute’s thoughts were as chaotic as the ongoing battle. He could not comprehend the reason behind Gongzi You’s decision. In his heart, he began to accept the fact that Gongzi You let him off because he was not worth the effort and she was being pursued by Northern Continent players.

At times, one must not be overly optimistic. Otherwise, when the truth hit home, they would be in a world of pain.

For example, Melodious Flute’s current situation. Just as he thought that he had been let off the hook, he was suddenly enveloped in darkness. Then, there was a system notification, “You have been eaten by Gongzi You’s pet.”


So this was why Gongzi You had not attack him. Her pet had been right behind him all along. She never had the time nor effort to waste on him, and left him to her pet instead.

Was there somebody as bitter, as tragic and as unlucky as he was?

Even if he was nothing compared to Gongzi You, he was still one of the best Rogues in the Northern Continent. For him to die in such a manner… What a bitter end! He, Melodious Flute, had been killed in battle; fallen to his death; drowned to death; beaten to death by a BOSS; killed in an explosion… He had died in various horrible ways, but this was the first time he had died after being used as food for somebody else’s pet.

How embarrassing!

As he was devoured by Ol’ Four, there was not even a corpse left to be revived. By the time the darkness faded away, he was greeted by a desolate sight. When he turned around, he realized that he was already in spirit form, waiting to be respawned in the graveyard.

Melodious Flute checked his equipment after he respawned. He was lucky to have not lost any items. Since his death had been too embarrassing, he had to keep it a secret. Moreover, there was no way he was returning to the battlefield. If he was spotted by Gongzi You again, he would not get away so easily. Melodious Flute pricked up his ears in the direction of the battlefield. The sounds of the ongoing battle made his blood boil, but ultimately he decided to turn around and head to the port instead.

Sigh. Some people were not to be messed with.

The Northern Continent players fell into momentary disarray when their healers were decimated by Ye Ci’s Rain of Arrows.

An anonymous person once said: No matter developed and advanced a MMORPG is, the basic classes in the game will remain the same. There were 3 base classes in online games, Tanks, DPS and healers. They formed a golden triangle, from which other classes slowly branched out. With the development of MMORPGs, no matter how many new classes were added, their battle attributes were still closely related to the 3 main classes.

This composition of character classes in battle will never change in any situation. In geometry classes, the math teacher had spoken of the stability of a triangle. But the moment one side of the triangle collapsed… the steel-lined triangular battle formation would fall apart..

What a situation like that caused was clear -- either a one-sided defeat in battle or a slow suffocatingly painful loss. Of course, this only applied in a situation where both sides have equal strength. If one of the combatants was superior, they would be able to steamroll the opposition without resorting to shattering the traingle.

In this particular battle, Ye Ci was quick to realize that there was no sign of collapse in the lines of the Northern Continent players despite of the decimation of their healers. Instead, they were quick to reorganize themselves and began throwing themselves into battle once again.

What the hell was going on?

A player who had experienced countless battles would not panic under any circumstances. Naturally, Ye Ci remained calm. She halted her attacks and rode Ol’ Four around the Northern Continent player’s formation, inciting the aggravation of many players who pursued her with the intent to kill. As she ran, she observed their formation carefully. After silently pondering, she finally understood the full extent of the situation.

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