Chapter 188 Behind Enemy Lines

Chapter 188 Behind Enemy Lines

“Oi! The Knights at the front! Spread out in a “one” word shape. Yes, the “one” written in mandarin. Oh, sorry, I forgot that there are players from overseas as well. What I meant was that I want you to spread out in a line and stick close together! Just pretend that the guy beside you owes you money and he’ll run away if you don’t stick close to him! Aiya! Look around you! You’re supposed to face the Northern Continent players, not me! I won’t pop your anal cherry! Why the hell are you defending against me?”

“Healers! Stay in the center, don’t go all over the place! You’re my sweethearts alright? As long as you’re alive I’ll give you all the love I can alright? Just don’t scatter all over the place! You’re the priority target of the enemy! They’ll take you out if you are isolated. Do you really want to be a target? Do you want me take a photo for you later? Yes, yes. Hide behind the Warriors and Knights! Sit tight, and heal everybody. Don’t forget to remove any debuffs as well. Remember: you don’t have to fight the enemy, just pay attention to our hitpoints!”

„Rogue, you are the greatest assassin combustion, the microcosm stealth the vanguard the small chrysanthemum that goes forward to explode the Northern Continent player they need you do not reject, should not be shy, does not want, because they are the tender flower are take pity on they naturally, is careful, protects your small chrysanthemum, do not come back turned into the sunflower.”

All Rangers stealth hide around Magic based Classes and Healer dad and ensure our Healer by opposite party small Rogue exploding the chrysanthemum is you your entire life most important Quest”

Ye Ci listened to real water not fragrant Leader almost to smile to spurt, these words how this fellow thought. Although is bringing teasing, although somewhat is slightly vulgar, is is very straightforward. Must know that is not each player has participated in this fight, how is also not each player knows in the fight should the position how defend. But the real water is not fragrant this appealing to both cultured and popular tastes, straightforward Leader happen to makes all people know that they should make anything, how they should do.

Although fought just started, but Ye Ci has given very high appraisal to real water not fragrant Leader. Such person Leader truly can make in the entire team relax very much, if, he merely only then this skill, is only one is ordinary Leader.

Is wanting to result in the time, Ye Ci discovered that was mixed to enter one probably to have in 50 people of teams. The real water not fragrant said: „ You is rank is highest in the overall plan contact surface, G is highest, has first time to play person? of total information game.

Nobody replied that it seems like all people are not.

Real water not fragrant nod: „ Has is first time participates in this? to war.

This time 34 people replied probably that 56 said one to fighting the pattern are very strange regarding this type.  Real water not fragrance immediately the patient explanation, this team must take the commando unit, must realize and operate is quite good, if has not participated in this type to fighting the pattern returns to the large unit. Several players said the understanding withdrew from this small team, returned to the large unit.

The remaining people think that has the experience that multiple fights, then my not loquacity, your Quest, only then, disrupts the opposite party fight rhythm, won the time of attack and organization attack for the following players and newbie.”

After obtaining the affirmation of complete people, the real water not fragrance arranged everybody's conflict direction to return to the main channel.

At this time Ye Ci was not fragrant has held at heart in high esteem to real water, this fellow not only greatly vulgar Daya, but also fine within its crudy, had absolutely the different Leader ways regarding the different people, such Leader plasticity was very strong. On first he has not become ten big Leader is really is a pity.

At this time, Ye Ci actually moved must dig the thought of real water not fragrant corner, is only, according to the situation of last Moon Green Hill feedback, a real water not fragrance most precious quality is loyal, even if on first his team is not entirely as desired, but the real water is not fragrant does not have to leave them on own initiative. Therefore the Ye Ci many assurance cannot dig to this person, but, Ye Ci is all things must person with every effort, therefore, does not arrive finally, she will be will not give up absolutely.

The Northern Continent player large unit finally and large unit of Eastern Continent player conflicted. Not was fragrant in this time real water to is attacking the team to shout: „Makes the best use of the time to attack, simultaneously the attacking team of careful opposite party”

Ol’ Four worthily is the Epic Level pet, his race is the tyrannosaurus, in the animal rank of Fate, the tyrannosaurus can be considered as on is one of the most militant biology. But regarding Ol’ Four, two matters that he most likes except for eating fights, therefore met this situation it early unable to repress the excitement, Ye Ci was diverting it, it is estimated that it had already fired into the opposite party the camp.

But since now Leader ordered to sprint, Ye Ci also no longer diverts Ol’ Four, Ol’ Four was the arrow of off-line shoots immediately likely generally. Its running speed is extremely fast, has to accelerate skill in the fight, the person but who the blinking time, simultaneously will flush with him has spread out completely.

In the present stage, the fight rides to favor is very rare, in entire Fate can also have the fight to ride to favor on 78 people, the players present mount only then the running function, does not have the combat function, therefore after both armies rush to the position, all people jumped down from the mount, start to fight.

Only then a Ye Ci person rides Ol’ Four to overrun toward the northern continent player most places.

Is mostly the same except for minor differences with real water not fragrant Leader, the Northern Continent player also completely protects the Healer dads, moreover hides is the secret. Ye Ci rode Ol’ Four to break in them the position, only feared that did not have the means to discover. However Ye Ci has not made the Ol’ Four pet they probably the rallying point put an earth vibration directly community skill. After all can we let Rangers stealth protection, opposite party not?

When she must be away from approaches the Healer dad almost the time, she jumped fiercely, stands on the Ol’ Four head cranial vault, both feet, the entire photograph is the arrow same flushes away toward the space, while the neutral who she has not dropped, „Arrow Net” has covered in the opposite party Healer dad's range.

The arrow rain of wide scope fell, has a blood red injury value, as well as the honor value of wide scope brushes the screen.

Ye Ci satisfied is narrowing the pupil, she is quite vulgar, is likes looking that such dense and numerous red flutter, is likes looking that such dense and numerous golden honors brush the frequency, satisfies a craving

Ye Ci such leaps knows consequence actually, she jumps from the body of Ol’ Four, treats the direction that to jump toward here, certainly will again not fall on the body of Ol’ Four, but will leave Ol’ Four certainly to be besieged by other players, temporarily could not attend to her, she can only fall on the ground. Moreover, Ol’ Four big body her good Concealment, certainly has not become the numerous player collection hot goal in some time of going. Although facing 42 levels of Epic Level pets, wants to take down it is not so is easy a matter, but, the elephant also fears the ant to be many, if the time is too long, only feared that Ol’ Four cannot insist.

Therefore, Ye Ci in jumping to lose the Arrow Net flash to plan, after falling, immediately must receive Ol’ Four.

She just fell to the ground, to alleviate the momentum causes the inertia to make a false counter-accusation, immediately hits one to leave on the ground, then the plan stands. But actually has not thought that has not stood, in her fight record immediately reminds her: „You had been knocked staggering blow by the shepherd's flute melodiously

Gongzi You by the dizziness the opportunity of this type of world red rain, may have let how off. Immediately saw at least to break through more than ten players, Rogue supports her to make an effort to lose the big move to her completely, but Warrior and Barbarian lost high injuries to her surface gate skill, except for these close combat occupations do not say that other long-distance player, that passes the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator simply, was relentless

Shepherd's flute melodious...... Ye Ci only thought one and this person definitely very much to the plate, oneself twice by the Rogue dizziness in his hand, are really not known should say this is his technology is high, are really is too not careful.

Although the Ye Ci rank is high, has the rank penalty regarding the majority of players, but cannot support the attacks of these many people, such more than ten seconds of dizziness, her health bar has gotten down 1/2.

She does not know that in Northern Continent player map channel, they are also crazy are complaining.

I, this Gongzi You many levels I hit her ten times to have nine times am I, hits with great difficulty one time dozens injuries”

You can also hit time my half blue to fire off, one time has not hit”

„Rubbish, dizziness only then 12 seconds, takes down quickly she, otherwise she awoke, is not easy to do”

Was stupid, Rogue in turn staggering blow”

You consider to hit twenty levels of players, can hit several of us Rogue lose each time, except for shepherd's flute melodious hit, we completely I”

A bit faster a bit faster, again refueled, she also has half blood not to arrive, can the shepherd's flute, be dizzy one time”

Staggering blow CD is 40 seconds......”

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