Chapter 188 Behind Enemy Lines

Chapter 188 Behind Enemy Lines

“Oi! The Knights at the front! Spread out in a “one” word shape. Yes, the “one” written in mandarin. Oh, sorry, I forgot that there are players from overseas as well. What I meant was that I want you to spread out in a line and stick close together! Just pretend that the guy beside you owes you money and he’ll run away if you don’t stick close to him! Aiya! Look around you! You’re supposed to face the Northern Continent players, not me! I won’t pop your anal cherry! Why the hell are you defending against me?”

“Healers! Stay in the center, don’t go all over the place! You’re my sweethearts alright? As long as you’re alive I’ll give you all the love I can alright? Just don’t scatter all over the place! You’re the priority target of the enemy! They’ll take you out if you are isolated. Do you really want to be a target? Do you want me take a photo for you later? Yes, yes. Hide behind the Warriors and Knights! Sit tight, and heal everybody. Don’t forget to remove any debuffs as well. Remember: you don’t have to fight the enemy, just pay attention to our health!”

“Rogues! You’re the assassins worthy of the greatest admiration! Get into Stealth and advance! Go pop the cherries of those Northern Continent players! They need you! Don’t be shy! Don’t feel sorry for them! Be careful, protect your little chrysanthemum [1], wouldn’t want em to turn into sunflowers by the time you guys are back.”

“I want the Rangers to go in Stealth mode and stand guard around our mages and healers! Don’t let the enemy Rogues pop their anal cherries! This is the most important mission in your lives right now!”


Ye Ci could barely contain her laughter when listening to the words of Purity Essence. How did he come up with all that? Despite being vulgar, he was easy to understand. After all, not every player has taken part in such a battle, and not every player knew the proper positioning and countermeasures that should be taken. Purity Essence’s vulgar but simple instructions were easy to understand.

Ye Ci already had a very high impression even at the beginning of the battle. He was able to calm down players under his command. However, if that was his only quality, he would only be a very mediocre commander.

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, Ye Ci noticed that she had been assigned to a 50-player party, and Purity Essence’s voice entered her ears, “According to the Integrated Command Interface, you people have the highest level and best GS. Is any one of you a first timer in VRMMORPG games?”

He received no answer. It appears that there were no newbies in the party.

Purity Essence nodded and continued, “Is this your first time taking part in such a battle?”

This time however, a number of players murmured their affirmation.

Purity Essence began to patiently offer an explanation, “This party will act as as a commando squad. We need players with a good game sense and mechanical skills. Those of you who are not used to PVP please return to the main force.” And a small number of players immediately left the party.

“I’m sure the rest of you are experienced players, so there’s nothing much to say. You have one job: To disrupt the enemy’s tempo, and open up a chance for the rest of us!”

After receiving confirmation from the party members, Purity Essence gave a few minor commands of situations to look out for and returned to the main channel.

Ye Ci found a whole new level of respect for Purity Essence. Despite being vulgar, there was finesse in him as well. He would give orders with different manners in different situations. The flexibility of his command style was very strong. It was a shame he was not listed as the top 10 commanders in Ye Ci’s last life.

At this point, Ye Ci had already made up her mind to poach Purity Essence. Based on feedback from Green Hill’s Moon in her last life, Purity Essence was a loyal person. Despite the incompetence of his guild, he had never once abandoned the guild. Ye Ci was not confident in her success to acquire him and his loyalty. However, it is not her nature to give up before even trying.

The Northern Continent and Eastern Continent players have finally met each other in battle. Purity Essence immediately gave out a command to the commando squad, “Attack! And beware of their own hit squad!”

Ol’ Four was indeed worthy of being an Epic-tier pet. In the animal ranking of Fate, T-rex is one of the most warlike creatures in the game. The 2 things Ol’ Four enjoyed the most were eating and fighting. In the face of such a large scale battle, the beast could hardly contain his excitement, and would’ve rushed into the heart of the enemy formation if not for Ye Ci.

Since the order to attack was given, Ye Ci let loose Ol’ Four. And the beast immediately rushed out like an arrow that was loosed from a bow. It charged at the enemy at a very high speed. With the help of some of its abilities, Ol’ Four was able to reach the enemy lines in the blink of an eye, leaving the rest of the commando squad behind.

In the current stage of the game, combat mounts were a very rare existence. Not more than 10 players in the entire game were in possession of such creatures. The mounts owned by an average player only served as a means of transportation, and could not be used in combat. Players had to dismount before they were able to engage the enemy.

Ye Ci rode Ol’ Four towards the strongest part of the enemies formation.

The Northern Continent players made similar arrangements as Purity Essence, and had hidden their healers well. Ye Ci would never have been able to find the healers had she not charged into the midst of Northern Continent players. She, however, refrained from charging right at the healers. After all, if the Rangers on her side could go into Stealth, the enemy could do the same as well.

With Ye Ci’s knowledge of Rangers, she knew that they would be able to knock her down from her mount despite the differences in level. She would definitely lose her advantage in height. That was why Ye Ci did not immediately dive in after the healers, and instead began slaying any enemy combatants that went after her.

When she was in range of the healers, Ye Ci jumped onto Ol’ Four’s head and kicked out hard with her legs, launching herself into the air like an arrow. While she was airborne, Ye Ci casted Rain of Arrows on the concentration of healers.

A hail of arrows rained down on the healers, and red damage indicators appeared, followed by a sea of numbers that indicated the Kill Glory that Ye Ci had earned.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes in satisfaction. She was a vulgar person. She enjoyed the sight of red damage values and the golden Kill Glory floating up from the enemy players. It was addicting.

Ye Ci predicted the outcome the moment she leapt towards the direction of the healers from Ol’ Four. She would never land back on Ol’ Four, which will be unable to help her out as it will immediately be surrounded by players. Ol’ Four was massive, which made him a target for enemy players. Even if it was not an easy task to defeat a lvl42 Epic-tier pet, Ol’ Four would eventually be overwhelmed by the Northern Continent players’s sheer numbers.

That was why Ye Ci made the decision to dismiss Ol’ Four after she landed.

She rolled on the ground as she landed. But before she could stand, a message appeared in her combat log, “You have been hit by Melodious Flute’s Staggering Blow.”

Ye Ci found herself unable to move, and her character was shaky. A spiral appeared on her head accompanied by tiny golden stars, an indicator that she was stunned.

Who would miss such a rare opportunity where Gongzi You was stunned? More than a dozen players rushed at Ye Ci. The Rogues, Warriors and Barbarians threw attacks after attacks at Ye Ci, while the ranged classes rained arrows and spells on her.

Melodious Flute… He was such a pain in Ye Ci’s neck. He was the only Rogue who have managed to stun Ye Ci twice. Ye Ci is not sure if he’s skillful or she herself is careless.

Despite the level penalty, Ye Ci was unable to withstand the flurry of attacks. After 10 seconds of suffering from being stunned, she lost half her hitpoints.

She was unaware of the grumblings and complains of the Northern Continent players in their Map Channel.

“F*ck me sideways! Just what level is this bitch at? 9 out of 10 of my attacks missed, and the only attack that landed barely dealt any damage!”

“Oh you’re able to land a hit? Well, f*ck me! I’ve finished half my mana, and none of my attacks landed!”

“Cut the bullshit! The stun effect will be over in 12 seconds! Take her out now! If she recovers, we’re screwed!”

“You idiots! Rogues, hurry up and use Staggering Blow on her!”

“What, you think we’re fighting against a lvl20 player? We’ve all casted Staggering Blow, but only Melodious Flute was able to score a hit! The rest of us missed!”

“Hurry! Keep it up! She has only half her hitpoints left! Melodious, can you stun her one more time?”

“Staggering Blow has a CD of 40 seconds…”

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