Chapter 185 I am Gongzi You

Chapter 185 I am Gongzi You

Ye Ci was expressionless as she massacred the Northern Continent players. She couldn’t help but feel inadequate despite the 20-odd Kill Glory she had earned. Did they really believe that by not fighting on a neutral map, they would shame the name of “Neutral Territory”?

Ye Ci found nothing valuable after inspecting the equipment on the ground; she had no time or energy to spend on this sort of equipment. Following this, Ye Ci left with Ol’ Four, leaving behind a dozen Northern Continent player corpses.

“Our parties have been wiped out by a dinosaur-riding Huntress! We need support!” shouted a fallen Northern Continent player in the Map Channel.

“Where’s she headed?”

“She was travelling down the main road at the center of the map. I believe that she’s at least level 38. There was a level penalty when we tried to attack her! We can’t even deal a single point of damage!”

The Northern Continent parties that were wiped out had an average level of 31. This level was a factor in their attempt at gauging Ye Ci’s level.

“She’s level 38…” Five Grain Liquor was deep in thought. With a level 34 character, Five Grain Liquor thought that he had a very decent level. However, he did not expect that he would run into a level 38 player in the Swamp of Sorrows. It would be very hard to deal with the Huntress.

“Spread out, don’t stick together/huddle up! Remember, even ants can bite an elephant to death! We’ll take her on with superior numbers!”

Ye Ci was curious. Why would wave after wave of Northern Continent players charge at her? Despite the free Kill Glory, Ye Ci felt pestered beyond her limits by the onslaught of Northern Continent players. Ye Ci said towards the lifeless bodies which littered the ground as she climbed onto Ol’ Four, “I don’t have the time to farm Kill Glory with you people. Go level up or something, I need to leave. Tell the others as well—stop messing around with me, I’m not interested in fighting.”

And with that, she left.

Although her message had been conveyed to the other players in the Map Channel, her intention had been completely distorted when retold by others. Ye Ci’s original message had intended to avoid confrontation, however, through the words of others, it had been twisted into one full of provocation. When faced with such ‘provocation’, the blood of the Northern Continent players boiled.

As a result, the Northern Continent players lost their minds. They gave up on hunting the Eastern Continent players scattered throughout the map and began diverting their forces against the dinosaur-riding Huntress. The commotion that they brewed up was an awe-inspiring sight.

At that moment, a message appeared in the Map Channel, slightly dampening the rage of the Northern Continent players, “Do you know just who the hell you people are pursuing?”

The players were struck dumb as they read the question. Just who the hell were they facing?

A player who was already level 38, was a dinosaur-riding Elven Huntress, and had the capability of wiping out all the parties that pursued her. She definitely wasn’t any ordinary player.

“I think I know of someone who fits that description.” A voice spoke up, “I think many of us here also know the answer, am I right?”

Silence filled the channel.

This player was renowned. Her achievements were numerous to the point that it was impossible to count. Her recent exploits were like the stories of the legend. When the Western Continent invaded the Eastern Continent’s Champion City, this player’s name was at the apex of the Kill Glory leaderboard. She was also the first person in the entire Eastern Continent to have reached the rank of Major General.

Not only that, the person has also slain Fleeting Time, who was crowned as the top player of the Western Continent. Despite her own reluctance to comment about the battle, Fleeting Time himself did not mind his defeat. When asked about the battle, he would always say that he lost because he was not as good as the person.

The person was also involved in a rumoured love-hate relationship involving the two top Hunters of both continents.

With such a grand event, and the Fate officials keeping track of the entire battle, the person’s name was the most popular name in the forums.

The person was none other than Gongzi You.

The burning flames within the Northern Continent players died down after the name has been spoken. Each and every one of them knew that going up against Gongzi You would spell trouble.

Besides, reaching the rank of Major General would enable her to purchase specialized PvP equipment used for player vs player combat. Players armed with PvP equipment would deal more damage while receiving less damage from their enemies. Such a player would have a tremendous amounts of advantage over players with PvE equipment even without taking levels and mechanical skill into account.

The entire Map Channel immediately died down.

“But are you sure it’s really Gongzi You?”

The question was raised by one of the players. It was true that nobody was certain that the player was indeed Gongzi You. None of them have really seen the face of Gongzi You. The players were reluctant to let their anger die down just because of some description about the Huntress’s appearance. Hence, the killings continued.

Despite the fact that the Northern Continent players were not sure that the Huntress was indeed Gongzi You, there was still a slight change in their actions. They would avoid the Huntress, and at times even hid themselves when they spotted her from afar. The Northern Continent players slowly shifted their targets back to the other Eastern Continent players.

Ye Ci, on the other hand, was very satisfied with the effect of her words. Not a single Northern Continent had tried to mess with her after the incident. Even if she came across some of the Northern Continent players, they would go to great lengths to keep their distance. Just as Dark Clay City was within reach, Ye Ci noticed a commotion in the Eastern Continent’s Map Channel.

“Those Northern Continent trash are way over their heads! I was only trying to complete my quest! I did not do anything! But those assholes killed me!”

“Me too! My party was wiped out in our leveling spot by a bunch of them!”

“I know right! I don’t mind them occasionally picking off one of ours who was alone, but what they did today is way overboard!”

“We can’t just let them do whatever the hell they want in our territory! We must fight back!”

“Hell yeah! We must fight back! Let’s gather at Dark Clay City! We’ll muster all our forces and kick their asses!”


Clashes between players were a common sight in neutral maps. Having countless experience of such clashes in her last life, Ye Ci paid no heed to the conversation. She had no intention of joining the fight. That was of course, until a message appeared in the Map Channel.

“I’ve heard that the Northern Continent players are actually not moving against normal Eastern Continent players like us. They’re on the hunt for a certain player.”

“What do you mean by ‘a certain player’?”

“They say it’s a Huntress riding a dinosaur. She bullied one of theirs and ran away. They’re now trying to kill the Huntress.”

“Wait, why does it sound like Gongzi You…”

“Eh? Gongzi You is here? Do you think she’ll join the battle?”


At that moment, Ye Ci finally understood why droves of Northern Continent players came after her. It seems that she had become a target. But… Have she bullied anyone from the Northern Continent?

However, it was not Ye Ci’s nature to put too much thoughts nor was she willing to waste her time on insignificant matters like this. However, since the Northern Continent players were looking for trouble, she would not allowed herself to be trampled upon.

It was never Gongzi You’s way to allow herself to be trampled. Since the Northern Continent players wish to look for trouble, this was her perfect moment to farm for more Kill Glory. With that thought in mind, she headed to the western gate of Dark Clay City.

The players gathered at the western gate stared at Ol’ Four with mouth agaped the moment Ye Ci arrived at the scene. The crowd began murmuring to each other.

“Wow, are you telling me that this is Gongzi You?”

“Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen her in person…”

“She looks completely different in person! I thought she’s tall, but she looks rather short…”

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