Chapter 182 Swamp of Sorrows

Chapter 182 Swamp of Sorrows

The message was so out of the blue that Ye Ci paid it no heed. It might be a greeting from a random player, and Ye Ci would always ignore messages like this. Because she was in a good mood however, Ye Ci decided to reply, “I’m free now, but I’ll be very busy real soon.”

She did not expect to receive a reply almost immediately, “If it’s not that much of a bother, can we meet up?”

Ye Ci could tell that something was off with this message, and immediately stopped Ol’ Four dead in his tracks. Ol’ Four was not happy with the order, but out of respect for roasted meat, it complied. The T-rex stood still, with heads held high, as if it was the king of the world.

Who was it? Since the person has asked for a meetup, he or she would not be just a random player. It must’ve been someone who has met Ye Ci before but have not added her as a friend. But there is a lot of players like this. Ye Ci could not even begin to count the numbers of such players.

After a moment of being deep in thought, Ye Ci decided to reply, “Who are you?”

“You’ll know once you see me.” the person was very concerned about exposing his identity.

Ye Ci sneered at the answer. I’ll know who you are once I see you? So what if you mean me harm? I’ll be dead when I see you! Do you think I’m an idiot?

“Sorry, I’m not a curious person. If you think that trying to act mysterious makes you look cool, I suggest that you try it on someone else.”

“I’m not trying to mean you harm. I need to meet up with you.”

“Don’t you worry, I really mean you no harm. I have something that I need to speak to you about in person.”


The person sent messages after messages to Ye Ci when ignored. She was at the brink of muting her chat for strangers when a line of words dispelled such intention.

“Gongzi You, I’m Wandering Cloud. I mean you no harm, but there’s something that I need to talk to you.”

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned after reading the message, and she immediately commanded Ol’ Four to stop. She was astonished. She had never expected the person to be Wandering Cloud. Why would he send her a message at this time?

Did NightAndDay tell him about what she said previously? It can’t be. As the leader of such a large guild, he wouldn’t act so frivolously. He wouldn’t handle the matter so irresponsibly like this..

So why is Wandering Cloud looking for her? Is he trying to court her? Unlike her last life, there were a lot of conflicts between them. It is impossible for Wandering Cloud to have the guts to try something like that on her.

But if that’s not the reason… Why would Wandering Cloud be looking for her?

Ye Ci replied after a long moment of silence, “I don’t think there’s anything to be said between us.” Despite her displeasure at the person, she did not want to dirty her hands. After all, it would be better to settle internal matters in house..

Although Ye Ci enjoyed the sweet taste of vengeance, revenge is a troublesome matter. She did not want to waste her energy on someone who was insignificant. Before Wandering Cloud had truly pissed her off, it would be better to leave the joy of such a thing to NightAndDay. How could she rob NightAndDay of the sweet joy of exacting revenge?

“There’s a misunderstanding between us, sparking some conflicts between our guilds. We’re both leaders of our guild, shouldn’t we clear the air for the benefit of our guilds?” after failing in persuading Ye Ci, Wandering Cloud resorted to entice her with the benefits of her guild.

Ye Ci laughed coldly, “Unlike you, I’m not the person in charge of Upwards Ho!, I’m just a nobody. If you wish to call a truce, talk to Remote Depths. He’s currently bored out of his mind in the guild encampment. I’m sure he’ll be very glad to talk to you.”

“Gongzi You, don’t be like that, I know it’s my mistake from trying to steal that kill from you. I tried my best to mediate the conflict that arose after that as well, but I failed. But you must know that I’ve never thought of becoming enemies with you. I’m very sincere here, but why must you treat me like this?”

Ye Ci could barely hold back a laughter after receiving the message from Wandering Cloud. It might’ve worked on someone else. Why is this world so weird? People who are shameless are usually better off in life.

It was really rare for someone as shameless as Wandering Cloud to say such a thing. The man has never been so blatant in her last life. He had always been discreet with everything he did. But why was he saying such things? The only answer would be: he was facing a problem that he was unable to solve.

Should I meet up with him? Shouldn’t I leave some room of maneuver for myself unless the situation is really dire?

The questions kept repeating themselves in Ye Ci’s mind. But, her mouth reacted faster than her brain.

“I don’t really have the time right now. How about meeting up at a later date?” Ye Ci’s mouth rejected Wandering Cloud’s invitation. She was lucky that her “mouth” was smart, and left some room of maneuverability for the both of them.

“But… I’m in a desperate situation right now…” Wandering Cloud blurted out the words reflexively. After realizing his mistake, Wandering Cloud regained his composure after a slight pause and said, “Alright, let’s meet up 2 days later.”

He was indeed desperate. Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, cutting off communications with Wandering Cloud, and immediately contacted Green Hill’s Moon, “Are you there?”

“Good morning boss! Have you eaten your breakfast?” she received a reply from Green Hill’s Moon 3 seconds later. Even when she was communicating with the person through private message, she could almost hear the jovial voice of Green Hill’s Moon, as if he was a little puppy wagging his tail at her as an attempt of flattery.

“Yes, I’ve eaten.”

“For boss to summon me so early in the morning… Something must be up. I’m all ears boss! I’m ready to help!” Ye Ci was exasperated by Green Hill’s Moon’s jovial tone. This guy… He must’ve seen Ye Ci as someone with more money than she has sense. Whenever Ye Ci came looking for him, he would receive a huge sum of money. This must be the source of his excitement.

“I need you to find information about someone.”

“No problem boss. But about the money…” a businessman at heart, Green Hill’s Moon wasted no time in asking for a price. This was what Ye Ci liked about him. There are some matters that need lines to be drawn clearly.

“100,000 gold coins.”

“Looks like this person is not as important as the last one.”

“They are just as important.” a ghost of a smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face, “If I remembered correctly, if I report you for illegally obtaining the private information of Thousand Sunsets… Hehe…” Ye Ci left her sentence hanging, allowing him to come to the frightening conclusion of the repercussions on his own.

“If this person is as dangerous as Thousand Sunsets, I’m not taking the job even if you pay me 1 million gold coins.” Green Hill’s Moon furrowed his eyebrows. He did not know who Ye Ci wanted him to investigate, but the pay was rather low.

“He’s not that much of a big shot.” and Ye Ci spoke out the name slowly, “Wandering Cloud, the vice leader of Tang Dynasty. I want to know what’s up with him and NightAndDay as well as…” with that, Ye Ci let out a slight laugh, “Just go look into it. I know you’ll know what I want.”

Green Hill’s Moon couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He knew he would not be able to gain the upper hand when dealing with this woman. But, Wandering Cloud was really not as influential as Thousand Sunsets. He would only need to busy himself for a day or two to earn 20,000 real world cash. It was worth it.

“Alright, no problem! Just wait for my good news.” Green Hill’s Moon accepted the request and received payment from Ye Ci.

With the matter settled, Ye Ci continued her journey happily. She did not want to delay her trip to Dark Clay City any longer.

The Rand Port is a flourishing port in the Swamp of Sorrows. Ships from different continents frequented the port, and with them, players from the other continents. This was the northernmost area of the Eastern Continent, declared to be independent by Lord Moore in the 374th year of the Fate calendar. It meant that the place had already been a neutral territory before players entered the game. PvP battles raged on in all corners of the Swamp of Sorrows with the exception of Dark Clay City.

Players who are bad in PvP, or had inferior equipment or low level would never enter this area. If they die, they won’t even have the chance to reacquire their equipment.

Despite the large number of foreign continent players exploring the Swamp of Sorrow, the players from the Eastern Continent still made up the vast majority of the player population. They huddled in groups to ensure their safety, camping at the spawn points of Fishmen in the map. They would stay away from the other groups, while guaranteeing their own safety.

When Ye Ci entered the Swamp of Sorrows on Ol’ Four’s back, she could see a field of green and red players.

Players who entered the Swamp of Sorrows alone were few and far between. If a solo player was not strong enough, they would be slaughtered by players from opposing continents. The corpses and skeletons littering the road to Dark Clay City were testaments that the killings have never stopped.

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