Chapter 177 Farewell

Chapter 177 Farewell

“If that’s the case, I’m the one who is at a loss.” Fleeting Time replied with a serious tone.

“You? At loss?” Ye Ci was confused. What the hell is he talking about? “Why is that?”

“I can’t even earn a single Kill Glory point after such a long battle, don’t you think I’m the victim here?” Fleeting Time replied through a row of text floating above his corpse. Even when Fleeting Time could not express himself well enough through his lifeless corpse, Ye Ci could still feel that she was being teased by Fleeting Time.

She narrowed her eyes and stared silently at the corpse of Fleeting Time, her face devoid of expression, and her thoughts known only to herself.

A curious Fleeting Time did not waste any time in guessing Ye Ci’s thoughts, “What are you thinking about?”

Ye Ci snorted, “I’m thinking that… Are you even Fleeting Time? Has your account gotten hacked? Or are you lagging or something?”

“Things like this would only happen like 30 or 40 years ago… Such cases are few and far between nowadays. Why would you ask?”

“The Fleeting Time I know is someone who would never give up even at the last moment. Why did you not fight back?” Ye Ci was extremely curious. If she was unable to gain an answer from Fleeting Time, she might even be downtrodden for a long time.

Fleeting Time remained silent after listening to Ye Ci’s question. It was as if he had really turned into a corpse. After a short moment of silence, even Ye Ci began to suspect that Fleeting Time had chosen to respawn.

She raised her foot and nudged lightly at the corpse of Fleeting Time, “Oi, are you still here?”

“Yes.” the answer came quickly.

“You don’t have to give me an answer if you don’t want to.” despite her curiosity, Ye Ci was not someone who would force someone to speak their mind. After receiving no answer from Fleeting Time, Ye Ci simply assumed that there was something that was troubling her opponent, and decided not to pursue the matter.

Fleeting Time laughed. He was having a conversation with Absalom when Ye Ci directed such a question at him. After learning that Fleeting Time was defeated by Ye Ci, Absalom made the decision to retreat and ordered Fleeting Time to respawn as Western Continent players are preparing to return to their home continent.

“I ran out of arrows.” said Fleeting Time, “You’re right, I’m someone who would grasp at any opportunity to defeat my opponents. However, there are times when fate does not give you any opportunity.”

Fleeting Time’s words were met with silence by Ye Ci. If Fleeting Time had his way, he would have remained at the place and had a longer conversation. After all, it was the only time when he could interact with her without hostilities.

However, there was very little time for them.

“I need to be on my way.”

“To respawn?”

“We’re retreating.” Fleeting Time knew that such information was not for Ye Ci’s ears, but at this point, he opted to state the truth, “Congratulations, you’ve won the siege battle,” and he continued after a short pause, “You won’t win so easily the next time.”

Ye Ci smiled. For an unknown reason, at that very moment, she felt relaxed around Fleeting Time. Of course, it was not because Fleeting Time was lying on the ground. It was the tone they were using with each other. It was as if they were friends who had known each other for a long time. She had rarely felt such a feeling of mutual understanding with someone else.

“As long as I’m in the Eastern Continent, you will not succeed.” Ye Ci bent over and faced Fleeting Time who was laying on the ground. She knew he was able to see her expression. The corner of Ye Ci’s lips raised as she spoke, “You’re the one who lost today, but it was not a fair fight. Next time, however, I will achieve a convincing victory. That is why… Before our next battle, you must not let anyone defeat you.”

Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes. He stared at the face that was so close to his. The brows, that expression she was wearing, and the smile on that face… They were all very captivating. He had the urge to flash her a wide smile, or at least shake hands with her. Wasn’t this an apt way to accept her challenge?

He was, however, unable to do such a thing. He could only lay on the ground and typed out the following words, “Gongzi You, your kill streak ends when we meet next.”

Ye Ci let out a laugh. She was happy. She was already looking forward to their next meeting.

Fleeting Time left his body in spirit form, but did not choose to resurrect at the spawn point, and instead chose to revive on the spot. He had nothing to gain out of it, and it confused even himself, why did I choose to respawn here?

As he approached his corpse, Gongzi You was still there, staring at the corpse silently. Her face was calm and devoid of expression as usual. Fleeting Time walked up to Gongzi You in spirit form and knelt down in front of her.

He realised that Gongzi You was quite petite. Such a small form however, was able to have demonstrate so much destructive power in combat. This was why people would tend to forget how frail and petite the Huntress actually was, with only her ferocity and ruthlessness embedded deep in their minds.

The two were so close to each other that Fleeting Time could even imagine Gongzi You’s breath on his face.

Sensing the gaze of a person, Ye Ci retracted her gaze from Fleeting Time’s corpse. She raised her head and studied surrounding, almost questioning her own finely tuned senses after not discovering anyone’s presence. Just then, Ye Ci received a private message from Sir Ditty, “Gongzi You, how’re things going over there?”

“Fleeting Time is dead.” Ye Ci turned around and stared the Fleeting Time’s corpse. She felt calm, but could not feel even a shred of happiness in defeating her opponent. If felt unreal.

“As expected of Gongzi You! Even Fleeting Time is no match for you.” Sir Ditty was overjoyed after listening to Ye Ci’s news, “I need you to stand guard in the Archbishop’s chambers to prevent any more attacks on the Archbishop.”

“Understood.” Ye Ci extended her hand a plucked a strand of silvery hair from Fleeting Time’s head that was not unlike her own and answered absentmindedly.

“Alright, I’ll be hanging up. Hang in there, the battle’s going to be over soon.” Sir Ditty joyfully ended his conversation with Ye Ci and shifted his attention to the effort of annihilating the Western Continent players.

“Is a victory obtained by a fluke a victory at all?” a cold smile formed on Ye Ci’s lips. Despite the saying that “luck is also an ability”, Ye Ci hated to win by luck. It meant that her ability was inferior to her opponent’s. She wanted a win achieved through her own power, even if there was a long road ahead of her.

In their spirit form, players were unable to hear the speech of the living, but could still observe their expression. As he observed Gongzi You’s moving lips, Fleeting Time knew that she was speaking. He, of course, could not hear what even a single word.

“Fleeting Time, have you respawned? How long are you going to stay dead? Get your ass over here now!” Fleeting Time grimaced after receiving a message from Absalom, “Alright, I’ll be on my way.”

Fleeting Time turned around and smiled at Ye Ci. He whispered something into Ye Ci’s ears that she would never be able to hear, “Gongzi You, we’ll meet again.”

With that, Fleeting Time took a few steps back, picked a location that was in Gongzi You’s blind spot and respawned. He immediately went into Stealth and left the room.

Ye Ci blinked after noticing that the silver strand of hair had disappeared from her hand. The corpse laying in front of her had turned into a skeleton. Ye Ci was startled, and began searching her surroundings for Fleeting Time who was long gone.

Ye Ci let out a long sigh and pursed her lips. The battle… Was finally over.

Should I continue to stand guard here? Ye Ci stared at the Archbishop who was beaming at her. It was totally unnecessary as the 4 hours time limit of the siege battle was about to come to an end. Even if she left the Archbishop unguarded, a squad of Western Continent players would need at least an hour to take out the Archbishop. And right at this moment, they did not even have enough time.

If that was the case, do I really need to guard the Archbishop?

As Ye Ci stood up and dusted her boots, she noticed a glimmering ring on the skeletal remains of Fleeting Time. It must’ve been a piece of equipment that he dropped upon his death. Despite its normal appearance, the ring was well polished. It appeared to be something Fleeting Time had always carried around with him.

Ye Ci picked the ring up without much of a thought.

Ring of Accuracy (Blue Equipment):

Accuracy +10%.

Bonus 35% accuracy.

Has a chance of ignoring target’s level and equipment, gaining a 100% chance of hitting the target.

Required level: 15.

Creator: Clasped Sunlight

This shit is lit fam!

So that was why Fleeting Time had such a high hit rate on her despite their level differences and the level penalties that he was facing. It was all because of this ring.

Clasped Sunlight was a famous Jeweller from the Western Continent. It was not an exaggeration when one would say that she had extraordinary luck. She would often produce god-tier equipment due to her luck. Despite having the lowest Life Skill points amongst the top 10 Jeweller’s in Fate, she was one of the best because of such fine luck. Almost everything she made was of the best quality.

The ring in Ye Ci’s hand was the perfect example of Clasped Sunlight’s work. A normal Ring of Accuracy would only give its wearer a bonus of 10% Accuracy. This ring however, had an extra attribute giving its wearer a bonus of 35% Accuracy. Adding up to its additional effect, the ring could be said to be severely overpowered.

A player could only equip 4 rings at a time in Fate. For a Hunter, this ring was so overpowered that it would be able to last even when the game moved on to its later stages where players were at lvl200.

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