Chapter 175 The Thrill of the Battle

Chapter 175 The Thrill of the Battle

There was actually a time limit for a siege battle in the Royal Capital of a foreign continent. A battle would last only for 4 hours. If the attackers were successful, they would be welcomed home with a grand victory celebration. However, if the attacking side failed to achieve their objective and take over the capital, the system will automatically transport the “invaders” back to their home continent.

It was 3 hours since the Western Continent players first set foot in Champion City, and they were still unable to take over the Monastery.

Of course, it was not because the lack of effort by Western Continent players, and was not due to the fact that the Monastery was too heavily guarded. Their progress was impeded by the waves of Eastern Continent players swarming at their positions. Each attack by Eastern Continent players will cause casualties to their enemy. With their spawn point surrounded by Eastern Continent players as well, the Western Continent players were completely surrounded.

Absalom knew very well that they would definitely lose if the battle continued to drag on. They were running out of supplies, while Eastern Continent could resupply literally everywhere. From the 3 hours of battle, the Western Continent players were already exhausted.

Despite sensing their imminent defeat, the Western Continent players fought on tenaciously and refused to back down. If they lose, at least they’d go off with a bang.

The Western Continent players had suffered from horrendous casualties, but it was nothing compared to the casualties of the Eastern Continent players. With their continent at stake, players of different levels from the Eastern Continent threw themselves into the battlefield in Champion City. As a result, the population cap in Champion City has reached its limit, and players were forced to queue up just to enter the map. Some were even forcibly removed from the map by the system. Hordes of players gathered at the maps adjacent to Champion City.

In such a situation, the Eastern Continent players would surely lose the momentum of their attack. As Champion City was surrounded by low level maps, many low level players swarmed into the place at the start of the battle. They refused to leave the map despite countless deaths, blocking the way for the high level players. This meant that Sir Ditty was robbed of the fighting force that he badly needed.

With the fate of the continent hanging by a thread, Sir Ditty was forced to appeal to the players through the Continent Channel, “Champion City has already reached its population limit. To ensure our victory, I would like all players that were below lvl25 to leave the area.”

Despite his repeated pleas, a large number of players refused to budge. The leaders of the other major guilds began speaking up in the Continent Channel as well.

[Blank Space] Good Ol’ Days: “To all players that are below lvl25: Please leave Champion City so that higher level players can join the battle. I know you’re all fired up for the battle, but please look at the bigger picture. We’re facing an invasion force of 5000 men strong. They’re the elites of the Western Continent. We do not wish for players on our side to make meaningless sacrifices.”

[Tang Dynasty] NightAndDay: “Players that are below lvl25 please stay out of the battle for now. Wait for any updates in the maps adjacent to Champion City. We’ll keep you posted. But for now, please leave the Champion City map.”

[World Conqueror] Flawless Reflection: “There are many more battles to come, please don’t let your feelings get the better of you. Please give way to players who are above lvl25 and leave the Champion City map.”

[Street Assistance Guild] CorruptingDaLiving: “Players who are below lvl25 please leave Champion City at once.”

[Blade of Abyss] Dane: “Please follow instructions and leave Champion City immediately. Don’t let players of the other continent make fun of us for being undisciplined.”


Persuaded by the messages of the guild leaders, the low level players in Champion City began withdrawing from the map, and high level players began streaming into the battlefield. Sir Ditty was relieved. With so many of their fighting force joining the battle, their momentum will not be broken.

What came as a relief for Sir Ditty was a huge trouble for Absalom. He could see the drastic reduction of the number of low level Eastern Continent players. Players with higher and higher levels and with better equipment were beginning to appear. The lines held by the Western Continent players began to show signs of collapsing.

“Absalom, I think their main force has arrived.” said Intoxicated to Absalom in the command channel.

“Yup, there were a lot of low level players a few moments ago, but now I don’t see any of them. I think the higher level players were kept away from the battle zone by the streets clogged with low level players. The Eastern Continent must’ve moved the lower level ones out of the battle zone just now.” Wenshan stated his observation.

Absalom of course knew of the situation. He let out a long sigh before speaking up, “Xinhua Dictionary, Joyless, how much longer can you guys hold out?”

Xinhua Dictionary was in charge of countering any attacks launched by the Eastern Continent players while Joyless’s objective was to occupy the Monastery. They were the main force of the Western Continent, and received priority when it came to the resupplying of consumables and supplies. Absalom had even directed any supplies from the sectors covered by Intoxicated and Wenshan to Xinhua Dictionary and Joyless. If they ran out of supplies, it would mean defeat for the Western Continent players.

“Our supplies can’t last longer than 15 minutes. Heck, it would take nothing short of a miracle for us to last 20 minutes!” Xinhua Dictionary’s sector was besieged by players, which meant that they would expand a lot more resources.

“My men can hold out for another half an hour, but more and more Eastern Continent players have snuck into the Monastery. They’re launching attacks from both sides, and the men I’ve sent into the Monastery were all taken out, and their equipment forever lost.” Joyless furrowed his eyebrows. The situation was not going well.

A distressed Absalom immediately sent a message to Fleeting Time, “Fleeting Time, are you able to bait the Archbishop out here?”

Fleeting Time responded with a sigh, “Absalom, I think we’re going to fail today...”

“Why is that?”

“I ran into a ‘friend’.”

“Gongzi You?” Absalom exclaimed with bewilderment.


“When did you run into her?” Noticing his mistake, Absalom rephrased his question, “What I meant was: When did she sneak into the Monastery?”

“5 minutes after I arrived in the place. I think she came in here form the north gate.” Fleeting Time directed his Vampire Bat towards Ye Ci while simultaneously casting Multi Arrow.

In a room with such confined space, Multi Arrow was the perfect Hunter skill. With so many tight spots, it was easy to score a hit. The skill however, has a high mana consumption.

As the Vampire Bat launched its attack, Ol’ Four would of course not stand idle. It charged into the fray, engaging the Vampire Bat in a vicious melee. Unfortunately for Ye Ci, most of Ol’ Four’s abilities were more effective against ground type creatures, and could barely affect a flying type creature like the Vampire Bat. On the other hand, despite the Vampire Bat’s lifesteal ability, Ol’ Four had a huge amount of defence and hitpoints, and had a high resistance to poison. The Vampire Bat’s attacks could barely scratch its hide. The 2 pets let out roars as the clashed in the chamber.

Ye Ci dashed around in the chamber, using the pillars or other furnitures as cover and sometimes as foothold for her to launch herself into the air, attacking Fleeting Time from different angles. There was something, however, that was troubling Ye Ci. She wanted to cast Multi Arrows continuously just like Fleeting Time, but it was a very mana consuming ability. Ever since she acquired her Strength Conservation, Ye Ci did not carry any mana potions with her. The ability would only activate if Ye Ci was able to deal damage to an enemy, converting a portion of the damage dealt into mana points for Ye Ci. It was something that was troubling Ye Ci. Despite its ability to shoot out arrows in a fan shape, if an opponent was able to dodge the arrows launched with Multi Arrow, no damage would be dealt. If Ye Ci was unable to deal any damage, she would not receive any mana.

Ye Ci’s opponent was Fleeting Time, a player who was very agile and could easily dodge Multi Arrow. As the battle dragged on, Ye Ci began to run out of mana. Unlike Ye Ci, Fleeting Time had quite a number of mana potions in his inventory, and could afford the trade. Without mana potions, Ye Ci could not use Multi Arrow as often as Fleeting Time could.

Ye Ci’s method of attack aroused suspicions form Fleeting Time. He could not comprehend why Ye Ci was reluctant to cast Multi Arrow. Fleeting Time’s Multi Arrow could only fire 6 arrows simultaneously while Ye Ci’s ability released 7 at once. Statistically wise, Ye Ci would be able to deal more damage in a wider area.

He knew that Gongzi You would definitely notice this simple fact. But why did she not use Multi Arrow? Ye Ci’s trouble was like an enigma for Fleeting Time, rendering him incapable of predicting Ye Ci’s next move.

The problem was not apparent at the beginning of the battle, but as the fight drew on, Fleeting Time came to realise that an expert opponent whose movement he was unable to predict was a very tough opponent. His ability to predict Gongzi You’s movements gave him an edge in their previous fights, however, it was different in this battle.

Gongzi You’s logic-defying actions was able to confuse Fleeting Time,and when he was confused, he was bound to make a mistake.

As Fleeting Time turned around, Ye Ci noticed the positioning mistake he made. It was a perfect angle of attack for Ye Ci. Such opportunity might be missed by any other player, but how would Ye Ci miss such a great opportunity?

Fleeting Time was quick to realise his mistake, but it was too late. With his back exposed to Gongzi You, his opponent showed him no mercy. A perfectly timed combo almost took away the life of Fleeting Time.

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