Chapter 174 Hi~ We Meet Again!

Chapter 174 Hi~ We Meet Again!

Sir Ditty mumbled something under his breath, and directed a question at Ye Ci, “What do you think Fleeting Time is doing?”

Ye Ci knew that Sir Ditty would not ask such a question out of the blue. He must’ve already had an answer of his own. She pursed her lips and replied, “You know the answer to the question, why are you still asking?”

“I need a second opinion. I want to know if I’m right.” Sir Ditty smiled. He had always been a cautious person. In a time like this, even Sir Ditty would not dare to make a decision based on his personal assumption.

“He’s going to go kite the Archbishop.” that was the only answer Ye Ci could think of.

After a brief pause, Sir Ditty let out a long sigh, “Be careful, that place is definitely surrounded by Western Continent players by now. Don’t die in there! I need you to delay them as long as possible and buy us some time.”

“I’ll be on my way.” Ye Ci grinned. She enjoyed talking with people with intellect. Such conversation was simple, brief, and straight to the point.

After concluding her conversation with Sir Ditty, Ye Ci jumped down from Ol’ Four and dashed through the tightly packed streets to the direction of the Monastery.

Knowing that Sir Ditty would have spoken to Bai Mo, she did not worry about her cousin. Her main concern at the moment was to figure a way out to sneak past the many Western Continent players into the Monastery.

After giving the matter a long thought, Ye Ci decided to sneak into the Monastery through the rooftops. Although the Western Continent players would put the rooftops under heavy guard after her battle with Fleeting Time, but with waves after waves of Eastern Continent players rushing their positions, they would be forced to divert men to the defence on the ground.With that, Ye Ci would be able to sneak safely into the Monastery within minutes.

Despite the dangers, victory always favors those who were able to surprise their opponents. Without any shred of hesitation, Ye Ci climbed onto the rooftops and lowered herself. She the dashed towards to Monastery.

With the impending attack from invaders, the Monastery is on full alert. Before reinforcements from the Royal Army could arrive at the Monastery, the monks and priests prepared themselves for combat. There was nearly 300 monks and priests in the Monastery, with levels ranging from 40 to 50. Priests were good in attacking while monks were adept at healing. Despite the lack of thanks, such combination of NPCs were very effective in combat. Despite their level advantages, the NPCs were barely able to stem the tide against the numerical superiority of the Western Continent players. As Ye Ci entered the Monastery through its eastern entrance, the NPCs of the Monastery were barely holding the invaders back.

Only the northern roof of the Royal Monastery was the only spot without a foothold. There was also sentries lurking around the northern side, which meant that there were relatively less Western Continent players would seek to enter the Monastery from the north. Without hesitating, Ye Ci entered Stealth and approached the northern side of the Monastery. Entering Stealth would impose a 50% reduced bonus speed on Ye Ci, but it was the only way to sneak in undetected in the midst of so many enemies.

Making her best effort to avoid the staging areas of the Western Continent’s Rogues and Rangers, Ye Ci arrived at the northern side of the Royal Monastery. She could see priests and monks shouting out their devotion to God with their dying breath and Western Continent players that were marching steadily forward. As expected of elite players. Only God knows how long they been training for this day. The quality of Eastern Continent players paled in comparison when compared to such an organized force. Their only solution to defeat such an enemy it seems, was the employment of human wave tactics. (USSR did it quite successfully against the Third Reich no?)

However, there were times when using a human wave tactic proved to be the best solution in a battle, and the waves of Western Continent players swarming over and overwhelming the NPCs within the Monastery was the perfect example.

Ye Ci then slipped into the Monastery itself through its western entrance. It was relatively safe within the building. Any Western Continent Rogues and Ranger who had managed to slip in were swiftly dealt with by the guards stationed in the sacred hall.

“Gongzi, are you in the Monastery?” Ye Ci received a message from Sir Ditty right after leaving Stealth, and couldn’t help but wonder if the person had installed a tracking device on her. How did he track her movements so well?

“I just got here.”

“How’s it going inside?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. There are still enemy Rogues, Rangers and Hunters lurking around despite the soldiers and priests stationed within the Sacred Hall. They pose no real threat, but the area is not exactly entirely safe.” Ye Ci offered a brief overview of the situation. Judging from the amount of Western Continent corpses lying around, quite a number of enemy players had entered the Sacred Hall, but were defeated by the guards.

But how long could their defence last?

“I’ve sent a strike team your way. They’ll provide support and help you with the Western Continent players that have managed to sneak into the Monastery. Go take Fleeting Time out.”

“Roger that.”

Ye Ci was impressed by Sir Ditty’s (something like meticulous planning). He was able to handle everything within the shortest amount of time without prior preparation in such a chaotic situation. It was not something that everybody could achieve. That was why Wolf Pack has become the top guild in the Eastern Continent under his leadership.

“Gongzi You, where are you?” Ye Ci received a private message from an unfamiliar player, “I’m Five Petaled Flower, the leader of the strike team Sir Ditty sent to help you.”

“I’m at the entrance of the north side sacred hall. Be careful, there are a lot of Rogues and Rangers lurking around.” casting a final glance at the corpses littering the ground, Ye Ci once again entered Stealth.

“Alright, we’re at the northern gate, we’re heading your way now.” replied Five Petaled Flower. After a short moment, Ye Ci could see 20 blurry figures heading her way.

Players from the same faction could see each other despite being in Stealth. They could make out the blurry outlines of friendly players and could accurately determine their movements that were otherwise invisible to hostile players. That was why Western Continent players were able to slip into the sacred hall.

“We’ll protect the statue in the sacred hold. Leave this place to us.” Five Petaled Flower walked up to her and spoke to her softly.

Ye Ci could see the blurry face of the player. It was not a face that could be easily remembered. Ye Ci knew that a person like this was best suited to be a Rogue. A good Rogue would not have a face that could easily be imprinted in one’s memory. If a girl was to have such a plain look, it might be a bad thing for her. For a Rogue however, it was the best possible outcome.

Five Petaled Flower was the best Rogue in Wolf Pack, and was best of all the Eastern Continent as well.

Ye Ci nodded her head. The person was dependable, “Alright. I’ll be heading to the Archbishop.”

“Got it.” Five Petaled Flower nodded. The two did not know each other, but the mutual understanding between them was as if they were best friends for years.

As she made her way to the Archbishop’s chamber, Ye Ci encountered an acquaintance of her: Lazy Blue. She did not expect him to be the strike team at all. Despite their past feuds, Lazy Blue acted calmly, as if they have never met before. He even spoke in a low voice as he walked past Ye Ci, “Don’t you dare die before you defeat him. Don’t shame our continent, or I’ll be hunting you to the world’s end.”

The corners of Ye Ci’s mouth twitched. At a time like this, this guy was not at all obnoxious.

“Take good care of yourself. If the statue is destroyed, I’ll be coming after you.” it was not Ye Ci’s nature to lose in a trash talk.

Despite the rather empty Monastery, and the lack of presence of monks and priests in the hallways, Ye Ci knew that she was in the heart of the Monastery, and not many Western Continent players could easily enter the area. She immediately left Stealth and dashed towards the Archbishop’s chamber.

The Archbishop’s chamber was very close to the main entrance but was heavily guarded. It was not an easy task to break into the place to confront the Archbishop.

Ye Ci heard the Archbishop’s roar as she approached the chamber, “Foolish heathen! How did you enter my chamber? I shall cleanse your soul! I shall make you a sacrifice to God!”

There was only one reason that will cause the Archbishop to go into such a rage: There was a Western Continent player had infiltrated his room. Ye Ci knew full well who the player was. She pushed the doors open without hesitation and rushed into the room.

Her appearance attracted the attention of the Archbishop and Fleeting Time as well. The latter was momentarily stunned before letting out a faint smile. He knew Gongzi You will never allow him to have his way and would definitely appear. What he did not expect, however, was the fact that she had arrived so soon. It was not even 3 minutes since he had snuck all the way into the Archbishop’s chamber using Stealth and he had not even build up an aggro from the Archbishop yet.

Despite that, he could not hold back the urge to greet the Huntress with a frosty expression on her face, “Hey Gongzi You, we meet again!”

Ye Ci stared coldly at him and snorted, “Exactly, we meet again…” putting emphasis on the word “again” to show her displeasure.

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