Chapter 173 What’s This Feeling?

Chapter 173 What’s This Feeling?

Liu Chang moved forward and patted Ye Ci on the shoulder as she walked past, followed close behind by the couple of Tiny Hands and Little Hands, Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw, Fruit Jelly, Mi Lu...and even Pea Cake. What infuriated Ye Ci the most was that they didn’t even speak a single word, but simply let out long sighs as they walked past her. Ye Ci was ready to explode with rage.

Bai Mo, who was walking at the very back, patted Ye Ci’s shoulders like the people before him. He let out a long sigh, and said with a knowing look, “No wonder you refused to regroup with us. So that’s how it is...As expected, you can’t expect to keep your daughter around when she becomes of age.”

Bai Mo’s words were like a spark that lit the fuse to a bomb and at that moment, her rational completely collapsed. No longer caring if Bai Mo was the commander, Ye Ci kicked Bai Mo on his back. This caused him to lose his balance and fall flat on his face in full view of all the players present.

“Hey hey, you can’t vent your anger at me like that! ” Bai Mo protested.

Ye Ci snorted coldly, ignoring Bai Mo’s plight.

Just then, Sir Ditty’s voice rang out in the command channel, “All battle groups, listen up! Head to the Monastery immediately!”

Despite enjoying the little scene between Gongzi You and Bai Mo, the players immediately tensed up after Sir Ditty’s voice rang out in the command channel.

Sir Ditty gave more orders in the command channel, assigning different tasks to each of the battle groups, “The First Battlegroup listen up, I want you to attack from the main road. Do it at all cost! You have the most men and the best equipment. Remember, this is a battle of survival for a continent; a battle for our mutual benefit. Even if the opposition is strong, even if you die, at least you’ve died on the battlefield!”

Sir Ditty then continued after a short pause, “And I’d like to say this to the members of all battle groups, don’t you dare ask the question: What if I lose my equipment? Just so all of you know, if the Western Continent is successful in taking over the Monastery, you’ll lose more than your equipment and income; you’ll lose your pride as well! Your pride as an Eastern Continent player! The growth of our continent is the best in the world! If we lose, we’ll become the worst continent! Everything will be affected by this! Is this something that you want?”

Not everyone could speak in the command channel, but the thunderous roars of players in Champion City was a testimony to how effective Sir Ditty’s speech was. The speech was rousing for normal players, but Ye Ci who had experienced countless siege battles in her last life was unaffected. She was, however, impressed by Sir Ditty’s charisma. Not every commander possessed such charisma.

It would be a waste if a person like this didn’t end up as a politician.

Ye Ci was no longer paying attention while Sir Ditty continued giving out commands in the command channel. Her mind was occupied with another matter. Did Fleeting Time run away because he was recalled by his commander? How could that be? Is Fleeting Time the sort of person that would care about the bigger picture? If that was the case, however, the commander that had been able to convince Fleeting Time time to disengage from their battle must be someone very remarkable. After all, the one who could order a person as arrogant as Fleeting Time was definitely not someone simple.

A question continuously gnawed at Ye Ci’s mind: No matter how you looked at it, Fleeting Time was a top-tier player in the Western Continent. A skillful player like him couldn’t unleash his full potential in a chaotic melee, but he left anyways. Was he leaving to regroup with the main force to take down the Monastery?

Was this the case? But if that was true, did it mean that there was nothing special about this commander?

A thought suddenly sprang into Ye Ci’s mind.

Choosing to attack the Monastery was a very sound choice on the Western Continent’s part.

If the Royal Palace could be said to be the symbol of the Royal Capital; conquering the Royal Palace was the equivalent of conquering the entire continent, bringing forth a tremendous impact to its economy and culture. Then the same could be said about the Royal Monastery as it represents the continent’s glory of religion, as well as the morale of the NPCs throughout the entire continent. Should the Monastery fall, even if the economy of the continent wasn’t affected, the NPCs would still suffer from low morale and cause them to act in a negative manner. It would even result in them doing their jobs poorly as a way of striking. This would bring about a huge impact on the dungeon exploration progress of the major guilds.

In most siege battles, if an invading force was unable to seize control of the Royal Palace, they would usually try taking over the Monastery. If that failed, then the National Library and National Auction House would be their next targets. If the invaders failed to seize any of these objectives, they would lose the siege battle.

The Western Continent’s objective was clear. Since they were unable to completely seize control of the Royal Capital, they would try and take over the Monastery instead in an attempt to deal some damage to the Eastern Continent. If they left just like that, it would be a great waste of their efforts. Was Fleeting Time called away to join in on an unorganized and chaotic battle? It was very unlikely.

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. The Royal Monastery could only be taken down with 2 conditions: The death of the Archbishop, or the destruction of the Grand Statue in the Monastery.

Fleeting Time must’ve been called to complete either one these tasks. The Grand Statue was not as solid as it seemed; a ranged player could easily destroy it using normal attacks within minutes. The elite troops guarding the Grand Statue, however, were not pushovers. They would never abandon their post around the Grand Statue. Before the Monastery was taken over, nobody could even dream of getting within range of the Grand Statue.

In that case, taking down the Archbishop was the only option left.

In the eyes of the Eastern Continent players, the Archbishop was a benign-faced high-level NPC. To the Western Continent, however, he was an abnormally strong monster. However, as long as players were willing to die for their cause, even an impossibly strong BOSS could be defeated.

Besides, the Archbishop was a mage-type NPC. Despite being able to deal massive amounts of damage, the Archbishop had a very low defence. As a Hunter; and the top Hunter in the Western Continent at that, Fleeting Time would, of course, know one of the basic skills required to being a Hunter: Kiting.

If Fleeting Time claimed that he couldn’t kite well, then there wasn’t a single player in the entire Western Continent that could kite.

So that’s how it is. Ye Ci crossed her arms. She was riding on Ol’ Four, tapping her arms with her finger while a hint of coldness appeared in her eyes. She then turned around and spoke to Fruit Jelly who was following behind her, “Fruit Jelly, do you have any Health Potions with you?”

As a Cleric, Fruit Jelly preferred involving herself in combat instead of healing her comrades. No matter how much damage a Cleric could dish out, it was still a soft class. Whenever Fruit Jelly was unable to heal herself, she would gulp down Health Potions to sustain her hitpoints. That was why Fruit Jelly would always carry all sorts of Health Potions with her.

“Of course, what kind of Health Potion do you need?”

“I’m almost lvl 43, give me what you think is best,” Ye Ci told Fruit Jelly the truth, as she would never hide her level from her friends.

Fruit Jelly smacked her lips together and glared at Ye Ci, “You bastard! How did you level up so fast? I’m only lvl 33 and you’re like 10 levels ahead of me!” Despite her grumbling, Fruit Jelly’s hand didn’t stop moving and she traded 20 of her best Health Potions to Ye Ci.

Fruit Jelly was never stingy when she was dealing with Ye Ci. Even when the 20 Health Potions cost almost 4,000 gold coins, Fruit Jelly would never be stingy when her friend was in need.

“Will you have enough left after giving me so many?” Ye Ci accepted the potions without a second thought.

“All is well. It’s a waste for me to use such a high tier potion anyways. You’ll be able to put them to good use,” Fruit Jelly shook her head and then grinned mischievously, “If you feel guilty about it… Tell me, is there something going on between you and Fleeting Time?”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes and rode away on Ol’ Four, “I wish you a happy 20 deaths on the battlefield today.”

Fruit Jelly laughed out loud, “If this could prove that there’s a scandal going on between you two, I would gladly die!”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes yet again. She was on fire. Just what the hell is this?

“Ditty, I’ll head into the Monastery first to guard the Archbishop,” As Ye Ci rode past the building acting as a storage warehouse, she found that the NPCs had already left. Fortunately for Ye Ci, her guild badge allowed her direct access to the guild warehouse, and she was able to replenish herself with the Fire Arrows and Frost Arrows that she had stored within the warehouse beforehand. With her consumables replenished, Ye Ci immediately sent a message to Sir Ditty.

As the supreme commander of the Eastern Continent forces, Sir Ditty had already realised the same problem as Ye Ci and he immediately directed a question to her, “Gongzi, I have to ask you something. Were you fighting against that one called Fleeting Time just now?”

If Ye Ci didn’t know that Sir Ditty wasn’t someone who liked gossipping or asking meaningless questions in such a grave situation, she would’ve refused to answer him. Fortunately, though, Ye Ci knew that Sir Ditty wasn’t that kind of person which was why she answered truthfully, “Yes, at the rooftops.”

“Has he regrouped with the main force yet?”

“Well, he ran off just like that in the middle of the fight, so I think it’s safe to assume that he did,” Their conversation reminded Ye Ci of Fleeting Time’s earlier message in the World Channel, which caused her temper to flare.

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