Chapter 172 Since You Want Me To Wait, Then Wait I Shall

Chapter 172 Since You Want Me To Wait, Then Wait I Shall

Absalom was not a person that was easily impressed. Even the experts from the 4 continents were not at all impressive to him. No matter how skillful they appear in videos, they were simply dismissed as being flashy by Absalom. To him, a player’s ability to adapt to situation was the most important, and right at this moment, he was deeply impressed by Gongzi You.

Nobody knew that Western Continent players would be attacking Champion City in the Eastern Continent. From the frantic and confused reaction by the Eastern Continent players, Absalom knew that their surprise attack was a success. Since nobody in the Eastern Continent knew about the attack, Gongzi You would of course have no knowledge of such thing. Despite that, she was able to react to this sudden event in a very unexpected way and dealt a decisive blow to in the shortest amount of time.

From this fact alone, 3 conclusions could be formed. Firstly, this person is very familiar with the Eastern Continent, allowing her to formulate the most effective attack plan within the shortest amount of time. Secondly, the person was highly imaginative, enabling her to think of some of the most unimaginable plans. Thirdly, this person is always equipped with things that players would usually disregard but are very handy in certain situations and are able to help her turn the tables.

There were a lot of expert players, but those who could pull such things off…. Were few and far between.

And because of that, Absalom was deeply impressed. Fleeting Time laughed, “There are not many out there that could impress you.”

Absalom responded with a question of his own, “Which sector are you in? Have you begun moving towards the Monastery?”

“What if I tell you that I’m still fighting neck and neck with Gongzi You at the rooftops? What would you think?”

Absalom was shocked, “You haven’t defeated her yet? You can’t be serious!”

“You said that you were impressed by her. Do you think somebody that can impress you could be dealt with so easily?”

“She’s good, but you’re the best. I didn’t think you’re unable to defeat her.” Absalom was very confident in Fleeting Time’s capability.

“Say, stop viewing the sky from the bottom of a well,” said Fleeting Time as he was hit by one of Ye Ci’s arrow which nearly took his life. Not only that, the arrow was very close of one of his joints, and would almost cripple him. Fleeting Time groaned at the piercing pain.

“What happened? Did she kill you?” shouted Absalom.

“I’m still alive, but I almost got crippled by her.” Fleeting Time replied calmly, “Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she managed to kill me. She’s at least 3 levels higher than me, and my attacks on her have a low hit rate.”

“Since you can’t defeat her promptly, make way to the Monastery as soon as possible.” said Absalom after a brief moment of consideration.

“......” with the outcome of the battle undecided, Fleeting Time was reluctant to leave. He wasn’t willing to accept this outcome!

“Hurry up! You know that the Archbishop is very tough, go kite it or we won’t be able to launch our attack.” Unlike Fleeting time and Ye Ci, Absalom was always a person who had his eyes on the bigger picture. People like Absalom will never understand the reluctance felt by Fleeting Time.

“Can it wait?” Despite knowing that his action might cost his side the battle, he was hesitant to leave the battle unconcluded.

Even though Absalom could never understand how Fleeting Time felt, he knew what was going on in his mind. He declined Fleeting Time’s request, “This is a very crucial moment. If it’s on any other day, I would definitely not mind if you do it all day and all night. But right now, you can’t. Your mission is not to contend with Gongzi You. Head to the Monastery right away and bait the Archbishop away from that place before we have a large scale engagement with the monks and priests in the Monastery.

Fleeting Time did not reply immediately.

Absalom then continued, “Brother, it’s not easy for us to get here. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.”

Fleeting Time took in a deep breath. Absalom was right. No matter how hard he wanted to continue his battle with Gongzi You, their objective today was to restrict the growth of the Eastern Continent, and to take over its Royal Capital. Since the plan was already in ruins, they can’t afford to fail again.

After making up his mind, Fleeting Time smiled at Ye Ci, “Gongzi You, we’ll meet again.” and with that, he dove away from the rooftops into the streets below, disappearing the crowd.

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned and confused. Anger then rose within her. Fleeting Time ran away!

If Fleeting Time fled after nearly dying, Ye Ci would understand. In this situation however, Ye Ci had depleted her potions and Fleeting Time would definitely have a lot more consumables with him, she would definitely lose in a drawn out fight. Fleeting Time fled under such circumstances while Ye Ci was still carrying on the fight. How could Ye Ci not be angry?

She tried to chase after fleeting time, but could only see a sea of red and green on the streets, and had totally lost sight of Fleeting Time. Bai Mo’s voice rang in her ears just at that moment, “Gongzi You, where are you?”

“I’m at the rooftops, near the auction house.” replied Ye Ci as she sprinted on the streets.

“Rendezvous with me at the entrance of the Grand Theatre.” Bai Mo immediately gave his order. He was the commander of the Eastern Continent’s 4th Battle Group, and his orders were absolute.

“But…” a reluctant Ye Ci began to refute.

Bai Mo of course knew what was in her mind. But right at this moment, the survival of their continent was at stake, and personal matters would have to give way. Bai Mo continued in a strict and unyielding voice, “Rendezvous at the Grand Theatre, now!”

“......” Ye Ci stopped dead in her tracks and bit her lips. Despite understanding Bai Mo’s reasoning, she was still reluctant.

“Gongzi You, I said now!”

“Understood.” Ye Ci took in a deep breath. If this was her old self in her last life, she would definitely have ignored Bai Mo’s orders. She was a different person in this life. She could no longer afford to be as selfish as she was. She could not bring herself to ignore her comrades, especially in such a dire situation. Her rationale was screaming at her to not act willfully because of her feelings.

Hence, despite her severe unwillingness, Ye Ci turned around and headed to the Grand Theatre. With anger boiling her as she headed to her destination, Ye Ci send the her first ever message in the World Channel.

“Fleeting Time, just you wait!”

Despite the chaotic situation, many of the players would still pay attention to the World Channel. After all, there might be slivers of information that could be of use to them. As players prepare for battle, most of them would pay attention to the World Channel. The appearance of a message from Gongzi You drove the players crazy.

Almost all of Fate’s player knew that Gongzi You was a top expert in the Eastern Continent. She however, had always taken a low profile, and had seldom shown herself, not to mention in the World Channel. Her message on this day was definitely a first. And to add up to the surprise, her message was directed to the expert player of the Western Continent, Fleeting Time. A lot of players that were bored out of their mind began guessing the meaning behind Gongzi You’s message.

As if Ye Ci’s message was not surprising enough, Fleeting Time’s reply blew the minds of countless players.

At that point of time, Fleeting Time was already approaching the entrance of the Monastery and had already rendezvoused with the rest of the Western Continent players. He was in fact standing beside Absalom and the other front line commanders of the Western Continent. Despite not being in the same group, they were all famous in their home continent, and knew each other well. Before Absalom could brief Fleeting Time about the situation, Gongzi You’s message appeared in the World Channel, and the commanders cast meaningful glances at Fleeting Time.

Fleeting Time laughed and muttered under his breath, a mischievous grin began to form on his lips. “Since Gongzi You wants to wait, no matter where and when, no matter how long it takes… Wait, I shall.”


This was just…

With Ye Ci’s message and such a reply from Fleeting Time, even those that were not lewd-minded felt that there was a scandal going on between the two.

Absalom’s mouth twitched as he casted a glance at Fleeting Time, have you developed some sort of love-hate relationship for each other?”

Xinhua Dictionary immediately laughed out loud, “Love born from hatred. How romantic.. Boss, don’t tell me… You’re jealous?”

Fleeting Time who was being made fun of cracked a joke of his own, “A battle is not all about fighting, negotiations can be a form of battle as well.”

The few men gathered around him rolled their eyes. This, however, was just a tiny episode that happened. The most important task at hand for the Western Continent players was to take over the Monastery. Absalom and the few other frontline commanders began shifting their attention to directing the battle at the front.

Ye Ci who had just regrouped with the rest of her guild members almost fainted out of anger as she saw the reply from Fleeting Time. Her desire to kill soared especially after noticing the glances casted upon her by Bai Mo, Liu Chang, Timely Rain, the Little Hands couple and the main force of Upwards Ho!.

She had always thought of Fleeting Time as someone who was remote and stern. It seems that Fleeting Time turned out to be a rather cheeky person. What the hell is he saying? Ye Ci could feel her blood boil and that she could burst a vein.

Timely Rain patted Ye Ci on the shoulder, “Good job, good job.”

This earned Timely Rain a glare from Ye Ci with her bloodshot eyes.

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