Chapter 169 Your Nemesis Knows You Best

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Chapter 169 Your Nemesis Knows You Best

The kites rented from Lily were usually meant for sightseeing, and the kite followed the route through some of the most beautiful places in Champion City, showcasing the many glorious buildings within the map. If Ye Ci was here as a tourist on this day, she might’ve even felt that the kite was flying too fast.

On this day however, Ye Ci was here as a reaper of the countless lives of enemy players. It would be a walk in the park if nobody was going after her. But right at this moment, Fleeting Time was following close behind Ye Ci in hot pursuit. Logically speaking, a player’s movement speed will never be able to match that of the kite, but Lily’s kite was designed to fly in an ever-shrinking spiralling pattern within Champion City. If Fleeting Time was able to position himself well enough, he would be able to spot Ye Ci’s kite and take potshots at her. The spiral was shrinking smaller and smaller, and it seemed that the kite was about to land.

Ye Ci had never felt so helpless in her life, at least it was true in her life after her reincarnation. She was unable dismount from the kite, which was limiting her action. In such a tight space, it was very difficult to take aim at Fleeting Time while making sure that he was within her attacking range at the same time. The limitation to her actions also meant that she was unable to dodge attacks from Fleeting Time, and she would need to on constant alert for incoming abilities by Fleeting Time. Ye Ci had leveled up by a lot lately, which meant that there was a gap between their levels. Despite Fleeting Time’s ferocious attack, his hit chances were reduced due to the level penalty. She would’ve been dead by now if the attacks were able to connect.

Fleeting Time of course noticed the same thing. After noticing that Ye Ci was unable to react effectively to his attacks, he was able to deduce that Ye Ci was unable to control the flight path of the kite. If she was able to do so, the situation would have been reversed, and he would never be able to gain such a huge advantage over Ye Ci.

Based on Fleeting Time’s observation, other than the fact that Gongzi You’s actions were extremely limited, the most important thing was that she was about to land. If he was able to time his attacks properly and pay attention to his positioning, it would be easy to take Gongzi You out. This however, was not a thrilling prospect for Fleeting Time. In his perspective, the outcome of his fights against Gongzi You was not important. He was intoxicated by the excitement from the fight, and the entire process of trying to outwit his opponent. That was the thrill of a fight between experts. A one-sided slaughter was just too boring.

Besides, Gongzi You was a female. In Fate, female characters would have slightly lower Strength than male characters while having higher points in their Agility. It would be borderline cheating if he took her out with such a huge advantage.

Fleeting Time was quick to discover another problem. He noticed that quite a number of his attacks on Gongzi You missed, and that his hit rate on Gongzi You was reduced compared to the last time they fought. There was not much changes to her equipment, which meant that her level must’ve been increased to a point where it was 3 levels above him.

If that was not the case, it was impossible for him to have such a low hit rate.

Fleeting Time was once again impressed by Gongzi You. In an online game, level could be the instrument of your opponent’s demise. To be able to win, one must always be ahead in terms of level other than having good skills. That was why Fleeting Time was an enthusiast when it came to leveling up. He had never expected Gongzi You to level up at such a quick pace.

Judging from his hit rate during their last duel, the level difference between Fleeting Time and Gongzi You was not that great. But in such a short well, Gongzi You was able to surpass him and was at least 3 levels ahead of him. Where did she went to level up so fast?

Despite his train of thoughts, Fleeting Time pressed on with his attacks on Gongzi You.

Ye Ci, on the other hand, was furiously gulping down bottles after bottles of Health Potion. Due to her confidence in her abilities, Ye Ci would usually not have an abundant of supplies with her. She had never been forced into such a dire situation before!

Ye Ci gritted her teeth and activated her Empowered Spiritual Monkey Blessing to increase her rate of evasion. The potions that she carried with her were not enough for her to last that long. Ye Ci’s dire situation came to an end when the kite finally landed at the top of Champion City’s auction house. Despite unable to best the glorious royal palace, the Champion City Auction House was one of the tallest building in the city. This gave Ye Ci an advantage over Fleeting Time.

With her health bar nearly empty, Ye Ci did not dare to carelessly consume her last 2 remaining potions. In a fight against Fleeting Time, she could not afford to be careless. The 2 bottles of health potions might be of use to her later. Ye Ci opted to use the bandages given to her by Flutter n’ Sway instead after jumping down from the kite. Despite having a weaker healing effect than a Large Health Potion, Ye Ci was able to compensate the difference with the numbers. After applying multiple bandages to herself, she was able to recover her hitpoints from 10% to 80%.

Time is of the essence, and Ye Ci headed to the edge of the building’s rooftop, paying no heed to her health bar that was not full. Her priority was to find an opportunity to counterattack against Fleeting Time. There was no time to waste.

The height of the buildings in Champion City were not uniform. Some of them were tall while the others were built low. Traversing through the area at the rooftops was entirely different from travelling on a flat terrain. One must constantly jump up and down while paying close attention to the distance between houses or he or she would risk falling onto the streets below. Under normal circumstances, it was not a huge problem at all. But with the streets packed full of players from both sides locked in gruesome combat, one tiny bit of mistake could bring fatal results.

And because of such a fact, even an expert like Fleeting Time would need very careful as if he was treading on thin ice while making his way to Ye Ci’s landing spot.

For Ye Ci, it was the perfect opportunity.

Raising her head, Ye Ci spotted a clock tower that was rather close to Fleeting Time’s position. Before she could finish her thought process, Ye Ci’s body reacted and made the best decision for her in place of her brain. She took a few steps backwards, and dashed forward. She then leapt into the air, shooting towards the clock tower like an arrow.

Controlling her rapidly descending body while dashing towards the clock toward was no easy task. Thanks to Ye Ci’s relentless drilling of her body’s sense however, the action of adjusting the angle of her body came as a second nature, and she was able to land perfectly.

Ye Ci swiftly stepped on one corner of the clocktower wall with one of her feet. With her other foot, she made use of the momentum to propel herself towards Fleeting Time along the wall. Watching from a distance, she was vertically running along the wall, seemingly unaffected by earth's gravitational pull. But Ye Ci was the only one who knew that the momentum which had allowed her to run on the wall would disappear soon.

Fortunately for her, the wall of the clock tower was not very wide, and she was able to reach from one corner of the wall to the other. Just when it felt as if she was about to fall off, Ye Ci kicked against the wall hard and propelled herself towards Fleeting Time like an arrow that had been released from its bow.

As Ye Ci leapt towards Fleeting Time, she activated Empowered Falcon Protection and the bright red sigil of her Empowered Hunter’s Mark appeared on Fleeting Time’s heard. In the blink of an eye, skills such as Rapid Fire, Multi Arrow and Viper Stinger flew towards Fleeting Time.

Fleeting Time who had been dashing along the rooftops had his sight trained on Gongzi You while navigating the terrain carefully. When Gongzi You leapt out from the top of the Auction House, Fleeting Time was ready to launch his attack. He had to admit that Gongzi You was way better at using the terrain to her advantage the he would ever be. She was as magnificent as a gem encrusted in the hilt of a dagger as she leapt from the rooftop of the Auction House towards the clock tower and then dashed towards him. She was so beautiful at that moment that even Fleeting Time was awed.

A worthy opponent is the best thing that someone could have in his in her life. A worthy opponent is also the person who understood you the most.

This was especially true for Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. It was as if Ye Ci could predict Fleeting Time’s movement with an 80% accuracy while Fleeting Time could do the same as well.

When Ye Ci casted her Empowered Hunter’s Mark, Fleeting Time was able to guess her action, and he immediately stopped in his tracks and jumped backwards to his left.

As he jumped, Fleeting Time launched a flurry of attacks at Ye Ci as well. Both of them tried their best to evade each other’s attacks. Fleeting Time however, made a slight miscalculation. He did not expect Ye Ci’s Multi Arrow to be able to launch 7 arrows at once, and was damaged by 2 of them, losing one thirds of his hitpoints.

Level does allow you to steamroll your opponent. Fleeting Time eyebrows furrowed as he took a look at his hitpoints. Most of his attacks on Ye Ci were misses, while Ye Ci was able to hit harder and more accurately.

If this goes on, things would go really bad for him.

Narrowing his eyes, Fleeting Time put his fingers into his mouth and whistled. A gigantic Vampire Bat instantly materialised by his side.

Ye Ci smiled coldly. So you think you’re the only one who can summon your pet? Ye Ci let out a whistle, but she immediately coughed up blood as a system notification immediately appeared: You are unable to summon a ground-type pet at this location.

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