Chapter 162 What a Mess

Chapter 162 What a Mess

What sort of surprise?

Why would he send such a message out of the blue?

Ye Ci was baffled. She reflexively looked around, but found nothing peculiar. She then replied Green Hill’s Moon’s message, “What surprise? Don’t tell me that the sun, the rain, the blossoming flowers and the moon are the surprises that you have in store for me. Those are not from you. They’re created by God.”

“Aiya, boss, why can’t you have just a little bit of sense of humor?” Green Hill’s Moon chuckled, and started to mumble, “They should’ve been there by now… Did they ran into trouble along the way?”

“What the hell do you want? I’m going back to the guild encampment. If you have nothing good to tell me, stop pestering me.” Ye Ci spoke up coldly. She did not wish to waste time on somebody as talkative as Green Hill’s Moon.

“Hold up, hold up. You’re still at the entrance of the Castle Ruins, am I right?”

“Yep. Why? You’re hired by someone to keep track of my movements?”

“No way! I am an ethical person! Even if I were to accept the job, I’d finish my business with you first.” Green Hill’s Moon replied in a jovial tone, “Just look around. They’ll be there soon. I’m sure you will love the surprise waiting for you.”

With that, Green Hill’s Moon did not utter any additional words, as if he was never there. Despite her business dealings with the person in her last life, Ye Ci could feel the veins on her temple bulging every single time she had a conversation with Green Hill’s Moon. How annoying. Why must he beat around the bush?

Despite her dissatisfaction, Ye Ci took a walk in the surrounding area according to Green Hill’s Moon recommendation. She then saw a cloud of dust rising on the road leading to the dungeon. There seemed to be a group of players heading her way.

So this is the surprise that Green Hill’s Moon was talking about? Ye Ci was puzzled. Did he think that Ye Ci had never seen a large group of players travelling together? Besides, he was employed by her as an investigator. He wouldn’t have done something so idiotic, would he?

Despite her strong urge to return to the city with a city-recalling stone, Ye Ci changed her mind once the entourage of players entered her view. She happened to know the Warrior riding on a snow white horse at the front of the group.

This person was clad in a complete set of armor. If Ye Ci was not mistaken, the armor was the current top-tier Warrior armor set, the Bones of Ciel. The gleaming sword slung on the man’s back was recognised by Ye Ci as the Snow Piercer, an item dropped by the final BOSS in the Frosty Ruins inner sanctum. It was the best item the dungeon had to offer, with an absurdly low drop rate. Ye Ci and the rest of Upwards Ho! had never laid eyes upon the item.

Within a short span of 3 days, the person’s equipment had improved enormously. Had she not seen the Swordback Hold on his back, she might not even recognise the person.

It was Unbridled Willow.

If this came as a surprise for Ye Ci, the person behind Unbridled Willow was a shock. The person was someone she was familiar with. It was a person Ye Ci knew so well that she was astonished that he appeared beside Unbridled Willow.

“Eh? Gongzi? Why are you still here?” The person was the first to spot Ye Ci, and astonishment was written all over his face, just like how it was for Ye Ci.

Ye Ci could feel herself stiffen, “What do you mean by ‘why am I still here’?”

“It’s not what you think. I heard from my guild members that Upwards Ho! had left the dungeon. Have you just arrived?” Noticing that he had made a slip, the person smiled awkwardly.

“Ah! It’s you! Gongzi You!” It was at that moment that Unbridled Willow had spotted Ye Ci. Apparently, his eyesight was not that good. “I’ve been thinking of a means to get in touch with you.” With that, he sent a friend request to Ye Ci.

However, what happened next was even more inconceivable. Unbridled Willow and that person asked each other with surprise in their voices at the same time, “Willow, you know Gongzi You?”

“Zero, you know Gongzi You?”

Ye Ci, who was the center of both their attention, was having a private conversation with Green Hill’s Moon, “Green Hill’s Moon, you bastard! Why did you not tell me that Unbridled Willow is from Steel Blooded Battle Spear?”

“I thought you’d know, seeing how smart you are.” Green Hill’s Moon replied matter of factly. If Ye Ci could see the expression on his face, she would’ve smashed his face into a pulp.

“You told me that Unbridled Willow was a rival of Thousand Sunsets, but you never told me that he was a member of Steel Blooded Battle Spear! How would I know that these 2 rivals would be in the same guild? It’s simply illogical!” Ye Ci cast a glance at the 2 men looking at her. It was driving her nuts. She had never been in such an awkward situation. It was all because of Green Hill’s Moon!

“You’re so simple minded. What, you think by ‘rivals’ I meant that they were rivals in-game? Do you know who Unbridled Willow is? He is the biggest threat to Thousand Sunsets’ position in his family and his company as well. Think about it for a moment. Doesn’t that make them rivals?” Green Hill’s Moon replied with an undaunted tone, as if he was intentionally setting Ye Ci up.

“Why did you not tell me about this earlier?” Ye Ci could feel her temples bulging. Just what sort of person had she run into?”

“Aiya aiya, I forgot.” Green Hill’s Moon replied.

Ye Ci almost coughed up blood. She took in a deep breath and calmed herself down. She then replied calmly, “Very well, say goodbye to your payment of 500,000 gold coins.”

“Ahhh!!! No! Boss…” Ignoring Green Hill’s Moon’s pleas, Ye Ci immediately blacklisted the man. With this, she would never hear a thing from Green Hill’s Moon for 7 days.

“What? Is it wrong for me to know the both of you?” Ye Ci smiled faintly at the duo. She then summoned Ol’ Four and mounted the beast. It was a nice view. They were on horseback while Ye Ci was standing on her feet. She hated looking up to them. She preferred to look down at them, just like what she was doing right this moment.

Ye Ci was in a comfortable position. But how should she clean up this mess?

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