Chapter 160 The Cheating Second Boss

Chapter 160 The Cheating Second Boss

Sir Ditty seemed to have approached her just for that exact reason. No other topics were exchanged between them and the two of them soon stopped after a few more meaningless words. However, Ye Ci still believed that this person still had something he wanted to ask. Yet, if Sir Ditty did not take the initiative to ask, she would not be so stupid as to ask him. He would approach her again if he really needed her help.

It wasn’t a big issue. After their conversation had ended, Ye Ci overheard the excitement that encircled the party. It turned out that a few decent pieces of equipment had dropped and Mi Lu was just in the middle of distributing them based on the party members’ DKP. As Ye Ci hardly joined the dungeon parties, the DKP that she had was pitifully low. That was why, even if there was equipment that she could use, she was not thick skinned enough to demand it be given to her.

Mi Lu was very impartial, he did not give her any priority treatment just because she was the guild leader and led the party for the First Blood. In his mind, it was the players who participated the most and earned the most DKP who deserved to obtain the equipment. It was due to this particular personality trait that caused Liu Chang to feel sorry for Ye Ci, complaining to her in private. However, Ye Ci felt that Mi Lu had done the right thing. While comforting Liu Chang, Ye Ci pointing out to her the advantages for doing so and did not trouble Mi Lu over the issue of equipment distribution

When playing the game, obtaining equipment would be a matter of time.

Although many people knew this, players who could really accomplish it were few and far between. Everybody believed in Upwards Ho! and joined the guild. Apart from the harmonious player-player interactions, another important point stood out: The DKP system was extremely fair. If it wasn’t, so what if they had a lot of First Bloods? So what if they had set up sponsored dungeon parties early? Dungeons would be cleared sooner or later; the game was never designed to always be harsh on its players. If one were to factor in good player interactions with the system, the major guilds would lose out in the hearts of players sooner or later.

Ye Ci was a reincarnator who had been playing from her youth till her prime. From being united as a whole to being a traitor to both family and kin, Ye Ci understood the consequences of these selfish actions. Which was why in this lifetime, Ye Ci had placed what she once thought to be priceless into the ranks of the worthless. In this lifetime, her goal was to redo everything, to not be an exceptional person, but to build a team.

Bai Mo was not the only one who understood Ye Ci’s actions; Mi Lu was extremely grateful to her as well. Originally he had thought that due to Ye Ci’s massive contributions to the guild, he had to give her priority to choose equipment drops despite her low DKP. However, not once did Ye Ci violate that rule, nor did she give her friends any benefits.

This was why Ye Ci had unknowingly become a god-like presence in the eyes of all the players in Upwards Ho!. Of course, this situation was not what Ye Ci had expected.

After wrapping up the battle from the first boss. Everyone prepared themselves and started for the second boss.

To be honest, going to fight the second boss right now was undoubtedly a suicide mission. However, Ye Ci still hoped that everyone would attempt fighting it. She couldn’t always use what she had gained from her past life to lead Upwards Ho!. If that was the case, it would only be a matter of time before Upwards Ho! became a guild with only her in it, something that Ye Ci would never be happy to see. This was why she wanted the guild to struggle, to get team-wiped and to repeatedly try things out. It was only through this method that they would be more adaptable to sudden events and further improve themselves in the long run.

No matter how formidable the mobs were along the way, when faced with a raid team of 50 players, it was only a matter of time before they were put down. Before long, the party found themselves in front of the second boss.

The second boss was a very unique boss in Castle Ruins. There were 6 bosses in total in Castle Ruins, but the defeat of the second boss was optional, as its defeat was not required in order to open the doors further inside the dungeon. Defeating it, however, provided the party members with a very unique achievement.

However, to Ye Ci who wanted to take the First Blood of Castle Ruins, she had to defeat the second boss no matter what. When you took down the second boss as well as getting the First Blood of this particular dungeon, one would receive a title that was slightly overpowered——Colder Than Winter Itself. This title did not provide any bonus attributes nor did it give any experience bonuses, but it did give access to a skill——Freeze. It was able to freeze up to 9 random targets within a 10 yard radius of the caster, immobilizing them for 8 seconds.

Mages had the same crowd-control skill as well, but their skill was only able to immobilize enemies for 5 seconds, 3 seconds less than what this title provided. Furthermore, the title’s skill did not have any class restrictions. Anyone in the party who had obtained Castle Ruins’ First Blood as well as defeated the dungeon’s second boss were eligible to have this title, which was why Ye Ci had to get it.

Ye Ci would never forget, even if she died. In her past life, when she had surrounded a Rogue who was lower-levelled than her. Not only did the Freeze that she threw out not kill him, she was instead Frozen by a skill from a title and was toyed to death in return. In the end, this video was even uploaded by the Rogue onto the internet, causing Ye Ci, the best Mage at that time, to not know where to hide in embarrassment.

The second boss wasn’t easy to deal with either.

When compared to the other bosses, this one was much, much smaller. It was rumored that it was a pet of the Frost Queen Angela. It was pure white, had sharp claws on all four limbs and was lightning fast. Its evasion stats were higher than all the other monsters in Fate.

No strategy was really required to take it down, one just had to surround it tightly in a predetermined perimeter and drag it out until it died.

Not only that, this boss was immune to all physical attacks and had a perversely high evasion rate to magic. Which was why the only way to take this boss down was to let the spellcasters drink their potions and drag it out. It was a boss that really tested the guild’s financial ability. Ye Ci recalled that in her past life, her guild had spent more than a hundred thousand gold coins in mana potions and the drops of the boss was only worth about ten to twenty thousand gold coins. This meant that after pioneering this dungeon, no guilds would ever be interested in this boss again.

Of course, only Ye Ci knew all of this, and she would definitely not reveal any of this to anyone. Whether the path ahead was straight or curved, only people who had experienced it personally would understand.

As expected, once they encountered this snow marten, cries of agony started to echo amongst the party.

“Good heavens, this fellow’s speed is too fast, I can’t even chase after it!”

“Let’s not talk about Warriors, shall we? Even a Rogue like me is barely able to keep up.”

“F**K! We’ve caught it after so much trouble, but who knew that it’s actually immune to physical attacks?! Mages, hurry up and lock onto it and blast it to pieces! It doesn’t have a lot of HP!!”

“No way, it’s even able to evade magic?! I’m only able to hit him once for every 5 fireballs I cast, and even the damage is reduced. How do you expect me to fight him, it’s such a waste of potions!”


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