Chapter 158 Birth Of The Dark Cleric Fruit Jelly

Chapter 158 Birth Of The Dark Cleric Fruit Jelly

After holding on for half an hour, when they were down to about 5 or 6 players, Ye Ci decisively made the call to retreat.

As everyone revived and sat down on the ground to recuperate by eating and drinking, Mi Lu was speaking to a seated Ye Ci beside him. “It’s always like this. We were unlucky this time, we only managed to bring him down to half HP. Usually, if we’re lucky, we might be able to bring him down to a third of his HP.”

“Is there any difference between dealing two thirds of his HP as damage and dealing no damage at all?” The corners of Ye Ci’s mouth were raised as she softly answered Mi Lu.

Naturally, Mi Lu understood the underlying meaning behind Ye Ci’s words. He nodded his head in agreement and sighed, “I know, I even went to the black market to check on the progress of other guilds. It seems that they are stuck, just like we are.”

Ye Ci nodded and turned to look at the boss who was standing not too far away. After what seemed to be a brief moment of contemplation, she asked, “Have you tried the crowd control skills of Rangers, Druids, Priests and Clerics?”

“We’ve tried them all. None of them could interrupt the boss’s naming.” Mi Lu continued to sigh, “I’m even starting to doubt myself whether this dungeon is bugged. If it wasn’t, why aren’t we able to beat this guy?”

“It’s not a bug. The forums were raising hell over this dungeon’s first boss. If there really was a bug, the game developers would have patched it by now. However, since there were no moves made by the company, it means that it’s possible to defeat this boss, it’s just that we don’t know the method to do so yet.”

“My head feels as though it is about to explode. It’s not just me. Everyone in the party has been losing brain cells over this boss, and we still can’t take it down. It’s too difficult.” Mi Lu stretched his legs and made a grimace, “Guild Leader, I invited you here today because it’s all up to you now. You have to help us come up with a way.”

“Are you all really treating me like a god?” The corners of Ye Ci’s mouth twitched. Lowering her head in thought, she took a while before responding, “I still feel that this has got something to do with the crowd control skills of those classes I mentioned earlier.”

“I’ve thought about this as well. Although until now, any crowd control skills that we threw at him all missed.” Mi Lu was extremely frustrated, he gave Ye Ci a report of all the experiments that he had attempted in the hopes that she could shed some light on how to approach this boss battle.

Ye Ci merely smiled before calling out to Fruit Jelly, who was nearby, “Hey, Miss Violence, come over here for a moment.”

Fruit Jelly’s reputation as a violent healer was starting to bud. To explain, in the beginning, she was still properly healing like a cleric should. However, as time went by, she started to slack off on healing, instead taking the opportunity to dish out damage whenever she could. The players that she was in charge of were never at full HP, always hovering between life and death.

Even though this raised quite a lot of concern for a lot of players, the players that Fruit Jelly was in charge of had a slightly lower mortality rate than others. With these results, the commander was not in a position to say anything, opting to close one eye on the matter. Since Fruit Jelly’s actions had received the commander’s silent agreement, so she started to really treat herself like a DPSer. Fruit Jelly even felt regret for not choosing a Mage as her class; it was so much fun to be a DPSer after all. The players that Fruit Jelly were in charge of healing, however, had it rough. Not only must they concentrate on the battle while paying attention to where they were standing, the players also had to take extra care of their HP values.

Which was why each time the commander allocated the clerics, players that Fruit Jelly was not in charge of cheered in joy. The players that Fruit Jelly was in charge of however...were basically all those who were the best——at staying calm.

It was simple if you thought about it. Would you expect a Cleric who was always among the top 5 DPS-ing players to keep people alive?

It was probably at that moment, the players who called her Fruit Jelly dwindled, calling her Miss Violence instead. At first, Fruit Jelly was rather unhappy with this nickname. Although she loved to be a DPS-er, it did not mean that she really wanted to be called that. Despite her numerous protests, her nickname stuck.

Which was why she immediately ran over when Ye Ci called her nickname. “You called for me, Gongzi?”

“Do you like to deal out DPS?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Every healer has a DPS-ing heart and my heart is always beating!”

Ye Ci nodded before continuing, “Go and reset your talent points, be a Dark Cleric.”

“Ah?” Fruit Jelly’s eyes widened in surprise, as though she was hit by a falling pie from the heavens.

“Guild Leader, we have sufficient DPSers, we’re not lacking in damage, but in healers. If you take out a Cleric now...” Mi Lu was stunned, immediately objecting. Was she joking? The Clerics all had their hands full after that massive skill was used and now she was reducing the Clerics further? Wasn’t that...That was just too crazy.

“Since we can’t clear it, why not try?” Ye Ci rejected Mi Lu’s protests with a smile.

“Really? Really?” Fruit Jelly was probably the most excited one of them all; she was excited to the point of incoherency, as though she had finally won the lottery she’d been dreaming about.

Ye Ci nodded in affirmation before beckoning her closer and whispering something in her ear. “Can you do it?”

“I can, I can! As long as you let me become a DPS-er. I’ll do anything!” Fruit Jelly’s rationality seemed to have been turned to mash, hastily rushing out from the dungeon to reset her talent points back in the city.

Mi Lu had a face full of curiosity, “Guild Leader, what did you say to her?”

Ye Ci did not plan on showing her hand; he’d know when the time was right.

As expected, all was revealed when the time arrived.

“Everyone pay attention! The boss is starting its channeling its skill, be ready to defend yourselves!” Mi Lu immediately cried out upon noticing the boss’s actions.

At this moment, Ye Ci sent Fruit Jelly a private message, “Cast Silence now!”

Fruit Jelly was a top-tier Cleric in Ye Ci’s past life. Naturally, she wouldn’t wait for Ye Ci to prompt her to cast her skills. Ye Ci’s words had just left her mouth when Fruit Jelly had already beautifully cast Silence. Fruit Jelly was still apprehensive about doing so, since the boss had shrugged it off every time she had cast it on him even before she had added the Dark Cleric’s talent points. Although she had done what Ye Ci had told her to do, max out the three talent points required for Enhanced Silence, she was still uneasy.

The incantation below the boss’s portrait abruptly turned red and was interrupted.

This phenomenon caused the entire party to be stunned in place, and even Mi Lu was at a loss, “No way, are my eyes deceiving me?”

“What are you guys doing? Hurry up and take him down!” Ye Ci hastily yelled, snapping the party out of their stupor.

It took a few seconds before the party could regain the battle’s flow.

Two minutes later, the boss started to read its incantation skill and was promptly interrupted once more. Mi Lu understood that this must be what Ye Ci had spoken to Fruit Jelly about. Although he wasn’t sure what the contents were, in this situation, he only had one thought in mind: The First Blood of this boss was theirs!

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