Chapter 157 The First Boss of Castle Ruins

Chapter 157 The First Boss of Castle Ruins

She was different from normal players.

In her self-introduction, she did not say ”My name is XXX;” instead she used “I am XXX.” UnbridledWillow knew a thing or two about psychology. He thought to himself, the people who introduced themselves this way were more confident than most people. This was due to their subconscious belief that everyone knew about them already.

This was very understandable. For Fate players, especially those who were playing on the eastern continent, if they didn’t know of the player Gongzi You, then they really could not be said to be playing the game Fate at all. Strangely enough, although this player had top-notch skills, it was not her technical skill that caused her to be very well known, but the numerous, nonsensical gossip that had been swirling about in the game.

If it were anyone else, today’s event would definitely be a rare opportunity.

It was being circulated in the forums that Gongzi You was a selfish person, one who only knew how to sweep her door clear of snow, not caring if others were snowed in. Although there were many different voices, this was the general direction that one could glean from the entire forums. Here was the question: If the rumors were true, then was the player who offered to help him knock out the Armored Giant Tortoise really Gongzi You? Or was she just someone who was using the name of Gongzi You?

To do what?

Be a good Samaritan?

UnbridledWillow suddenly felt that he was overly careful. The reason for that was because while he was stuck in his own delusions, Gongzi You had been silently watching the whole time.

Of course, these weren’t the reasons that caused UnbridledWillow to be taken aback. The real reason for that was...

UnbridledWillow slightly lowered his eyelids before looking at Gongzi You with a raised eyebrow, quickly denying the real reason that he was afraid. It must be a coincidence, how could this be? At this point, he no longer hesitated, meeting Gongzi You’s gaze, he sent out a party request.

If UnbridledWillow was still in doubt about whether this huntress before him was the real Gongzi You, then all would be revealed after they started the battle. Gongzi You’s technical skill had been streamed multiple times. However, due to the positioning of the filming player, people were unable to clearly see the minute details of Gongzi You’s technical handling.

The huntress in front of UnbridledWillow had exceptional technical skill, to the point where he could only give her a thumbs-up. Regardless of whether he liked it or not, during the battle with the Giant Armored Tortoise, his wretched method of receiving attacks ended up accentuating Gongzi You’s performance.

The entire battle lasted for over an hour. Upon closer inspection, UnbridledWillow, who had been dealing out damage behind the giant tortoise, realized that not once did Gongzi You allow the tortoise to get near her, let alone deal damage to her. Throughout the entire duration, she had been kiting the entire time without rest, nor has she spoken a single world. UnbridledWillow felt that Gongzi You was fully immersed in this kind of atmosphere as well as enjoying the entire battle process. A better way to put it would be that Gongzi You was a person who loved to fight.

The Armored Giant Tortoise collapsed onto the ground.

In this chilling night, that massive corpse lay prone on the white field of snow. Under the moonlight, the surroundings were gilded in a layer of pale, cold glow.

“Check the drops, I’m not responsible if your luck is bad.” Ye Ci walked over to the bonfire and grinned at UnbridledWillow.

UnbridledWillow nodded his head and said in a joking tone, “If it does drop, I’ll give you everything I have.”

Ye Ci did not make a sound. Instead, she silently glanced at UnbridledWillow once before turning her head away and ignoring him.

UnbridledWillow slowly stepped towards the corpse of the giant tortoise tensely. After standing over the corpse for a long while, he finally crouched down to pick up the drops. He did not speak immediately after picking up the drops, instead, he lightly sighed after a long time had passed.

“Did it drop?”


Ye Ci laughed. Her heart couldn’t help but feel envious. Damn it all, everyone had better luck than her. Even this guy was able to obtain that shield that had a low chance of dropping. If she were to pick up the drops, she probably would not have even gotten anything. Whatever, she wasn’t here for the shield anyway.

“My friend called me for something, I’m leaving.” Just as UnbridledWillow was about to say something, Ye Ci interrupted him first, using the Town Return Stone and disappearing before UnbridledWillow’s very eyes without even waiting for him to reply.

“Party Member ‘Gongzi You’ has left the party.”

“Your party has been disbanded.”

The consecutive messages caused UnbridledWillow to feel slightly stunned. He attempted to send a private message to Ye Ci, but soon realized that Gongzi You had set it so that it would automatically reject messages from strangers. As he had not added Gongzi You to his friends list, there was no way for him to send a private message to her.

Then, that basically meant that unless they met again, or Gongzi You took the initiative to contact him, UnbridledWillow was unable to contact Gongzi You in any way. In the worst case scenario, he may never be able to actively contact her again. This made UnbridledWillow extremely displeased, as he made it a point to never owe people anything, which was why he was unable to tolerate the fact that he owed such a huge favour to Gongzi You.

When Ye Ci returned to Red Lake City, it was almost dawn. Now that she recalled, other than the time when she burgled Steel Blooded Battle Spear, this was the first time she had turned in so late since reincarnating. After settling her character down at a safe location, she promptly logged off.

It looks like I’ll be sleeping through the morning lessons tomorrow, was worth it.

The next day, it was Ye Ci’s first attempt at pioneering Castle Ruins.

In fact, Upwards Ho! had been pioneering Castle Ruins for a very long time and they were almost done with coming up with a strategy for defeating the first boss. However, they didn’t know what they were missing and always came up short, which was why Ye Ci participated in the pioneering of Castle Ruins as their number one backup.

Arriving in front of the first boss, Mi Lu, as the commander, gave Ye Ci a brief idea of how they usually approached the boss before looking at Ye Ci in anticipation, “Guild Leader, what do you think about this strategy?”

Actually, Mi Lu’s strategy did not veer too far away from the correct strategy, but Ye Ci was unable to point that out. To everyone else, it was her first time entering this dungeon. If she were to point out the correct method right now, wouldn’t that be too strange? Nodding her head in response, she replied. “Let’s battle it once first. I haven’t encountered this boss yet, so let’s see how it goes.”

As expected, they did not make it through. The first boss would name a player every two minutes before throwing out a massive AOE damage skill. Although the skill did not deal too a lot of damage, it did come with a debuff——Paralyze. It caused all affected players to halt in place for 3 seconds, and in this 3 seconds the boss could either take the opportunity to kill a player or rest.

If the luck of the party members was good, then the boss would always be resting. Unfortunately, none of the players of Fate had good luck; not one party encountered a situation where they could take a break two times in a row, which was why the players were all wiped out.

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