Chapter 155 Perseverance Due to the Lack of Bargaining Chips.

Chapter 155 Perseverance Due to the Lack of Bargaining Chips.

“Come in and close the door.” That was the first sentence Green Hill’s Moon heard from the other party. To be honest, her voice wasn’t exceptionally silvery; at the very least, it did not have any trace of weakness unique to the female gender. Instead, the frigid voice had a trace of sharpness to it. It was unforgettable to the one who heard it, as though someone was stabbing them with an icicle.

Likewise, her countenance was just as unforgettable. This person was not a beauty in any sense of the word. Her eyebrows were far too high, which gave the impression that they were fine pieces of calligraphy that were produced by an expert instead of the innate gentleness of a girl; with just the right thickness, they imparted an uncanny spirit to her. Her almond eyes were not that of a beauty, but the phoenix eyes that was lauded by the Chinese millennia ago. The corners of her eyes were raised, which imparted a sense of authority when coupled with those raised brows of hers.

Her skin was pale, to the point where she seemed bleak. She was lean, but one would be able to feel an invisible, hidden pressure emanating from that wiry frame. One might even feel that this pressure was not something that could be held back once its restraints were broken free.

At this very moment, she was currently walking to the side of the lone conference table in the room with an air of confidence. It was a long table made of solid wood and was of exquisite make. An extremely comfortable, high backed chair was placed behind it. Walking over to the chair, she seated herself in it and turned her eyes towards Green Hill’s Moon. After that, her unforgettable voice softly rang out once more, “Please be seated.”

Numerous questions were currently flitting through Green Hill’s Moon’s mind. Such as, ‘my employer is actually a female!?’ or ‘Who is this girl?’ or ‘What business does she have for me?’ etc. etc. A whole load of nonsense was swirling around him, causing him to be slightly dull in reacting.

After slowly making his way and sitting by the side of the table, Green Hill’s Moon had yet to think of what to say when he saw the other party toss a bag of money onto the table.

Green Hill’s Moon’s eyes abruptly widened as he recognized the size of that bag of money. In Fate, aside from being able to transfer money to other players via the trade window, there was another method that was more realistic, which was to directly let the other party see the money for themselves.

Granted, it wasn’t really a huge pile of money like one would expect to see in real life, but bags of money. In Fate, bags of money would appear in different sizes according to the amount of money taken out. These bags of money would appear of different quality based on the quantity of money inside the bags.

For example, the bag that has been thrown onto the table by Ye Ci, the bag of money that was right in front of Green Hill’s Moon’s eyes; it was a large, bulging bag that was made of golden threads. Even though Green Hill’s Moon had never seen one with his own eyes before, with the knowledge that he gleaned from the game development, he was able to deduce that the bag contained at least 10,000 gold coins, based on the size and quality of the money bag.

10,000 gold coins...

Green Hill’s Moon suddenly felt that he wasn’t living up to his expectations. Staring at the bag of gold, he was overwhelmed with a sense of dizziness, taking a long time before he could find his voice again. Raising his head to face the girl seated opposite him, he matched her carefree smile with a dry one and spoke, “Are you asking me to help you deposit this bag of money into the bank?”

“There are 100,000 gold coins here, it’s for you.” Ye Ci spoke without even a change in her expression. Her tone was plain, it was as though the amount she had said earlier was not a large sum at all but...something insignificant.

As expected, Green Hill’s Moon’s legs felt weak. If it weren’t for the fact that he had tightly gripped onto the chair’s handles, he might have slipped right of his chair. His throat felt parched and his heart threatened to almost jump right out of his chest, desperately taking in a deep breath to calm himself, it took him a lot of effort before he could find his voice. However, the trembling in his voice still betrayed his emotional state.

“What kind of task exactly?”

“Something that you can do.”

“Something that I can do?” Green Hill’s Moon was cautious, 100,000 dollars to complete a task, what kind of task? He stared at the girl opposite him. Why did this girl look so familiar? Had he met her somewhere before?

“Help me investigate a person.” Ye Ci did not wish to beat about the bush with Green Hill’s Moon and cut straight to the point. “It is totally legal, something that is not related to murder or arson.”

Investigate someone? Green Hill’s Moon was stunned. His actual occupation in the real world, or should he say former occupation, was a private investigator, and it wasn’t hard for him to look into someone. However, not once had he ever revealed his job to anyone inside the game before. So how in the world did this girl find him?

Was it a coincidence? No no, that can’t be right, this girl must know something. However, Green Hill’s Moon did not dare to accept this quest so readily. One should know that something like an investigation in the real world always required the signature of an extremely confidential contract. The reason for that was because in the real world, a private investigator was a job that was both dangerous and skirted the border between black and white. One small step and you might find yourself attracting some unwanted trouble.

That was the situation in the real world. Inside the game, even though he was faced with virtual numbers, Green Hill’s Moon was unwilling to place himself in unwanted harm’s way for just 100,000 gold coins.

And so he tried to play it off with a laugh, “You’d be better off with the guild Ends Of The Earth for that, why would you look for me? I’m just a small fry...”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes and watched as Green Hill’s Moon attempted to reject her offer. Any other player would definitely have been fooled by him, but not Ye Ci. In her past life, Ye Ci had an amiable relationship with Green Hill’s Moon. Although it was just a working relationship, but this kind of relationship was the safest one in the world. That’s why Ye Ci was completely in the know about Green Hill’s Moon’s background and was why he was the first person that she thought of in her plans to take down a certain individual.


“I’m really just a small-fr...”


“I-if this case is really impossible for me...” Green Hill’s Moon’s expression changed, he was struggling deep down in his heart, he looked at Ye Ci with an expression as though he was about to cry. Big Sister, please don’t test my ability to persevere, I’m actually very weak-willed, r-really...


“Boss...” Green Hill’s Moon’s face was flushed red with tears threatening to overflow.

“After the job is done, I’ll give you another 500,000.” Ye Ci leisurely looked at Green Hill’s Moon’s twisted expression that was on the verge of breaking down and smiled. Right now, she had recalled a line that Green Hill’s Moon had said to her before: There was no such thing as perseverance in this world. If there was, it means that you’re not paying enough.

Right now, she’d like to see just how far before Green Hill’s Moon reached his limit.

Green Hill’s Moon’s face turned crimson, he stood up and let out a long sigh before asking with a heroic expression on his face, “Who do you need to investigate?”

Ye Ci did not speak again, the raised corners of her lips indicated her excellent mood.

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