Chapter 154 The Pauper Green Hill’s Moon (Part 2)

Chapter 154 The Pauper Green Hill’s Moon (Part 2)

Heavens, she had thought that by ‘sizeable’ it would be...

In the end it was just around 100 gold coins. For a person like Ye Ci whose earnings went into thousands of gold coins each day, this was just...

After laughing with reckless abandon for a while, Ye Ci started to consider another problem: What kind of expression should she make when she meets with Green Hill’s Moon? Although in her past life, Green Hill’s Moon was already making huge waves when she got to meet him, she had no clue about his situation before he became successful. However, judging from the current situation, someone who treated 100 gold coins as an astronomical sum would never be equated with a successful person.

Naturally, Ye Ci had already ruled out the possibility that Green Hill’s Moon was a miser, something that no man could control. One must know that although the Green Hill’s Moon that Ye Ci knew from her past life was not wealthy enough to treat money like dirt, he was definitely not a petty person. Therefore, at this strange situation, Ye Ci could only arrive at one conclusion——The current Green Hill’s Moon did not have a lot of money on him, and in the worst case scenario, he was mired in poverty.

However...this situation was a little hard for her to take in.

Ye Ci had originally believed that Green Hill’s Moon was already formidable from the moment he had joined the game. Although from the quest request that Green Hill’s Moon had put out, his equipment and particulars were pathetic. Ye Ci had thought that it was his bid to lay low, little did she expect that it was a scenario that she had never believed would happen.

However, for just an instant, Ye Ci’s curiosity was piqued. In her past life, exactly what kind of life did Green Hill’s Moon lead before Ye Ci had known him? Now that she was unable to ask the past Green Hill’s Moon anymore, the only thing she could do now was to get to know him properly this time.

With no reply from Ye Ci, Green Hill’s Moon’s mind was thrown into turmoil once more. Although 100 gold was not a large sum, there shouldn’t be anyone in their right mind who would hand out money to others for no rhyme or reason, right? Let alone strangers who have yet to meet each other. However, with Ye Ci remaining silent, Green Hill’s Moon could not think of a way to restart the conversation. He had no choice but to continue waiting for her reply. He was so nervous that he felt as though he had ran a marathon in the highlands.

Finally, the other party’s message finally appeared in his chat window, “I’ve sent you 300 gold, is that enough to cover the penalty?”

Hm? What? Green Hill’s Moon’s eyes widened at the message in the chat window before rubbing his eyes furiously, thinking to himself deep down that he must have made a mistake. While he was watching, his ears suddenly caught the ring of a system announcement, “You’ve received mail, please receive it soon.”

In Fate, delivering mail or equipment always required some time to be delivered to the other party, usually about an hour, and the postal service in Fate didn’t offer anything like express delivery. Of course, there were exceptions, for example: the delivery of money. The postal service did not want to be held responsible for any loss of gold during the delivery. Which was why if one were to send money via postal, the other party would usually be able to receive it in under a minute.

Green Hill’s Moon heard the system announcement and immediately turned around and sprinted for the mailbox. Standing in front of the mailbox, he was slightly nervous. That person wouldn’t really have sent 300 gold to him, right? Opening his mailbox, he found a single letter; a letter from an anonymous sender. Green Hill’s Moon gazed at the anonymous letter and swore within his heart.

There was no other reason than that the fee for sending an anonymous letter was extremely expensive: it was the same price as the items that were sent over. Of course, there were people who theorized that one might be bankrupted if they were to anonymously send over an Epic grade equipment! Were they insane? Is there anyone who would anonymously send an Epic grade equipment to another person? Let’s take several thousand steps back. Even if someone were to be so idiotic, to do something so dumb, an Epic grade equipment was merely expensive in the eyes of players. The system would not prize it so highly, so it would cost several dollars at most.

However, sending over money was different. The pricing for that was 1 gold for every gold sent!

Since that person had sent over 300 gold, that meant that the other party had paid 300 gold in postal fees!

Heaven was so unjust! Right now, Green Hill’s Moon was filled with the urge to howl to the sky. How could there exist such a hateful person? Would it kill them to just reveal their name? Wouldn’t it be alright if they had just handed over the extra 300 gold to him instead of using the postal service?

Despite his envy and resentment, Green Hill’s Moon still swiftly withdrew the gold, dashed into the Mercenary Guild and started to carry out the procedures for failing the 5 quests. As expected, he had to pay around 100 gold before everything was settled. Before Green Hill’s Moon could even take a breath, another message from the other party appeared in his chat window, “You should be done, right? Be in front of the Mercenary Guild at Red Lake City in an hour. Do not be late. If not...”

Green Hill’s Moon shuddered at the sight of those ellipses. Based on the life experiences that he had accumulated for 25 years, there was something ominous at the back of these ellipses.

Which was why, he immediately made his way towards Red Lake City. It was fortunate that the city he was currently in was near Red Lake City and it did not take him long before he arrived at the Mercenary Guild there. Although Red Lake City was not a large city like Champion City, due to leaks from the game management that revealed the distribution for the dungeons at later levels, it had attracted a number of guilds, be it from China or overseas, to set up camp there. If one were to walk down the streets without using the omni-translator tool, they would probably be flooded with the different languages spoken.

Although Green Hill’s Moon was not wealthy, he was not some gaming noob. On the contrary, despite his ordinary playstyle, he had been deciphering these kind of games since primary school and could be considered to be an expert in the net gaming world. Despite never having set foot into Red Lake City, with many years of experience under his belt, it did not take long before he found the Mercenary Guild.

Standing in front of the Mercenary Guild, he couldn’t help but click his tongue. The Mercenary Guild in Red Lake City sure was extravagant.

“Are you Green Hill’s Moon?” An NPC walked over and interrupted Green Hill’s Moon’s appreciation of the scenery.

“Yes...” What sort of situation is this? Green Hill’s Moon was at a loss.

“Someone has been waiting for you, follow me please.”After confirming his identity, the NPC led Green Hill’s Moon towards the VIP room where Ye Ci was. Not one word was exchanged, as the NPC ignored Green Hill’s Moon’s ramblings.

Finally, Green Hill’s Moon walked up to a massive marbled door and the NPC signaled for him to enter. At this time, numerous conflicting emotions had caused him to fall into a daze. Extending his hand, Green Hill’s Moon pushed the door open.

Looking up, he saw a lean figure standing near the room’s window. Her back was ramrod straight and she exuded an aura as though nothing could hold her back.

Green Hill’s Moon narrowed his eyes. For some reason, light seemed to be stabbing into his eyes...

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