Chapter 153 The Pauper Green Hill’s Moon (Part 1)

Chapter 153 The Pauper Green Hill’s Moon (Part 1)

“May I ask, do you have something that you’d like me to do?” Green Hill’s Moon naturally knew that this anonymous person could very well be the person who had accepted his quest request. However, he was still cautious, which was why he asked again to be sure.

The other party did not speak. Instead, they opened a quest request inside the communication window. Green Hill’s Moon took a look; the request was the exact same one that no one had accepted since he’d put it out a few days ago, and not someone else’s. At this point, he had finally ascertained the other party’s identity.

Someone revealing your cards basically means that there is a quest. A quest meant income. Furthermore, it was income that didn’t bear any risk of penalties; just that thought was enough to make him happy. For someone that was about to go broke like him, something like this was as stimulating as receiving a shot of adrenaline. Not only did he feel energized from head to toe, even his voice was charged with excitement.

Green Hill’s Moon wanted to immediately rush over to Red Lake City before his rationality reminded him of one thing: He had just accepted 5 quests. If he were to be unable to complete the 5 quests by the end of the day, he would have to pay a large sum of money as a penalty. Although the penalty amounted to less than 100 gold coins, but for the impoverished Green Hill’s Moon, it was a frightening sum. He did not wish to pay this amount, because he was unable to pay.

But if he were to do the 5 quests… What would happen to his employer? What if the rewards from his employer were much higher? If so, wouldn’t he regret it if he were to miss out on such an opportunity? But, what if the rewards were not that high?

Just like that, the usually straightforward Green Hill’s Moon was trapped in a dilemma for a long period of time due to his financial problems. He felt as though he was trapped between a rock and a hard place. As expected of the saying: ‘A single cent brings down all heroes.’ Although he couldn’t be said to be a heroic person, but with his very survival at stake, he couldn’t help but be calculative.

Green Hill’s Moon hesitated for a while over this dilemma, not knowing which way to go. In the end, he felt that he should raise it up to this employer of his, evaluating the rewards and probability of quest completion before worrying about the 5 errand quests.

“A-about that, I have a small problem to ask you about.”

“What problem?”

Green Hill’s Moon thought for a while before asking, “Before that, I would like to ask a question. How should I address you?”

“Call me however you wish to call me.”

Green Hill’s Moon was speechless, he didn’t even know if the other party’s ID was male or female, how was he supposed to address them? This employer doesn’t seem to be easy to work with. This thought would never be voiced aloud. Green Hill’s Moon could only gripe to himself mentally before adjusting his mentality to inquire, “Then...Boss, do you have a quest for me to complete?”

“I guess so.” This time, the other party did not give an immediate reply, giving a single line in reply after a while. However, the same line caused a ripple to appear in Green Hill’s Moon’s heart. What if the other party has not thought of what to do, or the other party was just doing this for fun?

“U-um...” He gulped nervously before starting to back out. However, due to his inexperience with such matters, he began to stutter and couldn’t form a proper sentence. “I-if you don’t have a quest planned or haven’t thought of what you’d like me to do... Could I...Could I not go to Red Lake City first?”

“Oh? Do you have something else going on?” The other party gave an unhurried response in reply. However Green Hill’s Moon stared at the sentence, at the ‘Oh?’ with a question mark at the end. For some reason, a deity whose facial expressions was obscured seemed to be raising an eyebrow in displeasure appeared in his mind.

Slightly stunned, he shook his head in an attempt to remove the thought from his head. What was there to think about? What deity? The other party might be some loser who was trying to find some entertainment for all he knew. “That’s right, I received a few quests at the Mercenary’s Guild, if I were to go to Red Lake City at this time, I would definitely be unable to complete them and I’ll have to pay a sizable penalty for that...”

Despite not finishing his sentence, Green Hill’s Moon believed that the other party understood what he was trying to say.

Looking at Green Hill’s Moon’s hesitant reply, Ye Ci raised her head slightly and tried to recall: What was Green Hill’s Moon doing at this point of time in her past life again? After a while, she sighed. It really was too long ago, she had actually forgotten about it. Ye Ci was always a person who would not waste her time on things that she couldn’t remember. Hence, she asked him directly, “How much is the penalty?”

Green Hill’s Moon felt his face burn… Just 100 gold coins. This shouldn’t be a large sum for an ordinary player. However, he still felt embarrassed to say it out. “W-w-why must I tell you…?” He despondently retorted.

“I’ll pay it for you.”

Eh? Green Hill’s Moon was stupefied… Don’t tell me that this employer was a super wealthy person? Or was he an idiot? Was he not afraid of getting conned, freely paying for others like that? He deliberated on whether he should overstate the amount, but he decided against it. That was because Green Hill’s Moon had always seen himself to be a reliable person.

“Around 100 gold coins.”

Ye Ci was currently in the Mercenary Guild’s room for Diamond members. Not every city had this room. The only reason why Red Lake City had this room was because the building that was used as the Mercenary Guild’s headquarters was the storefront that Ye Ci had bought in the past. Thanks to the experiences from her past life, she had already purchased the land that was to be used for the Mercenary Guild even before the system was released. When the Mercenary Guild was just getting established, the mayor had spent half the day negotiating with her before finally agreeing to her request——The rent would be waived, but Ye Ci would receive 5% from the Mercenary Guild’s earnings each month in return.

Although the mayor agonized over this decision for a while, after looking at the roaring business in the Mercenary Guild, he soon forgot about the meager amount that Ye Ci had claimed.

It was precisely due to this reason that although Ye Ci did not have any say in the Mercenary Guild’s management, she did have a large room all to herself in this gigantic, elegant building. So whenever she was free, she would be either at the guild encampment or idling here.

However, the moment she read Green Hill’s Moon’s message, she was startled before roaring out in laughter, banging her fists on the table as she did so, not a sign of her usual demeanour to be seen! Although she knew that it wasn’t right for her to do this, she was really unable to hold back anymore!!

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