Chapter 151 Safe Journey

Chapter 151 Safe Journey

After seeing off Liu Chang, Ye Ci let out a deep sigh.

Although it was still daytime, Ye Ci felt the frigid air flow through her entire body, her limbs and extremities felt so cold that it hurt. But what if it wasn’t the weather that made her feel chilled, but the actions of those people who had pushed her into a bleak, sub-zero abyss?

Ye Ci covered her head with the hood of her jacket, completely obscuring the upper half of her face, and lowered her head. It was difficult to discern the expression on her face.

In truth, she was never as strong as she was perceived to be. Even though the outcome of some things were already known, one would still feel uncomfortable or even hurt when one experienced it once more. Ye Ci knew that she was a selfish person, but she still had a heart. Ye Ci was not really a cold-blooded person. She just… She loved herself more.

This time, it really was severed completely.

The Ye Ci of the past, as well as their eighteen year long friendship.

After this, everyone would really head down their own paths. Without warning, Ye Ci felt a chill, cold to the point that her nose wrinkled up. Why were there things that would end up with the same outcome, despite reincarnating? Even though the process and the emotions were different, the ending was the same: A clean severance of friendship.

A strong but warm arm wrapped around Ye Ci’s shoulders and gently pressed her head into a warm embrace. The hood covered Ye Ci’s face entirely with only a mere gap for her to look outside.

She gazed at the boundless sky, at the bright sun.

“Everyone will encounter some things that they dislike, these things will allow us to gain some as well as lose some. Be more indifferent about it. The process of growing up hurts, you’ll get better once it's all in the past.” Bai Mo’s voice was like warm coals that gently removed the chill that had penetrated Ye Ci’s bones.

That’s right, growing up hurt, why wouldn’t she know that? It’s just that as one gets older, the more cowardly they became. When 28 year old Ye Ci walked down the same path as her 19 year old self, she couldn’t help but feel afraid and shy away. The reason for that was because she already knew what awaited her at the other end.

If she could, she really wished that she wouldn’t grow up.

“Bai Mo...” Ye Ci lightly sighed, turning her body slightly and allowing herself to enter Bai Mo’s embrace. It was a scent that she was familiar with, a scent that gave her a sense of security. Blinking her eyes, she recalled the bitterness she had experienced in her past life and her eyes moistened. Using a voice that only she could hear, “D-don’t leave me again...”

“This time, you have to live on, always, properly. Don’t leave me alone...”

Hearing only mumbles from Ye Ci, Bai Mo, who could not hear a single word clearly, tilted his head and asked, “What?”

“It’s nothing.” Ye Ci sniffled, forcing back the tears that threatened to overflow before resolutely leaving Bai Mo’s embrace. She looked up and showed a smile full of confidence, “Let’s return home.”

In truth, Bai Mo knew that Ye Ci had spoken something that she didn’t want him to know. Since that was the case, he would definitely not ask her about it. Bai Mo smiled as he ruffled Ye Ci’s hair beneath her hood, “Alright, let’s go home.”

They had excellent luck on their way back; the last row was actually empty.

Seated at the window seat, Ye Ci silently watched as the scenery outside constantly receded, just like the events of her life.

Out of the blue, Bai Mo spoke.

“By rejecting Dong Yin like this, aren’t you afraid of Thousand Sunsets striking back? I believe that it was under Thousand Sunsets’ instigation, be it subtly or openly, that caused Dong Yin to make such a request. By allowing her to return empty handed, would this and the frustration accumulated from Thousand Sunsets’ guild warehouse being raided cause him to...”

“He won’t.” Ye Ci turned to look at Bai Mo, her calm demeanor making it difficult to doubt her.

“Why?” Naturally, Bai Mo was unable to understand, “Previously, when his guild warehouse was raided, you were so cautious of being retaliated against, so why the sudden change in attitude? Previously, he was merely suspicious of you, but this time you actually refused him outright. With such a petty mindset, he should have already taken his revenge on you by now.”

“True, based on his personality, he would definitely not let it slide. However...” Ye Ci’s lips formed an eerie smile, “The current Thousand Sunsets is busy saving his own hide.”

With that, she no longer spoke and Bai Mo hesitated for a moment, before deciding not to ask any more questions. The two of them seemed to have a tacit understanding, with neither raising the issue to each other.

Ye Ci continued to look at the view outside the window with narrowed eyes as she recalled events from her past life.

After she had defected, Thousand Sunsets’ guild began to crumble. It happened so fast that he did not even have the time to deal with her. Just as Dong Yin had said, for these rich, upper-class players, their right to inherit their family’s estate was everything to them. Those who were able to climb their way to be the inheritor would have people at their beck and call. They were just like royalty. However, if one were to lose that right, not only would no one pay any heed to them, they would also be in a worse situation than they were before. Aside from the family dispensing the bare minimum for them to survive on, they would never be able to hold any rights or power anymore. The difference in treatment was sufficient enough to ruin them.

In fact, Ye Ci was not very clear about this. However, in her past life, she witnessed Thousand Sunsets’ fall from grace into poverty in a matter of days. If it were not for the fact that she had seen it for herself, Ye Ci would never have believed that the choice of a successor was so cruel in the world of the rich and famous.

Thinking about it, it was better if she was content with what she had. At the very least...she would not lose her parents and close relations.

What became of Thousand Sunsets after losing everything he had? Ye Ci could no longer recall. It wasn’t because she paid no heed to what became of him, it's just that after losing his power and authority, he became like the morning dew, instantly disappearing from everyone’s sight and was no longer anywhere to be found.

And so with her reincarnation, Thousand Sunsets had actually brought forward his end, would this be a good thing or a bad thing? Ye Ci was unable to determine. However, she did ponder over one thing: If Thousand Sunsets were to go down, what would happen to Dong Yin? What would happen to Yi Cang?

She let out a small burst of laughter at the thought. This didn’t seem to be her problem anymore.

Life revolved around choices, and they chose different path from hers. So, she could only wish them a safe journey.

That’s right, a safe journey.

Ye Ci had decided to put off the Epic grade quest for later. Right now, she was going to do something else. Since this was a crucial period for Thousand Sunsets to keep his inheritance rights, then she would definitely not let go of this chance.

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