Chapter 150 Severing Ties

Chapter 150 Severing Ties


It was the sound of a slap.

A loud and resounding clap.

The palm belonged to Ye Ci, and the face was Yi Cang’s. The two objects that were unrelated had an intimate interaction with a beautiful sound, a stunned silence following right after.

Since they were at a roadside food stall with a lot of patrons, the five youths were collectively stared at following the sound of the slap. The expressions in their eyes showed their different analysis’ of the relationship between the five youths.

Yi Cang was from a family with a good background. Although his family was not overly wealthy, they were still the wealthiest amongst the four families. Being pampered all his life, Yi Cang had developed quite an attitude. How could a person who could get the stars from the sky themselves be able to stand having been slapped? Yi Cang was utterly stunned and he stared at Ye Ci, dumbfounded. Anger slowly crept into his eyes, rage soon following.

Ye Ci’s movement was even faster. She grabbed at the glass bottle on the table and smashed it. Pointing the sharp end of the broken bottle at Yi Cang, she coldly said, “F*ck off, don’t you ever dare appear before me again.”

Although he was bossy and arrogant, a person like Yi Cang had his weakness as well. He’d back down in the face of force. He looked at the sharp end of the bottle that Ye Ci had pointed at his throat and visibly gulped. “Just you wait.”

“Wait?” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows, and the broken glass bottle in her hand inched closer towards Yi Cang. “I’ve made it clear, don’t you dare appear before me ever again! You want me to wait? I’ll end you right now!”

Dong Yin and Liu Chang were shocked by such a turn of events as well. Bai Mo calmly stood up and smiled at Dong Yin. “Since we’re unable to reach an agreement, this meal’s on me. If you want to have another discussion at a later date, let’s pick another spot,” He then turned around to face the boss of the stall who was amongst the bystanders. “Boss, the bill.”

“Coming, coming,” The boss walked up to Bai Mo after a moment of hesitation.

Bai Mo then calmly took the bottle away from Ye Ci and smiled. “It’s just a rehearsal for next week’s performance, why are you so serious? You’re even practicing when we’re having dinner.”

Although the crowd didn’t exactly believe Bai Mo’s words, they still dispersed.

After paying the bill, the five of them walked away from the stall. Dong Yin and Yi Cang were walking in front, with Bai Mo, Ye Ci, and Liu Chang following behind.

Liu Chang lowered her head, tears silently dripping down her cheeks. She was truly hurt by Yi Cang’s words. The four families were originally quite the same, but Yi Cang’s family was able to gain sudden wealth by chance, and Dong Yin’s family was able to gain some benefits from them as well for they enjoyed a closer relationship with each other. Ye Ci’s and Liu Chang’s parents however, were content with what they already had. They led poor but upright lives. Liu Chang’s family was especially riddled with poverty. As the only son, Liu Chang’s father spent almost the entire family fortune for her grandmother’s medical fees when she fell ill. That was why Liu Chang had to work right after graduating from high school.

Despite her fiery temper, Liu Chang was actually softhearted. With each passing year, the bonds between the four families held strong despite the differences in their backgrounds. Liu Chang had always thought that it wouldn’t affect the children of the four families. After all, she had always had feelings for Yi Cang.

But, on this day, Liu Chang was hit by a harsh reality. In Yi Cang’s heart, she was nothing but a poor bastard. How could Liu Chang not be sad? It was as if her heart was thrown onto the ground and was repeatedly stomped on.

Ye Ci knew what was in Liu Chang’s mind and anger rose in her heart. Narrowing her eyes at Yi Cang, she wished that she could have the chance to beat the shit out of the brat. Liu Chang kept her head lowered throughout the entire walk. She tried to hold back her sobs, but her sniffling was audible to the group. Ye Ci let out a sigh and patted Liu Chang on her shoulders. “What are you crying for? If you’re crying because you’re poor, then this world will be full of people who are crying.”

“It’s not that,” Liu Chang’s voice was depressed.

“Then shut the hell up. He’s just an arrogant brat. Just pretend that you were playing with a dog. What? You’re going to bite a dog back because it bit you?”

Yi Cang was still putting up his arrogant demeanor even after they’d walked into a neighbouring street. Dong Yin, however, turned around, her expression sullen. It appeared that she was troubled by the incident earlier. It was not something that she had wished to happen. Dong Yin looked at Ye Ci and pursed her lips, before slowly speaking up, “Ye Ci, I’m sorry. I know this sucks, but really, could you please consider my earlier proposal?”

Ye Ci suddenly discovered one of Dong Yin’s merits; she would not give up easily. After the earlier commotion, nobody would’ve had the courage to be so persistent. Dong Yin however, soldiered on and continued to press her views.

Ye Ci stopped a few steps away from Dong Yin. Inhaling a deep breath, she tried her best to ignore Yi Cang who was standing beside Dong Yin. She then spoke up in a very calm voice, “Dong Yin, as your childhood friend, I’ll tell you this; it’s impossible. You know I have my own guild. Even if my guild might not mind the First Blood at all, we’re on a sponsored dungeon clearing. This means that we need the First Blood…”

“You don’t need the First Blood. As long as you give the First Blood to us, I guarantee you that you’ll be paid…”

“Dong Yin, our sponsored dungeon clearing group was formed to raise money; that was true. But, it’s not only me. There are a lot of people like me and Liu Chang in the guild. We’re doing this to earn some living expenses for ourselves. We’re not doing it for wealth. All we want is to improve our lives through our hard work. This is not something rich people like you could understand,” Ye Ci revealed a cold sneer. “Besides, there are a lot of guilds in the Eastern Continent. There’s Wolf Pack, Tang Dynasty, and also World Conqueror. Between so many strong competitors, what makes you think that you’re guaranteed the First Blood, even if Upwards Ho! give up on it?”

“Little Ci…” Dong Yin’s lips were trembling, her face paling.

“Dong Yin, this is the last time I’ll ever talk to you. Don’t you ever bother me and Liu Chang again. We…” Ye Ci bit her lips before continuing, “We were never friends.”

Dong Yin stood dumbfounded as she watched the trio board their bus. She lowered her head, and tears streamed down her cheeks. She didn’t even know who the tears were for; were they for Ye Ci? Were they for He Xiao? Or...were they for herself?

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