Chapter 148 Friends?

Chapter 148 Friends?

Ye Ci was stunned and Bai Mo was stumped for words, while Liu Chang was utterly dumbfounded. She stared at Dong Yin as if she was a stranger.

With Ye Ci remaining silent, Dong Yin stole a glance at Yi Cang, who nodded at her discreetly. Dong Yin then looked at Ye Ci and took in a deep breath, “We’ve prepared for quite a while now. We just need a little more help. We’ve already reached the first BOSS. Ye Ci, as long you’re willing to help, I’m sure First Blood will belong to Steel Blooded Battle Spear. That’s why, Little Ci, I’m begging you to help my guild out. Just think of it as doing me a favor, okay? Just think of it as helping me and Yi Cang out, please?”

Ye Ci stared at Dong Yin. She remained silent while seated. Her deep black eyes were calm, not betraying any emotions nor showing her sorrows.

Dong Yin visibly gulped. She walked up to Ye Ci’s side and knelt down. She held on tightly on Ye Ci’s hands and shivered at their coldness. She looked up at Ye Ci’s pale face and said, “Little Ci, I know that He Xiao wronged you in the past. I know that he treated you poorly. You’ve suffered a lot of grievances during your time in Steel Blooded Battle Spear. But Little Ci, I beg of you. I don’t usually beg somebody else, but I’m begging you now. Please help He Xiao one last time. Please?”

“Why?” Ye Ci squeezed the word out of her mouth after a long moment of silence.

Dong Yin was taken aback. She replied in a low voice, “I do not know about the details, but if He Xiao does not produce any satisfying results in the game, his position will be jeopardized.” with that, Dong Yin bit on her lips and continued in her low voice, “Y-you might’ve known that He Xiao is f-from a rich family. He is not the only heir. If… If…”

Dong Yin did not continue speaking. She believed that Ye Ci understood her meaning.

“Y-you get what I’m trying to say, right?”

Of course Ye Ci knew. The contest over inheritance in wealthy families was as fierce as the battles between princes to secure the crown in olden times, “Yes.”

“T-then you…” After hearing Ye Ci’s response, Dong Yin’s voice was filled with surprise, “You’re a-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Ye Ci raised her eyebrows and smiled, “But what does that have to do with me?”

“Ye Ci,” Yi Cang’s eyebrows furrowed when he heard Ye Ci’s answer. Before he could continue speaking, he caught sight of Dong Yin shaking her head, and immediately quieted down. Bai Mo, who had been quietly sitting at a side, smirked as he lifted the teapot and poured tea into Yi Cang’s cup and said in a calm voice, “Young man, you must be able to control your impulses.”

Yi Cang glared at Bai Mo and snorted. Liu Chang was about to stand up out of anger, but Bai Mo, who was sitting beside her, tugged at her hand and smiled, “You could use some drinks as well.”

“Bai Mo!” Liu Chang was a short-tempered person. She had asked Ye Ci out for dinner at Dong Yin’s request in an attempt to repair the relationship between the childhood friends. She did not expect Dong Yin and Yi Cang to have hidden motives. She felt betrayed. Yi Cang’s behavior was the last straw for Liu Chang. She was ready to pounce on him and beat some sense into him.

Liu Chang’s temper flared when she was stopped by Bai Mo. She glared at Bai Mo, who shook his head slightly. Suppressing her anger, Liu Chang sat down and remained silent.

Dong Yin did not even have the courage to look at Liu Chang. She knew that she was in the wrong. She had betrayed Liu Chang’s friendship, but she had no other choice.

She took in a deep breath and her grip on Ye Ci’s hands tightened. She then spoke up in a sorrowful voice, “Ye Ci, I know what you’re thinking. Perhaps you think that this has nothing to do with you at all. But Ye Ci, we’ve been like sisters since we’re young. We were like hands and feet. Maybe you’re thinking that my request is way overboard, but I’ve not begged anything of you since we’re young. Can you, please just accept my request this time? There may be a lot of misunderstandings between you and He Xiao, but can you do this for me? Think about it, we were so close together when we were young. As long as you’re willing, we can still be be like that. Don’t you think it’s a good thing?”

“Are you threatening me?” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. She stared right at Dong Yin. Since she was young, Dong Yin was a very beautiful girl. She was so pretty that people around her would have a strong urge to protect her. Dong Yin’s beauty remained throughout the years. Ye Ci loved her as a friend and was very willing to protect her. But since when had it become twisted? Since when had Dong Yin changed?

Heh, love sure was powerful.

Perhaps beauty was indeed in the eye of the beholder. Ye Ci could not bring herself to understand why Dong Yin would sell her past memories, her friend and even her pride for Thousand Sunsets. Could Dong Yin herself not see it? The moment Dong Yin made such a request to Ye Ci, she had ceased to be a person in Ye Ci eyes. She had become a merchandize waiting to be sold.

Every piece of merchandize had its own price. Dong Yin was no exception from that. To Ye Ci, Dong Yin was merely a record of her happy childhood memories. Was she so sure that it was so important to Ye Ci? Did she seriously think that childhood memories mattered much for a reincarnator like Ye Ci?

Nope, definitely not.

Ye Ci treasured her past, but not to the point where she was willing to sacrifice herself for it. She wanted to cherish her moments after gaining a second chance. But to Ye Ci, it no longer mattered if Dong Yin was part of her most treasured memories.

Dong Yin was taken aback by Ye Ci’s words. Her lips began to tremble. Was she… Was she issuing a threat to Ye Ci? No! She wouldn’t! How could she? How could she threaten Ye Ci? But… Just now… What has she done?

The two remained in the same position for quite some time, to the point where Dong Yin could feel her legs going numb. She then spoke up slowly, with her dampened eyes showing courage and determination behind her tears. Her voice was soft but firm, “Yes, I’m threatening you. I’m threatening you with our 18 years of friendship. I’m threatening you with all the good memories we once shared. I’m threatening you as a friend!”

Ye Ci stared at Dong Yin, impressed. A Dong Yin like this was… Not bad. At least she could finally stand up for herself. At least she could finally voice out her own thoughts. How… Nice.

Ye Ci let out a smile. It was a hearty smile. It was as warm as wind in the spring. Even Dong Yin herself was bedazzled. She had discovered that Ye Ci was even prettier than her when she smiled.

Ye Ci withdrew her hands from Dong Yin’s grip. She moved her hands away and flipped her hair. In the next moment, Ye Ci’s slender fingers traced themselves along Dong Yin’s face right down to her chin. And before anybody could react, she pinched on Dong Yin’s cheeks and raised her head.

There was a hint of coldness in Ye Ci’s sharp gaze. Her voice was even more scary. It was like an assassin’s blade laced with poison, sending its victim to the abyss, “And you’re sure that I will give in to your threat?”

“Little Ci…” Dong Yin could feel the pain on her cheeks, and tears began welling in her eyes.

Yi Cang stood up in an attempt to help, but was suppressed by Bai Mo. Yi Cang could only shout out as he was unable to move, “Ye Ci, let go of her! Ye Ci, don’t bully her!”

As if she was unable to hear Yi Cang’s voice, Ye Ci let out a cold and cruel sneer, “Dong Yin, oh, Dong Yin… Are you so sure that I won’t cast her away?” she then narrowed her eyes and let go of Dong Yin, turning her attention to Yi Cang, “I’m bullying her? You’re telling me that only somebody with a delicate appearance would be bullied?”

Dong Yin sniffed and bit down on her lips. She felt ashamed.

“You worshipped Thousand Sunsets. You like him. And because of that I have to join Steel Blooded Battle Spear? Just because we’re childhood friends? Because we’re friends, I have to help Steel Blooded Battle Spear with First Blood after First Blood without any form of compensation, all while being treated unfairly? Just because we’re friends, I have to let you in on all of my secrets? Secrets about my PK and SOLO performance? Just because we’re friends, I have to bear their slandering silently? And was falsely accused of thievery? All of that just because we’re friends? Okay, I admit that my action of trading the First Blood footage for your freedom was meddlesome, but I believe that you’ve decided to part ways with me. So why are you still asking such a thing from me?” Ye Ci’s voice was soft, but it was like a steel stake that was embedded into the hearts of Dong Yin and Yi Cang.

“We’re no longer friends if I don’t accept your request?” Ye Ci sneered, “Heh, I don’t even know if I’m still a friend in your eyes anymore. You have the gall to ask for my help to get a First Blood for Thousand Sunsets? To help strengthen his position as the heir? Am I the one being ridiculous here, or are you?”

Ye Ci’s voice was sharp, like a cat scratching its claws against the surface of a glass. It was unsettling.

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