Chapter 147 A Request

Chapter 147 A Request

It had been quite a while since school started again and the weather had become warmer. Putting away her thick winter clothing, Ye Ci began dressing for summer. Although she had been reincarnated, she retained the mental age of her old self. She was reluctant to wear clothes with brighter colors that were more befitting for young women and preferred to wear gloomy and dark colors.

Zuo Xiaolan was very dissatisfied with Ye Ci’s choice of clothing and did not hold back in voicing out her disdain, “You’re only 19! Why the hell would you wear something as dark as this? It’s hideous! You’re not a crow…”

Ye Ci, who could not offer a valid explanation, pursed her lips and made up a random explanation, “It’s called fashion.”

Zuo Xiaolan rolled her eyes, “What, you think I’ve never been a teenager before? You think I was born old?”

When faced with these situations, Ye Ci would always keep her mouth shut. If she talked back, it would be like digging herself a deeper grave. When Ye Ci entered her rented house with a bag of her clothing, Bai Mo was humming to himself while cooking in the kitchen. He popped his head out of the kitchen and upon seeing Ye Ci’s outfit, his lips twitched, “You really think that you’re young and gorgeous? Why would you dress yourself like a 40 year old?”

This was the second time Ye Ci’s outfit had taken a hit from someone else. She rolled her eyes and snorted, “Yep, I’m young and am blooming with youth. So what? Jealous?”

Bai Mo apparently disdained arguing with Ye Ci on this topic. He pouted and snorted out, “Yeah, young and dumb. Oh, by the way, when this young girl was not home, her phone was ringing nonstop. Does this young girl wish to go have a look?”

“Eh? I didn’t bring my phone?” Ye Ci patted her pocket and found no trace of her phone. It seemed that she had forgotten her phone on her trip back home. She then headed into her room with her bag and immediately saw her phone laying on her bed after entering the room. Putting her stuff aside, Ye Ci reached for her phone, only to find 27 missed calls had almost depleted her phone’s battery. They were from Liu Chang.

Before she had the chance to return the call, her phone rang again. It was, of course, Liu Chang. She answered the call, and heard Liu Chang’s exhausted voice, “Goddammit you’ve finally picked up the phone! You dislike me so much that you won’t even answer my calls now?”

“W-what? I went back home this morning for some summer clothes and forgot my phone.”

“Bai Mo went back with you?”


“Then why the hell did he not pick up the phone? I’ve been calling since morning! I’m so depressed!” Liu Chang strongly denounced Bai Mo’s irresponsible action with anger.

Ye Ci let out a laugh and continued bickering with Liu Chang. Soon enough, the conversation came back to the main topic.

“Oi, Little Ci, let’s go have dinner later tonight.”

“Are we splitting the bill?”

“Nope, it’s on me.” Liu Chang chuckled, “I’ve just received my salary today, so allow me to treat you.”

Just then, Ye Ci heard the swishing sound of when Bai Mo was stir frying some dish, “Forget about it, it’s your hard-earned salary, keep it for yourself. Bai Mo has already started cooking. If I tell him, he’ll kick my ass.”

“Then come with Bai Mo.” Liu Chang snorted her nose, refusing to give up, “I am very offended by his irresponsible actions, but I’m not a petty person. I’ll treat him to dinner to show him what a huge mistake he made towards a lady.”

“I’ll ask him, then.” With Ye Ci’s financial capabilities, she had no problem with treating Liu Chang for dinner every single day. She, however, held back from doing so. In Ye Ci’s mind, friends should always treat each other sincerely. Money would only corrupt the pure relationship shared between friends. That was why she did not reject Liu Chang’s offer of treating her to a meal. Although she treated Liu Chang to meals quite frequently as well, she always thought that they were best friends. It would be best for her to not dwell on other things.

After getting a confirmation from Bai Mo, Ye Ci gave Liu Chang the news, “He agreed. But you have to give him some time to get changed. You know him, he cares a lot about his looks.”

“Alright then, I’ll see you at 6:30!” the location was a place where the food was affordable and the atmosphere was lively. It was once their favourite place. Yes. Them. The four of them.

After getting changed, Ye Ci and Bai Mo headed for the closest station. “All of the calls were from Liu Chang?” asked Bai Mo as they were on their way.

“Yup.” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. Both her hands were in the pockets of her coat and her face was expressionless. It was impossible to fathom her thoughts.

“She called you for nearly 30 times just to ask you out for dinner?” Bai Mo chuckled. He was unable to bring himself to believe Liu Chang’s intentions.

Ye Ci did not reply, but instead stole a glance at Bai Mo and a weird smile formed on her lips. Bai Mo’s hair stood at their end as he saw the smile. He rubbed his arms and shivered, “Say, can’t you not smile like that? It’s creepy!”

Ye Ci turned around and faced Bai Mo, squeezing a few words through her mouth, “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Bai Mo was momentarily stunned, “Then why are you still going?”

“Guess I’m just curious.” Ye Ci let out a sigh, “Although I’m not always a curious person, it doesnt mean that I don’t have an ounce of curiosity at all.”

Bai Mo replied calmly after a moment of thought, “Do you know who else will be there?”

“Dong Yin, maybe Yi Cang. He Xiao might even be there as well.” Ye Ci pursed her lips and continued, “Why do you think I invited you along?”

Bai Mo let out a sigh and patted Ye Ci’s head, “I found out that you’re not true to yourself.”


“Didn’t you say that you’re done with them? But you still can’t let it go.”

“Who the f*ck knows.” Ye Ci was obviously very distressed. She even cursed under her breath. Bai Mo, who was beside her, smiled. It was only in times like this that Ye Ci, who was overly calm, behaved like a teenager. Although Bai Mo was helpless in this situation, he liked the Ye Ci who was under these circumstances.

At least, in such a way, there would be no mysterious gloominess in her eyes that he was unable to read.

As expected, other than Liu Chang, Dong Yin and Yi Cang were present as well. He Xiao however, was absent. Come to think of it, somebody like He Xiao would never be willing to have his meal at a roadside stall.

Ye Ci stood beside the table and stared at Dong Yin and Yi Cang with narrowed eyes, a weird smile hanging on her face. Liu Chang immediately offered her a seat, trying to break the tense situation. Dong Yin was trying her best to open up a conversation with Ye Ci, and even Yi Cang had ordered a bottle of coke and placed it in front of Ye Ci.

Ye Ci stared at the coke. It felt so distant. It seemed to be her favorite drink when she was in around 18 years old. She seemed to prefer cold water now. The sort that was so cold that it would chill even the bones. Alas, wasn’t she a teenager in the eyes of everybody else?

“Thanks.” Ye Ci smiled at Yi Cang with narrowed eyes.

Yi Cang’s expression immediately stiffened, but was ignored by Ye Ci.

Making it clear that he was just at the place to accompany Ye Ci, Bai Mo did not utter even a single word. He sat beside Ye Ci quietly, as if he did not exist. The dishes on the table were ordered by Liu Chang and the others. They were all Ye Ci’s favorites. Ye Ci felt a strange coldness while staring at the warm dishes on the table. Despite her reincarnation, despite her efforts to set things right, why were things still taking a turn for the worst?

Ye Ci was silent and Dong Yin was a person of few words, while Bai Mo was not close with those who were present. This meant that Liu Chang and Yi Cang were breaking out in cold sweat to carry on the conversation and telling jokes that were not at all funny. The entire situation was very awkward.

Ye Ci lowered her head and ate silently. When she was almost full, she raised her head and stared straight at Dong Yin. She pursed her lips and spoke up, “Say it. What do you need from me this time?”

Her voice was low, but it was enough to cause Liu Chang and Yi Cang to immediately keep their mouths shut. They silently shifted their gaze towards Ye Ci and Dong Yin.

Dong Yin raised her head in a flurry and looked at Ye Ci. She could feel that Ye Ci had distanced herself, or was she the one who was distancing herself from Ye Ci? In short, Dong Yin felt pressured by Ye Ci’s demeanor.

“It’s nothing. W-we are j-just… We just wanted to have a little gathering.” Dong Yin subconsciously dodged the question.

“Is that so? If that’s the case, I’ll be leaving. I have something else to attend to.” Ye Ci stood up and was prepared to leave.

Dong Yin could no longer hold herself back, “No, n-no. I-I have s-something very trivial to ask.”

Ye Ci had her back to Dong Yin, but her lips had formed into a cold sneer. She slowly turned around and smiled at Dong Yin. It was a hollow and distant smile. Ye Ci then sat down once again. Raising her eyebrows, she spoke up with an unfathomable expression, “Alright. Tell me. What ‘trivial matter’ do you need help with?”

Dong Yin sat down after Ye Ci had taken her seat. After a long moment of hesitation, she finally found the courage to speak up, “Little Ci, since we’ve been friends for so many years, please help me out.”


“Please help He Xiao with the First Blood of Castle Ruins. Please help Steel Blooded Battle Spear get a First Blood once again.” Dong Yin’s face reddened as she spilled her request out.

The atmosphere became deathly still.

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